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Chapter 59

It is true…

That woman is too important to him!!!

Yes! How could it not matter? That girl is his fiancée, the real woman who is his…

Of course, she is important!!!

Opening the closet, there was a row of his clothes hanging in it, and Jean couldn’t help but smile.

They just lived here for a short time, but she didn’t think that he had so many things…

Reaching out, she still carefully selected a shirt for him…

It is still the classic pure “color” shirt, his favorite.

She took it, held it in her hand, and involuntarily sniffed…

There is his taste.

The faint scent of Christmas is accompanied by his pure masculine breath…

It smells very good, even, it makes her feel a bit nostalgic.


Jean was shocked by the word in her heart, she was suffocated, and she suddenly realized her out-of-control emotion…!!!

She shook her head hurriedly, trying to disperse all the “messy” emotions in her heart.

To that man… how could she have such sinful thoughts?! Of course not!

Her relationship with him is just a bed partner relationship! To put it nicely, she is his woman, but ugly she doesn’t even count as an ***

He is a man with a fiancée!!!

Even, they are getting married soon, right?!

Therefore, Jean, really don’t think about it anymore!!!

It’s impossible for her and that man!!!

Jean took the shirt and hurried downstairs.

Passing the shirt to him, Jack took it, thanked her, and put it on calmly.

He buttoned the buttons one by one, calmly, while Jean just kept guarding quietly, inexplicably, but felt a little embarrassed.

“I won’t come here tonight.”

Jack said lightly.

“Well, I know.” Jean nodded and turned back to him.

Jack glanced at the situation in the kitchen, “Remember to eat.”

What he told, made Jean skip a beat, and she heard him continue, “It’s too skinny, like holding a bone, it hurts!”


How can it be so exaggerated!

“I’m leaving!”

Jack finished his clothes and prepared to go out.


Jean followed him and drove him to the hallway when he took out his mobile phone and dialed it out.

“Jacob, how is Ava?”

In the nervous tone, she could feel his concern for that girl.

“En! Okay, I’ll be back soon.”

Then, the line was quickly closed.


Jean stopped him by a ghost.

Jack turned around and glared at her frowning, “What did you call me just now?”

“No…speak quickly, forget it.” Jean explained hurriedly, “I just want to remind you, don’t forget to eat, and… don’t worry too much, it will be fine.”

What Jean said made Jack’s blue eyes sunken a little…

After a while, he nodded, “I know.”

Then, turning around, leaving without looking back…

Only Jean was left, standing at the entrance of the hallway, staring blankly at the black figure disappearing into the weak light of the street lamp…

Jean realized that she didn’t understand this man’s heart…

If he admires Miss Ava so much, why does he even lock her by his side?

Is this what he calls love? Is it true that love and “sex” can be separated so clearly?!

Jean sighed low…

Close the door and leave the desertedness and loneliness of a room to her!

At this time, she realized that it was so cold in the room…

The cool breeze blew in from the half-covered French windows and raised a corner of the curtain…

The cold air filled the entire room, seeping into Jean’s clothes, and she couldn’t help but shudder…

Seeing the mess in the kitchen, she twitched her lips and smiled bitterly.

Just now, she and the man were still lingering here with extreme enthusiasm, and now…

But it was so cold that she almost couldn’t adapt to it!

Her “sex”-feeling lace-silk bottom-pants were still scattered on the floor in despair, being torn in two.

Jean glanced at them, her heart flicked a little embarrassed and hurriedly walked over to pick them up one by one and threw them into the trash can.

She found that she was changing the bottom pants faster and faster!

She has to go to the mall to replenish the goods almost every other week because this man is too rude! Every time he does break her clothes, it’s like never giving up!

Thinking of this, Jean shook her head helplessly, but she couldn’t help but smile slightly.

Bending down, she picked up the scattered gold buttons one by one.

After finishing everything, Jean started cooking, and the time for this meeting was already at nine o’clock.

When Jack was not there, she just fries two green vegetables casually.

And this one…

Ava was lying on the bed, her face glowing with weird “tide” red, and her always cherry-red lips also glowed with bluish-purple “color” at this moment, which was not shocking.

Jacob was carefully piercing the silver needle for her. The problem seemed so thorny that sweat leaked from his forehead.

And his movements became more cautious following Ava’s trembling.

“How is this going?”

In the hall, Jack sat on the sofa with his legs folded.

He lowered his eyes and covered his lazy hair, covering his cold and murderous phoenix eyes at the moment.

Fingers tapped gently on the armrest as if rhythmically.

“Who will tell me why the lady is suddenly poisoned?”

His tone seemed unpleasant, but it was enough to make everyone in the hall shudder.

For a while, the hall was silent, and no one dared to answer.

At last…

David leaned over and said in a low voice, “I heard from the protection lady today that the lady is going to a Japanese restaurant to eat some sushi and she is uncomfortable when she comes back! But Dr. Jacob said this poison… is on the market. There is nothing to sell, only some European gangs will move again…”

“European gang?”

Jack narrowed his eyes, shocking ripples appeared in the bottom of his blue eyes.

After a long time, he heard him casually order to David, “Those who are negligent, leave it to me!”

“Yes! Allison Jack.”

Jack got up and walked to the sixth floor.

In the study, he dialed Max’s number.


Jack’s voice was very deep.

With an extremely ugly expression on his face, he asked, “Did Ava do it by you?”

Max got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the group of thugs who were still training frantically in the arena on the first floor.

He curled his lips and smiled charmingly…

The smile, the sun, and the dust, but those dazzling eyes are cold enough to freeze people.

“Allison Jack, you are the toughest person on our side in Europe. There is no way, we can only break them one by one!”

Max, one of the largest parties of the European Mafia, undoubtedly, their goal is to annex the Asian Mafia, but unfortunately, he and Jack are privately friendly friends.

Friendship of the arena, forget each other in the world!

The affection is there, but Arthur’s career is the same, without compromise!!!

Because, from the day they became involved in the Mafia faction, the two of them knew better than anyone else. In this circle, if they don’t treat others harshly, others will treat them without compromise.

In the circle of cannibalism, this is the theorem!!!

Jack lazily smoked a cigarette, lit it, took a faint sip, and said leisurely, “Max, since you dare to attack my woman, then, I think you should be quite clear about the consequences?”

“Allison Jack…” Max also sighed, “You guys, it’s just too fatal! In addition to your brother, you see, there is another tricky woman! I’m just looking for a subordinate to try. Just once, you will “expose” your anger!”

“My brother?” Jack snorted coldly, “Who dares to move him, I will make him pay it back a hundred times!”

Jack said this to Max.

Jack blood-washed the Gang’s affairs in the entire international Mafia, so far, no one dared to pluck the “hair” on the back of this tiger.

Even Max, who has always been fearless and fearless, is equally jealous of him!

“Max, I will ask you for an explanation sooner or later about what happened today!”

After Jack finished speaking, he couldn’t answer Max, so he hung up the phone.

In the night…

Under the smoke, Jack’s faint eyes became more and more mysterious…

And cold and ruthless.

Then, the cigarette butt was heavily crushed in the ashtray.

He turned around, left the study, and walked directly to Ava’s room.

She on the bed is still asleep…

Only when the silver needle is pierced, her eyelids will move a little bit in pain…

The purple “color” was glowing with black blood, seeping out from the fingers, drop by drop, falling into the basin next to the bed…

At that moment, Jacob’s tightly gripped handsome face eased a little.

“How is she…?”

Jacob sighed, “The fortune teller is picked up.”

Jack’s deep eyes were a bit sunken, and the faint blue “color” glowed with mysterious radiance. No one knew what this man was thinking at the moment.

“Did you find out who did it?” Jacob asked again.

Jack nodded, “Max!”



Jacob’s deep eyes looked at Jack, and for a while, he heard him mutter, “I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to give her to you…”

His eyes stayed on the bed, above the shadow.

Jack only glanced at him lightly but didn’t say much.

From then to today, Jean never saw Jack again for ten days.

Every day, her life began to become two points and one line, whether it was not home or the crew.

The life in the crew is quite rich, but she feels very boring and boring no matter what, she feels very lost all day long, it seems that something is missing.

On this day, she came out of the crew early, and Jean wanted to go home, but he remembered that her family seemed to need replenishment, so she drove to the store.

But, unexpectedly, in the store…

She met that man, Jack who hadn’t seen her for many days.

And beside him, he was still holding Ava.

Two people, talented men, and women are simply the best match.

The so-called golden boy and jade girl, probably, are talking about this!

In the living area, she saw Ava raising a simple smiling face, holding one after another lovely toothbrush in front of Jack.

“Arthur, I like this cute children’s toothbrush! Let’s buy a pair and make a couple toothbrushes, okay?”


He smiled dotingly and nodded.

Everything is good.

Ava smiled more happily, stretched out her hand, and witty nodded his stiff nose, “You are not good! Children’s toothbrush, hum! It’s really for you. You must twist your eyebrows and “hairs” to the middle of your nose. Coming! I don’t want to see you like that!”

Ava chuckled. She knew that Arthur was pampering her, so he gave her everything.

“Forget it, I’ll just buy mine! You, I will let you go for the time being!”

Jack still just smiled, let her buy it or not, he didn’t care much about it.

The only thing he cares about is whether she is happy or not!

Chapter 60

When facing a life-and-death crisis, watching her quietly lying on the bed, Jack thought of his mother and father…

At that moment, he was really afraid that his relatives would slip away from him again like that time…

Yes! To him, Ava is a fiancee, but more of a relative, a younger sister! She is a sister who is closer than her sister!

No one can replace the brotherhood of growing up together and sharing weal and woe!

Ava hoped that their smiling faces would be crazy for a while…

He even felt a little envious of that pure girl…

She should be very happy to be able to spoil such an elusive and fickle man like this!

And here they seemed to feel the too persistent gaze on the other side, and subconsciously looked at Jean…

Ava was startled…

A few complicated emotions flashed on the lovely cheeks, and there seemed to be something surging for a second in the waves of her eyes, but she quickly covered it.

And Jack…

Deep eyes grabbed the opposite woman, fixedly looking at her, impartially, as if he wanted to see her through.

For a while, he couldn’t help but frown.

It’s only a few days since they haven’t seen each other, but how does he feel that she… seems to be thin again?!

Jean didn’t expect that they would suddenly slam their eyes over, and she became a little cramped for a while.

Pushing the cart, she doesn’t know what to do!

Ignore? Doesn’t she see it? It seems impolite.

But, go up and say hello? It seems even more inappropriate.

But Ava was the first to come back.

She smiled and said to Jack, “Brother Arthur, I’ll go and say hello to Miss Glover.”


Jack nodded.

Ava smiled and walked towards Jean.

The closer Jean’s heart gets closer…

She’s not afraid, but, she feels ashamed of this girl, doesn’t she? In any case, after all, the most innocent person is her!

“Miss Jean.”

Ava greeted her enthusiastically.

Jean hurriedly smiled, “Hello…”

“What a coincidence!” Ava smiled livelily.

“Yeah! What a coincidence…” Jean said, but she still glanced at the opposite man unconsciously.

At this moment, Jack’s eyes were also looking at them here.

At the moment when the two eyes collided, there seemed to be electricity rushing out, and Jack narrowed his eyes slightly…

In his eyes, there seemed to be a bit of playfulness, and there seemed to be something…that Jean couldn’t figure out, thinking?!

He seems to be thinking about something!

Jean didn’t dare to study anymore and quickly turned her eyes away.

Ava, who was beside him, laughed and said, “Ms. Jean, I will get married next month to Arthur. I hope you can come to our wedding then!”

Ava’s words made Jean and Jack who were on the opposite side slightly startled at the same time.

Then she saw her draw an invitation card from her handbag, “You will come?”

She blinked her big innocent eyes and smiled at Jean.

At that moment, Jean heard her heart, the trembling sound…

Looking at the dazzling red invitation, she unexpectedly felt that her chest was… stuffy, like, a little bit painful?!

She stretched out a quiet smile…

She didn’t look at it and then looked at the man opposite, just reached out and took it, “Congratulations! I will be there when I have time.”

“That’s great!” Ava claps her hands excitedly, “Miss Jean, we won’t bother you, bye…”


Ava left with Jack…

Until the moment before he left, Jack did not look back at Jean who was opposite.

Jean held the red “color” invitation card, only to feel that the palm of her hand was hot, but her heart was cold…

The fingers holding the invitation, could not help but shudder…

It turns out that they will get married next month!!!

So fast…

She took a deep breath, trying to suppress the inexplicable depression in her heart, but found that she was taking a deep breath, and her chest became more uncomfortable!


Jean didn’t expect that the world suddenly became so small today.

She only met Jack, but as soon as she walked out of the store, she ran into Mike again!

At this time, she quickly remembered that this store was indeed their Blair’s property, but she did not expect that he would come and see it in person today.

When she saw Mike, Jean still froze for a long time…

This is the first time Jean has seen him since that day…

He stood there, looking at her, his eyes indifferent and calm.

And this is just his, one eye!!!

The other eye, not long ago… was destroyed in her hands!!!

When she saw it in person, she felt a little guilty.

She took a deep breath without a trace…

Get close to him, step by step…

In the end, standing one meter away from him, looking at him…

Looking at his still handsome face, she couldn’t help but feel a sharp pain in my heart.

It turned out that she loved him so deeply…

In the end, between them, there will be such a conclusion…

The fact is too impermanent!

“You…” Jean raised her lips, a little difficult, and then continued after taking a deep breath, “Are you okay?”

Mike stared at her and smiled coldly…

“What do you think?”

His smile, the cold withdrawing into the bone, seemed to carry a kind of cruelty, which made Jean shudder.

In fact, as for his eyes, she was somewhat guilty.

“I am sorry…”

She apologized.

No matter how sinful he was before, but she blinded him, but she really shouldn’t.

“Excuse me?” Mike licked the corners of his lips, swiftly, stepped on his long legs, walked over, and “closed” to Jean, “Jean, what’s the use of sorry? Sorry, can you return one of my eyes? Sorry, Can you give me back everything I lost? Is it just one of my eyes that can only be worth your “I’m sorry”?!!!”

He questioned her again and again.

Slender fingers pinched her white neck fiercely…

Between his fingers, hard force…

A white fingerprint was drawn between her neck…

“Cough cough cough…”

Jean’s face was flushed red by him…

She was panting hard, her little hand desperately went to break the big hand that was strangling Mike…

“Let…Let me go! Blair…Mike, you will be strangled…I…”

“Cough cough cough…”

Just when Jean thought she was going to die…

But she felt that her neck was tight, and the whole person was surrounded by the big hand between her neck. She had completely lost her strength and could only lean forward with this domineering force…

Suddenly, red lips softened…

A pain…

She was kissed by the bastard man in front of her who almost killed her!!!


When she reacted, it was too late.

During the day, Mike’s kisses were as dense as heavy rain and violent.

That rude posture seemed to swallow her whole person, causing her to “knead” in his arms, almost suffocating.

“No, let me go…”

Her lips and teeth were crazily attacked by the man in front of her.

Why, why does Mike always want to kiss her strongly?! He doesn’t love her, but prefers to do such ambiguous things to her!

What does this man want to do?!!!

“Mike, you let me go! Bastard!!” Jean struggled desperately, resisting.

However, the more she struggled, the more he resisted, the rougher his kiss came…

The white teeth bit on her lips, causing her blood to flow and seep between her lips, bitter, astringent, and hurt the same two hurt hearts…

Jean, if he can, he wants to take you home and hide in the snow like this!!!

She hates it, that’s it…

Kiss her, kiss till the end…

However, in this world, there are not so many ifs!!!

And his and her lives… never belonged to them, but belonged to… that demonic man, Jack!!! (This is foreshadowing)

“Let her go!”

A tender and cold command sounded in Mike’s voice.

And at this moment, behind him, there is a cold gun…

The person holding the gun turned out to be…

Allison Thomas’s men!

This familiar voice made Jean in Mike’s arms suddenly stiff…

The petite figure trembled…

The kid is here, doesn’t it mean that… his brother Jack is also here?!

“Let her go!!”

Seeing that Mike didn’t move, the muzzle hit his back heavily again, and his immature voice became colder.

Mike was stunned for a second, but in the end, he was still reluctant to release the woman in his arms.

As soon as Jean broke away from his imprisonment, she began to search for a certain man…

As predicted…

That man…

At this moment, he was standing not far behind the little ghost, looking at them indifferently, and in his arms, Ava was still hugging…

After a while, he moved towards them.

“You stupid cat!!”

Allison Thomas hurt Jean unhappy.

Looking at her bitten red lips, the adult frowned and ordered the bodyguard on the side, “Give her a box of tissues.”

“No, no, I have it myself!”

Feeling Jack’s approaching step by step, Jean became more panicked…

She lowered her head and flipped through her handbag indiscriminately, but she didn’t know if there was any in it.

“Big cat, don’t turn it over!”

Allison Thomas ordered someone to deliver the tissues.

Jean froze for a moment, and hurriedly squeezed a smile to thank the bodyguard, “Thank you.”

Turning to look at the kid in the wheelchair at his feet, “Thank you…”

She thanked him, squatted down in front of him, and “touched” his little head with her hands, “Long time no see…”

Allison Thomas frowned and looked at her, “Why are you so embarrassed every time I see you!”

His words caused Jean’s heart to feel a little pain…

But, she didn’t say much, only smiled, “Thank you…”

Unexpectedly, she would suddenly thank him in a serious manner. Allison Thomas felt a little embarrassed. His beautiful cheeks had been stained with shame, but he deliberately said with a cold face, “I didn’t want to help you!”

“Okay! Little guy, we should go back!”

It was Jack’s voice.

He came over, pushed Allison Thomas’s wheelchair, and was about to leave.

Even with the faintly blue eyes, there was no Jean beside him.

Jean seemed to want to say something but found that she had nothing to say.

“Brother…” Allison Thomas stopped his brother.

Raising his head, looking at his expressionless brother, he said coquettishly, “I…I want to wait…”

He knows that his brother is in a very bad mood now, but he still wants to stay and chat with the down-and-out cat in front of him.

Even just two sentences!!!

“It’s too late.” Jack tactfully refused.

Allison Thomas was a little anxious, but he knew that he would not be able to touch his brother.

Moreover, his brother seemed particularly unwilling to get too close to the big cat.

“Big cat!!”

He couldn’t help but yelled again, turned his head, and looked at Jean.

“Huh?” Jean looked at him in shock.

“Come here…” he ordered.

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