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Chapter 549

Mason’s body disappeared in the crowd.

Amelia smiled innocently and looked at him who had disappeared from the crowd.

The feeling of being pampered is always so good! However, she was a little bit funny!

Stick out her tongue and continue to lick the ice cream in her hand…

However, the taste is very sweet, sweet to the bottom of her heart.

On the public chair, she only cared about eating, and Adam Mason, who was on the other side of the crowd, only cared about buying popcorn, so that none of them noticed…

Danger, at a little bit, comes…


Before Amelia cried out for help, the big eyes of Amelia went from shock to panic, gradually expanding, until finally, they fell weakly.

It was dark, and she passed out directly!!!

The taro ice cream slipped into the hand and fell to the ground, forming a light purple enchanting flower…

There is an unexplainable sense of oppression!!!

Soon, the silhouettes of two men dragged a sleepy little girl and disappeared into the crowd.

The speed is so fast that almost the tourists on the side have no time to understand what happened just now!

Until after regaining consciousness…

A turbulent exclamation broke out from the crowd, “Kidnapping…Kidnapping!!!”


A loud exclamation exploded in Adam Mason’s mind.

The heart tightened suddenly, turned his head, and looked at the place of the little guy.

No one…

Not unexpectedly!!!

In his ears, screams are still frantically blasting!

For an instant, he was completely panicked!!!

Turned around and ran to the position just now frantically.

“Sir, your popcorn… eh eh eh…”

Behind him, the owner’s voice was shouting, but he could not hear anything!!!

A piece of Mason’s face was filled with worry and panic.

He stared at the melting ice cream on the ground…

The heart, for an instant, seemed to stop beating!!!

Captured the tourist who had just exclaimed, his strength was too strong to be uncontrollable, “Just…just now, was the little girl sitting here robbed?!”

“Yes…yes…” The tourists were still in panic.

Staring at his red eyes, his heart became even more shocked.

A touch of panic leaped across Adam Mason’s eyes, and soon let go of the tourists.

Then, ran straight to the service department of the playground.

The cell phone was constantly dialing a certain woman’s phone.

But it has always been, no one answered!!!

Soon after, it is already in the shutdown state!!!

Damn it!

In the car…

Amelia only felt a burst of swelling in her mind, and her body was weak.

She was paralyzed by someone just now and passed out directly.

It seems that the medicinal properties are still working, and the body is numb, and she doesn’t have any strength.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a luxurious mansion.

Amelia, groggy, was taken aback.

It was a pale little face, instantly as white as dead gray.

The panic was obvious in her gloomy eyes.

The small body was trembling inexplicably, and only felt a gust of wind rushing beside her.

So cold, so cold…

It’s that kind of bleak cold!!!

This…There are too many wronged souls here…

There are too many and cruel memories of her before!!!

She doesn’t go in, doesn’t, doesn’t!!!

“Let go… let me go… let me go!!!”

Amelia was completely panicked, her small body was already in a cold sweat.

She used all her strength, screamed, kicked, and beaten wildly.

There was a sharp, crisp sound.

The roar suddenly fell silent.

The kicking action stopped instantly.

Amelia only felt that her mind was completely blank…

Only, there was a fiery sting on the pale little face!

The little head shook feebly, again and again…

“Mom!! Let you call me again!!” The man spit and slapped Amelia’s delicate face with a merciless slap.

In an instant, five red fingers quickly loomed with the puffy little cheeks.

Amelia bit her lip and stared at the man beside her with cold eyes.

“Mom, stare!!! Get me in!!!” The man pushed the weak little guy beside him angrily.

Amelia staggered and slammed heavily on the wooden floor in the hall with a “bang…”

So…it hurts…

Tears were in the bottom of her eyes, and they were about to fall out.

But she doesn’t cry!!! Never cry!!!

She bit her pale lip heavily, tilted her head, and stared angrily at the man behind her with a disgusting look and teeth and claws.

The man behind seemed to be about to have an attack.

Suddenly, another black figure appeared in the shadow of the hall door!

Yes…Yes, Burton Lucas!!!

Amelia panicked for a moment!

No wonder, it’s no wonder she will be taken hostage to this gloomy old house!

In addition to this perverted man, who else?

With an evil smile on his face, he stared deeply at her on the ground.

In the complex eyes, it seemed…with a kind, Amelia couldn’t understand, interested!!!

He, step by step, approached her…

With each step, Amelia’s heart trembled.

Until he approached her completely, her weak body trembled uncontrollably.

She, afraid of this man!!!

Very scared…

Such a pair of dark black eyes, like a deep black hole, may suck and swallow people at any time!!!

He still just smiled evilly.

Then, he leaned over and gently raised her face.

Seriously, look and look again!!!

After a long time, the sword eyebrows frowned deeply.

Then, he raised his eyes and stared at the two men who bowed their heads respectfully behind him.

“Boss Lucas, the woman you want, we brought you!” The man reverently confessed.

“Go down!” Burton Lucas gave a heavy command.

Then, he lowered his eyes and continued to examine her on the ground seriously.

“Fifteen years old, you are just so beautiful… Tsk tsk tsk…” Burton Liam smiled deeply and sighed.

“Don’t touch me with your dirty hands!!!” Amelia said coldly in disgust, then turned her head heavily and broke free of his confinement.

Her white jaw was deeply imprinted with two fingerprints.

Some tingling!!!

The beautiful eyebrows frowned, biting her lips, and she didn’t speak anymore.

Burton Lucas just chuckled, without a trace of irritation.

“I am dirty? Hmm…Yes, even a child born as a (female) girl can think I am dirty…Haha…” Burton Lucas nodded and said with a smile.

In Moran’s pupils, there was deep ridicule, but it seemed to have slight pain.

Amelia couldn’t understand, and of course, she understood even more unintentionally!

Such a cold-blooded perverted man, she couldn’t figure out what else could hurt him!!!

(Female branch) Female?

Amelia smiled coldly. Did he think these two words would hurt her? Naive!!!

“What are you laughing at?” Burton Lucas’s eyes drenched suddenly, and the corners of his lips were sneered, staring at Amelia violently.

“I laugh at you for an idiot, laugh at you for sorrow!!” This kind of man is probably really sadder than she used to live!

With a “pop…” a sharp slap fell on Amelia’s already swollen face.

A pair of red eyes, like a mad lion, stared at her angrily.

The tears rolled in the cold eyes and then fell without warning.

The nose was sour for a while.

It hurts!!!

The little head feels dizzy…

But, fortunately, there is only one tear!

She sucked her nose heavily and forced the tears back into her eyes.

Her tears were never caused by such an idiot! Even if he killed her, she would not cry!

She lifted the beautiful eyes, greeted him without fear, and stared at the completely annoyed man in front of her with grief.

Burton Lucas’s always cold palms were tingling with fiery pain as if he would burn him through at any time!


The two words seem to have a heartache force that hit his heart fiercely.

It was so painful that he could hardly breathe!

Once, his wife, Emily…said the same…

Blame his sorrow!!!

It’s just that he doesn’t understand, and he still doesn’t understand!!!

“Come here!” He probed, dragged Amelia on the ground mercilessly, and ran upstairs.

His strength was so heavy that he could not tolerate Amelia’s resistance. In desperation, Amelia could only let him drag and stagger upstairs.

Finally, the steps stopped.

Amelia couldn’t help but panic, her small body trembled for no reason, a little shuddering.

This… This is Burton Olivia’s room!!!

Once, she died here!

“Give me in!!!”

Confining his big palm, he pushed her abruptly and threw her small body in without mercy.

At the moment when she smashed into the room, Amelia could see a gloomy smile on her twisted face.

She closed her eyes heavily, and the next moment…

With a “bang”, the small body slammed heavily on the wooden floor again, making a piercing muffled sound.

It hurts…

Amelia’s eyebrows trembled without many reactions.

With a “bang…” the door closed heavily.

Then, there was a sound of footsteps fading away.

Amelia was a little surprised, then opened her eyes and looked at the door in confusion.

In the next instant, her face was pale.

The small body trembled fiercely, and the heart seemed to be suffocating at any time.

In front of…

Total darkness!!!

The floor-to-ceiling windows were covered by thick curtains, and there was no light in the gloomy room.


A faint light beside the bed was shining with a terrifying white light.


On the bed, a bloodless face!!!

A woman, dead gray with a pale face, lying quietly on the bed, motionless!

The body looks stiff!


The small body curled up in the corner, shivering, and even the pale lips began to tremble.


Chapter 550

On the bed, IT’s not someone lying on the bed, but Burton Olivia…

Burton Olivia’s body!!!

The big empty eyes, staring like a light bulb, are full of unwillingness and resentment.

Under the pale and faint light, a gray face was set off even more frightening!!!

Her stiff body was lightly covered by a plain white gauze, and something was protruding from her right hand.

That…that is, that one, dagger!!!

A sharp knife with deep resentment!!!

Amelia couldn’t help gasping, and her body shuddered more and more.

Her face was pale and pale…

She… even, afraid that the stiff corpse on the bed would suddenly rise, and slam the sharp knife into her stomach.

Good… terrible…

The tears in her eyes were like broken pearls, and they couldn’t stop flowing down.

In the room, it’s so dark, so dark that she panicked and scared…


She missed him so much!!! Want…

The little body couldn’t help shrinking the farther away from the bed.

She’s afraid of her… so scared, so scared!

Suddenly, the little wandering hand seemed to touch something, Amelia was surprised, it was the curtain.

It is the curtain of the French window…

In the next second, Amelia got up almost without hesitation, peeked with her little hand, and worked hard to lift all the thick curtains.

It is said in the book that ghosts are afraid of light!!!

Dazzling sunlight sifted through the floor-to-ceiling windows into the gloomy room, but it smelled of gloominess inexplicably.

Amelia raised her eyes and looked at the dazzling light…

But she never expected that the people who greeted her were wave after wave, more terrifying ghosts!!!

“Ah-ah -“

Amelia covered her head and screamed in surprise.

A horrified face covered the transparent glass window, staring at her with bloodshot eyes, looking at her hollowly.

The pale face is all covered with scary blood red…

“Ah… don’t, don’t… it’s not me, it’s not me!!! I didn’t kill her!!!” Amelia shuddered, tightly closing her tearful eyes, and frantically pulling the thick curtain cloth.

Little hands, shivering almost out of control.

The muddled brain was so heavy and heavy as if she was about to lose consciousness.

“It’s not me… it’s not me…” Amelia couldn’t help trembling, with a trace of vacancy in her hollow eyes.

Suddenly, the small body was excited, and the next moment, her eyes went dark, and she passed out directly.

She was shocked!!!

On the ground, the delicate little face was as pale as dead gray, just like the stiff and cold corpse on the bed, without a trace of anger!

Adam Mason in the amusement park reported to the police shortly after the incident and then ran directly to the back office.

The police arrived soon and directly called up the surveillance video.

It clearly showed that the two men had taken Amelia away, but they both had gauze covering their faces so that the facial features could not be seen clearly.

For almost one afternoon, Adam Mason accompanied the police to search for the two men and the black private car.

In the gloomy room, a dazzling light flashed suddenly, and the large screen directly in front suddenly lit up.

The door of the room was opened with a “creak”.

On the ground, Amelia, groggy, slowly woke up.

She opened her stray eyes and glanced at the big screen that suddenly flashed up, a little bit astonished as she was shocked.

“Wake up?” Suddenly, a gloomy voice sounded with a sense of gloat.

Amelia looked back, Burton Lucas stood behind her with a retaliatory sneer.

He leaned over, raised Amelia’s pale face as gray as death, and smiled, “Do you like my gift to you?”

“Burton Lucas, you are abnormal!!” Amelia gritted her teeth, cursing angrily.

Suddenly, something seemed to be remembered in her mind, and she glared at him in astonishment, “Burton Lucas, you made that grimace in my room before?”

“Ghost face?” Burton Lucas asked with a stunning smile, “Oh, you are talking about that cute little red mask on the window?”

He came over as if he knew it, and said lightly.

“Burton Lucas, you are crazy! Psychological abnormality!!”

It is hard to imagine, what kind of person can be psychologically distorted to such a degree!

“Perverted?” Burton Lucas chuckled and shrugged, neither refuting nor losing his temper.

Probing hands, picked her up on the ground.

“Let go of me!!!” Amelia gritted her teeth, struggling angrily, and roaring.

“Don’t do unnecessary resistance, I advise you to reserve some strength to meet my needs!!” Burton Lucas licked his lips, smiled, and in the next moment, he pressed her struggling body in his arms and pressed her behind her involuntarily. On the cold wall.

“You…what are you doing?”

What does he mean to meet his needs?!!!

Amelia was a little panicked. On the screen, white glittering light shone on Amelia’s panicked little face, which became paler and terrifying.

“Be good, I just want to know how my brother feels when he asks for a fifteen-year-old girl, is it exciting, or… fresh? But, shouldn’t it be cool?!!! Haha… “

Burton Lucas’s distorted smile looked so disgusting in Amelia’s eyes!

Amelia only felt that her stomach was churning badly, and there was a cramping pain.

“Burton Lucas, you dirty child!!” Amelia cursed with cold eyes.

“Heh…” Burton Lucas chuckled softly, and in the next moment, a big palm was lifted, and the chest suddenly became cold.

“Boom, boom, boom…” On the floor, there was a bang of buttons.

With a sound, it hit Amelia’s chest fiercely like a heavy stone.

However, listening to Burton Lucas’s ears, was like good and rhythmic music, deeply tempting and seducing him.

Amelia gasped in amazement, panicking in her heart…

She knows what this man wants to do…

“Go away!! Go away…” Amelia panicked completely.

The small body confined to the wall was struggling and resisting.

The misty eyes were once again wet with tears.

In the eyes, so helpless, so disgusting, and deep hatred!!!

The two weak legs kicked and pulled frantically, “Burton Lucas, you must die!! You beast-beast, demon!!!”

Burton Lucas is not angry, not angry.

Let her curse, kick and pull, the corners of Lucas’s lips just smiled softly.

Smiling so deep, so terrible!!!

He likes this feeling of struggle, the more so, the more he can arouse his sexual interest!

“Little devil, he is also your guardian, and I am also your guardian. You should treat us both fairly!”

He still smiled faintly, without any extra emotions in his eyes.

Amelia was stunned by the mist, staring at him in panic, biting her lip, shaking her little head in amazement, struggling frantically.

No, she doesn’t want to…

Burton Lucas raised his sword eyebrows, and a probing hand pressed her struggling little hand against the wall, smiled, “Be good, there are some things you can’t help it!!!”

“No…Ah!! Don’t touch me, don’t, don’t…Get off!!!” Amelia choked on her throat, screaming hoarsely.

The small body swayed frantically, struggling desperately.

However, the more struggling, the faster her clothes fell.

The tears flowed more urgently…

She has never felt so humiliated!!!

She cried…

Her heart hurts so much!!!

“Please… Burton Lucas, let me go, okay? I beg you…”

Amelia whimpered, begging for the man who was torn and rubbing on her body.

So disgusting, so disgusting taste, eroding her…

For the first time, she was so humble, so pitifully begging for someone, still the most disgusting man to her!


She doesn’t want to be defiled by others!!!

She didn’t want to drag the same dirty body to see Burton Liam, the man she loved very hard and very hard!!!

She doesn’t let herself become unworthy of him!!!

“Ah -” Amelia exclaimed again in a choked voice.

“Uh humiliatingly, “Don’t touch me, get out… get out…”

Tears, unstoppable flow…

She hates him! She hates him!!!

If there was a dagger here, she would poke it into the man’s chest without hesitation.

A big palm ran wildly and frantically on her recklessly.

Hot and humid lips licked her white neck…

Sure enough, a fifteen-year-old girl always has the youthfulness and excitement that an adult does not have!!!

Amelia bit her pale lips until terrifying blood shots appeared, her small body trembled in horror, and her stomach couldn’t stop churning, becoming more and more severe.

Burton Lucas, he and his mother can’t die!!!

There were tears on the pale little face.

“Burton…Burton Liam…Woo…” Amelia lowered her head weakly, letting tears fall.

She was already unable to resist the disgusting touch on her body, and finally could only cry, calling the man’s name.

She doesn’t know, after today, will she still have the courage to see him again…

Or, is she still courageous, waiting for him to come back!!!

Suddenly, the man on his body paused slightly, and he hesitated for a moment.

Then, as if suddenly remembering something, he smiled softly, “Too anxious, I forgot the most important thing! Fortunately, you remind me…”

Amelia stared at him, a panic jumped in her eyes.

She had a hunch that it would not be a good thing!!!

Suddenly, he lifted his big palm and dropped an automatic button on the side. The next moment, Evil smiled.

“Let you take a look at this, you will serve me obediently!!”

In that smile, there was a smell that made Amelia extremely disgusting, but it was inexplicable, mixed with a bit of sadness.

She can’t understand!!!

But, she panicked…

Feeling for no reason!

Suddenly, on the bright white screen, two familiar faces were imprinted under her eyes.

It’s a photo!!!

It’s him, the picture of the man who just thought about it!!!

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