CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1531 – 1532

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Chapter 1531

As soon as Peter’s Twitter was posted, it became a trending search.

Today, when Cathy’s private incident came out, many people were pulled into the water, and Tina was also affected.

Peter posted this Tweet at this juncture, undoubtedly responding positively to the rumors about Tina and Cathy.

Although netizens are not too big to watch the excitement, they also like the relationship between Peter and Tina as a childhood sweetheart.

“Let’s tell everyone, I’ve knocked the CPs of Mr. Grant and Miss Weber before! Am I going to knock down a real person? Is anyone coming to wake me up?”

“I knock! It’s a lifetime series! I want to knock this too!”

“Growing up with childhood sweethearts, the two are still family friends! One is a popular first-line actress and the other is a media company boss. Who can stand this charm!”

“Ahhhh, so romantic, today is also a day to cry for others’ love.”

“No, the people upstairs should be more sober. There is no official announcement about the love from anywhere (although I also want to knock it out (⊙o⊙)…”

“This is the kind of legendary ‘Although we love and kill each other, but we have deep feelings’?”

“Sour sour, who sent me such a beautiful and rich bamboo horse.”

“Hello everyone, where do I get such a bamboo horse?”

“I’ve said it a long time ago. Miss Weber’s temperament is really not like ordinary people’s. Those marketing accounts that are darker than Miss Weber come out and get beaten!”


Many people in the circle who have interacted with Tina and some celebrities who have worked with her commented on her tweet as well.

Director X: “Ms. Weber, hide it deep enough.”

Scottia: “Miss Weber and Grant always get small, you are too low-key, you can’t tell at all. [Lemon]”

Scottia acted in the drama version of “Lost City” before, and her popularity was not bad, and she accumulated a lot of fans. Her fans also followed and commented on Scottia’s comment.

“Scottia is not sour, you still have us.”

“Ah, Scottia.”

“I’m just like Scottia, I’m so sour too…”

Tina saw Scottia’s comment, thought about it, and replied: “[Mugs his mouth and laughs], don’t be envious, he wasn’t like this when he was a kid.”

Peter was a mountain king when he was a child, she didn’t want to be beaten to chase him.


This evening, the whole network was envious of Tina and Peter.

Some people envy Tina for having a bamboo horse like Peter.

There are also people who envy Peter for having green plums like Tina.

There are some people who knocked their charm, but there are also some people who sensibly remembered what Peter had done to Tina because of Cathy.

“I don’t understand, what kind of confusing behavior is Mr. Grant showing? Didn’t you still slap Miss Weber in “My Life and Me” before?”

“Ah, it’s just a normal PR behavior.”

“What’s the point? The two have such a good relationship. I haven’t seen it at all before. Maybe the relationship is not very good…”

Another group of people said that it was very outrageous. They said that the relationship between Peter and Tina is not good. Peter will post this Tweet. It must be pressure from his parents and cannot refuse.

“Tina is too cheap. If you don’t dare to admit that you have done something, you can force Peter.”

“No one in the entertainment industry is clean…”

This part of the extreme comments only appeared in the second half of the night, and in the second half of the night, she was asleep and did not use Twitter again.

After the fermentation in the second half of night, by the next morning, the topic of “Grant was pressured” had been on the trending search list, but the position was not very high.

Chapter 1532

People in the public relations department discovered the trending search early in the morning.

Although the position of this topic is not very high, but now it’s dawn, many people will find this trending search. If there are more people viewing it, it will naturally be at the top of the list.

At that time, a large area of ​​fermentation will occur.

The Public Relations Department quickly launched an emergency plan and went down this trending search public relations.

When Tina got up, the incident had already passed.

Then, the official Twitter of “My Life and Me” posted a Tweet about whether the show should be re-shot.

“The program team will resume shooting as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.”

Although it’s just a short sentence, it was very popular when “My Life and Me” was broadcast. As soon as this Tweet was posted, it was topped and ranked in the trending search within a short time. The front row of the list.

The amount of discussion continues to grow.

“Gosh, will you really continue filming? I thought the show went cold.”

“Ah ah happy!”

“Although the rebroadcast date has not been announced yet, I have already begun to look forward to it. I want to watch Mr. Grant and Miss Weber’s love and killing each other.”

“I feel Peter will not be on this show again, right?”

“No, I want to see them…”

The topic of “My Life and Me” continued to rise in popularity, and it soon made it to the top of the list.

Karl said yesterday that he would invite them to dinner at noon today, so Tina would not go out. After she finished her Twitter TL, she cleaned the house, and when it was noon, she drove directly to Best Day.

Before she finished her hygiene, Peter called her.

“I’ll drive back to pick you up.”

“I can come here by myself.”

Tina hung up after speaking and took the key to go out.

She drove to Best Day and drove directly to the parking lot.

Today is a working day and it is noon again. There are almost no people in the parking lot.

Tina looked around for a while, quickened her pace and wanted to leave the parking lot.

As she walked, she felt someone following behind her. She turned her ears slightly and could hear footsteps.

Tina speeded up her pace, but the sound of footsteps behind her became denser and louder. Tina’s heart slammed, slowly slowing down, and grasping the bag in her hand.

Slowly walked forward two more steps, calmly stopped suddenly, grabbed the bag and slammed it back.

When Tina went to school, she didn’t fight less. This one was fast and accurate, and she hit several times in a row.

The person who was smashed said “Oh,” “Tina, it’s me, it’s me!”

Hearing this familiar voice, she stopped. She took a breath, looked down, and said in surprise: “Mr. Scott?”

The person following Tina is not someone else, but Cody.

Cody straightened up, shook his head, and said, “Miss Weber, your path is still as wild as before.”

When Cody talked to her, he didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, and only half of his face faced Tina.

Tina frowned: “I haven’t seen you in a few days, your face is gone, only half of your face can be seen?”

“Tina, I’m here to apologize to you.” Cody sighed, pressing his head a little low: “I didn’t expect to almost drag you down, sorry.”

His tone sounded a little self-blame, and a little frustrated.

Tina just hugged her arms and stared at him without speaking.

Cody didn’t hear the movement and couldn’t help but raise his head. When he raised his head, he didn’t care about covering the other half of his face, and Tina saw the bruised other half of his face.

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