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Chapter 533

“I know you love her, don’t think you owe me, and don’t be afraid to apologize to me and give up on her…” Allen Emily pulled her lips and leaned on his shoulders, smiling palely.

“Sorry…” Except for being sorry, he didn’t know what to say to this woman.

Is it worth tossing herself like this for him?

“Don’t say sorry, I chose this path myself… If time can go back and let me choose again, I will not be so stupid again…”

As Allen Emily said, tears flowed down unconsciously.

“Once again, I will choose to die with you! Not because I have experienced this inhuman torture, but… after leaving, I discovered that giving up the one I love is sometimes more than death. Painful, more terrifying!! So… if you love her, hold her well, hold her hand tightly, no matter how difficult it is, don’t let go for the rest of your life…

She regretted…

Very regretful, very regretful!!!

But, she knew that she was no longer qualified to love this man…

She doesn’t deserve him!!!

She has nothing…but, fortunately, he is fine, she wants him to be happy! She also wants to see him happy…

That way, her efforts were not in vain…

Burton Liam did not speak but listened to her very carefully.

‘Abandoning the one you love is sometimes more painful and scarier than death…’

All of a sudden, he thought of Amelia…

That, the innocent little girl that, the little thing hiding in her heart!

She… once said…

Leaving him might be more painful than death!!!

His heart trembled for a second.

Was it true? His excuse was so gorgeous that he didn’t know if he hurt her.

“Liam…” Allen Emily moved her body laboriously, pulled away from his arms, and looked at him deeply.

“You, can you… kiss me again, one time is enough…” She, looking at him, in the clear pupil of the water, full of expectations and prayers…

Once, is enough!!!

She just wants to relive the lost beauty in the past!

Or, for this dying heart, find another…passing warmth!

Burton Liam said nothing, the faint pupils were a bit deep.

Looking at her quietly, his face was slightly moved, and there was obvious pain.

However, he still didn’t move…

She knew that this man didn’t love her anymore…

Yes, just apologize, sympathize, and pity!

However, women are always emotional animals. Sometimes, they would rather deceive themselves than others, rather than come out of the cruel reality!

The little hand-hooked his neck, the pale little face bullied him…

In the next moment, her cold lips pressed against his warm lips.

For a moment… the warm current ran through her entire cold body…

So warm, so warm!!!

Beautiful corners of lips, with a bright smile, very happy!

She knew that he would not push her away…

Because he couldn’t help her!

He just let her and kissed him.

Do not refuse, and even less cater to…

Because, apart from these, he doesn’t know what else he can do for this woman…

At home, Amelia was lying on the sofa, doing her homework boringly.

“That’s it! The young master forgot to take the documents. I just answered the phone and heard that there is an important meeting to be held in the afternoon!” Sister Mia said anxiously while packing her things.

The file was still on the table, and Amelia looked over and stuck out her tongue.

During the meal, she saw a paper bag on the table. She felt it was in the way, so she slapped her butt on the chair.

Tilted her head and looked at the quartz clock on the wall, it was only nine o’clock in the morning.

“Sister Mia, let me take him there!” Amelia got up and walked to the restaurant.

Without waiting for Mia’s answer, she took the documents, went upstairs to change her clothes, and went out.

Fortunately, he mentioned the name of the hospital to her yesterday.

As she approached the hospital, a pungent smell of chlorine came straight towards her.

Amelia couldn’t help frowning. For a moment, inexplicably, she remembered that bleak morning…

It was ten o’clock that blood was flowing!

Her heart hurt involuntarily, a strange feeling!

She checked the ward number, VIP room, No. 52 on the service desk.

Amelia carried her bag and walked to Room 52 in the VIP area.

Special care room…

Seriously injured? It’s miserable!!!

She searched for a long time on the promenade…

Finally, in front of the ward, she was settled.

The house number said VIP52.

Withdrawing her eyes, probed her hand, and prepared to push the door in.

Suddenly, pause.

The little hand froze in the air, motionless.

The gaze passed through the glass window on the door and fell on the hospital bed. On the two dazzling figures…

She embraced him, and he embraced her.

The two of them are close to each other, each other…

Amelia’s pupils shook.

It was a bit painful!

In an instant, she seemed to understand…

Why, when she just walked in, the heart in her chest would involuntarily ache.

That’s it!!!

The light in the eyes is a little dark…

The red pupils were a little sour.

But, she did not cry!

Raised her hand, squeezed her uncomfortable little nose, and then passed the information into the gap under the door.

Look, look no longer at them in the room, turn around and leave…

She doesn’t know why, this time, she went so decisively!!!

Probably, she realized…

No matter what, this man is never hers!!!

From Blair Evelyn to Allen Emily…to her…

Wandering on the bustling streets, aimlessly.

Heart, empty…

But also, icy cold.

In her mind, it has been whirling, the scene just now…

But she didn’t cry!

Today’s sunshine is particularly bright, it seems that it has faded away from the paleness of the past and has a bit more vitality!

She raised her eyes and looked at the dazzling sun above her head…

In front of her, there was a whitening, as if… in her world, it was pale!


That man is not suitable for her!!!

Her world, space…

And his world is too full!

Her sense of security is very weak!

Too full, she will worry and can’t pretend to be her!!!

Amelia stopped outside a telephone booth.

Then, after looking through the bag for a long time, finally, she found a small piece of paper and a coin.

On a piece of paper, a set of numbers is written.

Adam Mason said that this is his phone number and think she can call him.

Sometimes, Amelia found that he really understood her and knew that she would not store his phone number in the phone, so he just stuffed a small note in her bag!

Amelia pressed the set of numbers jerkily.

The phone goes through…

Adam Mason answered and was completely stunned when he heard her voice!

“Are you sure you are Amelia?” he asked, his tone full of suspiciousness.

“Yes!” Amelia bit her lip and answered briefly.

“Are you really?” he asked again in disbelief.

With a “pop-“, Amelia dropped the phone without hesitation.

Then, leaning on the phone, waiting for the phone to ring.

She knew that Adam Mason would call!

Sure enough, the phone rang in half a minute.

Amelia picked it up…

“Hey! It’s you!!!”

Who would throw the microphone on a call with two sentences? Except for the convulsed woman opposite!

“Hey! Is the sun coming out from the south today?”

Let her call him, it’s no surprise that the sun comes out from the west!!!

“Adam Mason, what you said before, does the best way to forget someone works?” Amelia ignored him and asked shamelessly.

“Forget someone? Which method?” He remembered saying two methods, “Is it the one who smashed the wall, or the one that changed one?”

Amelia rolled her eyes, knowing that he was teasing her, she didn’t bother to take care of it.

“One for another!” She answered him seriously.

Adam Mason was stunned for a second, “Where are you?”

His voice trembled obviously.

What’s up with him?

Amelia was puzzled.

“Does it work?”

“Try it!” This time, his voice returned to its previous playful taste.

“Are you my friend?” Amelia asked again.

Adam Mason frowned, “Of course I am!”

Could it be that she still doubted?

“Then you lend me a try!” She said it for granted.

She only has one friend, so she can’t think of anyone except him!

“Amelia, I finally know what my friend is for! It’s for stabbing you with a white knife! Okay, count you cruel! Come on, where?” Adam Mason replied generously and justly.

Amelia reported him a list of addresses, then hung up and left the phone booth.

It didn’t take long before Adam Mason drove the red Ferrari and showed up in high profile.

Today, he seems to be particularly sunny, with a dazzling smile on his face.

It is against her, her grayness.

He pushed the car door and got out of the car, his temperament was still the indescribable nobility and unruly.

One raised his hand and gently tapped his finger on Amelia’s drooping head.


Amelia didn’t raise her eyes to look at him, but shook her head and sat down by the phone booth.

The little head leaned on the phone booth, biting her lip, and said nothing.

Adam Mason helplessly turned his head, staring at her without speaking.

Stay with her in a daze…

“Adam Mason is he inappropriate for me…”

She asked him bewildered.

“If he doesn’t fit, just let him go, he is not the only man in this world!”

Adam Mason let out a low growl at her.

Amelia just raised her eyes and looked at him lightly. For the first time, she did not refute him.

There are too many men in this world…

However, it is only Burton Liam who walked into her world!!!

“I just saw him kissing other women…” Amelia’s voice instantly dropped a few decibels.

The gloomy eyes drooped a little.

Adam Mason glanced at her who was depressed, a little helpless, and a little annoyed.

Little hand, painted something on the wall of the phone booth.

Chapter 534

“There is a dull feeling in my heart, and it’s not good at all…” Amelia said softly, misting her pupils sour.

“Amelia, be my woman!” Adam Mason spoke suddenly.

Amelia raised her eyes and looked at him, a little surprised.

“Didn’t you just say that you want to forget that man?” Adam Mason glanced at her and asked.

Amelia bit her lip without saying a word but nodded dully.

She wanted to forget him. To be precise, she actually… didn’t want to love him anymore!!!

So tired, so tired…

She can’t afford it!!!

Her heart seems to be overdrawn!

“That’s it!”

“But I don’t love you…” Amelia answered him unabashedly.

Adam Mason raised his hand and knocked on her head, “You are an annoying woman!! Pretending that you will die!”

Adam Mason couldn’t help cursing, but after another thought, if he wanted to pretend, she was not Amelia.

“Let’s go! Take you to play, with the charm of my brother, I am afraid that you will not fall in love with me?!”

Adam Mason responded to her confidently and then dragged her away without saying a word.

In the hospital, in the ward

Allen Emily finally let go of him!

The heart that was finally warming up was glowing, a biting cold.

The man in front of her never kissed her back!

Seriously, very decisive!

Maybe, she is too greedy…

“I’m sorry…” Burton Liam apologized in a low voice.

Emily smiled pale and shook her head.

“Emily…” he asked her, looking at her with a little puzzled in his eyes.

“Life and love, let you choose, what would you choose?”

His questioning voice was very low, falling on Emily’s eardrum, a bit painful.

“You want to ask Amelia, right?” Allen Emily smiled, piercing her cover.

Burton Liam turned to the beginning and stopped looking at her or answering her.

“In the past, I chose life and lost love, but I regret it! And you… also made the same mistake as me. You also chose to abandon her for her life… But, she was still young, the reality is cruel, she doesn’t understand! Her thoughts are simple and straightforward, she only knows that she loves you and wants to be with you… So, the day you got married, she didn’t hesitate to choose death!! Maybe, she is braver than any of us, daring to pursue, and daring to assume! But behind the bravery lies fragility…The braver the person, the more likely to be injured!!”

The braver the person, the more likely to be injured…

Allen Emily’s words were like a heavy hammer, knocking hard on his stuffy heart, and there was unbearable pain.

He doesn’t know why, suddenly, his heart panicked…

“Sorry, Emily, take a break first! I’ll go out and make a call…”

In the beginning…

He couldn’t understand her sudden alienation, let alone her indifference!

He only thought that she was making a child’s temper…

He just thought that she was in the cold war, just pissing off!

He even thought that after some time, her anger would disappear!!!

But… now he understands!!!

He has something to say…

So many words!!!

He will learn to understand her, he will learn to walk into her world and use her unique perspective to see the problems between them.

Also… From now on, he will be very careful to communicate with her…

For a long time, he felt that she was too small, just suitable for pampering her in the palm of his hand, all the difficulties, he was reluctant to let her worry, so, he did not say, just hidden deep in his heart! It turns out that the gap between them has long since grown deeper!!!

It’s deep, just like the dazzling 38th line on the desk!

He, can’t make it through, and she can’t come in either!!!

He went out, saw the folder lying quietly on the ground, picked it up, a suspicion jumped in his heart.

Dialed a phone call home…

It seems that after waiting for a long time, the call was picked up.

“Sister Mia, let the young lady listen to the phone!” Before she could speak, he spoke.

“Master, didn’t the lady go to the hospital to send you the documents? I asked Driver Michael to deliver them, what’s wrong? Hasn’t she arrived yet?” Aunt Mia was a little surprised.

“Send documents?” Burton Liam was surprised for a second, lowered his eyes, and glanced at the documents in his hands.

His heart trembled for a second.

Has she been here just now? Why didn’t she come in?

He hung up the phone in a hurry, and then dialed the phone number of Driver Michael.

“Master, I sent the young lady to the hospital, and she let me leave and said you would take her home!”

Burton Liam hung up the phone, suddenly panicked!

For no reason…

She can’t greet him and leave without saying yes!!!

Could it be… she saw him and Emily just now…

The palm feels cold.

Where will she go?

Suddenly, a name crossed his mind…

Adam Mason.

Without hesitation, the phone dialed!

Adam Mason looked at the caller ID on the phone and was startled.

Pushing around, Amelia, who enjoys playing video games.

“Don’t push, you’re going to hit the wall!!!” Amelia yelled in panic.

“Hey! Amelia, your man called to chase you!!!”

In the video game room, the noise was harsh, Adam Mason bullied her and said aloud in her ear.

Amelia didn’t even look at him, she chuckled, and asked in her throat, “Adam Mason, isn’t my man you?”

She is acting stupid!

Of course, Adam Mason knows!!!

“It seems that you are quite bright!” Adam Mason curled his lips and smiled brightly, “Do you still listen to this call?”

“Don’t listen! No time!” Amelia smiled and shook her head, continuing to focus on her game.

It’s just that the pupils of the eyes feel a little foggy…


“OK then!”

Adam Mason responded with a “pop…”, something, the sound of landing heavily.

It’s a cell phone!

It dazzled through the air in a parabola, and fell in the corner for an instant, and fell to pieces.

“The phone is out of date, so it’s time to change it!!” Adam Mason smiled, “With the phone number!”

“Adam Mason, you are so extravagant!” Amelia glanced at him contemptuously, then glanced at the wreckage in the corner, inexplicably sad.

Heart, sour and astringent!!!

The phone should be replaced when it is out of date, what about the person? Can the person in her heart be replaced so ruthlessly?!

Adam Mason leaned in front of her electric motor and shrugged disdainfully, “I learned from you!”

Amelia didn’t respond to him again, and suddenly remembered that she also threw one a few days ago, and the same was true, smashed to pieces!!!

Sure enough, things gather together!!!

But… she still remembers one thing!!!

The man said…I want to buy her a new one, one more suitable for her!!!

In the evening, when Adam Mason sent her home, he had not yet returned.

Crazy for a whole day today, a little tired.

After spending a day in the game room, everything on her body was the smell of smoke that made her sick.

Into the bedroom, get clothes, prepare to take a shower.

Open the closet and the special pajamas lay in it.

There is an obvious torn mark on the neckline, with stitches stitched on it.

The stitches are ugly and the colors are not uniform.

The clothes are pink, but the color of the thread is big red!

She picked it up and put it in her palm.

After taking a deep glance, she put it in the closet and stopped looking at it.

This pajama was bought by Burton Liam, but he tore it too!!!

The human heart, will it be the same…

It was torn apart and then sewn, but still, there are deep barriers.

Shake her head and don’t think too much.

She pulled a piece of pajamas casually and went to the bathroom.

After taking a shower and coming out, Sister Mia downstairs shouted for dinner.

She trembled slightly, is Burton Liam back?

She adjusted her pajamas and went out.

As a result, as soon as the door was opened, a handsome face was printed in her eyes.

It’s Liam!

In his hand, he carried a delicate small bag.

Amelia was taken aback for a moment, somewhat surprised.

“You… are you back?” Amelia was a little nervous, inexplicably.

Looking at him, her vision flickered a little, and finally, her guilty conscience moved away from him.

“I have something to tell you!” His tone seemed heavy.

Then, a flashed body entered Amelia’s bedroom.

Amelia was stunned for a second. In the bottom of her heart, there was a violent spirit.

Then, look back and look at him.

What does he want to tell her?

Talk about his relationship with Allen Emily?

Suddenly, the little hand supporting the door stiffened slightly.

The heart is throbbing like a knife.

She pulled out a smile, pretending to be strong, “Just right, Burton Liam, I have something to tell you…”

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, then lifted his lips and smiled, “Then you talk about it first!”

Amelia raised her eyes, glanced at him with complicated pupils, and then took a deep breath…

“Liam, I have a boyfriend!”

Finally, she said it…

Her voice just fell, and the man in front of her felt stiff for a second.

Liam, who was smiling just now, sank instantly.

Long time…

He is silent.

But, standing still, looking at her, deeply.

In an instant, the atmosphere became very strange…

There is a bit of sadness in the coldness, and there is also inexplicable loneliness.

“Liam, don’t you still have something to tell me?”

After a long time, Amelia broke the silence and asked him.

The voice was a little sad and sad.

She doesn’t know, telling the answer from her mouth, her heart will be more painful and uncomfortable…

After a while, Burton Liam raised his eyes and glanced at her nerdy.

His eyes were dull, and his eyes were a little hollow.

Then he lifted his lips and chuckled lightly, with a bit of mockery.

“That man is Adam Mason?” He asked knowingly.

His smile, inexplicably, flashed Amelia’s eyes sour.

Is that ridicule mocking her??

“Yes!” Amelia bit her lip and answered without hesitation.

Burton Liam smiled, a bit evil, but very charming.

However, in the deep and gloomy pupils, there was an obvious injury.

Without hesitation, he turned around, opened the door, and prepared to leave.

Unable to understand the reason, Amelia panicked as she watched the evil chuckle in his eyes.

One stepped probed and clasped his sturdy arm.

“Liam…” she said, calling him.

Burton Liam paused and stood there without looking back at her.

From the bottom of his heart, he was looking forward to her next words deeply.

Burton Liam, staring at her… waiting for her to follow.

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