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Chapter 575

In the next instant, her face was ashamed as a red apple, and she quickly closed her eyes.

Burton Liam hooked his lips and smiled wickedly.

In the next instant, the exclamation between his lips and teeth became even higher.

Hearing him, her heart was flustered.

Amelia’s eyebrows have been trembling for a while, and finally, she can’t survive him.

Biting her lip, she turned her head again.

They had already seen each other frankly, and she didn’t seem to be shy anymore!!!

“I… I’ll come!”

She really can’t bear him!!!

What a bad guy!

Moving steps, approaching him with difficulty.

However, she dared not raise her eyes to look at him again.

But she could feel the scorching sight that fell on her.

Until approaching him, she slightly raised her eyes…

She was ashamed to keep her head down, she was worried that she would see something she shouldn’t see again.

The little hand gently grabbed his sleeve, trying to help him take off his shirt.

It seems that after their passionate one this afternoon, his wrist is getting worse!

She was a little disturbed.

“Does it hurt?” The movement in her hand was particularly cautious.

“It doesn’t hurt…” He smiled and shook his head.

The other arm was placed on her slender waist and tightened slightly, pulling her petite body closer to his arms.

Amelia trembled slightly, raised her eyes, and blinked at him with blurred eyes, embarrassed in confusion.

She does not struggle, and he does not move.

Very obediently with her movements.

“Lift a little bit…”

“Slower, slower…”

She, directing, is very careful.

He was very well-behaved doing every move she requested.

Finally, the clothes came off, and Amelia sighed with relief.

A pink face is already dripping with sweat.

Liam smiled evilly, loosened the arms that held her tightly, raised his feet, and stepped into the bathtub.

Amelia pulled a bath towel and began to carefully wipe his body.

His injury…

A lot of!!!

Almost all over the body.

Somewhat shocking!!!

Before she didn’t have time to take care of it, or she didn’t dare to take a closer look.

On the waist, patches of purple and green, a little shocking, seem to be kicked!!!

“Why are you so stupid?” Amelia couldn’t help but hurt him.

The words were full of obvious pity for him.

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, turned his head, and glanced at her inexplicably.

Staring at her misty eyes with water, he followed her gaze and regained consciousness.

Raised his hand, rubbed her soft hair, smiled faintly, “What? Are you worried about your sex partner’s waist injury, can’t meet your needs?”

He deliberately put the tone very relaxed, because he felt her worry.

He originally owed the devil for these injuries!!!

But, since then, he no longer owes him anything!!!

In the future, whether he is alive or dead, it has nothing to do with Burton Liam!!!

Amelia’s little face turned red, and she glanced at him, with a towel in her little hand, and angrily pinched his purple waist.

But the force in the hands is very light and very light.

Burton Liam smiled badly, and in the next second, with a bend in his arm, one forcefully dragged the little girl by the bathtub.

“Ah…” Amelia screamed in panic.

In the next instant, she felt her body soaked.

“Burton Liam…” Amelia stared, accusingly looking at him with a smirk on her face.

“Hey! You are all wet, let’s just wash it together!” He smiled evilly, said, and then raised his hand to take off Amelia’s already soggy clothes.

Amelia didn’t move, staring at him.

Her eyes fell on his flexible arm, and she bit her lip and teeth for a while.

“Liam, your hands don’t hurt anymore?”

Burton Liam raised his eyes, looked at her, the eyes that were originally excited, fell silent for a moment.

Pressing the fingers of her collar, they moved, a little stiff.

He moved her body and glanced at her opposite, his eyes flickering slightly.

“As soon as you are here, I forget the pain on the wound!”

Seriously, no matter how much it hurts, with her, he will forget it all!

Although, this injury was not as painful as he showed it!!!

Amelia gave him an angry glance, raised her hand, and pulled her half-open collar to straighten it.

“Wash it yourself like this again!”

Burton Liam curled his mouth, lowered his eyes, obediently, and stopped talking.

There is no restless move next.

Amelia stepped out of the bathtub with bare feet and changed the water in the bathtub with clear warm water for another round.

With a warm and soft touch, the bath towel moved softly on his sturdy body.

She moved very carefully, and sometimes she asked him carefully, “Does it hurt?”

Burton Liam shook his head every time, “It doesn’t hurt!”

It was so good to be taken care of by her, there was no pain at all!!!

If he could be taken care of by her for a lifetime, even if his arm hurts forever, he would be willing!

Suddenly, he remembered his identity to her.

His heartfelt cold again.

“Amelia, okay! No need to wash!” He clasped her little hand and stopped her wiping action.

Probably, she is also tired!!!

She was soaked with sweat in the drenching moisture.

He got up and stepped out to the bathtub.

Feeling his hand, he pulled off a towel at random and held it on his body.

Amelia got up and sat on the edge of the bathtub to rest.

So hot…

Liam began to fill her with water, “wash it first!”

“Okay…” Amelia nodded.

She is so hot!!!

The air-conditioning is quite sufficient, but the heat in the bathroom is too high.

Soon, the hot water was released, and Burton Liam ignored her struggle and the wound on his arm.

Put her gently into the bathtub, then lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Get up and go out the bathroom door.

Amelia stared at the back of him leaving, her heart warm inexplicably.

Between the forehead, the fragrance of his lips remains…

The little hand touched it lightly, it was a wonderful feeling!

She began to wipe herself.

On the little white body, purple and green were everywhere.

Her face is slightly hot…

All, he printed.

She didn’t even know it!!!

However, in the left atrium, that red tooth mark is a bit harsh.

He bit her secretly again!!!

In the atrium…

Amelia remembered that three years ago, he once said…

Biting on the heart, the pain is unforgettable, you will not forget it!!!

She curled her lips and smiled softly.

Idiot!!! This afternoon, she didn’t feel any pain at all!!!

Long time…

The small body soaked softly before she crawled out of the bathtub.

But, very sadly, she forgot to bring her pajamas in!!!

She curled her lips and glanced at the bath towel on the towel rack.

Fortunately, the bath towel is big enough to cover her petite body.

She wrapped herself tightly in a huge bath towel, bare feet, and walked out of the bathroom door.

The silky hair, wet and scattered on the shoulders of a pure white body, reveals a seductive-inspiring and lazy sex-sensory color.

Her petite body was wrapped in a white bath towel, against her pink and lovely face, and she felt clean and white, just like the little angel in the painting.

On the sofa, Burton Liam stopped the work of medicaments himself, tilted his head, and stared at her.

The faint pupils of the blue eyes were tightened, half-squinted, staring at her at the entrance of the bathroom in drunkenness.

The look in his eyes was so hot that he could burn her on the other end at any time.

“Come here…” Burton Liam raised his hand to Amelia who was in a daze, motioning for her to come over.

The voice was a bit dry and dumb.

Amelia was stunned for a second, then came back to her senses.

“I’ll change my clothes first…” As she said, she walked to the closet.

The steps under her feet were flustered and guilty.

Damn it!

When would she be so shy when she saw this man!!!

However, there is still time to sort out her mind…


There was a muffled sound of heavy objects hitting the Persian carpet in the bedroom.

“Ah…it hurts!!” Amelia on the ground stared at the aggrieved eyes and exclaimed in pain.

Just now, in a panic, she hurriedly went to get clothes in front of the closet. As a result, the bath towel was too long and the steps under her feet were too flustered…

As a result, the little feet stepped on the long white bath towel wrapped around her.

The result can be imagined!

The little body fell heavily on the carpet without warning, making a muffled noise.

Amelia exclaimed in pain…

Inexplicably, she only felt a breeze on her clear skin, and the coolness penetrated…


Suddenly, a low and mute voice rang in her ears.

In the scolding, it was distressed.

In the next instant, before Amelia on the ground returned to her senses, her small body was grabbed by a powerful palm without warning and walked to the waterbed at that end.

At this time, Amelia could see her tragic experience.

On the ground, lying messily with the bath towel that she just used to cover her shame…

However, now he is carrying her…

She was exposed to the cool air without any barriers!!!

She couldn’t help but shudder, no wonder she just felt cold for a while.

Putting her on the waterbed with one hand, with blurred eyes, he glanced at her body without evasiveness.

Her small body, following his scorching eyes, unconsciously ignited a seductive-inspiring flush.

The little hand frantically pulled the thin quilt aside, trying to wrap herself up.

However, a pair of powerful palms pressed against the small quilt.

Scorching eyes stared at her as if to burn her out of a hole.

The stronger the pulling force in her hand, the heavier the pressure he applied.

Amelia was anxious.

He pursed his lips and looked at her with a smirk accusingly, but his eyes still unconsciously revealed a bit of grievance.

He grinned and smiled.

What a cute little thing!!!

He couldn’t bear to tease her anymore.

The strong body pressed against her in panic.

The hot and damp lips pressed against her hot little face and asked her softly.

“Does it hurt?”

The soft finger pads gently rubbed her red elbow, which was hit here just now.

The small body was pressed by him, and the cold feeling just now was replaced by the burning heat.

Chapter 576

The small body, which was originally flushed, became rosier and rosier, and for an instant, it was as if she had been caught in a fire.


“No…No pain!” Amelia hesitated and shook her head.

Fortunately, there is a thick Persian carpet on the floor, otherwise, she will get hurt!

He laughed.

“What an idiot!” Probed his hand and rubbed her wet hair in fondly.

“Come on, get up and sit down, I will help you dry your hair, so you will not catch a cold when you sleep!” With that, Burton Liam went to catch the bed with one hand-Amelia on the bed, trying to get her to sit on the bedside…

Amelia pulled on the little quilt and sat down.

With a pleading expression in her eyes, she looked at him, “Um… you help me get my pajamas and I can blow my hair, OK?”

His hands are inconvenient, she doesn’t want to trouble him!

Besides… sitting on the bed like this, although thin is blocked, she still feels very ashamed!

Burton Liam stared at her with a smile in his eyes.

“You are weird!”

Amelia was a little surprised, and blinked inexplicably with her large aggrieved and watery eyes, looking at him in confusion.

Burton Liam tilted his head, his probing eyes fell on her shy face.

“Did you like to play with me naked before? Why are you still shy now?” Liam’s eyebrows raised slightly, teasing her embarrassed with a smirk.

He still remembers her great achievements three years ago!!!

“Wh…Where is it!!?” Amelia blushed and quibble, “Besides, I was only fifteen years old at that time! I don’t understand anything, okay?”

Fifteen-year-old kid, what does he expect her to know!

He laughed and approached her with a look of evil.

“Then how much do you know now?”

Amelia blinked her eyes and looked at him with a smirk. For a while, she couldn’t help laughing.

Raising her little hand, she squeezed it heavily on the bridge of his nose, “Liam, you look very glamorous like this!!”

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, poked his hands, and held her restless little hand.

Then, one bowed his head and grabbed her slightly opened lips heavily.

“Even if you look good, I will only color you!”

He stubbornly announced, and in the next instant, the hot big palm moved away from Amelia’s sensitive and delicate body.

Soon the bed-on-the-top was already beautiful.

The chaotic and rapid breathing sound resounded through the whole cozy room.

There were also several unpleasant questions.

“Burton…Liam, the hair hasn’t been dried yet, so… wait a moment!”

Want to refuse and welcome!

The man on her snorted very uncomfortably

“You…your hand, the potion hasn’t been changed yet!” Under him, she began to worry again.



There was an exuberant hum, and couldn’t help but overflowing between his lips and teeth.

The small body suddenly became agitated, and it was obvious that she couldn’t hold the stimulation he brought her.

Staring at Amelia’s misty eyes, biting her lips, staring at him accusingly, with a slight aggrieved look.

Amelia knew that he must be deliberate!

Fingers touched her clenched lips and lifted her restless teeth away.

“Hey! Can you concentrate on it?”

When doing this kind of thing, she was able to wander away, contempt for her male hero!

Amelia blushed, her eyes flickering when she looked at him.

However, she closed her lips and stopped talking obediently.

But the look in her eyes still fell on his wounds from time to time, lest someone accidentally hurt him.

After the orgasm, Amelia was limp in his arms like slime.

The damp hair still has a delicate fragrance, accompanied by his pure masculine breath…

The ambiguity of the unknown sheath pervades the entire charming room.

The warm fingers stroked her soaked hair fondly, and the movements were full of gentleness and pity.

“Tired?” He lowered his head and could feel the disorderly breathing of the little guy in his arms, with a little weary.

Amelia didn’t speak but just dipped her head into his arms, rubbed her small face coquettishly against his strong chest, and continued to rest with her eyes closed.

Liam pursed his lips and smiled softly.

He probed his hand, rubbed her messy hair, leaned her small body in his arms, and sat up.

“Blow dry your hair first!” His voice, with a dumb charm of charm, deeply bewitched Amelia who was in a daze.

Amelia opened her eyes wearily, and glanced at him, a little blurry in her eyes.

The small body moved slightly, trying to get up and get the hairdryer.

“Don’t move, I’ll come!” The big palm pressed her restless body, stretched out his injured arm, and went to get the hairdryer on the table.

“Your medicine is not ready!” Amelia glanced at his injured arm, a little worried.

“I really shouldn’t have let you come back!” She lowered her eyes and murmured against his sex-sense chest.

“Why?” Burton Liam raised his eyebrows lightly, lowered his eyes, and asked her with a smile.

Amelia raised her hand, scratched his sturdy chest lightly, and then closed her eyes.

“In this way, your injury won’t heal until then?”

It’s hard to think about it every day!

Burton Liam laughed heartily, patted her little head with a big palm, “Blindly worry about it!”

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at him accusingly.

She is not worried about him! She didn’t want to worry about him indiscriminately!

And also…

“Don’t shoot my head! I am not a child!” That kind of petting is like an adult’s petting of a child.

She is sensitive to this kind of emotion and hates the feeling between them even more.

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, the big palm on her small head became stiff, and then came over.

He pursed his lips and smiled wickedly, “Have you ever seen a child who is as sexual as you?”

As Burton Liam said, he straightened her tired body.

“I also heard for the first time that little girls also need sex partners!”

As soon as the words fell, Amelia only felt blushing in her small face.


Very scary three words! It seems that she can’t get hooked with them!

However, she was too lazy to explain, just let him think about it!

Seriously, she was still sighing in her heart…

In three years, Burton Liam never went to her once. When she broke the bottle of Lucky Star, she felt the heartbreaking feeling that she would never forget…

When she was shaking her head, the rumbling of a hairdryer rang in her ears, and a warm breeze was blowing on her wet hair.

The slender fingers gently moved and shuttled between her wet hairs, a warm feeling filled her whole body…

The comfortable soft touch, with obvious pampering, fills the whole body, making her in his arms feel drowsy.

Not long after…

She fell into his arms and fell asleep deeply.

The damp hair gradually dried out.

Embracing her, bowed his head, kissed her slightly purplish lips, buried her tired body in a thin quilt, and covered it.

After tossing for so long, she must be exhausted!

For a man who hasn’t touched any woman for more than three years, once again being aroused by a woman’s sexual interest, it belongs to the kind, the kind that is out of control!!!

And so…

He is still in a state of excitement now.

However, looking at her flushing face, he dared not touch her again.

For fear that once he touches her skin, he will lose control again.

He just let her small body fall into his arms and wrapped the quilt tightly around her.

After tossing for a while, the heart that moved, finally calmed down a bit.

Embracing the sleeping little guy in his arms, fell asleep deeply.

Probably, this is his deepest and deepest sleep in three years!!!

In the chaotic bar, the drunken fans…

“Hey! Master Mason, what are you doing! Such a fierce pour!” Adam Mason held the wine glass in front of the bar, consuming the red wine in one mouthful after another.

The man next to him seemed to be unable to stand it anymore.

It seems that after playing with Mason for so long, he has never encountered him when he wants to use alcohol to numb his thoughts!

Adam Mason didn’t talk to the friend beside him, but still just drank to himself.

In his mind, there was a figure of a little woman running back.

From cold to enthusiasm, from a laugh to cry…

The shadow of the same person!!!

The more he thinks about it, the more painful he becomes in his heart.

Drink more and more!

The men on the side seemed to be stunned, glanced worriedly at Adam Mason who was drinking himself and stopped persuading him.

But, drinking sullen wine with him on the sidelines.

At night…

It seems that everyone is drunk a little unconscious.

A group of people opened a room at the nearest hotel, and each staggered upstairs with their room card.

Adam Mason seemed to be drunk the most unconscious, thinking about the worried questions of his friends all the time behind him.

“Young Master Mason, are you okay? No, I will help you in!”

Adam Mason tilted his head and glanced at them angrily, “Men can’t say no! Idiot!!”

After speaking, he inserted the magnetic card in the room into the lock.

“Crack…” With a sound, the door opened.

However, they didn’t realize that when the magnetic card was inserted into the lock, there was no green light flashing.

The door is not locked at all!!!

Adam Mason, who was in a daze, flung his coat casually and landed on the large waterbed.

Then, stumbled into the bathroom.

On the bed, something seemed to squirm slightly.

The tightly-covered quilt moved.

Under the blurred moonlight, a small and beautiful face, still with a bit of indelible tenderness, faintly appeared in the plain white bedding.

The sound of the water in the bathroom is not too small but still can’t disturb the sleeping Hazel on the bed.

Hazel is small, Chinese, but her nationality belongs to the United States. She moved to China with her family some time ago.

An extraordinary background, an extraordinary background, and an extraordinary brother!

And she has an extraordinary characteristic, that is, once she has fallen asleep deeply on the bed, even if the sky has fallen, she can’t wake up!

The doctor said that this belongs to indirect narcolepsy, which is the kind of good and bad.

However, she still enjoys this disease. In her opinion, falling asleep in bed is the most wonderful thing in the world!

After a long time, the sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped.

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