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Chapter 587

The old lady was visibly startled, and a surprising look jumped past her light gray pupils.

An old face of vicissitudes was filled with doubts and disbelief towards Amelia.

After a long time, she came back to her senses and snorted softly, “You want to poison me, is it a hundred?”

Will this little girl cook for her so kindly?

The weasel gave the rooster a New Year’s greetings, uneasy and kind!!!

Either she wants to poison her stomach or someone who wants to poison her!!!

“It’s rare to be so old and so rich in imagination!!” Amelia sneered, turned around, and stopped talking to the unreasonable old lady, and went straight to the kitchen!

Not knowing what the old lady likes to eat, Amelia tried her best to choose some better ingredients in the refrigerator.

A grandmother like her is so accustomed to those luxurious things, it is estimated that the grade is too low, and she should blame her again!

Before long, there was a sound of “Ping-Pong-pong” crashing of pots and pans in the kitchen. Although it was a bit harsh, there was no sense of disorder.

The old lady was surprised.

Can she cook?

With a cold smile, it is probably a meal that can poison her stomach enough.

She still considers calling for takeaway. Although the takeaway is not delicious, it is better than “difficult to swallow”!

Picking up the phone, just about to press that string of numbers.

As a result, the microphone was held by a pair of small hands for no reason.

“Takeout is ugly!” She told the sullen old lady on the opposite side.

“Really?” The old lady snorted coldly.

It’s not unpleasant, what does it matter to her? Does she care too much!

“Nothing tastes better than starvation!”

Just now, she doesn’t know who said that she made this old woman hungry today!

“Really a twisted old woman!” Amelia couldn’t help muttering.

As a result, she was scolded by the old lady again.

She heard that Amelia’s ears had already become calluses!

But, fortunately, she cursed for a while, lost a while, and finally reached the table with half push and half.

“If you are not Burton Liam’s grandmother, I don’t bother to cook for you, and I don’t like it! It’s annoying!!”

Seeing Mrs. Burton’s expression of disgust with her craftsmanship, Amelia also blocked her back pretending to be angry.

“Damn it! My dear grandson would fall in love with a woman like you!!” The old lady yelled again.

Amelia shook her head, giggling smirky, and kindly gave her a piece of meat.

“So grandma, you also scold foul language? I thought what a lady!”

“Don’t pinch it for me, it’s dirty!!” The old lady pinched the meat slices out of her bowl contemptuously and stared at Amelia with a smug smile.

“I am not angry with you yet! I tell you, I can’t give my grandson to a woman like you!”

“You are stubborn! Grandma, then I also tell you, your grandson Burton Liam is none other than me!” Amelia glared and declared to her resolutely.

Then, she put a piece of meat in her bowl, “Don’t throw it away, it’s a waste, okay? Burton family has money and doesn’t bring such a splurge!”

“Do you dare to educate me?” The old lady’s eyebrows trembled in anger and asked her harshly.

But, really didn’t throw away the piece of meat in the bowl again!

After all, the money made by the Burton family is not used to squander it!

Amelia rolled her eyes, how dare she educate this tall and awkward old lady!

“I’m just telling the truth, OK? Besides, eating more meat slices will prolong your life!”

Amelia spits out her tongue secretly, prolonging life…

This is just to coax the old lady!

As for the fact that this piece of meat will not prolong the year, she really can’t guarantee it!

She only knew that after the old lady heard her words, it was obvious that there was dazzling light in her cold eyes.

Oh, she likes this kind of stuff!

After the meal, the two people were still lying on the sofa, one on the left and the other on the right, watching the actual news on TV.

Amelia was so boring that she yawned again and again.

“Grandma, why do you like to watch this kind of thing?” Amelia tilted her head and asked her with a look of contempt, approaching the old lady.

Mrs. Burton tilted her head, still looking disgusted, “Stay away from me!”

Amelia curled her lips, feeling aggrieved.

But, soon, the feeling of loss was put away.

“Hey! Grandma, is this kind of news generally watched by older people, OK? You are still so young now, why are you watching this kind of stuff!”

Amelia asked the old lady on the side with a sweet voice.

The old lady turned her head and looked at Amelia with a complicated expression on her face.

With a dry laugh, “Do you think I’m still a young lady?”

This woman cannot treat herself as an idiot!!!

Amelia’s delicate face twitched slightly…

“That’s not true! Haha…” Amelia laughed awkwardly.

Hurriedly got up and walked to the big screen.

She opened the lower drawer and poured out all the cartoon discs inside.

“Grandma, don’t you know! Look at these things, which are good for physical and mental health!”

Amelia talked indiscriminately and started to install discs and adjust the TV.

“Girl! What are you doing? What kind of mentally retarded things are these!!?”

The old lady’s face was blue, and she ruthlessly damaged the things that she said were good for her physical and mental health!

Amelia only has the right to not hear.

What the hell is the current affairs news, let them all go to hell!

“Grandma, you are right to hear me! See this thing can prolong your life!” This time, she didn’t lie.

Amelia picked a DVD of “Crayon Shin-Chan” and played it on her own regardless of Mrs. Burton’s objection.

“Grandma, let me tell you, people have to rely on them if their hearts are not old! An old heart can guarantee longevity! Look at me, the 18-year-old girl still maintains a 15-year-old girl’s heart! “

Amelia patted her shaky breasts with an awe-inspiring appearance, using her false incidents to ensure the quality of the cartoon.

To put it bluntly, she’s a flicker!

The old lady cast an angry look at her, “Don’t shoot, the plain will become a basin if you shoot again!”

Plain? Basin?!!!

Grandma, her eyesight is not so bad, right?!

“It is 34C okay?” Amelia cast an angry glance at the old lady opposite.

She also dazzled her, and triumphantly stood up her chest.

Mrs. Burton curled her lips and said indifferently, “No wonder our dear grandson is fascinated by you as a fox!”

Then, she snorted triumphantly, “I think he was temporarily seduced by your young skin-it’s just that!”

To be honest, it is uncomfortable to hear these words in Amelia’s ears!

But fortunately, she believes in Burton Liam’s feelings for herself.

That kind of tenderness, that kind of pampering, she believed that if it weren’t for true love, he wouldn’t be so sincere!

“I won’t listen to your instigation!” Amelia shook her head, filtering out the words of the old lady just now.

On the big screen, the silly but cute Crayon Shin-Chan has been playing.

At first, the old lady stared at Amelia who was lying on the carpet in front of her with a look of disgust…

But, later, her sight was uncontrollably attracted by the lively animation on the TV screen!

With that said, when they were young, how can they be as happy as young people now?

They have never seen such cartoons before!

She seems that it is quite fun!

Indeed, let her have a feeling of returning to her youth!

When Liam came back, he saw such a scene.

Two people, one old and the other young were lying on the sofa, watching the cartoons on TV without blinking their eyes.

From time to time, there was a burst of laughter but mixed with sounds of reprimand and disgust.

The old lady scolded her, and she retorted sharply.

However, the atmosphere does not seem to be as rigid as before!

Very weird feeling!!!

“Ah? Burton Liam, you’re back!!” Amelia, who was lying on the sofa, turned her head and saw Burton Liam dumbfounded behind her.

Without waiting for him to return to his senses, Amelia quickly got up from the sofa, walked around the sofa, and went straight into the warm arms of Burton Liam behind her.

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, feeling the warm and soft touch in his arms, and chuckled unconsciously.

Probing hands, tightly wrapped her petite body into his arms.

“Great! I have food to eat! Cook quickly!” Amelia was buried in his arms and urged joyfully.

She is so hungry!

But the awkward old lady insisted that the food she cooked was poisoning her precious stomach, and she had to order takeaway!

“Cough cough cough…” The old lady’s low cough sounded behind her.

Warn the two of them behind not to be too ambiguous!

But wait…

What did the kid say?

The old lady suddenly turned her head and stared at Amelia, “You let my baby grandson cook for you??”

With a face full of disbelief, she glanced at Amelia angrily and then turned to Burton Liam.

Burton Liam smiled helplessly, glanced at Amelia in his arms deeply, let go of her, and walked to the sofa.

Sit down beside the old lady and put his long arms around her shoulders, “Grandma, what do you want to eat, tell me, I’ll make it for you, OK?”

To be honest, he has never personally cooked a meal for his grandma in more than 30 years.

This feeling of being able to cook for grandma is really happy!!!

“No, I would rather eat the food that girl made!” The old lady was still calm.

This kid could be so wronged by her precious grandson!

She would rather wrong her stomach!

The meals made by the little girl are not particularly unpalatable!

She had to admit that she was upset and deliberately wanted to find her fault!

“Grandma, I want to cook a meal for you!” Burton Liam looked at his grandma deeply, categorically.

The old lady gave him a surprised look, and it was quite a long time before she came over.

Chapter 588

“That’s good…” Finally, the old lady nodded.

Amelia on the side also smiled suddenly.

“Liam, I’ll help you!” As she said, she followed him into the kitchen.

“Hey! Go and put your shoes on first! Haven’t I warned you many times? I told you not to walk around the house with your bare feet. It is easy to catch a cold!!”

“Ah!!! Help! More nagging than grandma!!!”

Amelia was covering her ears that were about to be cocooned and hurriedly ran away from her curse, ran straight to the sofa to wear her little plush slippers obediently.

“Hey! You kid, who are you talking about!” Mrs. Burton’s extremely dissatisfied questioning sound once again sounded behind her.

Amelia just pretended not to hear, and swiftly dived into the kitchen with that man.


There was a sound of metal clashes in the kitchen.

Accompanied by playful screams from time to time, still anxious cries.

“Hey! Little guy, stand a little farther away, be careful of oil splashing on your hands!!” The man’s worried but gentle scream.

“Liam, here, here! Hurry up, the big crab is going to run!!” The cute and playful voice of the little woman.

One after another, with too much laughter, it overflowed clearly in the kitchen and passed into the ears of the frustrated old lady sitting in the hall.

Such strange laughter is so harsh!!!

It seriously affected her interest in watching TV!

But, inexplicably feel that such laughter…

There is a feeling of ‘home’!!!

It is a very warm, very happy taste…

It’s like she was with her husband!!!

For a moment, the sweetness that seemed to belong to them once again rushed back to her heart, overflowing with sweet love!!!

Looking at the happy pair of people in the kitchen, inexplicably, her eyes were a little red.

She unconsciously remembered her husband who died young!!!

At night, in the bedroom

“Marry me, okay?” Burton Liam on the bed asked the little woman under him while bewitching her in a low voice.

Amelia bit her lip and smiled silently.

Enjoying to the full, the happiness and sweet pleasure he brought to her.

“Marry me…”

“Marry me…”

He asked the blushing little guy under him again and again.

Amelia hugged his sweaty, sturdy body with both hands, and gave a playful smirk. “There are flowers and rings, but you didn’t kneel! You are not sincere!”


Burton Liam’s beautiful sword eyebrows were slightly raised, a little helpless.

People in their thirties are quite awkward to play this kind of romance!


If she likes it, he will!!!

However, he kneels…

And, still kneeling!!!

“Hey! I’ve been asking you on my knees, okay?” Burton Liam tilted his head, glanced at the ambiguous posture he was covering her, and teased badly.

Amelia’s face blushed suddenly, probing her hand, and slamming a hammer on his chest.

“Burton…” Amelia was about to speak, but Burton Liam interrupted her in time.

“Will you marry or not?”

“Don’t marry!!”

The movements under his body became more intense.

“Little guy, to marry or not to marry!”

He was going crazy by this little woman!

From eating, to sleeping, even to love, he never let go of any chance to propose!

“Never marry..” Amelia announced loudly.


“Boom boom boom…” there was another harsh knock on the door.

In the bedroom, the two suddenly froze.

The flushed face changed, a bit helpless in embarrassment.

“What does the ghost call the ghost? You don’t sleep, my old lady has to rest!” An angry and cold voice came from outside the door.

Amelia stretched out her tongue, exhaled, buried her little head in Burton Liam’s arms, smirking smirkingly.

Liam probed his hand and tapped her little head lightly, “Be quiet little fool!”

Amelia badly took a heavy bite on his chest, then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Stop paying attention to this ‘noisy’ man!

Wake up in the morning…

Finally, Amelia agreed to his marriage proposal.

When washing, two people, one large and one small, stood in front of the mirror.

He hugged her tightly.

“Marry me, marry me…”

It was those three words that kept whispering in her ear.

It’s bad, scratching Amelia’s itching, causing her to pant.

“Have you promised or not!!”

“Chuck…” Amelia kept laughing presumptuously, “Liam, you let me go!! Liam…”

“To marry or not to marry, just say…”

“Marry, marry!! Hurry up and let go!!”

The 999th time!!!

Liam, you are patient!

She said that for the 999th time, she promised to marry him…


As soon as her voice fell, the dense kisses fell anxiously.

“Burton Liam…” Amelia gasped constantly, pushing him with difficulty breathing.

She could feel the joy and excitement of Burton Liam.

Idiot!!! Amelia couldn’t help laughing.

“Let go of me, eh…”

Amelia was struggling, unable to breathe, this fool!!!

Soon, Burton Liam let go of her flushed face.

Staring at her with a burning gaze, he couldn’t help but lower his head again to stabilize her little mouth.

But, fortunately, he is limited to the dragonfly style.

Save it to kiss slowly, anyway, there is still a lifetime!

Breakfast time

Mrs. Burton has been sitting there with an old face coldly.

Compared to their two sweet and greasy smiling faces, she seemed a little out of place.

“Grandma! I promised to marry Burton Liam!” Amelia tilted her head and smiled, telling the old lady on the side like a treasure.

Suddenly, the old lady’s cold face froze.

Tilting her head, angry eyes questioned Burton Liam who was smiling and smiling on the opposite side.

Amelia pouted, somewhat aggrieved.

In this way, she seems that it takes some time for the old lady to accept her!

However, she is confident!

Just because they have the same hobby, that is…watching cartoons!

Humph! Sooner or later, grandma will be taken under her banner.

She thinks it was because she hated her, and she was ignorant, so she didn’t accept her at all, but it’s different now!

For Burton Liam’s happiness and their future sex life, then she must also accept this awkward grandmother!

After eating, the two returned to the bedroom.

Liam is resting today.

Lazily buried in the sofa, closed his eyes, frowned, thinking secretly.

Today’s wind is very gentle, mixed with the sun and stars, reflected warmly through the open glass window, making people feel more comfortable.

Soon, the corner of his mouth smiled unconsciously, with a hint of amusement, with a little romance and warmth.

It was not the first time that Amelia saw this man’s smile. Such gentleness would always infect her uncontrollably.

She leaned on the small table in front, smiling, quietly looking at the mature but delicate man opposite.

She was so serious that Burton Liam’s delicate smiling face had already been close to her intoxicated face, but she didn’t even notice it.

“Little guy, what are you smirking again?”

Hearing his voice today seemed particularly beautiful.

Amelia lowered her head, warmth in her heart, and smiled stupidly, but the smile on the corner of her mouth kept increasing.

“Little nympho!” Burton Liam’s doting smile, rubbed her soft hair badly, “Hurry up and change your clothes, I’ll take you out to play.”

Amelia’s big eyes widened suddenly, overflowing with a hint of delight.

“Really? But… aren’t you going to work?”

Her voice fell a bit further, and her eyes were a little gray.

Burton Liam looked at her unpredictable expression, chuckled, pretending to be helpless, “Don’t go, don’t forget it!!”

When Amelia heard this, she jumped onto his bed like a monkey quickly picked up her clothes, and said, “Go, definitely go.”

Burton Liam shook his head dozing, this little guy was so reckless.

“Burton Liam, wait for me!” Amelia continued to add as if she was afraid he would go back.

A touch of guilt hit Liam’s dark blue eyes, as if…

He was busy with work, only to realize that he hadn’t taken her out to play since she came back!

Amelia on the other end lowered her eyes again, and her little mouth made a stab at the door, “Well, you…you go out first, I want to change clothes.”

Burton Liam paused for a while, then smiled evilly, and deceived her.

“Hey! Did you know that you are like a little white rabbit, you always feel like you want to swallow it in one bite!”

“En?” Amelia was taken aback, her eyes flashed with astonishment, this man wouldn’t treat her like a white rabbit!

“Go out! Stupid!!!” Amelia, who had returned from her thoughts, hurriedly pushed him with a wicked smile on her face.

Burton Liam laughed, and a probing hand picked up the little guy in front of him and held her in his arms.

For an instant, staring at her sight suddenly became hot.

She seemed to feel his scorching heat…

In an instant, the atmosphere became particularly ambiguous.

“I’ll change it for you!” Burton Liam smiled charmingly and asked in a dumb voice.

Amelia, who was groggy, was as if bewitched, inexplicably, she loosened the clothes in her hands…

Later, her little pajamas didn’t know how to be removed, and then a warm big palm kept drifting away on her white back, causing excitement and excitement.

However, he did not want her.

Instead, follow her white and tender skin to help her button up her corset and put on a skirt.

Such a thing is tormenting enough!

However, they have a lot of itineraries for today, so they can review things slowly when they go home.

“Hey! Alright!” Burton Liam put down the little guy who was tightly wrapped around him.

The slender fingers squeezed her blushing little face, and Amelia was stunned.

Her breath is still chaotic, and her cute little face is covered by black forged hair, and her mood seems to be calmed down in the future…

The expression was still stunned, Burton Liam’s move was too cruel!!!

Do half of it, and save another hand…

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