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Chapter 57

He took a gold card out of his wallet and handed it to the waiter in the supermarket. He ordered him, “Help me pick some dishes!”


Jean was thundered by his move.

She hurriedly took the gold card in her hand, apologizing embarrassedly like a waiter, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

The waiter glanced at Jack with that weird look, but when he saw his weird and beautiful face, he hurriedly laughed, “It’s okay, it’s okay! The food area is over there.”

“Thank you.” Jean hurriedly thanked.

Jack’s face was not good at all. He took the gold card and knocked it on Jean’s head, “Hey! What are you doing?”

“I just want to ask you what you are doing! How can you be like this? The supermarkets are all autonomous, and it’s not that you swipe your card to get the goods for you!”

She convinced this man! Could it be that he came from a Martian ball?!

“So what?” Jack frowned, “Just have money! There is nothing in this world that can’t be done with money!”

“…” Jean rolled her eyes silently, “Yes, yes! I know that the last thing you don’t need for Young Master Allison is money, but can we save a little bit of this money and choose it ourselves?”

“Too lazy to go!”

He also made a kid’s temper.

He gets bored when he thinks of so many people in the supermarket. What’s more, there are so many nymphomaniacs. In many cases, women are always onlookers, and even point fingers at him.

He felt annoying just thinking about it.

“Okay!” Jean found that she had no way to take this man, “Then you go to the car and wait for me, I’ll buy it.”

Jean said she was leaving.

As a result, as soon as the step started, Jack’s big hand grabbed her small hand.

“Let’s go with you!”

He seemed helpless.

Jean looked at him funny, “Don’t go if you don’t want to go.”


He took Jean and walked inside.

Standing in the food area, Jack looked “lost”, and he followed where Jean was.

“What do you want to eat?” Jean asked him.

“Whatever you want!” Jack answered casually.

But Jean knew too well that this man was not such a casual person on the surface.

Therefore, when she chooses dishes, she tries to take the dishes that this man likes, not to please him, but to not embarrass herself.

Jean looked down intently, carefully selecting the ingredients.

And Jack just looked at her from the side…

The fine hair hung down from her forehead, covering her quiet face, just as the soft light from the supermarket hit her and landed on her cheek…

Being gentle, her already delicate silhouette fell into Jack’s eyes, and he unconsciously “lost” his eyes…

He has to admit that this woman has a charm that makes men crazy…

That kind of strong, “sex” beauty of an oriental woman is undoubtedly revealed in her body.

Even, sometimes, he, who has always been very self-controlling, will occasionally fall into the whirlpool created by her, and it is difficult to extricate himself!

Just when Jack was immersed in her eyes, he saw a few boys rushing towards Jean in excitement.

“Jean, can you sign for us!!”

“Jean, we are all your fans! Can we take a photo together?”

Jack’s evil eyes sank a little in an instant, and there was a hint of danger in his eyes…

Jean didn’t expect that she would be recognized. Her popularity has not been very high. If it weren’t for Emma’s trouble last time, she doubted that she was unknown.

Unexpectedly, there will be fans who have found the door.

While Jean was cramped, she was more delighted.

“Ah… of course, of course!”

These boys are undoubtedly an affirmation of her work.

She smiled gently, politely accepted the signature book and pen in their hands one by one, hanging her head, and seriously signing for them.

Then, take a group photo!

Please forgive these simple movie fans for inevitably being a little impulsive when they see their idols…

Therefore, when taking a group photo, a little boy who looked a little shy unconsciously stretched out his hand to embrace Jean’s small waist.

Behind her, Jack’s eyes tightened a few times…

And Jean didn’t expect this to happen. She twisted her body embarrassedly, trying to escape the boy’s hand. The boy seemed to have discovered her behavior, very embarrassed and a little apologetic, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

He apologized.


Jean thinks that her “fans” of these little movies are still very cute.

They are probably just high school students!

“Thank you, Jean! Thank you…”

The little boys shook hands with her.

“You must come on! We will stand by you! We believe in you! Whether it is your acting skills or your character!”

The words of the little boys undoubtedly gave Jean a booster, which shocked her whole body and moved her heart even more, “Thank you, thank you…”

She politely nodded in thanks.

No one will know how much confidence and courage they gave her!!!

The little boys left, and for a while, only Jean was left with Jack behind her.

Jack found that the smile on her lips was getting sweeter…

Of course, more and more confident!

He couldn’t help but lifted the corners of his lips with his smile.

However, he can’t forgive her for being too intimate with other boys just now!

Just now, when he saw the little boy put his arms around her waist, the first thought that came out of his mind was to rush to stop it.

However, the second thought had stopped him.

He knows too well what this group of small movie fans mean to this woman. If he can get ahead, her image will be seriously damaged in the hearts of her movie fans.

Although there are only a few, he knows that they are also very important in her heart!

Until he saw the deepening smile at the corner of her mouth, the more he felt that he was doing the right thing!


Yeah, Jean picked up her head and called him.

Those beautiful water eyes were like stars dotted with stars, and they turned into crescent moons when they laughed. They were especially clear and charming.

“I am in a really good mood today.”

She seemed anxious to share her good mood at this moment with him.

Looking at her smiling face, Jack couldn’t help but laughed, raising his eyebrows, “What? Just because there are a few small movie fans?”

“Don’t say that.” Jean said while smiling, choosing dishes, “This is already a very, very good start for me! I am already very satisfied if someone recognizes me!”


The mood is really good!!!

Jack seemed to be infected by her good mood, he, stretched out his hand and fished her into his arms.

“Hey! I remember you were violated by some bad boy just now!”

He pressed her ear and reminded her with a smile.

Jean’s cheek was ashamed, “he is a high school student, okay? He’s not like adults, so bad thoughts!”

Jack laughed more openly, “You don’t know men too much! Men are the most bad-minded people in high school!”

“I don’t believe you.” Jean smiled and threw a handful of greens into the basket.

“What happened just now, I’ll look at you when I go back.”

Jack said, he took a bite on her ear.

This very provocative “sexual” action made Jean blush in an instant, “Jack, don’t be like this…”


In public, it would be too careless!

“Okay, I’m hungry! Go home!!!”

Jack pushed the cart and walked to the cash register.

Jean hurriedly followed.

Coming out of the supermarket, Jack took everything in his hands.

“If you want to be seen by David, he will blame me for squeezing you?” Jean smiled and asked him with her head up.

Jack looked at her pink cheeks and couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and gently squeezed her cheek…

At this time, he hadn’t noticed this subconscious movement, how spoiled and gentle it was…

Even, how ambiguous it is!!!

He said, “Jean, whoever dared to squeeze me, you are bold in this world!”

Is it? Should she believe him?

Haha! Jean twitched the corners of her lips and did not answer.

In this world, there is still someone who can crush him, right?

That person is undoubtedly Ava!

As soon as they left the supermarket, a cool breeze hit them…

Jean couldn’t help but shudder all over, she felt her back warm, and when she turned her head, she saw Jack wrapped a coat around her.

As for him, he only wore a thin shirt.

Jean hurriedly took off her clothes, “Jack, wear it yourself, I’m not cold!”

“Wear!” Jack’s tone was so overbearing that she couldn’t hold her beak, but in the next moment, he turned to, “I’m going to be sick, how can you take care of me in bed?”


This bastard!!!

So, after listening to this bastard talk, Jean felt that she was comfortable in his clothes for an instant, and she stopped shitting.

His clothes are really big, and they are so warm!

Wrapped around her, the whole body was wrapped in his familiar breath, and she felt a little warmer. In her heart, it seemed to be filled with warm current, very comfortable…

By the time they go home, it is already eight o’clock in the night.

“I’m almost hungry!”

Jack lay on the sofa, muttering resentfully.

“I am going to cook immediately.”

Jean said, carrying the ingredients and went straight into the kitchen.

Going upstairs, changing home clothes, and wrapped in aprons, only then began to show off.

The smell of vegetables permeated the whole room…

Jack felt more hungry and couldn’t bear it, so he moved from the hall to the kitchen.

“Ah, I’m going to faint from hunger.”

His head, resting on Jean’s shoulder, murmured in pain.

The hot and damp-breath wafted across Jean’s neck, making her feel a little awkward.

He squeezed her shoulder, “I just asked you to find a restaurant to eat, but you don’t want to.”

“The food outside is terrible!” Jack complained.

“I’m cooking, don’t you think it tastes bad?”

“That’s true!” Jack nodded, “but that’s better than eating outside.”

Ok! Between worse and worse, he still made a choice!

“Jack, don’t stick to me, go out and sit down obediently. You will affect my cooking a lot. Don’t blame me for making it more unpalatable later!” Jean pushed him and persuaded.


Jack stopped her.

Still the kind of serious look.

Jean looked at him suspiciously, “Huh?”

“Others call me Allison Jack, so why are you just calling me Jack?!” He seemed very dissatisfied.

“…” Jean “Is there any other reason for this? Your name is Jack, isn’t it just for people to shout?”

Is this woman pretending to be puzzled by what she said on purpose?

“You are not allowed to call me Jack in the future!”

Chapter 58

“You are not allowed to call me Jack in the future!”

He ordered.

“Yes! Mr. Allison.”

She has always been good.

“Don’t call me Mr. Allison!”

He frowned unhappily, and the name became even rustier.

“Okay, Allison Jack!”

Jean changed her words immediately.

“Don’t call me Allison Jack!!”

Jack’s face is even more ugly.

Jean rolled her eyes.

Well, this man is really hard to serve.

“It’s not Mr. Jack or Allison Jack, so what should I call you? Mr. Arthur? Or Master Arthur? Or Master Allison? Young Master Allison Sect?”


Jack felt that this woman must have come to provoke him on purpose!!!

Without a word, Jack bit her white and tender neck with one lip.

In the next moment, wanton sucking, licking, with too obvious punishment.

“Jack, what are you doing? Don’t mess up! I have to film tomorrow. There can be no hickey here…”

Jean was so anxious that her face was suffering.

Jack didn’t mean to let her go. In the next moment, he stretched out his hand, broke her body, and faced her, his lips and tongue began to swim wildly between her neck…

“Answer me obediently, what should you call me?

His voice was “fascinated” hoarse, “confused” Jean’s panicked heart.

“Jack, stop making trouble, I’m cooking, it’s going to be mashed, ah…”

While she was speaking, her sensitive throat was caught by this man familiarly…

The sudden heat and irritation made Jean cry out softly, and her little hand holding the spatula could not help tightening.

“Answer me, what should you call me? Answer me quickly.”

His actions became bolder and bolder…

Fingers squeezed her soft snowball rudely, put her thick home clothes on, and “kneaded” it heavily.

Jean was afraid of him, and if she did this, she would be swallowed by the man in the kitchen on the spot.

“Jack, I know I was wrong!!” She begged for mercy softly, still panting.

“En?” Jack unpleasantly increased the movement between his hands…

Jack even started to violently pull at her home clothes…

“No! Arthur, Arthur… I know! I was wrong… Will you let me go? The food is going to burn…”

Her answer made Jack quite satisfied.

Between the lips, a wicked smirk evoked, and the lips fell on her delicate lips, holding her small face…

“Misty” Jack’s eyes deeply hooked her pair of misty water eyes, coaxing her, “Scream again…”

His voice is as magnetic as the mellow aroma of wine and teaches people to get drunk without drinking…

If Jean fell into the wonderful vortex he created for her, she couldn’t help returning to him, “Arthur…”

“Good girl…”

All the desires in Jack’s body Wang were deeply ignited by this woman’s words of “Arthur”…

He stretched out his hand and directly turned the fire off. In the next instant, he picked up the woman in front of him and sat directly on the bar.

Jean was taken aback by his sudden movement…


Jean stared at him “fascinatedly”, but the three words subconsciously made Jack frown unhappily, “It seems that you are still not behaved at all. I have to give you a good lesson to make you grow longer. Children’s minds are “sex”.”

Jack said, he began to pull her clothes rudely…

“No! It’s not…”

Jean is anxious, isn’t this guy yelling about being hungry? Why is this going to be cooking for him, but he is hungry and thirsty again.

She found that this guy has endless energy forever!

When Jean came back to her senses, her home clothes had been torn apart by the man in front of her and hung on her waist…

The snow-white skin was “exposed” in the air, directly stimulating every nerve line of Jack.

The pink lace corset dangling in his eyes…

His faint blue “color” eyes shrank dramatically…

In the next moment, he held up her snowballs and kissed them down…

So fragrant, so soft…

That wonderful feeling is enough to drown people!!!

Let him, she can’t extricate herself at all, she can only be “confused” by him to sink deeper and deeper…

“What a nice view…”

Jack couldn’t help but let out a sigh, and the hot and humid tongue kept drifting on her snowy peak, “licking”…

Big hand, push up her bra…

For a while, snowballs suddenly “exposed” in the air…

Two people, for a time, couldn’t help but gasp at the same time…

“Little Fairy…”

Jack sighed with satisfaction, “It’s really hard to make a man bored with a body like you.”

His words shocked Jean’s figure…

Of course, in the next moment, because of her movements, he couldn’t help Jean”.

The trousers were quickly returned.

Jean flushed with embarrassment and then turned to look at Jack, but he was still well-dressed.

This makes Jean feel ashamed and angry.

Why should she be so unconcealed in the air?

As Jean thought, she stretched out her hand and pulled the tie between his neck…

Untied, then the buttons of the shirt…

Jean found that his clothes were too tight, and the buttons alone made her panic.

As for this man, he has already begun to wreak havoc on her…

Even his gaze stared at her, making her even more embarrassed.

Jack was a little surprised by her sudden move, but he was surprised, and more of a surprise!

This woman is finally willing to cater to him in this way and respond to him!

This is a great start, isn’t it?!

“Come slowly, don’t worry…”

He calmed her a little impatient.

Can you not hurry? She was almost stripped off by this guy, but he was so well-dressed, he didn’t even show his upper body!

Jean thought about it, she just didn’t do it and she just pulled with both hands…

Such a rude gesture is definitely from the man in front of her!

“Jump jump jump…”

In an instant, the golden buckle spilled all over the floor, making clear and ambiguous sounds.

Jean flushed with embarrassment.

But Jack was very satisfied with her rude gesture…

“Russ can be taught!”

He curled his lips and kissed her lips deeply…

Vaguely, she was still listening to him coaxing her, “Come on, good girl, help me take off my pants…”

He grabbed her hand and placed it on the belt…

Jean looked like a ghost, and took off his waistband jerkily, then zippered…

After a lot of effort, finally, the two of them frankly met…

Excitement, already fermented in the body…

The charming atmosphere deeply enveloped the two of them.

The heat rises a little…

The two of them were completely “flooded” all over.

A passionate kiss hit Jean’s body…

Hot sweat poured on the two people, trembling and panting heavily…


Jean was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to look at the messy clothes on the ground…

Hearing her yelling, Jack only felt that his lower body was about to gush out, and there was pain that made her unbearable!

“What a terrible little fairy!!

He smiled evilly…

“Hmm -“

The provocative action made Jean couldn’t help but whisper.

The pink cheeks are becoming redder and redder, and the eyes are “mist” like water drops…

The little hand, climbing on his shoulders, is still shaking…

Just as Jack was about to penetrate her…

“Ding Dong…”

A rush of bells rang into a pile of messy clothes on the ground.

It’s Jack’s cell phone.

However, he didn’t mean to listen.

He was about to continue, but was stopped by Jean, “First…listen to the phone…”

She pushed his strong chest.

“Don’t make trouble! Focus on it.”

Jack ignored her at all.

“The phone is making trouble, I can’t concentrate on it!”

Jean flushed with shame.

Jack had nothing to do with her, so he had to slow things down and get the mobile phone in his pocket.

The call was from David.

Jack pressed the PA at any time and placed it on the counter. In the next moment, he picked up Jean, and he didn’t even wait for her to come back…

His heat has penetrated her deeply!

“Mmm…” Jean didn’t expect that this man would suddenly possess her so crazily. She couldn’t help but exclaim in excitement. The next moment, she hurriedly covered her mouth, her face flushed.


The people on the other end of the phone must be able to hear clearly!!!

At this moment, Jean can only find a hole to bury herself.

She hammered Jack’s sturdy chest with resentment, but what was ushered in was his even more frenzied bumps.

The phone call continues.


He only said one word to David on the phone…

David seemed to have noticed something, and he was taken aback for a while before he said, “Allison Jack, Miss Ava…”

When David said this, he paused slightly…

At this moment, Jean also felt the man in her body, and her movements suddenly stiffened.

David’s voice sounded deep again, “Miss is suddenly unwell.”

Jean’s heart trembled for a second…

But she felt the man on her body, sticking to her again, and hitting hard several times…

However, he pulled out!!!

She could only hear him say, “Call Jacob over!”

“Already here!”

“Okay! I see.” Jack hung up quickly.

After that, she sat on the counter table blankly without taking a second look, and she was a little bit unrecovered…

He dressed…

Every movement is extremely elegant.

The shirts were unfurled, making him still frowned. Only then did he raised his head and glanced at Jean on the counter.

“Bring me a shirt.”

There was a faint sound of commands without the slightest wave of waves.

And the passionate passion just now because of her has long since faded, and all that is left is reason and coldness.

Hearing his order, Jean shook abruptly while sitting on the counter.

She only felt that a cold will invaded her body, causing her to shudder.

She got up, went to pick up the home clothes on the ground, and wrapped them hurriedly, with a bit of shame and embarrassment.

In the kitchen, there is still a faint fragrance of vegetables…

And, along with that, it belongs between men and women, that kind of strong lust…

“You…don’t eat anymore? Are you hungry?”

She couldn’t help but ask him.

“Stop eating.”

He replied in a deep voice while tidying up his clothes.

“Go pick me a shirt!”

He looked at her and continued to urge.


Only then did Jean come back to her senses and hurried upstairs.

Inexplicable, in my heart, lost, empty, “dang”…

Even the body seems to be lonely, and the whole person can’t get any energy for a moment…

Even though the arrow was already on the string, he was about to “shoot”, but when he heard that his fiancée was unwell, he did not hesitate to pull it out of her body…

Not even the slightest bit of reluctance!!!

This situation…

Jean doesn’t know whether to say that his self-control is too strong, or that her seduction power is not enough or…

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