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Chapter 65

Downstairs, the big iron door was opened.

Jack, the leader of the Asian Union Mafia, actually appeared in the secret training base of the European Union, undoubtedly giving everyone in the entire house a shot.

However, without the order from above, all people dare not show any disrespect to the man who broke in with the heavy soldiers.

Jack was rushed into the hall by a group of men in black with guns…

He lazily sat down on the sofa in the hall, and said to Max’s subordinates opposite, “Go get Max down!”

“Allison Jack, I’m sorry, Max said, he has important things to do today, no one is allowed to go up and disturb him…”

Max’s subordinates answered him truthfully.

However, as soon as the voice fell, his forehead was held up by a cold gun.

It’s David.

“Go tell him, our Allison Jack is here!! And, we must meet!”

David’s tone was cold and domineering, and he could not tolerate his refusal.

Max’s subordinates hurried upstairs to report when they saw that the visitor was unkind. However, they were about to approach the elevator, but suddenly, the elevator door opened wide, and Max came out lazily.

“Yo! Young Master Allison, what are you doing? You want to copy the Master’s house with such a style?”

Max smiled cynically, and sat down beside Jack, “Take tea!”

“What about others?”

Jack was too lazy to play politely with him and asked directly.

Max smiled evilly, “Are you so impatient?”

“Where is she?”

Jack asked again.

His patience has been lost.

Max raised her eyebrows and looked at him, smiling, “What? A woman can’t use her brother for fun?”


Jack’s tone was very cold, as cold as…

The thousand-year ice cellar is average.

He warned, “I said, this woman before I let go of her, you…can’t touch her!!”

Max only raised his eyebrows and smiled without speaking.

“Max, don’t blame me being a brother for not reminding you, the game is too big, I am worried that you can’t bear the result…”

Jack’s warning made Max startled for a second…

He squinted, looking at Jack thoughtfully, but he heard him say, “If you want to play, I can let you try! But if you ruin my game, I will not let it go easily. Pass you!!”

A word of warning made Max’s dizzying eyes flash for a second…

And on the stairs…

Jean stood there with a pale face. Just when she heard that Jack had come to rescue her, she happily had to go downstairs, but unexpectedly, when she got down, she heard such a decisive word.

After Max took her upstairs just now, he did nothing to her and even touched her.

He just asked her, “Jean, do you think Allison Jack will come to rescue you?”

At that time, she thought that Jack would not come to save her! Unexpectedly, he came…

At that time, she really could not hide the surprise in her heart, but she did not expect that the warmth in her heart would have time to accumulate in the future, but she was once again poured out by a basin of ice water…

“If you want to play, I can give you a taste!”

Ah!!! What does this man think of her?

Tools? Can a friend lend her out if he needs it?

Jean’s heart is deeply aching…

The nose was sour inexplicably.

Isn’t he disgusting?!

For a while, she stood on the top of the stairs, not knowing whether she should go down, or go up, or, froze in place, motionless…

“Miss Glover!”

Jean, she heard David shout.

Jean suddenly came back to her senses.

In the hall, Jack also saw her…

When she lifted her eyes, she ran into her pale, thin-paper face, as well as those…dull and dim, even watery eyes with a touch of sadness.

She didn’t expect that Jack would look at her at a glance. When she ran into his deep and questioning eyes, Jean’s heartfelt pain for no reason…

In the nose, there is a kind of sourness…

The eye sockets turned red unexpectedly.

She opened her eyes in a panic and stopped looking at him.

Just now, if she heard it correctly, he also said a word…

‘Chess game’!

His chess game! What chess game? Does it have anything to do with her? Or is it just a step in his chess game to approach her and tie her to his side?

And she is just a piece of his chess game at all?!

While Jean was heartbroken, she was completely lost at the same time!

These men…

Why is one more difficult to read than the other!

However, knowing that this is an inaccessible heart hurdle, but unfortunately, she can’t control herself to step inside!

Jean thought, she must be crazy!!!

“Come down…”

Jack ordered it.

The tone is very light, without much emotion.

But his gaze stayed on her, without any deviation.

Jean raised her eyes to look at him, her red lips pressed tightly, but she stood there stubbornly without moving.

“Don’t want to go back?”

Jack raised his eyebrows and asked, but smiled coldly.

It was a mocking laugh.

Jean’s heartfelt dull.

Glancing at Max, who seemed to be in a trance, she said hurriedly, “No, I want to go back!”

She hurried down the stairs.

“Let’s go!”

Jack got up to leave.

Max did not stop either.

Because he couldn’t understand what the man in front of him was thinking!

He completely, can’t read it!!!


Jack stared at Max on the opposite side and patted him on the shoulder meaningfully, “Don’t provoke me anymore! Don’t make me angry, you know, when I get angry, no one can deal with it!”

His words of warning caused Max’s dizzying eyes to shrink a few times…

Yes! Jack had guessed his mind correctly!

Max came to provoke Jack on purpose!

After being driven out of the gang by their same godfather, Max joined the European Union. His only goal is to become a man of heaven like Jack one day!

But when he succeeded, his goal was to defeat Jack and bring their Asian League to their European Union!

But by the way, this man didn’t have any dead core except Allison Thomas.

Although Max wanted to defeat Jack, he disdains Allison Thomas to start, because they are opponents but also brothers after all!

Of course, in addition to disdain, there is actually… fear!

He was worried that pulling out the “hair” from Jack’s tiger’s back would make him anxious, and eventually fall into the tragic end of the Qiao Gang…


Jack got up and was about to go out, but Jean hurriedly followed after seeing this.

Jack didn’t stop him, just looking at them as they were going away, thoughtfully.

Jean went out of the big iron gate with Jack.

In an instant, her suspended heart also fell heavily, and she couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief…

Finally, saved!!!

Recalling the horrible scenes before, she seemed to have lingering fears, and her face was still not particularly good.

She stood in front of the car and thanked Jack in a low voice.

“Thank you!”

She didn’t have many expressions, just a faint smile.


Jack got into the car, sat in the car, stared at her indifferently, and ordered.

“No need!” Jean shook her head hurriedly and smiled away, “I can go back by myself.”

Jack frowned, “There is no car here.”

“It’s okay!” Jean seemed to be extraordinarily stubborn, “I’ll just take a short walk.”

That’s perfect!

It’s not bad just to relax!

“Then whatever you want!”

Jack didn’t insist, but just glanced at her indifferently, then drove a glance to this woman, and closed the car door mercilessly.

He glanced indifferently at Jean through the car window, and then ordered the driver, “Let’s go!”

The sound was dull.

Beautiful face, not too many emotions…

Then, the black body slid out mercilessly and quickly disappeared into Jean’s eyes…

Looking at the shrinking car shadow, Jean felt inexplicably lost in her heart…

The lips lifted slightly, unconsciously pulling out a faint wry smile.

Jean, reject Jack’s kindness, she is right!

This kind of man, the closer he gets, the more dangerous he becomes, isn’t it?

“Dingling Dingling…”

Jean, the phone in her pocket rang, it was Kelly.

“I’ll be right back.”

It was about to be her turn, and Jean hung up the phone in a hurry and walked down the mountain.


Jack sat in the car and seemed to rest with his eyes closed.

He doesn’t know how long it has been since the car has been gone.

The eyes that were always calm and waveless, “exposed” a cold light.


He ordered.

David in the passenger seat was slightly shocked, then turned his head and glanced at Jack in the back seat in a stupefied manner.

The car stopped abruptly.

The underwhelmed convoy stopped on the hillside.

“Give me the car and get down!”

Jack gave an indifferent command.

Seeing that the driver was not moving, he said, “I drive by myself.”

“Allison Jack!” David looked at Jack worriedly, “After all, the place above is still Max’s place, will you be unsafe?”

“Get out of the car!” Jack’s tone was not tolerated.
David was stunned for a moment, knowing that no matter how much he tried to persuade him, he couldn’t change Allison Jack’s meaning, so he didn’t say much.

Everyone got out of the car.

“You go first! Don’t wait for me.”


Jack hurriedly jumped the head of the car, and the next moment, as soon as he stepped on the accelerator, the body sprinted back…

In a few seconds, it has disappeared from everyone’s vision, leaving only a roar that has not faded.

Jean didn’t expect the mountain to be so high. After walking for more than ten minutes, she still couldn’t see the bottom of the mountain.

This kind of anger made her regret just now, because soon it was her turn to play in the theater, and it would be a bit sad to let everyone wait for her at that time.

Thinking of this, Jean accelerated her steps more and more.

Jean, there was a roar in front of her, and she saw a familiar black body galloping toward her…

“Qua-” with a sound…

The car stopped abruptly in front of her.

Jean was startled and looked at the stern charm in the car in astonishment.

Very unexpected, it turned out to be Jack!

Moreover, his face is very ugly.

The car window gradually slides down…

“Exposed” his somber face.

The faintly blue eyes stared at her coldly, “Come up.”

Jean stared at him for half a second, but in the end, she got into the car obediently.

Because she is really in a hurry!

“Thank you…”

As soon as she got in the car, Jean thanked her politely.

“Thank me? Thank me for what?” Jack asked her coolly, his tone full of mockery.

As the front of the car turned, he drove and galloped down.

Jean subconsciously squeezed her hand on the armrest and fastened her seat belt.

She had already suffered a loss from Max just now, this time she was naturally careful.

Chapter 66

“You can save me, I already thank you very much! Thank you for taking me down.” Jean said truthfully.

“Is it?”

Jack raised his eyebrows mockingly, “Did I save you? I thought it was me who destroyed your good deeds! Don’t you want to serve that man?”

Jack held the steering wheel’s hand and tightened it unconsciously.

His complexion is getting heavier.

He will not forget the words of this woman he heard on the phone!

Jean smiled coolly…

In his heart, she is that kind of woman?!

Does it matter what kind of woman she is in his heart? It’s not important at all, is it?!

Is it good or bad, and so?

In his heart, she is just a bed partner that is cheap enough to be sold at any time and given to others to play with at any time!

“How about you? It seems that you also want to give me to that man?!”

Jean smiled sadly and asked him instead.

Although the corner of her mouth is smiling, only she understands the bitterness in her heart.

Jack glanced at her deeply through the rearview mirror…

Jack’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

Just now, her questioning words, this woman, did not explain?!!!

So, she really… is willing to serve Max?!

“Haha! Isn’t that what you want?”

Jack’s words were full of sourness and anger.

Jean gave him a cool look and said nothing more.

Because she knew, she didn’t mean to say more, let alone she didn’t want to explain to him.

Yes! What can she explain to a man who is always ready to send her out?!

“Jean, let’s negotiate a condition!”

Quill, Jack said.

The deep eyes looked at her deeply.

Between the eyebrows, there seemed to be a bit of a secret that Jean couldn’t guess.

Jean’s heart was tight for no reason, even without thinking, she said directly, “Sorry, I refuse!!”

“Want to give me to the man above?”

She sneered at the decisive man beside her, and she felt a chill in her heart, “Jack, you don’t have that right yet!!”

Her emotions seemed a bit agitated.

She couldn’t help but raised her voice a little bit higher, as if she was thinking of something, and continued to ask, “And my sister, Jack, did you make Max do that? That bunch of photos…”

Jean closed her eyes sadly, “You let Max’s people take my sister off, sorry?”

Her face was pale…

Her lips and tongue were a bit dry, and even her throat felt a little sore.

Jack looked at her coolly…

Looking at her painful and charming face, he smiled faintly, but it seemed a bit cruel…

He said, “Jean, don’t forget, I do it all for you!!!”

His words caused Jean in the passenger seat to suffocate.

Tender body, instantly stiff…

Her complexion was so white without a trace of blood…

Hands, resting on her legs, kept shaking.

As Jack said…

He did all this for her! To help her out…

And so…

Emma was rounded off by those wild beasts, all because of her, because of her!!!

Jean hugged her head, a little afraid to think about it anymore…

How could things suddenly become like this? Even though she doesn’t like Emma, but that woman is still her relatives after all, and she never thought of turning her into such a field!!!

“You… just put me here…”

Jean asked.

Jack pursed his lips and said nothing.

“I…want to go out and get some air…”

The car was too boring, and she worried that she would just suffocate here.

Jack only glanced at her indifferently, then slid the window down a few minutes, but didn’t mean to stop and let her go down.

Jean also understands his stubbornness.

Leaning on the car window, staring blankly at the fast-moving scenery outside the window…

Blowing the cool autumn breeze, letting the cold wind seep into her clothes, blowing her into a cold…

But she didn’t feel any cold at all…

Perhaps, at this moment, her heart and body are already close to paralysis!

She doesn’t know when her life circle began to become more and more complicated…

But, this complexity, when will it come to an end?!


Before the red light…

Jack tilted his head, quietly looking at this pretty pale face beside him…

In the phoenix eyes that are as blue as the sea, there are layers of complex ripples…

Jean, she heard him ask…

“Jean, marry me!”


Jean suddenly turned back to look at Jack.

Jean’s eyes stared, stunned, and even stared at the man next to him in shock.

She once thought that she must have heard it wrong just now!

“Jean, marry me!”

He repeated, word by word, and it didn’t seem like a joke at all.

And Jean’s expression became more and more exaggerated with his repeated words.

She doesn’t know how long it has been…

Then he heard her murmur in a low voice, “Crazy…”

Why the men around her are so crazy and so abnormal?!

What was this man doing just now? Let her marry him?!!!

Does he have a fiancée?!

“Next month, on the fifteenth of our wedding, during this period, please be prepared!”

Jack ignored Jean’s words completely.

“Jack, you are crazy!!”

Finally, Jean came back to her senses, raised the volume, and snarled at him.

“Don’t make a mistake, next month’s 15th is your wedding to Miss Ava!!”

“You don’t need to remind me, I remember very clearly, it was my wedding with you, Miss Jean!!”


This man is as crazy as Max!

“Jack, what on earth are you thinking?! What on earth am I to you? Is it a bed partner? Is it a mistress? Or a pawn of yours? What are you thinking about? What do you want to do? What about me?”

Jean found that this man had too many “mysterious” questions that she couldn’t solve!!!

This man, every move and every move are so mysterious that she can’t predict it at all.

Facing Jean’s excited questioning, Jack’s attitude was still very leisurely.

He lazily propped his head, leaning on the car window, faintly watching Jean, and said quietly, “Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask…”

He curled his lips and smiled strangely, “The ending, I’m afraid you can’t afford it…”

This sentence again!!!

Cold, but ruthless!

Jean always shuddered.

“I won’t marry you!”

Jean shook her head and refused.

Since she can’t guess what this man thinks, don’t guess again!

What he thinks has nothing to do with her, does it?!

“Miss Glover, please make it clear! I was not discussing the words just now with you in a negotiating tone! I am just telling you about my wedding time! And, by the way, remind you, don’t use one ” Sex” once again challenge my Allison Jack’s endurance, as long as it is the person Jack wants to order, even if it is a dead body, I want to order it!!”

What this means is, tell this woman next to…

Jack’s wedding next month must be held as scheduled, and the bride must be this woman!!!

Even if he died, he couldn’t change his mind!!!

Jack’s arrogant and domineering attitude made Jean’s face stiff…

The heart suddenly ‘cocked’ for a few seconds, completely forgetting the beating.

Jack, what are you thinking about? What are you calculating?

On this day, when Jack returned home, he saw Ava happily trying the wedding dress he had carefully designed.

It was a gift from him to this girl.

“Brother Arthur, you are back…”

Ava laughed and rushed forward excitedly, and pecked a soft kiss on his forehead, “Thank you for the gift you prepared for me. It’s really beautiful, I like it…”

“Yeah, it’s so beautiful…”

Jack stretched out his hand dozingly and put the hair between her foreheads behind her ear.

The corners of the coquettish lips were filled with a faint smile.

Ava smiled happily, “Brother Arthur, I am more and more looking forward to our wedding next month! I want to see what you look like in the groom’s suit by then!”

She held Jack’s arm and leaned her head on his shoulder, looking forward to it as a little woman.

However, he suddenly heard Jack say, “Ava, we won’t get married next month!”

A word, like a bomb, exploded in the hall.

Ava held Jack’s little hand, suddenly stiff.

Her expression was also stiff for a second.

However, she quickly laughed again, “Arthur, don’t make such a joke, it’s not fun at all, I don’t like it!”

She pouted and coquettishly.

The corners of the lips are still smiling, but the eye sockets have started to flush unconsciously…

She knew that Jack was not joking with her!

Because he never jokes!

“Ava, you know, I never make a joke, especially between us.”

Jack was serious and continued, “Next month, I will have the wedding with Jean.”

He confessed honestly.

“Jean?!” Ava stared at Jack in disbelief, “Brother Arthur, tell me, I must have heard it wrong, haven’t I? I have heard it wrong?!!! How could it be her How could you be willing to marry her? Impossible, impossible! I don’t believe it!!!”

Ava was very emotional.

Tears rolled out of her eyes in an instant, “Arthur, how could you be willing to abandon me for her? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!!”

“I won’t marry her!”

Jack said swiftly, and added indifferently, “She is not qualified!”

What he said made Ava stunned, tears in her eyes, and looked at Jack who was opposite, “Brother Arthur, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Ava, how much do you know about Max?”

Jack did not answer her question but instead asked her.

“Max?” Ava’s eyes flickered slightly, and she pursed her lips, before she said, “He seems to be very attached to the things you are interested in. He was also very attached to me last time. He almost poisoned me…”

“Haha!” Jack smiled deeply, “Max didn’t want your life, he wanted to try your weight in my heart! He wanted to take you away from me, but I would never allow this What happened! This time he arrested Jean again and also wanted to try the position of that woman in my heart, so I decided to take care of my plan and personally brought the woman back. I think he is not yet so sure of her weight in my heart. If there is another wedding, haha! Maybe he believes it!”

If Jack said, let Ava live.

So, did he do it to protect her?!

“Brother Max, I don’t understand, why should Max make it so difficult for you?”

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