The Warmest Romance Chapter 1109 -1110

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Chapter 1109

Yu Yimo turns his head and looks at her with deep eyes. “When song Yunan wakes up, we’ll let her make her own decision.”

“No!” Ruan Shishi shakes his head subconsciously, “I have spent so much time and energy to seek justice for An’an. Now it’s only the last step. Yu Yimo, you are soft hearted, aren’t you?”

Yu Yimo is silent.

Ruan Shishi was disappointed. She asked again, “are you soft hearted after all?”

“I’ll give the evidence to the police, but not now.” Yu Yimo said word by word, “I just divorced her. If I give the evidence to the police again, I’m afraid she can’t bear so much pressure.”

Because of the divorce, ye Wan’er cut her wrist and committed suicide. The current situation has become very bad.

Ruan Shishi’s face became colder and colder when she heard the speech. She looked at the man in front of her and sneered, “Yu Yimo, is this interesting? You’ve been playing with me since the beginning, haven’t you? “

He was the one who said that he would cooperate with her to find the murderer, but now he is the one who has got the evidence and turned back!

Yu Yimo’s eyes are serious, and every word says, “wait a minute. When song Yunan wakes up, I’ll give the evidence to the police.”

Now that he and ye Wan’er have just divorced, she goes to the hospital again. If the evidence is given to the police, it is no doubt a blow to her. He is afraid that ye Wan’er can’t bear it.

Ruan Shishi sneered, and a sarcastic look appeared at the bottom of his eyes, “Yu Yimo, you are a hypocrite!”

Leaving this sentence behind, she turned and wanted to get out of the place quickly.

After all, isn’t she being used by him? From the beginning, she shouldn’t have believed him!

Ruan Shishi was more and more angry. He just ran out and didn’t pay attention to his feet. Unexpectedly, when he just came to the door, he stepped on a pool of water on the floor. When his feet slipped, the whole person “slapped!” I fell to the ground.

Suddenly, there was a burning pain in her knee, and Ruan Shishi gasped with pain. At this moment, the sound of footsteps came close behind her, and then a big hand with temperature took hold of her arm.

Ruan Shishi became angry because he was angry. He was angry and annoyed. Without thinking about it, he threw away his hand and said, “don’t touch me!”

These days, she hardly had a complete sleep. Her heart was hanging in her throat. She was worried about song yun’an, that she would not wake up, and that the murderer would attack them again.

Unexpectedly, she finally determined the murderer behind the scenes, found the evidence, but still can’t get justice for song yun’an! Bring the bad guys to justice!

The more Ruan Shishi thought about it, the more angry he was. His nose was sour, and his tears gushed out uncontrollably.

Yu Yimo stands aside and looks at the woman sitting on the ground, covering her face and sobbing. Her heart seems to be covered by something, so she can’t breathe.

He waited for her to calm down. Then he came forward, bent down and picked her up from the ground.

Ruan Shishi is like a frightened bird, struggling to push him away.

Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “don’t move, the wound has broken away!”

The man’s cold voice seemed to be magical. Ruan Shishi’s body was stiff, but he didn’t really move again.

Yu Yimo took her to the sofa, put her down, and then took the medicine box to disinfect and bandage her wound.

Chapter 1110

Ruan Shishi dropped her eyes and watched the man carefully deal with the wound for her, but her anger didn’t dissipate. She was a little angry, with a thorn in her words, and said sarcastically, “Yu Yimo, you are more rogue than before, and your ability to turn around really makes me look at you with new eyes.”

Smell speech, the man continues the action that bandages on the hand, light voice way, “accepted.”

Ruan Shishi is even more angry. It’s like a fist on the cotton. She’s very angry, but he’s still calm!

She gritted her teeth and asked angrily, “from the beginning, you’ve been using me. You never wanted to help me, have you?”


Yu Yimo fixed and pasted the gauze, and said without raising his head, “if I really want to protect ye Wan’er, I won’t investigate with you from the beginning. I just pretend I don’t know anything and don’t ask, will I?”

Ruan’s poems were short of words.

Indeed, if yu Yimo really wants to defend Ye Waner, there is no need to cooperate with her from the beginning.

But in that case, why did he not give the evidence to the police?

She frowned. “What do you mean?”

The wound has been wrapped up. Yu Yimo slowly put the things in the medicine box and looked at her with black eyes. “Ruan Shishi, don’t worry, I will give you and song Yunan a fair deal.”

Then he paused for a few seconds, and then said, “just remember, I’m on your side.”

At that moment, the bright light at the bottom of his eyes, like a bomb, quickly hit her heart, so that she could not say a word.

Her chest was beating wildly in her heart, and her cheeks became hot and dry, uncontrollable.

He said she’s on her side. Is that credible?

Brain rapid operation, a moment later, she regained consciousness, calm down, quickly looked away, deep suction airway, “I don’t believe.”

Leaving this sentence behind, she got up and walked out, pretending to be calm, regardless of the pain in her knee.

Even if the eyes on him will be moved, even if she can’t help but believe him again and again, but when she calms down, there will always be a voice in her heart that they are not people in the world.

She walked to the door and slowly clenched her hand into a fist. She took a deep breath, turned her head to Yu Yimo, and said word by word, “Yu Yimo, it doesn’t matter if you don’t give me evidence. I will use my own way to punish the guilty.”

Without waiting for his reply, she walked out of the apartment and closed the door heavily.

When he came out of the apartment, the cool wind outside made Ruan a lot sober.

Today’s Yu Yimo is more elusive than five years ago. Sometimes she doesn’t know whether to believe or listen to his words, but this time, she has a long memory.

She doesn’t know which side Yu Yimo stands on, and whether he will finally hand over the evidence to the police. In a word, he is unreliable. If she wants to punish Ye Waner before going abroad, she must do it herself.

She clenched her teeth, all the brain heat and impulse were left behind, bursts of cool wind cooled her heart, also let her a little more rational.

Even if you can’t get the direct evidence to prove that ye Wan’er bumps into others, she will take this opportunity to teach her a lesson! She Ruan poetry, long ago is not the lamb to be slaughtered!

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