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Chapter 55

On the ground, Emma’s tearful pupils suddenly enlarged…

Her whole body was trembling non-stop…

But the whole body is tight…

Both hands, hanging on both sides of the shoulders, stiff, small hands clenched a little bit, tampered with fists…

The sharp nails were embedded in the palms of her hands, and she was about to pinch bleeding, but she still felt no pain at all.

Tears flowed down her pale cheeks…

But she did not cry.

But, let the tears fall drop by drop.

She froze on the ground, motionless for a long time…


Emma knelt on her knees, step by step, moved towards Jack who was opposite…

Jean froze…

The eye sockets were red immediately following.

She wanted to get up and walk over to help her, but in the end, she was killed by Jack’s eyes.

Jean took a deep breath, and finally… endured all the compassion.

Because, at this time, she still doesn’t know what all this is in the photo, and even mistakenly believes that all this is Emma’s voluntary!

What kind of person is in her bones? Jean understands more and more, doesn’t she?

Emma knelt in front of Jack…

Hands, holding his straight trousers, fingers still trembling…

And she, with her head down, did not dare to look at Jack and Jean who were opposite.

She is not afraid to look.

But, she was afraid that she would betray all the emotions in her heart…

All, hatred for this pair of dogs and men!!!

“Allison Jack, I beg you… please, raise your hand, let me go…”

With a hoarse voice, she humbly begged Jack for mercy.

Jack still just smoked casually, and he couldn’t make any sense of how humble and downright she looked.

Even, he didn’t lift his eyelids.

Rumor has it that Jack’s style of work has always been fierce…

Therefore, anyone who makes him unhappy, whether man or woman, is… to die!

Either life is better than death!!!

A faint smoke ring came out from his fascinating lips, and the evil eyes were half-squinted as if they were still chuckling…

After a while, he lifted his lips and said, “Please! You begged her. Maybe she is in a good mood, but I will let you go!”

“Yes Yes Yes…”

Emma nodded happily.

Kneeling on her legs, she moved to Jean…

However, no one knew what she was thinking at this moment.

Jean watched Emma approach, her legs rushed back two steps in panic, and then, her face pale, she hurried forward to help Emma.

“Jean, I beg you, please let me go, okay? I know that I was wrong! I will never dare to…”

Emma hugged Jean’s leg and refused to get up.

Jean pressed her lips tightly, not daring to answer.

“You get up first…”

“If you don’t forgive me, I won’t get up!!” Emma’s tears kept streaming, “Jean, sister knows wrong. Please, please forgive me, sister…”

Jean sighed and looked at her sister, her heart still ached.


Will the man beside her let Emma go because of her forgiveness?

She thinks that her influence is not that big!

She turned her head, glanced at Jack, and said softly, “Will you…will you let her go?”

Jack’s enchanting eyes showed a faint smile, and waved to her lazily, motioning her to pass.

Jean walked towards him obediently and was pulled into his arms.

Jack hugged her with his big hands as if spoiling, stroking the soft hair that fell on her back…

Ask her, “How about you? Do you want to let her go?”

Jean pursed her lips, her voice a little dry, “She is my sister!”

“I was wrong, I really know I was wrong…Allison Jack, Jean, please, let me go!! I promise I will never dare again…”

Emma was still begging for mercy.

Jack turned a deaf ear to her begging for mercy.

Just stare at Jean, “So, you want to bypass her like this?”

“En…” Jean nodded.

Looking at Emma again, she knew that making Emma like this was already a great punishment for her.

“Okay! Then it’s up to you.”

Jack lazily raised his eyebrows, looking at the humble Emma on the ground…

Inexplicably, at that moment, Jean seemed to have seen those eyes that made her extremely puzzled…

That is a…


Or is it… strategizing?!

Jean’s heart was in a daze…

This man, at this moment, what is he thinking?!

“The picture can be returned to you, but… the role of “Slaying the Wolf” may not suit you.”

“Do not!”

With these words, Jean stopped Jack without even thinking about it.

“Oh?” Jack looked at Jean suspiciously.

On the ground, Emma was also slightly shocked.

Jean looked at Emma on the ground with a firm gaze. After a while, she said, “I have always felt that acting career is not just a place to show personal charm! Sister, I am very glad that you can play against me. I also hope that this role will be taken by me! Because I want to tell everyone through this film that Jean is not worse than Emma in acting!! I want to use my strength, like everyone has proved that what Emma can do, Jean can do the same, or even better!!”

If she was confident, Jack squinted his charming eyes…

There is a glorious appreciation in the eyes.

Thin lips hooked and nodded, “Okay!”

He promised her!!!

Jean froze, and for the next moment, she smiled with joy.

“Thank you.”

Jean glanced at Emma who was startled on the ground, “Sister, get up!”

Emma stood up from the ground in a daze.

“Get out!”

Jack’s voice sounded cool.

“Yes Yes Yes…”

Emma hurriedly withdrew from the room.

At the moment when the door closed, Emma clenched her hands tightly, and there was a burst of noise between her bones.

Hate, accumulated in the chest…

It’s hard to vent!!!

Jean, sooner or later, I will repay you all of these!!!

Especially, everything that night…

That nightmare, she will let that woman taste it herself!!!

It was only 6 p.m. when she came out of the theater.

When he was just getting ready to get on his commercial car, the familiar Maybach stopped in front of her.

The car window on the back seat slid down, revealing Jack’s enchanting face…

He lifted, and only said lightly, “Come in the car.”

Jean was stunned for a second, and then she got into the car obediently.

Car, drive to an unknown place…

Jean was slightly surprised, “Where is this going?”

Jack only glanced at her casually, and then said, “Mall.”


Jean was surprised.

The car quickly stopped in a luxurious mall.

This mall, which integrates all the luxury goods in the world, is undoubtedly a gathering place for every high-ranking official, wealthy businessman, and celebrity.

Here, she can see celebrities everywhere, but Jean seldom goes here.

Jack led her directly into a famous Italian handmade shop.

“Allison Jack…”

The special supervisor in the store greeted him happily when Jack arrived.


When the super supervisor saw Jean next to Jack, he was slightly stunned for a second. Then smiled, “Miss Glover is good.”

“Hello there!”

Jean thanked her politely.

“Director Louie, what about the things I want?”

Hearing Jack asked lightly.

“Allison Jack, we have already prepared what you want! I trouble you, and let you go there yourself…”

What is it?

Jean was also slightly surprised.

Clothes? What kind of clothes can Jack bother so much? He even came to check in person, which didn’t look like Jack’s style.

“Bring it out…”

Jean was still in shock, and she heard Director Louie shout.

After a while, she saw a group of girls walking out of it carrying a plastic model…

And the plastic model is wearing nothing else…

But a…

Very exquisite, representing holy love, wedding dress!!!

The material of tulle is inlaid with pure white lace, and the skirt is inlaid like soft feathers, hanging down on the floor…

The thin layer of yarn was blown by the breeze, and “dangling”…

Posing, the heart of every girl present…

What a nice view!!!

Jean couldn’t help but exclaim…

At that moment, she thought, any woman would be happy to wear such a wedding dress, right?!

Such a beautiful wedding dress is what every woman expects!!!

“Allison Jack, this is the latest model! You see if there are any problems, we can make changes at any time.”

General Louie asked respectfully.

And Jean, that pretty face went from the first surprise to the final panic…

She began to become a little overwhelmed!

This wedding dress…

There is no doubt that it is for the girl named Ava!!!

It’s for his fiancée!!!


Quill, Jack called her.

“Huh?” Jean blinked suspiciously and looked at him.

“Go try.”

He glanced at her lightly, from top to bottom.

“Huh?” Jean said, “But…”

This wedding dress is not for her at all, why should she try it?

However, all the people here have never been only Jack’s words, they are generally orders from the gods!

He said let this girl try, then…

All the people pulled Jean into the dressing room, “You guys wait…”

But no one wants to listen to her at all.

Jean’s clothes were quickly taken off by the girls, and the holy wedding dress was wrapped around her body step by step…

“Wow! It’s so beautiful…”

Some girls couldn’t help but be praised.

“The size is just right!!”

With the words of the girls, Jean couldn’t help but shoot her gaze at herself in the mirror.

The wedding dress…

It’s not the first time she tried on, but her heart was still like before, expecting, and nervous…

When she raised her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror, Jean was startled…

Is this her?

“What a beautiful bride…”

The girls looked at her with admiring eyes…

In the mirror, she saw herself, and a faint but extremely happy smile appeared…

Even for a moment, she almost mistakenly thought that she was the owner of this wedding dress, that she was the name, a happy bride…

Dressing room-

Jack sat in the lounge chair, flipping through a magazine casually.

But, unconsciously, his eyes always swept to the locker room door inadvertently.

He was inexplicable, and he expected what that woman would look like in a wedding dress…

Chapter 56

But knowingly, this wedding dress does not belong to her at all! He brought her here, just wanting her to try the model.

Because this is the most surprising gift he prepared for Ava!

“The bride is out!”

Only an unsuspecting little girl yelled in excitement. In the next instant, the door of the dressing room was pushed open, and Jean was slowly dragged from inside by a group of girls, dragging polar skirts. Came out…

Jack picked up his head from the magazine…

The light fell under his tender body, and he couldn’t help but be surprised…


At the first moment, two words skipped from his mind.

The fascinating phoenix eyes half-squinted unconsciously, his scorching eyes glued to her body as if he wanted to see her through.

He has to admit that this wedding dress suits her too well…

It is simply tailor-made for her.

In front of him, her delicate figure was tightly wrapped in a skirt, showing her already beautiful curves to the extreme and perfection.

The design of the tube top made her beautiful pink and white shoulders exposed in the air, touching the trembling heart of every man…

The skin is white, smooth, and tender, and it can be broken by blowing if it can leak water.

The beautiful collarbone is also “exposed” in everyone’s sight…

The “sex”-feeling bone shape, lined with a deep “breast” ditch that was tightly wrapped by the tube top, undoubtedly succeeded in snatching everyone’s sights away in an instant.

Even passers-by who passed by this shop couldn’t help but turn their heads and take a look at the too beautiful bride inside through the glass.

Too beautiful, too suitable for her…

Even Director Louie, who is used to seeing beautiful women, was a little stunned at that time. He could praise it again and again, “She’s beautiful! She’s so beautiful…Miss Glover, this wedding dress is simply tailor-made for you.”

Jack squinted and looked at her…

With deep eyes, he “shot” her stunning figure…

At that moment, he even thought that this skirt was tailor-made for her, and even for a while, he could hardly remember Ava’s lovely and calm face.

Jean stood there shyly, staring at a pair of moving water eyes and red cheeks, looking at Jack who was opposite.

She really couldn’t “touch” what she meant.


She called him aloud.

“This skirt…” Her hand raised the skirt a little, which seemed a little uncomfortable.

Jack came back to his senses, and the fascinating eyes gradually returned to calm from the startling surprise…

He stared at Jean again.

Then, looking at Director Louie, “It’s beautiful.”

He praised without hesitation.

Hearing his praise, Jean couldn’t help but feel happy…

“Then it’s so settled?” Director Louie asked cheerfully.

Jack glanced at Jean again, and finally, his eyes settled on her chest…

“The bust may need to be changed by one or two sizes!”

Jack’s words made Director Louie stunned for a while, and he hurriedly smiled, “Allison Jack, are you sure? But I think Miss Glover is already well wrapped like this? I’m afraid she won’t be able to wear it anymore…”

“I am sure.”

Jack frowned, interrupting his questioning.

“Yes Yes Yes…”

Director Louie didn’t dare to say anything more, so he could only write it down in a hurry according to his words.

And Jean, she heard everything he said clearly…

On the corners of the lips, there is still that gentle smile…

It’s just that no one knows that behind that smile, there is already a faint bitterness hidden…

When she heard him say that the size should be made smaller, she knew…

The purpose of her coming here today is to be a model for this man!

And this wedding dress is not for her, but for… his fiancée, Ava!!!

She knew it was such a result early in the morning, but it was inexplicable, and her heart was still tight and tight.

Her chest was a little stuffy.

Maybe it’s because the bust is too small, it’s squeezed to her!

“Can I change this skirt?” she asked him, still smiling.


Jack gave a deep “groan”.

Of course, looking at such a beautiful and holy her, he felt a little reluctant.

With his approval, Jean turned and went into the dressing room.

The moment she turned around, the faint smile on her lips was restrained in time, and replaced by an inexplicable sadness.

The door of the dressing room closed.

Jack said swiftly, “Director Louie, I want two of these wedding dresses! Just make one of the sizes just now.”

Director Louie looked at Jack curiously, but he didn’t ask anything, he just nodded and said, “Yes!”

After changing her wedding dress, Jean felt that she was lighter and more at ease.

She took a long sigh of relief and adjusted her emotions.


She raised her head and looked at Jack.

The only thought she has now is to get out from here, she no longer wants to recall the scene when she just wore someone else’s wedding dress!

“Pick me a dress.”

Quill, Jack said.

Jean was startled and looked at him in surprise, “The clothes? Yours?”


Jack nodded.

“Uh…” Jean pursed her lips, and asked him with a smile, “Is it the one you wear on weekdays, or… the groom’s suit?”

She didn’t know, so she asked him.

Jack stared at the smile on her lips, slightly “fascinated”.

Inexplicably, looking at her smile, he felt…somewhat dazzling.

He doesn’t seem to care about his marriage at all?!

“Wear it on weekdays.”

Jack returned to her.


His answer was inexplicably relieved to Jean.

Jack still sat in the lounge chair, flipping through the clothing magazine casually.

He didn’t look at the contents at all, his eyes were inexplicable, and he always wandered to the woman who was carefully choosing clothes for him in the store.

Jean didn’t rush to choose but first read all the clothes in the store…

Every style is very good!

Finally, Jean picked a dark “color” windbreaker, picked it up, and took a look…

Sure enough, the tailoring is outstanding, and she also likes the color.

“Jack.” She called him.

Jack picked up his head.

“Do you like this?” she asked him expectantly.

Jack looked at the windbreaker in her hand, thought about it seriously, and finally shook his head.


No, I don’t like it, but don’t.

Jean was shocked and looked at the clothes in her hands again, a little puzzled.

Don’t like it? It suits him well! Weird.

Then, Jean looked for several more items that she felt suitable for him, but in the end, he shook his head and refused.




He is like a child, pissed off, not satisfied with one piece.

Jean was defeated by him, “Hey! So what do you like? I think you take what you like!”

Jean stood there discouraged, looking at him with some resentment.

Looking at her pouting mouth, Jack felt a little cute inexplicably.

Got up and approached her.

Frowning, looking at her, bending his hands, and tapping lightly on her little head, “How stupid!”

Jean protested, “You are the one who made it too difficult!”

Jack frowned, “If you don’t quarrel with me, it will be cuter.”

Jean shrugged, looking nonchalant.

Jack probed her hand, his slender fingers flowed across the rows of windbreakers…

Then, freeze.

“That’s it!”

He picked out the clothes.

Jean was surprised.

Looking at the non-black and gray clothes in his hand, she couldn’t believe it, “This… isn’t this khaki “color”?”

“Oh?” Jack raised his eyebrows and murmured, “So this is the khaki “color”…”


This guy, Jean really, deeply suspected that this man would never know any other colors except for black and white.

Jack handed the clothes to Director Louie, “Help me wrap it up.”

Jean looked at him suspiciously, “Hey, don’t you like to wear clothes of other colors?”

Jack frowned and stared at her, “Don’t you want me to wear more clothes of other colors?”


Jean had to admit that her heart became happy because of his question.

Even, she was a little excited, it was hard to hide…

So, what he meant was…

He wears clothes of other colors because, does she like them?!

“Allison Jack, I have already wrapped it for you.” Director Louie smiled and handed the bag to the bodyguard behind Jack.

Only then did Jean come back, “Don’t try on it?”

Jack squinted at her, believing himself, “Do you think there is something that people like me can’t control?”

That’s true.

Jean put out her tongue playfully.

Maybe the clothes that cost ten dollars apiece can be worn by him with a temperament of hundreds or thousands!

After the payment was completed, a group of people came out of the store.

The car drove directly in the direction of International Union City…

Inside the car

Jean finally couldn’t help but ask him, “Um, when will you and Miss Ava married?”

She seemed to be particularly relaxed in asking, but she didn’t know if the superficial panic in her eyes had sold her heart.

Jack tilted his head and raised the peak of the demon’s eyebrows, “What? You care about it?”

Jean shook her head, “I think the person who cares more is Miss Ava.”

Her heart still couldn’t help but hurt…

Yes! It should be her who cares more! She will especially care about his previous relationship with her fiancé!!!

But can she escape?

“It’s not your turn to worry about her affairs!” Jack’s attitude instantly went cold again.

“Then… after you get married, will you… let me go?”

Jack frowned, “It depends on the mood!”


“Of course, if you are tired or annoyed, I will naturally let go! But if you often behave badly and often provoke me, that will only make me more fun. When you want to go, it will be really difficult. It’s…”

Jack smiled, with an evil light in his eyes…

Jean’s pink lips pressed tighter.

After that, she said nothing more.

So, the only thing she has to do now, or even the most effective way, is to make this man tired of her earlier?

Or, let him distract from her soon?

Jean is a bit “messy”…

If one day, this man has nothing to do with her, would she be able to forget him completely?

“Jean, I’m hungry!”

Jack said swiftly.

“Or, let’s find a restaurant to eat first!”

Jean glanced at the time, and it was indeed late.

“No need!” Jack leaned his head on the backrest and lazily closed his eyes, “You make it for me.”

“However, there are no more vegetables at home, and at this point, it is estimated that the vegetable market has closed.”

“Then go to the supermarket.”

“Okay!” Jean pouted.

This man is simply an uncle!

As soon as he entered the supermarket, Jack became more like an uncle.

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