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Chapter 53

“Jean, what right do you have to say about me?”


Jean looked at him suspiciously.

“What about you? Do you dare to say that your heart is not blocked by Mike?”

Jack’s hand touched her chest and poked it lightly…

However, Jean’s heart still hurts terribly…

She was stunned for half a second, and finally shook her head, “I’m not locked up, I just didn’t find the one who could open my heart!”

In a word, Jack’s blue eyes sunken a bit…

So, what he meant by her words was that he was not the man who could open her heart!!!

“Well, I should go to the crew!”

She doesn’t know why, when he mentioned this topic, Jean was a little flustered.

“En!” Jack didn’t embarrass her anymore, “I’ll let you send you there.”


As soon as Jean entered the crew, Kelly greeted her and said, “Jean” “Jean”, you are finally here!”

“What’s the matter?” Jean looked at her suspiciously, “Isn’t my drama still starting?”

“Yes! But you should go to the lounge and have a face-to-face meeting with Max! There will be a kiss scene between the two! The two will have a chat, and you will feel a little bit after you get in touch!

Go to see Max?!

Jean is only one head and two big!

Still running in! It’s not bad to be geared up!

When Jean thought of the kiss that day, plus the change of less than 100 Yuan he had given away, she was so angry.

“Okay, okay, don’t linger, they are seniors anyway, it is polite to say hello.”

Kelly took Jean to Max’s special lounge.

Knock on the door, and a nice magnetic voice came out, “Please come in.”

Sure enough, it was the man’s voice.

Kelly pulled Jean and pushed the door in, but inside, he was still standing by Emma.

She was smiling and was talking about something funny with Max. As soon as she saw that the person who came in was Jean, her entire face was pulled down instantly.

On the opposite side, Max was slightly taken aback when he saw Jean’s delicate and familiar face…

In his mind, a series of searches began quickly, and finally, the answer was confirmed.

“You…” He pointed to Jean with the wine glass in his hand.

“She is the woman I just told you about,” Emma answered Max.

“Oh?” Max seemed to be stunned for a moment, with a hint of playfulness between his lips, “Then you are my…heroine?”

Jean didn’t know how Emma chewed her tongue in front of this man, but one thing she could be sure of was that she must have not said any good things about her.

“Yes!” Jean nodded.

There was a playful smile on Max’s dizzy lips, and he stepped forward, and the gentleman shook hands with her, “I’m glad to see you again.”

Jean didn’t say a word, still pursing her lips, politely returning her hand to hold him.

Inexplicably, at that moment, her eyes slammed into Max’s eyes, but she always felt that there was a complex light in his deep and charming eyes…

Jean, she remembered what Jack said last night…

Try to stay away from this man named Max! Because he is a dangerous person!!!

“Do you know each other?”

The person who asked this was not Kelly or Emma but just walked in…Jack.

The heavy voice drew into Jean’s heartstrings, causing her heart to twitch abruptly.

“Allison Jack!”

Max approached Jack and gave him a friendly punch.

On the other side, Emma’s face turned pale in an instant.

“I heard that you chose the heroine?” Max raised his eyebrows and glanced at Jean.

“En…” Jack sat down lazily on the sofa with his legs folded, “Is there any problem?”

“No!” Max said, “I like it!”

Jean frowned because of his words, “Max, don’t talk “randomly”.”

As if, she seemed to feel the displeasure between Jack’s eyebrows.

However, he is smiling…

“How do you know that I’m talking ‘random’? If I don’t like you, what do I kiss you for?”


This man has no face and skin at all.

Jack just smiled, smoked a long cigarette, lit it, and took a lazy sip…

The smoke ring, faintly spits out from his mouth, for a moment, “bewildered” away from his enchanting cheek…


Jack yelled Max, the monster’s jaw was compared to Jean, and he chuckled, “She is from Jack…”

“Oh?” Max didn’t have the slightest stunner, only raised his eyebrows, smiling happily, “Allison Jack changed his taste this time!”

“You have to like it…” Jack said here, he paused, narrowed his “disturbed” eyes, looked at Jean, smiled, “Send her.”

In a word…

The two words made Jean’s face suddenly pale.

Kelly’s face is also so good that she can’t see where she is.

And only Emma’s fascinating lips showed a gleeful smile.

Jean took a deep breath, clenching her arms that fell on both sides of her shoulders…

Her chest is so stuffy…

A certain place in her heartfelt like being gnawed away by something, and it was painful.

“Jack, please respect me, I am not a cargo! So you are not qualified to send me around!!”

Jean finished speaking indifferently, turned left, and went out of the lounge.

Jack’s enchanting lips, but unconsciously, slightly bend…

He seemed to be particularly satisfied with her answer.

Seeing Jean went out, Kelly also hurriedly followed in her footsteps.

For a time, there were only three people left in the entire lounge…

Jack, Max, and Emma on the opposite side.

Inexplicably, as if for an instant, the air pressure in the entire room dropped to 4020 e-book level. Emma stayed there, feeling a little difficult to breathe.

“Well, Allison Jack, I have something to do, so I’ll go out first! Let’s talk!”

At this moment, Emma’s only thought was to escape…

Inexplicably, she always feels that the two men on the opposite side, staring at her eyes, are extremely cold…

They were all smiling, but behind that smile, there seemed to be a chilling hideousness.


Jack snorted sharply.

Emma paused at her feet, and her whole body froze instantly.

She didn’t dare to stop, but she was even more afraid to leave…

Because, Jack’s order, in this world, there has never been a few who dare to stand against it!!!

And Jean became one of these few people at that moment!


Jack looked at Max with his enchanting eyes, and asked casually, “What do you think of her?”

“En?” Max blinked his dazzling “confused” eyes.

“Doesn’t suit your taste?” Jack chuckled lightly.

At that moment, Emma felt a little joy in her heart…

Does she have a chance to become Max’s woman?

She must know that he is an international superstar. If she can mix her with him and just make a little hype, she can easily dominate the headlines again.

Emma always thinks very ideally about things, but never knows that it is a dead-end to plant in the hands of Jack!!!


Unexpectedly, Max nodded.

The bewitching lips made a smile that was “fascinated”, “Just her! I should be satisfied.”

Emma looked at them pretending to be puzzled.

Max smiled harmlessly, “Emma, at eight o’clock tonight, wait for me here…”

As Max said, he took her soft hand and quickly wrote a string of addresses in the palm of her hand.

He is still smiling, his smile is not stained with dust, clean and bright, such a smile is enough to make every woman yearn for it.

“If you don’t come, the punishment will be a bit heavy…” He flirted with a wink like Emma.

Emma’s face is shy and she nodded obediently.

“Okay, nothing is wrong with you, let’s go out…” Max raised his hand.

“Okay, then I’ll go first, bye-bye…” Emma twisted her hips, stepped on her seven-inch high heels, and went out.

Max looked at her enchanting back, and sighed again and again, “The figure is more charming than the little fairy you saw…”

Jack smiled evilly, “If you like it, why didn’t you do it yourself?!”

“Uh…” Max also smiled evilly, “It’s not like you, I don’t think it is tight enough to abandon others!”


This is a dialogue between two demons, right?!

“Hey! Why did this woman offend you, so cruel, give her to this young master!” Max bumped Jack and asked him.

“Don’t you see it?” Jack replied casually, “She likes it so much! Wait and see! She will enjoy it tonight!”

“Really?” Max “touched” his fascinating jaw, “but I’m really worried that her small body can’t match it!”

“I don’t care about her! I just want tonight’s negative and video!”

“OK! Deal! Thanks!”

“En! You still owe me something…”


Going around, things still get to this point…

“How to solve the matter of kissing her?” Jack raised his eyebrows and asked him.

The tone was unhappy, but the dangerous breath…

Max couldn’t be too clear.

“One million.” This guy is nothing more than trying to put his money!

“Not interested!” Jack lazily knocked on the soot.

“Isn’t it?!” Max stared at Jack in amazement, “Hey, Allison Jack, when are you not interested in money? Or, send you 100 women?”

“Thank you, save it for yourself!”

“I’m not interested in women, tusk…” Max “touched” his enchanting jaw thoughtfully, “Or, let’s add some code, two million?”

“Five million!”

“Damn! You “treacherous” businessman!!”

Jack smiled harmlessly, “You want to talk to me about money.”

So, the so-called lack of interest just now, all pretend? People are simply not interested in that one million small sums!

“Two hundred and fifty-five!” Max talked about the price.

“Six million!”

“Well! I can see it clearly, you are here to get money from me today!!” Max scratched his head irritably.

This kiss is too unworthy, right? But, when he ran into this insidious and cunning man, what else could he say?!

Jack got up with satisfaction and was about to go out, but only heard Max asking behind him without fear of death, “Hey, did you give me that little fairy?”

“Don’t be afraid of ruining his family, just continue!”


This man, too, takes that fairy too seriously!

“When things are over, you can play as you like!” Jack added coolly.


Max’s eyes glowed with joy, “Don’t cheat me when you come!”

Jack glanced at him lazily, “When did I cheat you for a woman?”

Isn’t it just a woman?

When everything is over, he will deal with that woman as Max wants to do. It has nothing to do with Jack!

Chapter 54

At night, at eight o’clock…

Outside the Iron Gate, Emma stood there, waiting for someone to open the door.

Today, she wears extremely “sex”-it feels that it is already late autumn, but she is still wearing a sling bag short body skirt, a transparent lower body bright black color silk mesh socks.

Net socks are not such cheap things on the market, but carefully designed, from the thighs black “color” silk-belt directly to the private-secret place, and the legs side there are also two very delicate small flowers in the same black “color” series.

“Sex”-sense without losing the “tide” flow.

This is the men’s favorite match, and it is also the match that arouses their desire the most!

Tonight, she comes prepared!

She must use her technology to tie Max like she tied Mike!


Looking at the closed big Iron Gate, she couldn’t help but frown.

She found that the security here was very tight, from top to bottom, all were sealed as if not even a fly could fly in.

She grew up in a city, but it was the first time she came to this place! It is also the first time she has seen such a hidden building.

This, it turned out to be like a kind of army station of the team ground…

Just as Emma was suspicious, the door “creaked…” and it sounded, and the heavy iron door was pulled open from the inside.

A solemn face of a man appeared before Emma’s eyes.

The man looked at her expressionlessly, but in the double ink eyes, it seemed as if a fire was burning.

That…is a fire of the desire for flowers!!!


Emma pursed a sneer of the sneer, this kind of man is also worthy-** he is the dream love in the minds of many women like her?

Of course, looking at the undisguised desire look in the man’s eyes, she was disgusted, but also somewhat vanity and satisfied.

At least, it turns out that her outfit today is particularly irritating!!!

Emma stepped on seven-inch high-heeled shoes, twisted her waist, and walked in seductively.

The door closed heavily, and a muffled sound of “creaking” was also made.

Inexplicably, Emma’s heart jumped…

She turned her head and asked the man at the door, “Where is Max?”

The man looked at her with a cold face, did not speak, only made a gesture of ‘please’, and Emma also walked in with him.

Along the way…

They are all stone-paved trails, but all around the trails are all arenas and training grounds.

Sand hit, “shoot” hit, punch hit…

In the venue, all the “colors” are men…

Max is a strong man with his upper body!!!

Dark skin, accompanied by dripping sweat…

When the men saw Emma, it was as if a leopard had seen his prey…

All training movements stopped completely.

A pair of double ink eyes, staring at the hotly dressed Emma looked straight, and in those eyes, like the man who just opened the door, there was a thick fire…

Straight, determined, staring at her, impartially.

That burning hot eyes, as if to burn off her clothes…

Emma chuckled with disdain…

Such low-level men can only give her such a beautiful wonderful body posture** nothing more!

They are not qualified yet and can touch her!!!

Because she is going to wait for Max later!!!

Max thought about it but found that the men on the competition field had stopped training and were “forced” towards her step by step…

Wh… what’s the situation?

Emma’s heart suddenly tightened for a second, her eyebrows beat, and her footsteps subconsciously stepped back…

With a “bang…”, she slammed straight into a solid ‘wall’. She turned her head in shock and turned out to be the cold-faced man who opened the door for her just now.

The man grabbed her hand.

“What are you doing?” Emma wanted to throw away his hand in disgust, “Let go of me! It’s dirty!!”


The sound of torn… A skirt is torn.

“Ah -” Emma screamed in fright.

Her skirt, the lower-half-body was torn together in the hands of the hard man in front of her.

For a time…

Her whole body, only the upper-half-body skirt was left wrapped around her.

The pink-colored “hip” is hidden in the air…

In the same way, in the hot eyes of all the men, they were shaking like crazy…

At that moment, Emma seemed to see the crazy fire in the eyes of the men and the saliva on their lips.

Emma panicked…

“Let go of me!!! Let go of me…”

She screamed, “I’m here to find Max! You let me see him!!”

A group of men has already swarmed…

For a while, Emma felt countless pairs of hot hands crawling on her body with thick sweat, scratching and scratching, tearing and pulling.


She screamed sadly…

“She is the supper that Max gave us tonight! Max said he wants us to taste it!!”

Yes! Tonight, she was ‘invited’ by Max to comfort this group of special training troops!

And his identity as Max has never been so simple as an actor!

The actor is just a cover for his identity!

She was picked up easily by the man and pressed against the cold wall…

And the wall was not paved with mud, the broken bricks were uneven, and with the men’s rough and tumble movements, they embedded in her body little by little.


She screamed in pain, tears overflowing into her eyes.

The pain in the back, coupled with the humiliating and humiliating hands on her body, made her as if she had fallen into the ground hell.

The man tightened her waist, grabbed her body, just wanted to ask for more.

Every inch of her body, her skin, seemed to be covered with disgusting hands.

She was “pale” and her spirits tense, but she was still picked up by the group of birds and beasts, and her body was getting wet…


She started to enjoy take it, play so crazy!!!

One man finished, another one…

The disgusting feeling of madness made her stomach churn.

“Ah ah “

She finally couldn’t bear it, screamed sharply, and bit the man’s shoulder firmly…

Embed the palm of her hand in her arm…

She doesn’t know if it’s because of the pain, or it’s too overwhelming exciting…

The whole body was shaking like a shattering…

“Let me go, let me go…”

“I can’t take it anymore, oooh… can’t take it anymore…”

She whimpered and begged for mercy…

Her whole body was already being bullied by others. It was too late, almost no place was still intact, either injured or all over the place.

The gravel on her back has made her blood dripping…

It hurt her, her whole body trembled, her lips turned white, and her eyes kept tearing…

But no one can hear her begging for mercy!

Every man here is strong, but they only have the chance to touch a woman once a year, every time on the first day of May…

For five years, on the first day of May every year, the people above will find a group of women with skills to comfort them, every time they comfort peace is a whole night but, only once a year!

And this time…

Max rewarded them!!!

Even if there is just one person, they will not miss such a wonderful opportunity to vent!!!

Therefore, when the men here see Emma, it is like a hungry, thirsty jackal wolf seeing food…

Emma was ravaged… Lun’s passed out and finally awakened again by the rough Lu’s collision…

After waking up, she was rubbed by a man for dozens of minutes and then passed out again…

Back and forth, Emma didn’t know how many hours she had been played. In short, when everything subsided, the sky gradually began to pale…

And she, lying on the ground…

Like a broken corpse…

Tears drenched her desolate cheeks, and the makeup was already so hard to see…

She was like a broken doll, slumped on the cold ground, already unable to move…

The blue light from the sky “shot” on her light and cruel body, terrifying and cruel…


She bit her lip and whimpered in pain…

Emotions, for a moment, collapse!!!

When she escaped from the big Iron Gate, she seemed to be crazy, running out desperately…

Just like, there seems to be some snake and beast hiding there!!!

Last night, was the most unbearable memory of Emma in her life…

Max, Jack…

In the end, Jean!!!

Yes, it’s all her, Jean!!!

If it weren’t for her, how could she suffer such a situation?!

Thinking of this, Emma hated her to keep clenching her teeth, her hands clenched into fists, and she couldn’t help shaking.

When Jack got the film, he had to admit that Max method…

Ruthless! Absolutely!!!

No one can imagine that Max, who is always silly, with a dusty and harmless smile on his mouth, would be such a cruel man!

Of course, this is just a small method of his…

In the hall-

The photo of Emma almost covers the entire floor…

Each one has only the heroine…

The heroine is nothing more than Emma!!!

Jean’s pretty face, red and white…

“This…” She was unacceptable.

The door was pushed open…

Emma turned pale with a terrible expression. When she came in and saw the photos all over the floor, she suddenly collapsed and shouted.

She squatted down and started frantically tearing the unsightly photos on the ground…

“Ah ah -“

“Ah ah ah ah ah…”

She screamed, tears streaming down her face, her emotions were already on the verge of collapse…

On the other side, Jack just looked indifferently, with a cold smile on his lips…

And Jean, looking at her elder sister who was squatting on the ground, felt a pain in her heart, but after all, she didn’t come forward to pull her.

Lips, pursed…

She took a deep breath, and finally turned her back, not wanting to see Emma like that again!

To be honest, it was the first time she saw Emma like this. When was she not so lofty, so confident, so glamorous and noble. When did she make herself so miserable?!

She doesn’t know how long it has been…

Finally, Jack made a sound, and the cold voice overflowed between his thin lips, which was shockingly cold.

“Emma, if I post all these photos on the Internet, do you think it will cause a sensation across the country and the world as you expected…”

Jack’s words suffocated Emma.

At that moment, her tight heartstring was also torn off in an instant…

The look in his eyes “shows” a panic “color”…

She trembled constantly, “No… Don’t…”

Tears, full of tears…

Wet her clothes.

Jack sat down on the sofa with his legs folded, lighted a cigarette casually, and said, “The female No. 2 of “Slaying the Wolf” has such an insulting thing. It seems that she should consider not replacing the actor!”

Jack’s words changed Jean’s face slightly.

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