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Chapter 559

Not long after, she obediently put down the blackjack in her hand, with a bit of mechanical movement.

She glanced at the angry Adam Mason on the opposite side, and several grievances crossed her sad eyes.

“This is not the rule of the game!” She curled her lips, her voice was very soft and very careful.

Adam Mason didn’t speak but gave her a dry glance.

“Hey! Sister Amelia, you drank this wine for me today! If you just went out and met my nobleman Burton Liam, today’s signing may not have gone so smoothly!!”

Ford Jack said excitedly and drank the wine glass on the table.

Burton Liam…

The two words exploded fiercely in Amelia’s head.

Adam Mason’s deep pupils shrank in a circle, and the eyes that fell on Amelia instantly became complicated.

No wonder she was so out of control just now…

That’s it!!!

“Come here!” He stretched out his long arms to support her swaying little body.

Just now, this guy drank at least half of the white wine!

If she is not drunk, she will be half dizzy!!!

Amelia shook her body and walked towards Adam Mason.

She doesn’t know why, after a glass of liquor, her uncontrolled heart should be paralyzed!

However, the pain still felt like a needle stick.

She leaned on the sofa, closed her eyes, resting.

She was dizzy, her heart was still congested, and her stomach was spasm.

The noise around them still resounded through her ears, but she could not hear it at all.

She thought she was drunk!!!

Long time…

She just feels that her stomach is churning harder and harder.

She tilted her head and glanced at Adam Mason, “I…I’ll go to the bathroom first!”

“I’ll accompany you!” He answered without hesitation.

“No, you can play! I can still walk!” Amelia said, got up, and went out.

Adam Mason didn’t ask much, just glanced at her who was leaving.

Fortunately, her steps were not a seizure, and she seemed to be lighter than he thought.

“Master Mason, the card is out!” The man opposite urged, and Adam Mason just took his thoughts back from Amelia who was going out.

Outside the box, Amelia leaned against the cold wall and walked to the bathroom at the other end.

There was a fierce tingling pain in her stomach, which made her confused mind dizzy.

It hurts…

Even the heart sighed with melancholy.

The steps under her feet are getting more and more trembling, and the misty eyes of water are filled with a bit of hollow intoxication.

She is drunk, really drunk…

If she was not drunk, how could the shadow of that man appear in her eyes again…

The figure that has been in her heart for three years!!!

At this moment, in the bottom of her blurred and blurred eyes, she looked so transparent!

The eyes burn so painfully and sore…

Tears were like broken pearls, and they couldn’t stop flowing down.

One by one…

“Pattern” fell on the cold ground…

But, deeply, smashed into his cold heart, igniting a ball of a burning flame.

“So sad…”

Thinking of a man like this is fucking-it’s so uncomfortable!!!

Amelia was sobbing and sobbing. She tightly grasped the painful part of the left atrium with her fingers and staggered towards the bathroom.

Illusion, everything is just an illusion!!!

She continued to move forward, one step at a time.

She knocked her groggy little head hard, so dizzy!

The furious eyebrow furrowed deeper.

She seems to be more and more self-abusing!

“Why… there will be… several of them…”

In front of her, Burton Liam’s delicate and cold face was shaking constantly.

One, two, three…

A lot, a lot!!!

The little fingers tremblingly counted one by one.

The more she counts, the dizzier her little brain becomes.

The steps under her feet staggered, her body was like a stiff city wall, and she slammed into the cold floor without mercy.

With a “bang -“, she fell heavily to the ground.

For no reason, a pair of big icy palms easily caught the small body she carried down.

Soft, like a little cotton ball, kneading in his cold and empty arms, a fanatical torrent swept across his heart…

Huh? She didn’t hurt when she hit the ground!

Even, with a somewhat comfortable feeling…

In the comfort, there is a strange sense of familiarity!

She seems… strange, for three years!!! Going…She thought about it for three years, and studied for three years!!!

The tears that had just been suppressed in the future burst out again in an instant.

People who have drunk always like to cry…

She wants to cry for no reason!!!

Turning all the excess drinks into bitter tears, they flowed out of the painful body…

“Burton Liam…”

Finally, the assistant behind him really couldn’t see it.

No matter how beautiful the little woman in his arms is, she can’t ruin their chairman so much, right?!

That snot and tears are not polite at all!!!

Burton Liam on the side did not speak but walked to the bathroom with her limp body.

The angry eyebrows furrowed deep, and Liam’s assistant also saw his slightly angry but still full of pity.

No longer talking, just standing aside respectfully, waiting for them.

“Oh-vomit -” swiftly, before going to the bathroom, harsh vomiting sounded.

In the next instant, a sour smell of wine dispersed, somewhat pungent.

And on his dark suit, her vomit had already been stained.

The next second, the small body slanted and passed out directly.

The assistant on the side was so frightened that his face was blue and white, “Burton…Burton Liam, I think you are still…”

“Prepare the car! Hurry up!!”

Burton Liam made a cold voice and interrupted the assistant’s words without hesitation.

In the next moment, he held the red, dizzy little thing in his arms with one hand.

After that, he took off his soiled coat and put it on his shoulders with the clean side. He was worried that waiting would stain the little guy in his arms.

With a slight force on the long arm, he directly lifted her who had fallen asleep in his arms, and walked out of the club.

This guy doesn’t know how to drink, and she has to pretend to be so capable!!!

He still remembered her lovely appearance when she was drunk for the first time.

She stupidly stuck to his body, screaming how hot her little body is, she was very attractive and very cute like that.

So cute, he dare not touch her casually!!!

In the corridor, two hurried footsteps sounded.

After passing the open box door, he did not hesitate at all.

“Hey! Young Master Mason, why is the man who just walked past his arms so much like Sister Amelia?” The man on the other side stabbed Adam Mason, who was busy playing cards.

Adam Mason was startled suddenly, “Where?”

Flicking the cards in his hand, he ran out of the box anxiously.

“That man seems to be Burton Liam!!” The other men also chased out.

Burton Liam?

The simple two words suddenly stopped Adam Mason’s anxious steps.

Yes! The frontman was indeed Burton Liam, and the little sleepy thing in his arms was also his little Amelia.

If so, does he needs to catch up?

In the past three years, how many times did Amelia cry for that man while hiding under the blanket at night?

Probably, there are so many that he can’t count it anymore!!!

Perhaps, between them, there is a lot to say clearly, why he should stop it!!!

In three years without Burton Liam, Amelia didn’t fall in love with him. What’s more, in the world now, that man has appeared again. How could she still fall in love with him?!

Thinking of this, he shrugged and smiled indifferently.

He, Adam Mason was never the one who was trapped by love.

“Hey!! Go back, look at what you see, I said that our little Amelia has a master! People have gone fishing for beetles, let’s continue playing!!”

Adam Masonfggg turned around, still with a cynical smile, rushing the group of men behind him who was going to come out to watch the show.

There was a sigh, and everyone rushed into the box with great interest.

“I won’t be drunk or return tonight! If you can’t get rid of Young Master, no one wants to go back!”

“Take me down tonight, brother, I will ask you to pick up girls tomorrow! Haha!!!”

In the car.

He carefully placed the small body in his warming arms, and put his warm palm on her waist, confining her to prevent her small body from going out of the seizure and hitting her small head.

“Drive!” After taking care of her, he ordered his assistant to drive.

The body started, took out the mobile phone, and dialed the home phone.

“Sister Mia, can you help me cook a bowl of hangover soup! Well, good, thank you!”

He confessed and hung up.

The warm palm subconsciously squeezed her tightly gripped body.

She seems to be thin!!!

It’s strange, aren’t people getting bigger and bigger? How could her waist become smaller and smaller!

Does she also consider weight loss her career?

With a low sigh, a pain rose in his heart.

These days, he doesn’t know if she is doing well, but looking at the people tonight, she must have matured a little bit.

Otherwise, how could she come to such a crowded gathering with her former personality!

Originally, he should have been pleased, but he still felt a sense of melancholy in his heart and couldn’t get rid of it.

The person who watched her grow and let her learn to grow up is not him!

Instead, Adam Mason!!!

His heart is impossible not to be sad or painless!!!

Hanging his head, gently, printed a light kiss on her hot forehead.


Waited for a kiss for three years!!!

He kissed very carefully as if he was afraid that she would break in his arms if he tried hard.

She muttered in a muddle, seemingly painful.

The beautiful eyebrows are deep, and the pink lips are pouted high, which is uncomfortable and painful.

He was taken aback for a moment, moved his lips, and his warm palms gently rubbed her slender back, soothing her who was uncomfortable in his arms.

He probed his hand and pulled the car window down a little bit. The autumn night breeze gently greeted her and brushed on her warm cheeks with a refreshing feeling.

Her eyebrows stretched slightly…

Chapter 560

The corners of his taut lips lifted subconsciously, and his mood gradually improved following her state.

She seemed to feel more comfortable.

After getting out of the car, he carried her into the house while she was sleeping.

Sister Mia hasn’t slept yet, presumably to toss him with the hangover soup that night.

He was a little sorry.

“Master, you are back! Did you drink it…?”

Sister Mia’s words were stubbornly stuck in her throat before she could fall.

“Little… Miss?”

Inexplicably, the eyes were red unconsciously.

Three years ago, the young lady suddenly disappeared inexplicably, and as a result, she and the young master were horrified.

Every day the young master inquired about her whereabouts frantically, and she asked the young master where she was going every day.

Three years!!!

“Master, the young lady is back!!” When she said this, Mia’s voice was choked.

Burton Liam glanced at the red-eyed Sister Mia on the opposite side, and there was some pain in his throat, then he moved his eyes and walked upstairs with the woman in his arms.

“Sister Mia, can you help me bring that bowl of soup up, okay?” He exhorted as he went upstairs.

“Good, good…” Sister Mia nodded hurriedly, turned around, and hurriedly went to the kitchen to serve soup.

He put his arms around her and went straight into his bedroom.

Place her groggy little body on his soft big water bed, and press the quilt tightly.

“Master, the soup is here…” Sister Mia came into the room.

“Why did the young lady drink so much wine? Hey…” Looking at Amelia on the bed, Mia’s eyes were full of pity.

This child, not seen for three years, is grown up!

“She played games with her friends and lost the gambling!” Burton Liam took over the rescue soup from Sister Mia and explained patiently.

Probably, the current him, only in front of Mia, is still the gentle and moist him three years ago!

“By the way, Sister Mia! Could you please wait and help her take a bath!”

She seemed to be very hot, sweating all the time, without taking a shower, he was really worried that she might catch a cold when she gets up tomorrow morning.

“Okay, Master!” Aunt Mia nodded in response and waited for his instructions.

“Ok… so hot…” Sure enough, the little woman on the bed began to restless again.

It’s still the same old problem. When she gets hot, she starts kicking the quilt and undressing.

Burton Liam let her kick the quilt, not in a hurry to help her tidy it up.

He probed his hand, picked up her who was restless on the bed and let her little headrest on his shoulder.

Her hand was still waving wildly.

“Burton…Liam, I…I’m hot!!”

She protested and murmured.

He laughed. It turned out that she still knew that the man beside her was him!

The dazed Amelia only thought that she was living in her fantasy world. She did not know how many times she had done such a dream in three years!

The sense of gap from dream to reality is so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable!!!

“Come on, be good, it won’t be hot after drinking this bowl of soup!” He embraced her and held the small bowl to her lips.

The gentle voice is like coaxing a young child.

Amelia’s misty eyes blinked for quite a while before opening, looking at the handsome man with blurred eyes.

The eyes are blurred again for no reason…

“Okay…” She nodded obediently, subconsciously.

Probably, she is drunk…

So that, there is no courage to refuse!!!

Or, actually, in the bottom of her heart, she has never resisted this man!!!

She bowed her head and drank the hangover soup obediently.

The stomach feels much better immediately.

However, her mind still seems not sober.

The body is still as hot as being burned by a fire.

“I…I’m hot…” She frowned and mumbled uncomfortably.

The voice between her lips and teeth was indistinct.

“Sister Mia, can you help her take a bath! I’ll let the water go first!” He glanced at her in his arms, leaned over, and tried to put her in place.

“I…I want you to wash…” Amelia closed her eyes and lay on the bed, but his hands were tightly restrained.

The pink lips are so high, it seems a little unhappy!

A touch of embarrassment made Mia’s face jumped over.

He was also stunned for a second, so she made him feel like he had returned to that time three years ago for an instant.

She is so dependent on him!

Reckless paranoia, perseverance, persistence!!!

Like a little fool! But, extremely cute!!!

There are also many times, always let him a little at a loss.

Just like now!!!

He pulled the big palm in her hand and comforted her, “Hey, I’ll go and let the water go first!!”

With her character, the more he persists, the more persistent she is!

He can’t help her! Therefore, he had to even coax and deceive!!!

Finally, the strength in his hand was slightly lighter.

He put his hand out gently, glanced at her on the bed, and went to the bathroom.

Before long, the water in the bathtub was released and he came out.

“Wait…” He exhorted and walked out of the bedroom door.

He entered the little guy’s bedroom three years ago…

He had to say that back then, she went unfeeling!

When she left, she didn’t take any of the clothes he bought for her!!!

But he counted them all and helped her stay.

For a week, the servants will help them out to wash and dry them, so that they won’t have an old taste.

So, three years!

Her clothes, except that the color is slightly lighter, are still fresh and clean!

However, it may be a little smaller!!!

Fortunately, he bought a robe with her to sleep.

Carefully picked one from the closet and went to his bedroom.

A detective picked up the muddled little guy on the bed and walked into the bathroom.

Sister Mia followed behind.

Put her on the lounge chair beside her, “Sister Mia, thank you very much!”

He was a little apologetic, after all, it was past eleven!!!

“It’s okay, Master, you should go out first, and I’ll take care of the young lady!!” Aunt Mia responded kindly.

Burton Liam nodded, glanced at her on the small wooden chair, turned, and left.

“Burton…Liam…” between her lips and teeth, she whispered vaguely, whispering someone’s name.

He paused slightly, then walked away.

At this time, no matter how soft his heart is, he is afraid it will be another torment for him!

He closed the bathroom door, trying to block the bewildered call from the bathroom.


But still, a series of soft calls came from the bathroom, seemingly with a bit of panic.

And… Panic!!!

She seems to be afraid, afraid of his leaving!!!

Auntie Mia unbuttoned Amelia’s shirt, “Miss, be good, Auntie Mia will help you take a shower, and you will feel comfortable after the shower!”

Sister Mia tried to calm the restless little guy in the chair.

“No…don’t…I want to go…Liam…”

Amelia struggled, her lips pouted, and she was playing with her temper.

“Liam…Where did you go? Where did you go?” She was anxious.

She can’t see him, she can’t see him!!!

Where did he go? Abandon her again?!!!

“Don’t touch me! I don’t want you to wash…no, don’t…” She was struggling in a panic, her small body swaying on the wooden chair.

A small red face was instantly stained with panic tears.

She can’t see Liam again!!!

She is dreaming again!!!

“I don’t want to wash!! I want him…” Amelia clamored and clashed.

Drunk people are the easiest to become emotional, but they are also the easiest to reveal the truest thoughts in their hearts.

That is to say when she is awake, how strong is the disguise!!!

What’s more, at the age of eighteen, she is still just a child!!!

Outside the door, he heard very real…

Apart from the heartache, he still had a bit of joy.

Sister Mia on the side was a little anxious, her small body swayed for a while, and she might fall off the chair at any time.

“Young…Young Master…” Aunt Mia panicked, so she had to ask Burton Liam outside for help.

Burton Liam was shocked for a second, and the bathroom door was opened in the next instant.

“What’s happening?”

He asked Sister Mia nervously.

His complexion changed, and he hurriedly stepped forward, holding her haunting little body in time!

Sure enough, she is a grinning little fairy!

It turned out that there was still no change three years ago and three years later!!!

However, he likes her like this, a bit childish in his perseverance! So cute!!!

“Sister Mia, you… go to bed first!”

He embraced her and exhorted, a little embarrassed.

But, just in case this Misbehaved little guy, decided to do it himself!


It seems a bit tricky!

“Okay…Okay!!” Sister Mia nodded and left.

When Sister Mia went out, he began to face the little guy in his arms.

She blushed and leaned against his arms, seeming to have found the most comfortable zone, restlessly rubbing her little head in his arms.

He laughed, a little helpless.

One leaned over, grabbed her arm, and picked her up on the wooden chair.

Then, gently place her on the edge of the bathtub.

Looking at her blankly, hesitated, a little at a loss.

What should he do?


A pair of small hands came out and began to obediently unbutton the shirt.

The little hand trembled a little, and even the dizzy brain couldn’t control her to find the position of the button correctly.

He supported her, a little stupid.

She seemed to be struggling to solve it, but she seemed even more impatient.

The sweat soaked her hot body and she seemed to be burning.

So hot, so hot!!!

The buttons have never been found! She is anxious…

In her eyes, a little bit of mist gathered.

Finally, he panicked too!!!

If he doesn’t let her wash, she will probably cry on the spot!

He held her with one hand, bent over, and squatted in front of her.

Sticking out another big palm, a little stiff.

To be honest, this kind of life is more terrible and more guilty than it was three years ago!

After all, she has grown up! She’s no longer the little kid back then!

Now she has faded away from the immaturity of three years ago, and she is even more sexual! Seductive!

It makes him… feel that it is difficult to control!!!

His fingers fell on her chest…

He couldn’t help but sigh from the bottom of his heart, really terrible!!!

Facing his slowness, Amelia’s brows frowned a little bit tighter.

Alright, alright…

He surrendered!!! She was uncomfortable, he couldn’t bear to watch it anymore!!!

Ever since began to rush to help her unbutton her clothes.


Two, three…

Four or five…

The black lace bra has long been revealed, revealing a sexual-sensual color.

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