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Chapter 537

After a long while, Amelia moved her surprised eyes to Burton Liam and then landed on the strange woman beside him.

For a moment, the surprised eyes suddenly became cold and indifferent.

“Amelia, from today onwards, she will be your tutor, surname Dixon, teacher Dixon!”

Burton Liam introduced Amelia in a calm tone.

This teacher is a colleague of Brook Mike, a lawyer, and heard from Brook Mike that she asked to volunteer.

Burton Liam believes that those who can work with Brook Mike must be elites, so he did not refuse.

“Ms. Dixon?” Amelia tilted her head and murmured in a low voice.

With a cold look, she unabashedly looked at the woman in front of her.

Seriously, this woman looked at her at first glance, she was very intellectual and beautiful.

Her smile is very pure and bright.

But why?

She just can’t like this teacher, or, more accurately, she hates this woman!

“Ms. Dixon, I have other things to do, please help me take care of her! I’m leaving now!” Burton Liam said politely.

Dixon Zoey nodded faintly, smiled softly, and responded politely to him.

There seemed to be a bit of envy in the eyes of the pupils.

“Be obedient!” Burton Liam probed his hand and straightened out her messy wet hair, “I’m leaving now!”

Burton Liam confessed before leaving.

Amelia didn’t look at him but just stared at the woman around her with a little bit of beauty on her face.

After a long while, Burton Liam left, and finally, the woman’s eyes fell slightly on her.

“Are you Amelia?” Dixon Zoey smiled sweetly, approached her, and said, going to hold Amelia’s little hand hanging down.

Amelia didn’t speak but just stared at her blankly. Then, her little hand dodged slightly, avoiding her restless hand.

An embarrassment jumped in Dixon Zoey’s eyes, and then she smiled slightly, “Come on, let’s have class!”

One morning, Amelia’s ear had been haunting a man’s name.

“Mr. Burton loves you! He called Brook after 11 o’clock last night and asked him to find you a good teacher. Fortunately, we were still working overtime!”

Amelia remained silent, just snorted coldly.

Fortunately? Fortunately, the words are very apt, and she can be a teacher!

“It’s strange that such a good man as Mr. Burton is still single…” Dixon Zoey muttered inexplicably with a smirk on her face.

Amelia cast an angry look, “Teacher, are you here to teach me homework?!”

Finally, in the morning, Amelia spoke for the first time.

Dixon Zoey was taken aback for a moment, then smiled awkwardly, “Sorry, I’m just curious!”

Amelia closed her lips, too lazy to talk to her again.

The whole morning finally passed.

“Teacher, you can stay and have a meal together! Our young master will be back for dinner today!” As soon as she left the study door, Mia warmly entertained Amelia’s teacher.

“Will this…” Originally, she wanted to politely shirk.

As a result, before the words were finished, an indifferent voice came in behind her.

“Sister Mia, don’t need it! The teacher has already made an appointment for lunch with someone!” Amelia leaned at the door, her face not flushing and panicking.

For a moment, Dixon Zoey was dumb.

She just smiled and didn’t know what to say.

“Oh-oh, then I won’t stay with the teacher! The same will happen next time!” Sister Mia only thought she had an appointment, so she didn’t make trouble for her anymore.

Amelia lowered her eyes and chuckled softly.

“Teacher, I won’t send you off!”

After speaking, Amelia turned around and slammed the study door with a loud “pop”.

There is no reason to hate every woman who has evil thoughts about that man!!!

As a result, the second day, the third day…

Every morning, she will report on time.

Amelia was annoyed.

Today, she got up very early, just to stop the man who was busy every day.

He was still in bed, and she rushed into his bedroom.

Finally, the weekend, the company’s new products will be released soon, and finally, have time to rest.


“Burton Liam…” Amelia stood on his bed, staring at him while he was asleep, calling him.

Still, in his sweet dream, his sword eyebrows were slightly furrowed, he murmured, turned over, and ignored her.

“Burton Liam…” Amelia frowned, her voice instantly raised several decibels.

Burton Liam frowned, he was kissing her clearly, how could she still make a noise?

So noisy!!!

Pulled the quilt, buried in the quilt bored, continuing his quiet dream.

Between the lips of sex-sensation, there are still seductive chirps overflowing from time to time.

“Burton Liam, you get up, I have something to say…” Finally, Amelia was angry.

He dared to hide in the quilt!!!

Amelia leaned over and pulled the quilt that was tightly restrained by him without a word.

As a result, Burton Liam, who was confused, turned over and pulled her petite body off with a long arm.

“Ah -” Amelia whispered, and then, before she could recover, her small body was heavily pressed down by his sturdy body.

Good weight…

The dazed Liam held a pair of wistful eyes and seemed to be whispering something in his mouth.

As if complaining about her?

“Little guy…you are so noisy…”

“It’s not restless to kiss…well…”

Then, before Amelia, who was under his body, figured out how to turn around, her four lips were already close to each other, and then, her lips and teeth were intertwined.

“Um… Burton…” Amelia’s big eyes widened, staring at the man on her, her big eyes blinking inexplicably, then blinking again.

The hot and damp lips rubbed her soft pink lips painfully, entangled with her soft lilac-tongue unceasingly and nibble.

Burton Liam in the muddle, sighed in his heart, so strange! Feeling better…

“Burton…” Amelia struggled a few times but was still unable to escape his confinement.

Finally, from the initial struggle, to endure, and finally, to cater.

She knew he was in a dream, she could wake him up, but…

She didn’t!!!

It turned out that she still liked the feeling of being kissed and hugged by him!!!

Really, very sweet and very happy…

It was an unspeakable, unclear feeling of spiritual belonging!

Amelia closed her eyes, catering to him earnestly, and her body trembled slightly.

She couldn’t help but took a breath…

His burning big palm restlessly reached her waist into her pajamas, rubbing her sensitive waist, and then climbing up a little bit…

Amelia’s petite body trembled slightly, and she screamed unconsciously, her face flushed instantly.

Amelia’s eyebrows frowned slightly, with accusations, staring at the man on her. Does this guy even dream about these things?

“Burton…Liam…” Finally, his lips moved away from her pink and red lips, and they began to wander towards her sexually feeling neck.

“En…” he answered her in a confused voice.

Liam was still buried in her chest, busy with something.

It’s just obvious that his sanity is still blurred.

“Burton Liam, this is not a dream…” Amelia murmured in his ear, letting his big palm untie her pajamas neatly.

“En…” The man on her chest still answered her with a vague tooth tone.

Fingers are still scratching the nasty cloth on her body…

Suddenly, the big palm on her chest stiffened.

Then he suddenly raised his head, his blurred eyes widened, and then, shocked, astonished, and too many complicated emotions…

Then, the shocking gaze kept moving down, falling on Amelia’s open chest…

Suddenly, his big palm stiffened, and the next moment, as if he had been shocked, bounced off his body.

“You… why are you on my bed?” Burton Liam rubbed his eyebrows and asked her in a dumb voice.

Amelia looked at him, and then she took a sigh of relief and frowned, pretending to be calm, “Liam, can you… get up first, you are so heavy!!!”

Liam’s eyebrows trembled, and then he turned over and lay down beside Amelia.

Amelia sighed nervously, staring at the ceiling, but her heart was beating like a fiddle.

What a weird atmosphere!

Amelia buttoned the small buttons of her clothes while breathing deeply, alleviating the inexplicable tension in her heart.

Finally, the breath calmed down, ready to sit up.

As a result, she just got up…

With a strong palm, he pulled her petite body on the soft water bed again.

“First make it clear, why you are in my bed!” Burton Liam didn’t look at her, just confined her tightly on the bed, and asked her dumbly.

“Hey! It was you, who pulled me up!” Amelia tilted her head and stared at him angrily.

What happened? Did he come to think of a villain first to sue?

“Impossible! I don’t have the habit of sleepwalking!” Burton Liam tilted his head, looked at her, retorted, confidently.

Amelia curled her lips, “Do you think I will take the initiative to crawl on your bed?”

Amelia returned her fierce gaze and warned him, as if he was saying, ‘That’s because she is young, and she will do such idiotic things without doing anything! ‘

“It’s you…” Amelia started to stare at the ceiling.

“Can you stop thinking about rolling the sheets with me in your dreams, okay?”

“Cough cough cough -” a frantic cough sounded.

“Then why don’t you resist?” He suffocated his breath, blushing, and blocked her anger.

“A pig is pressing on you, do you see if you can resist?!” Amelia began to slander with her face, not red and heartbeat.

Pig? Liam’s eyebrows trembled, and the corners of his delicate lips twitched.

The big palm holding her small hand was deliberately tight.

“I haven’t spoken to you for a few days, but your words are getting sharper and sharper!” He said leisurely, with a somewhat ironic taste.

The scorching gaze still fell on the ceiling, not for a moment, as if she was about to pierce the ceiling.

He hasn’t spoken to her for a few days…

Upon hearing this, Amelia’s heart became sour unconsciously.

“You are so busy, how dare I disturb you!” Amelia sneered lightly.

Chapter 538

“Really?” Liam raised his eyebrows, “Then why are you on my bed now?”

“Didn’t I tell you? It’s you…Ah!! Liam, get out of here, you’re dead!!!”

Before Amelia could finish speaking, she suffocated in her throat, but in the next instant, the ‘fat pig’ body pressed up again.

He wants to be crushed into dried meat!!!

Burton Liam deceived her open and closed small mouth, his blurred eyes looked like a color-mi-mi looking at her, “You speak again, believe it or not, I will bite your tongue!”

The warning of the red fruit!!!


Amelia stared fiercely at the handsome face in front of her, and then closed her lips tightly without saying a word.

It must be painful to be bitten!

Burton Liam smiled with satisfaction, and then bent his head and murmured in her ears, “Do you know that the most dangerous time for a man is in the early morning every day, so… if you don’t want anything to happen, behave in the morning.” Don’t come into my room lightly!”

Amelia only felt dry for a while, and his lazy voice contained intoxicating charm as if deliberately bewitching her.

She swallowed cautiously and followed a restless heart.

Then, she said coldly, “Liam, I want to change the teacher!”

“Why?” He buried in her neck, closed his eyes and rested, and asked her in a low voice.

The breath is full of her faint sweet fragrance, it feels so good…

If he could wake up like this every morning, he wouldn’t feel tired if he was busy every day!

The hot air splashed on Amelia’s sensitive neck, itchy, not very ambiguous.

Amelia stiffly moved her head, straightened up, “I want Adam Mason to teach me!”

That way, at least she doesn’t have to face that idiot face every day, let alone listen to her asking some idiots every day, or she doesn’t need to watch out for that woman approaching him every day!

Get a man back and teach her, a hundred times safer!

As soon as Amelia’s voice fell, the man covering her body became visibly stiff.

In the next instant, he opened his lips and bit Amelia’s tender neck severely.

Seriously, he was angry and jealous, and he was very unhappy in his heart! Not really, not really!!!

Does she want to show off? Still, want to tell him that she and the man are already like glue?

“Ah…it hurts!!!” Amelia frowned, complaining in pain.

“You are so inseparable from him? You want to stay with him every day after the holiday?” Burton Liam sneered coldly and asked her in a cool tone.

A handsome face is extremely cold.

Amelia gave him a surprised look and asked him, “Do you agree?”

“Break up with him!” Burton Liam gave a command, and his voice seemed to become colder.

“Impossible! I will go to a city-state with him to play in two days!” Amelia answered him with her lips.

Adam Mason is her only friend. After the breakup, she will have to fight alone, so don’t!!!


Burton Liam was slightly stiff, the deep blue pupil tightened for a while, and his heart stagnated for a second.

In the next instant, he suddenly turned over and left the woman under him.

The eagle-like blue eyes glowed with the light of a gloomy bird, with a bit of cold light, “Get out!”

There was a cold command, without any emotion or temperature.

Amelia on the bed shivered slightly, her body shuddering.

Amelia’s big eyes stared at him, puzzled.

“Get out!!” This time, his tone seemed a little heavier, and he snarled at her.

His face was also gloomy and terrible!

Amelia only felt a momentary icy cold in her small body.

For the first time, seeing him so gloomy and terrifying…

The pupil blinked, staring at him accusingly, her eyes flushed.

“Bad guy, just goes out, why are you so fierce!!! I hate and hate!!!” Amelia choked, and her little fist slammed his sex-feeling chest a few times in anger.

Then, Amelia got up from the bed and ran out of his bedroom crying.

As soon as the door was closed, there was a “bang” sound, and there was a sound of broken glass.

It was boring, heavy, but also painful.

Amelia trembled suddenly, her heart stagnating for a second.

There was a pause in the steps…

The tip of her nose was sour for a long time. She raised her hand and wiped the unconscious tears from the corner of her eyes, and then ran back to her room without hesitation.

Burton Liam stood up bored and opened the drawer. There were two plane tickets to City-state lying impressively inside.

So funny!!!

Are women all fickle animals?

Agreed to go with him? She also clearly said to be with him?

But, the result…

It’s ironic!!!

Angrily picked up the plane ticket in the drawer, and crumpled it into a ball, raised his palm, and threw it into the trash can mercilessly!

He has no idea what is the significance of buying these two tickets!!!

Later, Amelia stayed in her room and refused to go out.

Let Sister Mia knock on the door, and let some woman wait downstairs.

“Miss…Obedient…” Outside the door, it was still Mia’s patient persuasion.

“Sister Mia, do whatever she wants!” A cold voice resounded outside the door suddenly, without a trace of extra emotion.

“Yes…Young Master!” Sister Mia replied lightly before leaving.

“Mr. Brook, then I…” Then there was a voice that made Amelia disgusted.

“Ms. Dixon, please come to the study, I have something to tell you!” After saying that, Burton Liam went to the study first.

Someone ran into his room early in the morning and clamored to change teachers. It seemed that they did not get along well.

Although he knew that the little guy must be too difficult to do, no way, she didn’t like it, and he couldn’t keep her.

As for Adam Mason…

With a hum, there are no doors!!! He can’t create any opportunities between them!!!

Maybe he should think about going home every night to tutor her homework!

That way, he can always supervise her homework, and forgive her for not daring to pick him on the “teacher” fault!

Amelia was a little surprised.

In the bottom of her heart, there was an inexplicable panic…

In the study, a ‘good show’ is being staged.

Burton Liam stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, thinking about something.

Today, he is in a bad mood…

Even more, depression is at its extreme!

His little guy seems to be fascinated by a certain man.

He is unsure of it!!!

For the first time, at a loss…

“Mr. Burton…”

Suddenly, there was a soft and charming voice behind him.

Burton Liam was taken aback, withdrew his thoughts, and turned around.

“Miss Dixon, I think…” Burton Liam choked in his throat before he could finish speaking.

The words are on the lips, pause.

In the next instant, he turned his back quickly, and a delicate handsome face instantly sank.

“Put your clothes on!!!”

His voice, with the command of the sacred bird, can’t hold his beak.

Finally, he knew why the little guy had to change the teacher!

“Mr. Burton…” Suddenly, his sturdy body tightened slightly, and a soft body came up without warning.

Burton Liam was startled, inexplicably, his stomach churned.

The damn perfume smell made him feel so uncomfortable!

“Mr. Burton, I have always liked you… Since your first appearance in our law firm, I have…”

“Miss!!” Suddenly, Burton Liam interrupted her next words.

“Excuse me, please put on your clothes and talk to me a little farther away, okay?” Burton Liam said coldly.

Poke out his big palm and began to break her tight fingers little by little.

The eyebrows were frowned, very impatient!

He didn’t dare to make big moves and was afraid that if he moved, he would run into some places he shouldn’t touch.

What a hell!

For no reason, at this time, he thought of some ruthless little guy in the morning!


The more so, the more upset his heart is.

“Let go…” Burton Liam gritted his teeth and uttered impatiently.

“No!!” The woman behind him seemed quite persistent.

In the tone of the answer, she was still a little proud.

She just believes that no man can escape the ecstasy of her golden girl!

Regardless of body shape, appearance, or technology…

This man is the thing in her pool, unless, he is a glass!!!

Besides, there is still time for the glass to rise!!!

Liam was annoyed, just about to shake off the sticky candy behind him…


There was a muffled sound of water flowing with a stimulating and provocative taste.

“Ah-who? You are crazy, splashing water!!!” A harsh scream sounded behind Liam, and then the gummy candy loosened and bounced a few times in the study.

Of course, Burton Liam is also inevitable.

Although the area of his wet body is small, only the arms on both sides, but the cold weather is enough for him!

“Ok… so cold…” It seemed that the woman behind him was shivering.

Burton Liam lowered his eyes and couldn’t help laughing.

Of course, he knows, whose masterpiece this water is!

Amelia leaned at the door, holding a big water basin in her arms, and jokingly stared at the woman who was crying strangely in the study.


Amelia followed her, with a soft voice, “Are you here to teach me homework, or to teach me how to seduce a man? Is it so clean, isn’t it cold? Today is three degrees below zero!”

Amelia was gloating and stared at her provocatively.

Moreover, she is poisonous enough. While splashing water, she did not forget to sprinkle a little drop of water on her abandoned dresses on the ground!

Amelia snorted coldly. Since she dared to take it off, she was not afraid that she would not die from the cold!!!

“I…I…” Dixon Zoey’s voice trembled a little.

While wearing those wet dresses on the floor, she stared at Amelia angrily, but because of Burton Liam’s presence, she did not dare to curse.

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