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Chapter 63

But Jean could only hear Jack say, “As long as it is the Jack wants, even the corners of the world can’t escape my palm! So…little fairy, you are the woman Jack likes, so don’t think all the time how can you escape my applause, because…you don’t have that kind of patience at all! Since you can’t resist, it’s better to… enjoy yourself!!”

After Jack finished speaking, he swiftly leaned over and kissed Jean’s red lips deeply…

Four lips, intersect…

It was so hot that it burned Jean’s heart like a flame…


This night, Jack did not stay with Jean.

When he picked her up and returned to the bed, he got up and dressed.

It was already four o’clock in the morning.

Jean sat on the bed and stared at him blankly…

Watching him elegantly tidy up every golden “color” button on his shirt, watching him take away the original excitement, and use a calmness to cover up…

Looking at him too, she doesn’t have the slightest nostalgia for him…

Jean rolled her eyes, trying to stop herself from looking at him…

She also tried to make her heart less uncomfortable!

“A good night’s sleep…”

Jack turned around and looked at her on the bed.

Jean closed her eyes, stopped looking at him, only responded softly, and said nothing.

This man…

More and more treat here as a place to vent and desire…

Come, just do it!

When done, let’s go!!!

Even if it was already four o’clock in the morning, he didn’t stop at all!


“I will be very busy these days, I don’t have time to come over for the time being!”


Jean answered him muffled.

She knows that he will be busy with the wedding recently!

“I’m leaving!”

Jack approached her bed, stretched out his hand, and fished her up.

“Be good, I’m not here, remember to eat on time.”

Jean met his charming eyes, her heart was sore, “Don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself.”

“That’s good!”

Jack nodded, “Then I will go first…”

“Okay. Bye-bye…”

Jack lightly pecked a kiss on her forehead, “bye-bye…”

After speaking, he put her down and then went out of the bedroom without the slightest attachment.

For a moment, Jean felt that the warm air in the whole room was as if he had been taken away by him…

In the room, it was strange and strangely cold…

She hurriedly took the remote control and turned on the radiator to the highest…

Maybe this will make her feel better!

At least, the body will not be so cold!

Jack is getting busy…

Even if he is not seen on the set!

On this day, Jean was waiting for the show on the set, and she heard someone calling her, “Hey! Jean!”

When Jean looked up, it was Max.

He stood in front of the glass window on the promenade…

The faint sunlight came in from the outside through the glass window, lining his long figure, if he walked him with a thin layer of golden “color” tulle…

At that moment, he stood there, smiling evilly at her…

The whole person, like a diamond that glows all over, shines and catches the eye.

Sure enough, this is a man born with a superstar embryo!!!

That kind of light is so dazzling that no one can stop it!!!

He put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked towards her from the opposite side.

At the corner of his mouth, there was still a scornful smile.

He picked up a chair and sat down beside her.

“I heard that you have been very satisfied with Allison Jack recently?!”

Max’s words made Jean’s face pale suddenly.

“Sorry, Mr. Max, I still have a scene to catch up on, I’m leaving now!”

Jean said, getting up and leaving.

“No hurries…”

Max stretched out his hand and held her.

Dazzling “confused” eyes, half squinted, staring at her with a stunning head, slightly raised…

“Hey! Come and serve this young master! If he can give you what Allison Jack can give you, I can give it too! And, what he can’t give you, I can give it too!!!”

Max smiled, wickedly and cynically.

Jean stared at him sullenly, “Max, what do you think of me as Jean? Sorry, if you are so short of women, you can go to the store directly!”

However, Max smiled wickedly, still cynical, not sullen, “Why fall so depraved to compare yourself to a call girl!”


Jean was irritated by him, her face pale.

She wants to go, but suffers from her hand, being held tightly by this man.

“You let me go!”

“Be my woman!” Max smiled evilly.

Jean felt that there was a deep meaning in his eyes that she couldn’t understand…

Inside, as Jack said, there is a kind of complexity hidden!!! (Foreshadowing inside)


Jean threw away his hand impatiently.

“Don’t challenge my patience!”

Max was smiling, but the awe-inspiring eyes made Jean feel…

This man is more terrifying than Jack!!!

She pressed her lips tightly, stared at him stubbornly, and asked him for a long time, “Why? Why are you all chosen by me?”

She wants to know, the reason!!!

It’s not loved, what is it?!

“Because you are the woman Allison Jack picked!! I am interested in everything he is interested in!! Including Ava and you!!”

Max’s words were full of provocations.

However, Jean couldn’t help but suffocate her body.


She didn’t know what other words could be used to describe him besides using these two words to describe the man in front of her.

“Guessed right! I’m just a… lunatic!!”

Max gave a deep smile, and in the next instant, he stretched out his hand, carried her without warning, and walked out.


Jean was startled, “Max, where are you taking me?”

Max completely ignored her resistance and struggle and walked out of the theater on his shoulder.

“Max, where are you taking Jean?”

Kelly saw it and hurriedly stopped him.

“Take her to play.”

Max laughed dizzyingly, “confused”, without any bitterness.

This is completely different from the cold and sharp Max before.

“Max, Jean has another scene waiting to be filmed, look at this…”

“Max, Max…”

Kelly didn’t have time to finish her words. Max directly carried Jean around him and got on his red Ferrari sports car.

He threw Jean directly on the driver’s seat, and patted her with a big hand-“Hip” said, “Go!”

Jean didn’t expect that he would touch her, so she yelled, “Rogue! You let me out!!”

She hurried to open the door on the front passenger seat but found that she had been locked to death by this lunatic.

Max didn’t care about her emotions at all and drove the car on the highway.

Undoubtedly, this crazy action scared Jean…

Jean let out a cold sweat, and all the struggling movements stopped instantly…

Hand, hold the handle tightly, staring at the instrument panel along the way, and the pupils of the eyes expand a little…

Speed, soaring…

Jean felt like she was about to fly!!!

“Max, stop making trouble!!!”

She yelled, “You slow down!!! Ah-“

As she screamed, the bastard beside her stepped on the accelerator again…

The feeling of pushing her back made Jean sweat all over her body.

The roar behind the car, she knows that this car has been carefully modified.

Jean only felt that her heart was about to fly out of her body…

At this moment, she was already pale, sitting stiffly in the passenger seat, holding the handle tightly with her small hands, she did not dare to move, and she even dared not say more than a word.

This guy seems to be very familiar with the road conditions here, and he is racing on the roads with few cars.


At last…


A harsh brake sound suddenly sounded.

The wheel was thrown out of a half-turn and stopped in front of a huge iron gate.

Seeing the car stopped, Jean hurriedly pushed the door open, rushed out of the car, and started to vomit desperately.

Jean at this meeting is even more sure that this man is a lunatic!!!

However, she did not expect that even more, crazy things are far behind!!!

The big iron gate was opened with a “wow”…

A cold-faced man stood inside.

When the cold-faced man saw Jean, his cold eyes flashed a dangerous light…

It was a pair of lust-fire eyes!!!

That kind of gaze made Jean feel uncomfortable.

“Come in!!”

Max ordered Jean.

Jean was about to run away.

Max didn’t chase after her but looked at the cold-faced man in front of him.

As a result, Jean’s wrist was grabbed by a big cold hand before she stepped out her front foot…

In the next instant, she heard a ringing of her wrist…


She screamed in pain.

“Miss, if you don’t want this hand to be scrapped on the spot, you still listen to Max and go in!”

The small hand, held in the palm by the man, made Jean pale with pain.

On the forehead, sweat is already thin…

Jean stared at the door sullenly, but saw him, still leaning on the iron door lazily, smiling cynically toward them.

This bastard can still laugh!!!

Jean discovered that this man is really like Jack sometimes…

It’s not “sexual”, but the degree of black belly!!!

There is a smile on his lips, but he has already begun to figure out how to deal with others!!!

Jean has an urge to go forward and tear the fake mask on his face!

Jean was dragged by the man and approached Max step by step.

“Come, come in.”

Max still just smiled and ordered, “Let go of your hands, don’t break her.”

“Max, where do you want to take me?”

Max did not answer but led Jean into it.

The door was closed with a “quack”…

The muffled sound made Jean’s heart stunned…

However, when she saw the group of semi-naked men in the arena, Jean was so scared for a second that she couldn’t say a word.


What the hell is it?!!!

However, before she could come back to her senses, she saw that the group of men Kiel stopped their movements, moved their steps, and was approaching her little by little…

“Your sister has been here.”

Quill, Max Road.


Jean looked at Max suspiciously but ran into the evil cold light in his eyes.

He squinted and looked at the man who was walking towards them…

“Want to serve these beasts together like your sister?”


A word from Max exploded in Jean’s mind like a bomb.

Jean’s eyes shrank a few times…

Suddenly, Emma’s dirty photos rushed into her mind, and she screamed with fright…

“Max, you lunatic!!!”

After scolding, she turned pale and she was about to run out.

Could it be that my sister is being treated by these wild-beast-like men..!!!

Jean didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

Chapter 64

Now her only thought is to escape!!!

Escape the clutches of this man!


She wanted to escape under Max’s nose, so it was easier said than done!

“No hurries?!”

As soon as she stepped out, she didn’t expect that in the next instant, Max’s arm was easily retrieved.

The whole person was easily picked up by him, hung up, and shackled to his chest.

“Don’t be afraid! I’m here…”

She was scared when he was there, okay?!

Sure enough, this man was just as Jack told her before…

He, can’t get close!!!

He is a very dangerous person!!!

“Max, you let me go!!”

Jean struggled, trying to escape his confinement.

She lowered her head and was about to bite him, but Max pulled out her head.

His big hand clasped her forehead, forcing her to raise her head, looking at the men who were leaning towards them step by step.

Max curled his lips and smiled dizzyingly, “As long as this young master gives an order, this group of wild beasts will swarm, and then you will be eaten cleanly by them in a second, with a bone. Nothing left!!”

“Ah-don’t come over! Don’t come over…”

Jean was like crazy, kicking and hitting in Max’s arms, just wanting to break away from his confinement quickly.


Quill, Max called her.

The tone was harsh, making Jean shudder in his arms.

“Serve this young master or serve them, I will give you a choice…”


Jean scolded.

“Max, don’t dream anymore! I would rather die than serve you birds-beasts!!!”

She paled and screamed.

She is not a call girl, she doesn’t want to send herself to these beasts’ mouths as a plaything!

As for her and Jack before…

Jean still didn’t understand why she had always been upright, but finally chose that way?!

Isn’t it, because that is Jack, so she naturally surrendered herself?!

“I would rather die than serve?”

Max smiled…

That smile was cold into the bones, frozen into the flesh and blood…

After a while, she heard him faintly said, “Jean, then I can tell you that even if you die, I will ask them to “rape” your body! Would you like to try?”

He curled his lips, smiled coldly, and kept his eyes cold, and continued, “You are going to die, this young master will help you record a disc and have someone burn it to the underworld, let you observe the grand occasion personally! “

Jean shivered with horror when Max fucked.

“You, pervert! Beasts!!”

This man is simply an out-and-out lunatic!!!

He is more dangerous and terrifying than Jack!!!

“It’s me! Or them!”

He gave a cold drink, and there was no warmth in the words.

Looking at Jean’s eyes, they were also cold and decisive, like a thousand years of frost.

Jean feels that her heart is already chilling…

She fully believes that the madman in front of her will throw her to the beast-like men just like what he said!

She believed even more that even if she died, he would let these men ruin her body!

Just thinking about it, Jean’s back is already cold…


Quill, Max counts down…

Following his yell, he squeezed and lifted Jean easily.

That posture meant to throw her away at any time and into the arms of those men!!!


Jean yelled out of horror, and tears burst into her eyes in an instant.

She felt that she was going to be “driven” crazy by this crazy man below her!!!



Jean shivered all over, shook her head, tears raining down, “No, Max, I beg you…No!!!”


With Max’s shout, Jean felt that she was about to be thrown out.

She stretched out her hand in horror and clasped Max’s arm, “No!!!”

She shook her head frantically, her face was pale, and she was trembling with tears in her eyes, so she was so pitiful…

Of course, she could not touch Max’s cold heart at all.

He smiled coldly, “Last chance…”

His hand raised again…

And that smile is full of…

Resolute and cruel!!!

Jean closed her eyes in despair…

She knew that no matter how much pleading, she would not be able to pull back any sense of this crazy man…

Heartache tears swallowed into her heart…

When she opened her eyes again, she looked at Max, her eyes covered with bloodshot eyes, but she still had that unyielding determination!

“Okay, Max, I choose you…”

Her voice is still trembling…

Throat, hoarse.

Tears kept rolling in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to let her roll down.

Now she has nowhere to go!

The only thing that can be done is to coax the man and make herself temporarily safe!

As for the back…

She can only find a way to escape!

Or, find someone to rescue! And she, the only person who thought of it, was Jack!!!

That is the only one who can come to save her!!!

“You say it again, I can’t hear you! Did you just say you want to serve me!”

Max “showed” a deep smile.

Jean hoped that the man who was still approaching her step by step took a deep breath, flushed her eyes, and continued, “Yes! That’s what I just said…”

“What did you say?”

Max “forced” her and refused to let her down.

Jean closed her eyes, opened her lips, and shouted, “I said, I promise to serve you!!”

Jerk! Dead pervert!

There is a chance, she will serve you with her fist!!!

“Good girl…”

Max laughed more rampantly…

Jean, saw him take out his mobile phone in his pocket, and smiled, “Allison Jack, you have heard what you said just now! This woman is willing to serve me, and then I will be welcome…”

Max’s words made Jean feel stiff for no reason.

Her heart suddenly ‘cocked’.

The next moment, the whole body is cold, there is no trace of temperature…

When she came back to her senses, she found that the phone had already been hung up.

She shuddered violently, but she was still unwilling to shout, “Jack…”

Tears, like rain, poured down…

The lips were trembling, and her heart was so painful as if they were screwed tightly.

So, did Jack hear all those words just now?

And so……

What would Jack think of her?

What kind of woman does he think she is?!

Jean hardly dared to think about it again!!!

She was still expecting that she could find a chance to ask him to save her, but now…

“Max, you insidious and cunning beast!”

Jean cursed bitterly, tears streaming down, but the whole person was imprisoned by him and walked into the tall buildings in the arena.

“Let me go…”

“Asshole!! Let me out!!”

Now she just thinks of Jack…

What would he think of her?

Will he come to save her?!

Jack, please, help me…

Help me!!!

And here…

When Jack received a call from Max, he happened to be eating with Ava at home.

But on the phone, a familiar female voice was shouting, “I said, I promise to serve you!”

That voice…

It’s so familiar that it’s hard to make him want to make a mistake!!!

Big hand, holding the phone, suddenly tight…

But he heard Max’s cynical voice again…

“Allison Jack, you have heard what she said just now! This woman is willing to serve me, and then I will be welcome…”

Thin lips, pressed tightly, without saying a word.

Then, he cut the phone indifferently.

Continue to eat.

On the opposite side, Ava had already noticed the strange colors on Jack’s cheeks that were tight for a few dozen seconds.

“Brother Arthur, what’s wrong?”

Ava asked him carefully, “Is something wrong?”

“It’s okay!” Jack shook his head, still not too much emotional fluctuation, “Continue to eat!”


Jack is always like this, and he has never been delighted in “lust”.

Even if there is something big, he will still do it, not to be surprised!

At the table, the two people have been silent.

Ava has always been a lively person, but after seeing Jack’s increasingly dark complexion, she could no longer become active.

She knew that something, or who it was, had affected his mood!

Jack has been eating silently.

It’s just that, inexplicably, the woman’s voice just kept echoing on the phone…

“I promise to serve you, Max!”

Ah!!! Jean, it turns out that you came out of the same model as your sister, and the two of them are just the same kind of “color”!!!

He even mistakenly thought that maybe she would come cleaner than her sister!

It turned out that she was nothing but that!!!


He put his chopsticks on the table and made a muffled noise.

Ava was startled and looked up at him.

“Ava, I have something to do, go out first!”

Ava froze for a while, then nodded obediently, “Okay! Take care of yourself.”

Then, she watched Jack leave…

In the eyes, there are layers of sad ripples…

What is it that shocked this man’s heart…

Let him, who has always been calm, unconsciously, “showing” the bottom of his heart, there was such a second, in his eyes, “showing” a little panic…

Is it the female star named Jean?

Thinking of that delicate face, Ava’s heart still couldn’t help but cut a bit of pain…

She lowered her eyes and continued to eat with her head down.

Jack drove directly to the place where Max was stationed.

Jean wanted to serve him, so she had to ask me if Jack approved it!!!

The convoy stopped in front of the big iron gate…

Max stood in front of the French windows on the tenth floor, overlooking the scene outside the iron gate.

Between lips, a playful smile appeared…

He asked behind him, with a pale face on the sofa, but Jean, who was still neatly dressed, said, “Hey! You said I’m going to fuck you, will Allison Jack kill me?”

Max’s words made Jean’s face paler.

But, will Jack kill him? Of course not!

This man put her weight in his heart too much!

“Yes!” Jean answered him without thinking, “Max if you dare to touch me, he will not let you off easily!!”

“Really?” Max raised his eyebrows but did not look at her behind him, his eyes still resting on the line of people downstairs.

“You are indeed more important to him than I expected!”

He returned her deeply.

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