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Chapter 729

“Perhaps, I can invite Mr. Lewis to have a meal?” Besides this, Dixon Lily really couldn’t think of a better way.

“Also!” Lewis Justin nodded, “at noon today?”

“Okay…” Dixon Lily nodded, “Then let’s make a decision. See you at noon.”

Dixon Lily said, ready to get up and leave.

“And many more.”

Seeing Dixon Lily was about to leave, at that moment, Lewis Justin was almost subconscious and took her hand as soon as he reached out.

The big hand, the second when holding the small hand…

It seemed that an electric current penetrated through the bodies of two people in an instant.

Their heart quaked severely.

Suddenly he came back to his senses, and in the next instant, Lewis Justin hurriedly released her little hand.

“Anything else from Mr. Lewis?”

“Forget it…” Lewis Justin pursed his lips, “Nothing special, you go first!”

He still has a lot of questions to ask her…

“Then I will go first…”

Dixon Lily turned to leave.

In her heart, it was chaos.

However, when the steps under her feet reached the door, they stopped suddenly.

At the moment when she stopped, Dixon Lily also heard his call to her…


The low voice seemed to be a little dumb. At that moment, Dixon Lily only felt the soreness of her nose and almost shed tears.

Time, for a moment, seems to have returned to the past…

Soon, Dixon Lily adjusted her mood, turned around, and looked at him suspiciously.

“You have nothing to ask me?”

He asked her, but his tone was still somewhat desolate.

Dixon Lily hesitated for a long time, but finally nodded, “There is…”

And, there are many, many.


Lewis Justin said faintly, signaling Dixon Lily to come back.

Dixon Lily walked back again and sat down on the sofa just now.

“Want to know what, ask!” Lewis Justin’s gaze locked her tightly.

Dixon Lily inadvertently took a breath, her eyes fixed on his left leg…

“Your legs, what’s the matter?”

Lewis Justin lowered his head, glanced at his left leg, smiled coldly, but a bit bitterly, “This is a prosthesis.”

“Prosthesis?” Dixon Lily gasped, staring at him in disbelief, then glanced at his leg.

Dixon Lily co-authored, “Why…why is this? What happened in the past five years? Why are you with Lucy again?”

“A lot of things have happened in the past five years…”

Lewis Justin got up and walked to the French window.

Looking far away on the building outside the window, his deep eyes became deeper and deeper.

“My leg was amputated! That year, I was thrown on the mass grave by Anderson’s people. Maybe they thought I was dead, and I thought I would not survive! But I didn’t expect me to be still survived.”

The corner of Lewis Justin’s lips gave a wry smile.

Instead, he continued, “It is said that I passed out in the mass grave for three days until Lucy found me…”

As he spoke, he turned his head and glanced at Dixon Lily who was sitting on the sofa with a pale expression.

“When she found me, my legs… you know, there were countless maggots on the mass graves, and my legs were almost decayed by then.”


Dixon Lily covered her mouth, her red eyes looked at the resolute man in front of her.

She could hardly believe it…

How much pain did he endure!!!

She hardly dared to imagine the piles of insects…

Tears shed silently…

Distressed and flustered are written in the bottom of her eyes, almost crying.

“When Lucy found me, I was already a vegetable…” He continued.

The voice was dry, it seemed that it was so difficult for him to recall the past.

“At that time, I had a very clear consciousness, but I didn’t have any strength in my body. I could only do that, half awake and half faint, and I was lying down for more than four years.

When Lewis Justin said this, he stopped again, as if there was still something he wanted to say, but in the end, he chose to remain silent.

But suddenly turned around to look at Dixon Lily, “Girl, if you have time, stay with her… for so many years, she has been missing you very much.”

He sighed lowly and seemed to be deeply sad.

“Okay…” Dixon Lily’s throat choked a little.

She always felt that this man was still hiding things from her, but she couldn’t ask more carefully.

“When do you and Lucy… plan to get married?”

“It’s almost…” His eyes flashed slightly sadly, and there seemed to be a little distressed, “The sooner the better…”

In a word, it seems to have a deep meaning.

Dixon Lily’s heart hurt slightly.

“Although I don’t know how you and Lucy got together, I still… wish you happiness. And…”

Dixon Lily looked at the opposite Lewis Justin, “You will treat her well, right?”

“Definitely!” His tone was definitely beyond doubt.

“Thank you…” Dixon Lily thanked politely and got up, “If you don’t have anything else, I’ll leave.”

“I have something to ask you.” His eyes locked on her.

“En?” Dixon Lily looked at him in surprise.

“You… when were you with Brook Mark?”

He stared at her, shrinking sharply.

Dixon Lily was panicked for a second, “It’s been… a long time…”

Yeah, it’s been a long time!

They have always been the best friends…

“Are you… having a good time?”

His eyes are full of concern.

This feeling made Dixon Lily feel confused and confused…

“Forget it!” Lewis Justin didn’t wait for Dixon Lily to answer, “The answer is known without asking…”

Yes! Don’t ask, he knows.

With a husband who treats her well, and a baby who is so sensible, isn’t it the same for a happy life?

“I don’t have anything to ask, so go ahead and do your job!”


Dixon Lily got up, glanced at him, and went out of the office.

Come out, take a deep breath…

Heart, feeling lost.

They haven’t seen each other for so many years, and when she looks back, she realizes that all the past has become ashes…

Perhaps this is their outcome.

So and so, so good!

But, she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Dixon Lily didn’t go anywhere throughout the morning, so she wandered in the street.

In five years, she returned to this bustling street.

Once, she was arguing with that man here…

He treated her so domineeringly, and even the two of them were not honest together, but…

She still fell in love with him.

Still love so strong!!! So deep!!!

Even though five years have passed, it remains nonweather.

This kind of feeling… even she can’t tell, why on earth.

In her mind, the previous scenes floated by again and again.

Dixon Lily discovered for the first time that she remembered everything in the past clearly…

However, the clearer, the more painful a certain part of the heart, and the more blurred the eyes…

At lunch, she hardly knew how to face him.

At noon, Dixon Lily arrived at the restaurant as scheduled.

Lewis Justin was already waiting in the small private room.

Seeing Dixon Lily coming, he got up and opened the seat for her gentleman.

“Thank you!” Dixon Lily politely thanked him, but she did not forget to glance at his leg.

“Don’t think my legs are inconvenient.” As if he could see through her mind, he hurriedly said.

“It was a bit before, but now I am used to it!”

“That’s good.” Dixon Lily smiled relievedly.

A waitress came up to help them pour tea.

Lewis Justin’s eyes never looked away from Dixon Lily’s body.

When the waitress left, Lewis Justin asked her, “What’s wrong? Did something happen this morning?”

“En?” Dixon Lily looked at him suspiciously, her eyes fell into his deep eye pool, was startled for a second, and then quickly avoided.


Lewis Justin asked her softly, but he couldn’t hide a little worry in his tone.

“Ah…no, no…” Dixon Lily shook her head, and pretended to rub her eyes with her hands, “maybe some sand got in.”

“Take your hand down.”

Lewis Justin held her hand rubbing her eyes as if all his movements were subconscious.

His eyebrows were narrowed lightly, and he seemed extremely dissatisfied with her actions.

Dixon Lily was startled and hurriedly took out her little hand from his hand.

Her eyes flickered, avoiding her sight.

Lewis Justin seemed to come back to his senses, “Don’t hide, I am not a kid.”


“Why are you crying?” He locked her deep gaze.

And worry, written in the bottom of his eyes, is obvious.

For a moment, Dixon Lily almost thought that the man in front of her was actually in love with her.


“It’s nothing…” Dixon Lily smiled and shook her head. “It’s nothing, it’s just my childishness.”

Yes! It’s her childishness, that’s why she makes so many tears…


Lewis Justin chuckled and took a sip of the tea in his cup.

“What are you laughing at?” Dixon Lily groaned, a little embarrassed.

“You tell me what you cry, and I will tell you what I laugh.”

“It’s nothing.” Dixon Lily’s eyes rolled and she made up a reason casually, “It’s just that I have just been trained by the leader.”

Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows, “Because of the interview?”

“Yeah!” Dixon Lily glanced at him, her heart brightened and immediately said, “It’s not because you guys are too difficult to do it. The editor asked me if I had talked about it, so I had to speak with the facts.”

“What’s the fact?” Lewis Justin squinted at her.

“Of course it is to pass your words again, saying that you always feel that my sincerity is not enough! You can’t handle it for a while.”

“No wonder you will be scolded!”

Lewis Justin put the cup in his hand, stretched out his hand, and knocked it on Dixon Lily’s small head, “Why can’t you even guess this little thought?”

“Is this a little thought?” Dixon Lily held her head and looked at him suspiciously, “Which little thought?”

When asked this sentence, Dixon Lily felt a sense of anticipation in her heart.

Any thoughts???

She wanted to hear his answer.

When Dixon Lily asked, Lewis Justin was stunned.

After a long time, he said, “Forget it, it’s not a thought!”

He said lightly, “It’s just that we haven’t seen each other for too long, and it would be nice to have a meal together.”

Dixon Lily smiled, “In other words, you want to blackmail my lunch?”

Dixon Lily said casually, but in fact, her heart was already turbulent.

“Then I invite you?”

“Don’t! I should treat this meal. It’s a show of sincerity.”

“Okay…” Lewis Justin didn’t shy away, glanced at her, and nodded.

“I owe you, please come back next time.”


Is there another time?

Dixon Lily felt a joyful feeling in her heart…

Chapter 730

Inside the kindergarten-

“Uncle Handsome, why are you looking for Anna again!” Anna pouted, unwilling to walk over.

Lewis Justin stepped closer to her, “What’s the matter, the little princess looks like she doesn’t want to see her uncle?”

“Not all!”

The little guy stubbornly nested her soft body into Lewis Justin’s generous chest.

“I just don’t want Mommy to be unhappy…”

The little guy pouted while talking.

“Why is she unhappy?” Lewis Justin was a little surprised, “Your mommy won’t let me play with you?”

“No! The last time Mommy met you and my aunt, she seemed…a little unhappy, and…”

The little guy paused when she said that, the next moment, she approached Lewis Justin and said mysteriously, “Moreover, Mommy is still crying.”

“She cried?”

Lewis Justin seemed to be mumbling to himself, and his heart ached.

Reached out and touched Anna’s little head, “Mommy likes crying, right?”

“En!” The little guy nodded, “Sometimes she would secretly hide in the quilt and cry at night.”

The little guy lowered her small head and said distressedly, her small hands kept entangled in front of her.

” Anna knows all about it, but Anna is afraid that Mommy is worried, Anna dare not say…”


Anna felt that Lewis Justin was distracted, and gently stabbed him with her small hand.

“En?” Lewis Justin came back to his senses.

“Will you still find my mommy?” The little guy looked at him with innocent eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Lewis Justin was suspicious.

The little guy sighed, lowered her little head, “I don’t want to see Mommy shed tears…”

“Does Mommy cry often?”

At that moment, Lewis Justin felt the pain of his heart tightening.

It seems that even the voice has become a little dumb.

“After I went home with Mommy that day, Mommy shed a lot of tears, but Mommy was afraid that I was worried, so she endured it. Later, when she went to bed, Mommy secretly hid in the quilt and wept bitterly. She thought Anna was asleep. Anna is always awake…”

It’s just that she didn’t dare to speak out.

Lewis Justin hugged the little guy in his arms, it felt like holding her crying badly…

It turned out that she still had so many tears.

“Anna, what about your daddy? Is your daddy away?”

“Daddy is here! Daddy has come to comfort Mommy, but then Daddy went back and Mommy cried…”

Anna told the truth.

“Daddy went back?” Lewis Justin was surprised, “Does Daddy not live with you? Where is he going back?”

“Daddy lives with us.” The little guy said in a daze, “but he lives across from us.”

Live opposite them? What does it mean?

Lewis Justin seemed to be increasingly unable to understand.

“Daddy won’t sleep with you and Mommy?”

Although he seems a little bad to know this question to a child,… he seems to have to ask like this, this little guy will understand?

“Not sleeping together…” The little guy shook her head, “But sometimes Daddy would take Anna to his house to sleep!”

With such an answer, Lewis Justin became more and more confused.

Suddenly, with a turn of his mind, a terrible thought passed by in his heart.

“Does your mommy and your daddy divorced?”

Correct! It must be so, if not, how could she like to cry so much? If not, how could they live separately?

“Divorce?” The little guy blinked her eyes in confusion and corrected Lewis Justin. “Grandma said that people who have been married can get a divorce!”

“A married person?” Lewis Justin fixedly looked at the little thing in front of him.

At this moment, he only feels that his whole heart is speeding up inexplicably.

There is joy and expectation, hidden between the eyebrows, almost unable to disperse.

“You mean… your mommy and daddy never married at all?”

“No…” The little guy answered honestly.

Do not have?!!!

At that moment, Lewis Justin could feel a rush of blood running through his body.

Suddenly, what came to mind…?

“Then where did you hit this little thing?”

She has never been married, who is Anna’s father??

However, Anna was that girl’s child, and she and Anna were printed in the same mold, and no one would doubt the identity of the mother and daughter when they went out.

“Of course I popped out of Mommy’s belly!” The little guy looked at him naturally.

Lewis Justin raised his eyebrows, “What about your daddy? I mean…” Lewis Justin paused slightly when he said that, “I mean your biological father.”

“Birth father??”

Anna was startled for a moment, and then she lowered her head slightly, her mood seemed a little depressed.

After a while, she raised a little head, raised her head, looked through the window, and looked at the sky outside.

“Mummy said that God Grandpa loves Daddy so much, so He took Daddy and went to heaven to be the brightest star…”

The little guy was a little bit sad as she spoke.

Her words made Lewis Justin startled.

The look in his eyes was a bit shocking…

“You…your mommy told you this??”

For a moment…

Lewis Justin almost guessed the answer.

In that second, his heartbeat almost jumped out of his chest.

The arms holding Anna trembled a little unconsciously.

“Uncle, what’s wrong with you?”


As Lewis Justin spoke, his eyes kept staring at Anna in his arms.

From her eyebrows to her lips…

At that moment, Lewis Justin seemed to be more sure of what he thought in his heart.


His voice trembling when calling the little girl.

“You obediently tell uncle, what is your last name?”

“Mummy said Daddy’s surname is Lewis, so Anna is also surnamed, Lewis…”

A word from the little guy, without a trace of suspicion, affirmed his thoughts.

Looking at the little guy’s pink face, Lewis Justin’s eyes flushed for almost a moment.

In the next moment, he couldn’t help but hug her, and desperately pecked her little cheek a few times.

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing…”

His throat almost choked.

It turned out that the girl gave birth to such a cute baby…

When Lewis Justin thought of Dixon Lily’s beautiful face, the joy in his heart could not be suppressed.

“Uncle, why are you so happy all of a sudden! Whoops, uncle, your scum…itchy!!”

The little guy giggled at him and protested.

“Baby…” Lewis Justin let the little guy down.


“How long will it take to leave school?”

“Alright, what’s the matter? Want to invite Anna to dinner again?”

“Yes! You are too smart!”

“No…” The little guy refused.


“I’m afraid Mommy is unhappy.” The little guy pouted, but his expression could not hide a little bit of loss.

“I will invite her for your sake too! If you invite her to dinner, she will not be unhappy.”

Lewis Justin lure-coaxing the innocent little guy.

“Really?” The little guy glanced suspiciously at Lewis Justin.

“How about we call and ask her?” Lewis Justin suggested.

“Okay!” The little guy nodded, then went to answer the phone in Lewis Justin’s hand.

Suddenly, as if thinking of something, Lewis Justin withdrew his hand and took a mysterious look at the little guy next to him, “Or, I’ll take you home!”

He doesn’t know why he wants to go to their home to have a look.

He wants to see if they are doing well…

He wants to see, they live together…

He wants to see if she is doing well without him!

In short, he has so many things he wants to know, and he wants to know about them!!!

He missed too much…

Anna didn’t understand the behavior of her handsome uncle for a while, but finally nodded, “Okay!”

“But if my mom is not allowed, you can’t force her!”

The little guy squeezed his nose while talking and asked him, “Uncle, do you think my mommy is pretty? You want to seduce her-don’t you?”

“Nonsense! You little guy knows so much…”

As Lewis Justin spoke, there was a bitterness in his eyes that was too strong to hide.


With joy, he forgot the most important thing…

But, at this moment, he doesn’t want to think about anything…

For the time being, let it go!!!

At least, let it go today…

Lewis Justin waited until the little guy was over and Dixon Lily came to pick her up.

The moment Dixon Lily saw Lewis Justin, she was startled, her expression a bit awkward, “Why are you… why are you here?”

Lewis Justin smiled, the light on his body was almost burning him, and he glanced at the little guy beside him, “I came to play with her.”

Dixon Lily smiled jokingly, “Is there anything funny between you two?”

“Of course.” Lewis Justin looked smug, “and there are many secrets.”

Dixon Lily chuckled, “Thank you for coming to see Anna! But I have to take Anna home first.”

Dixon Lily’s attitude is polite and rusty.

“I’ll send you back!” Lewis Justin said, picking up Anna and leaving.

“No need!” Dixon Lily waved her hand hurriedly, “I…we can go back by ourselves.”

Dixon Lily looked a little anxious.

She was a little afraid of her secret being known by the man in front of her.

If that’s the case, maybe by then, it’s not just her, but him…

Dixon Lily didn’t want to see such a situation.

If she wants to hurt, regret, or embarrass, she will be enough…

She couldn’t bear to make them uncomfortable for any of the other two people.

Therefore, it is the best for them!

“Mommy, let uncle send us back!”

The little guy began to plead for Lewis Justin, “And Anna can’t do the homework taught by the teacher today. Uncle said he would teach me.”

“Baby, Mommy can teach you too!”

Dixon Lily coaxed her.


The little guy lowered her head with a guilty conscience, “But, Anna wants to play with her uncle…”

Anna’s words were only uttered, Dixon Lily’s heart violently tugged, and the pain intensified.

Looking at the two similar faces, one big and one small, for a moment, Dixon Lily could hardly bear to break this situation.

Since she was a child, Anna has liked to ask her who her daddy is.

But now, her daddy held her in his arms, but she couldn’t recognize each other and couldn’t call him daddy.

To be honest, Dixon Lily is somewhat distressed.

“Let me send you back!” Lewis Justin’s voice was low for a few minutes, and he gave her a deep look, and then walked slowly to the parking lot with Anna in his arms.

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