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Chapter 753

Think about it because she must be too sensitive. When did that man’s voice be so warm? Besides, the phone is not his.

“Hello… I’m William’s Mummy!” Sara hurriedly introduced herself, somewhat embarrassed, “I’m sorry, I caused you trouble!”

She turned out to be the kid’s mommy!

Brook John’s evil spirits narrowed their pupils but thought it was a bit funny. While listening to the phone, he didn’t forget to probe his hands and rubbed the little devil’s hair into a mess.

“Oh! I hate it! You messed up the cool hairstyle!!!” William pouted his mouth, complaining in dissatisfaction, and the little porcelain white hands hurriedly sorted out his cool watermelon hairstyle.

As the saying goes, the head can be broken or flowed, but the hairstyle should not be messy!

Humph! If he is jealous of a parent who is more handsome than him, just say it! Insidious!!!

“Madam, you are welcome, the kid is really cute! No trouble! I like him very much, let him play with me for a day today!”

Ok! Go against his conscience and help some nasty kid!

For the voice on the other end, Brook John didn’t hear any familiarity at all. After all, he had never paid attention to everything about a woman normally.

He just feels that the “Lil” voice on the other end is warm, with a soft feeling like goose feathers, very comfortable and warm.

Probably, this is the charm of motherhood! Some emotions will only be inadvertently revealed in front of their baby.

However, the woman over there must be very beautiful, too? Even if the facial features are not beautiful, the soul must be beautiful, at least, the message to him in the voice is like this!

However, tilted his head and glanced at the kid next to him…

It is conceivable that the lady on the other end must be a beauty, otherwise, how could she have born such a handsome kid like Brook John!

Over there, Sara hesitated.

She could feel that the man on the other end would not be a bad person, but she was very worried.

“Madam, are you worried that I am a bad person?” Brook John asked her again quickly, his tone still being warm.

“No, sir! I didn’t mean that just…but I’m a little worried about being alone…”

“That’s it…” The man on the other end seemed to pause for a while, and continued, “Okay…I see, please wait!” Then there was a conversation between the man and the continuous voice on the phone.

“Little devil, go home obediently, don’t bother your Mommy!” Brook John rubbed his little head, feeling a little bit reluctant for any reason.

This feeling is hell!!!

She doesn’t know why, but this sentence alone gave Sara an indescribable feeling of warmth.

At that moment, she was even more certain that the existence of the baby illuminates her entire world, just like the golden sunlight above her head that never falls…

Spread every gap in her heart warmly and fill it up!

At this moment, she was even more sure that the man on the phone would not be a bad person! She doesn’t know why, it’s the kind of faith in the heart!

“But…” The kid waved his injured little lotus arm, blinked and looked at him innocently with a pair of watery eyes, and said to him, “When the time comes, Lil will ask me how I did it. Shall I say that the uncle hit him with a car?”

“You…” Is this kid threatening him?

Although what he said is the truth! But inexplicably, he didn’t want to be criticized by the lady on the phone.

Forget it! He gritted his teeth and gave him an ‘OK’ gesture angrily.

In the next moment, a handsome face smiled against the phone, as if she could see her look on the other end, “Madam, the kid seems to like me, so let him stay, okay? One night!”

Brook John pleaded with Sara from the bottom of his heart.

“…” Narcissist uncle, ashamed!!!

On this end, Sara hesitated for a long time but never answered.

Quite a while…

“Okay!” She seemed hard to make a decision.

Hearing her promise, Brook John suddenly received a pardon from the emperor of the dynasty. He couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief, and his mood suddenly improved. He eagerly thanked her, “Thank you, madam!!!”

Sara smiled, “Sir, please help me take care of our family tonight, he is very skinny, please bear with him!”

“Okay… I will send him back tomorrow!”

“It’s troublesome!” Although she is very reluctant, although she misses a certain bad boy!

“Thank you, madam!”

Finally, hung up and went.

“Finished!!!” The big palm and the small hand clasped in excitement.

After the high-five, Brook John withdrew his hand, coughed slightly, and deliberately straightened his face.

Hmm, hmm! He acted too much!

The kid never stopped on the way to the hospital.

“Uncle, I will call you old William from now on, OK?”

“Not good!!”

Refusing without thinking, what is old William? He is the youngest? Is he only 22 years old? This kid can be called the old man casually if he takes up his tenderness? Don’t even think about it!

‘Uncle’ is already his greatest limit!!!

“Why not? Old William!” William tilted his head and looked at him innocently.

A certain man’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and his slender middle finger was erected in front of William’s innocent little face and warned him, “Don’t call me old William!!!”

Whispering sound! He doesn’t want to join the little devil’s pet family!!!

But obviously, no one cares about his thoughts at all.

“Old William! Your car is so comfortable… William has never been in such a car before!”

“Old William, do you have a young girlfriend?”


“Old William, why don’t Lil have a boyfriend?”

Who knows? But… doesn’t it seem right? There is always a husband without a boyfriend, right? How come she has this stinky kid without a husband?

“Old William, how about you be our Lil boyfriend?”


Question kid!!! And he’s that kind of kid with a strange problem!!!

This guy, is there too much-tangled stuff? He wants to be his mother’s boyfriend, what will his daddy do?

He guesses if he wants to know that this kid is helping his mother climb the wall, he must be beaten!

He went to the hospital to get the medicine and had a whole body checkup. It took nearly two hours to toss around.

Had it not been for the driver’s reminder, Brook John would have left Carter Sophia behind. When he remembered, he hurriedly called her, canceled today’s appointment, and only speculated that there were important customers to entertain. Unable to keep the appointment.

Brook John leaned against the entrance door, staring at the little devil’s head running around in his living room with a handsome face, his teeth clenched even more.

He knew that he shouldn’t take in this enchanting stinky kid!!!

Seeing the extra-large cotton slippers on the little devil’s feet that were large enough to hold his five little feet, he was itchy with hatred.

The smelly kid even snatched slippers from him!!!

Kindly handed him a pair of moderate red panda slippers. The awkward stinky kid even disliked it. Then, the kid over consciously picked up his pair of extra-large cotton slippers on the shoe cabinet, and the two cute little feet went inside. Drill, “Old William, your big boat is so warm!”

As he said, he didn’t forget to stamp his extremely annoying little feet in front of him.

Beautifully showing off, and then, the small body ” patters…” dragging two extremely exaggerated ‘big boats’ swayed and began to look around in his house.

As he walked, he didn’t forget the harsh “click” sound on his feet, constantly irritating him, his private realm was being invaded by this demon little by little.

Finally, the little ghost running around in the house found the sight that had been stuck on him and refused to take it away.

“Old William, are you jealous?”

Jealous of the warm boat?! Haha… the big ship is comfortable!

The little guy didn’t have a trace of apology in his eyes, but he looked like Beier enjoyed it.

Jealous of a ghost!!! He is too lazy to be as knowledgeable as a villain! (PS: This villain is not that villain)

Brook John angrily drew another pair of slippers out of the shoe cabinet, but forgive him, how to drill, how to drill his big feet, he really couldn’t get into the medium-sized slippers, and finally, he was helpless, Brook John the domain is compromised, and it’s up to him to drill into it!

Gan Minger must prepare a few more pairs of slippers for himself! Damn it!!!

Big feet pitifully drilled in the small slippers. In contrast, it seemed that the shoes on his feet looked a little more pitiful.

“Old William, be careful of breaking my slipper sister!”

A certain bad boy did not forget to remind him kindly.


Angrily growled at the little devil, and wearily dumped his whole body onto the sofa aside.

“Old William, your house is so big and beautiful…” It is almost ten times that of William’s home!!! But…

“Old William, you are so pitiful, you are the only one at home?”

A certain little cotton boy sat on the comfortable leather sofa chair, staring at the big watery eyes and staring at the big man who was lazily resting on the sofa.

It must be boring to live alone in such a big house, right?

Brook John gave him an angry look.

“You are pitiful!!”

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something.

After a moment of stunned, he subconsciously searched around the room, unable to find the familiar figure, tilted his head, and asked the kid, “Today is Friday?”

“En!” The kid nodded definitely.

“Oh…” No wonder…

Brook John answered absently, feeling a little uncomfortable inexplicably.

That woman should go home now!!!

Sure enough, he is the only one left in the family!

Today, he seems that even his sister-in-law has had a weekend break, but fortunately, the two of them came back after dinner, or the kid would have to eat instant noodles with him.

At night, the kid dragged two ‘big ships’ into his room.

“Wow…Old William, this sister is so beautiful…”

Looking at the beautiful sister in the frame, William couldn’t help but exclaim.

Chapter 754

Brook John’s face was full of black lines, his chest was round, and his tall body stood in front of the weak body, “Little devil, I warn you again, don’t call me Old William!!!”

Probe hand grabbed the photo frame in William’s hand and put it back in place.

“Old William, it turns out that you are secretly in love…” William licked his pink mouth.

So there is no hope for Lil?

The black thread on Brook John’s head is almost forming a spider web. What is the secret?? Also, he is not in love!

At most, it’s just a ridiculous and sad unrequited love!!!

“Old William, do you like this sister very much?” Otherwise, why are there so many pictures of this beautiful sister in the room?

“Faulty!!” Brook John’s stinky handsome face gave him an uncomfortable glance.

A certain place in the heart was still rippled because of this inadvertent question of the kid.

He didn’t allow others to enter his room at will, and even the sister-in-law could never come in easily. However, for some reason, it seemed that he didn’t feel repulsive to this innocent kid.

The most terrifying thing is that he even let this little devil ask his most sensitive questions again and again! And he didn’t even have the urge to get angry!!!


“Little devil, come and take a shower!!” Maybe they should find something more meaningful to do more wisely.

“Old William, my name is William!” A certain kid corrected him solemnly.

Whatever his name!

“Take your clothes off…” neatly ordered the little devil who was only slightly taller than the bathtub.

William obediently grabbed his thick little sweater, suffocated that pink little cheek, and worked hard for a long, long time…

Finally, with a sigh of relief, the little head survived and got out of the collar safely.

Watermelon Taro’s haircut was also completely messed up, and he became a cannon on that watermelon Taro’s head.

Blinking with a pair of innocent big eyes, he looked at the Brook John, his pink mouth curled, “William said not to wear such nasty clothes, Lil didn’t say that he was wearing cute like this…”

“Haha…” Brook John looked at his desolate appearance and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

The smelly kid is awkward!

“Uncle is really bad!!” William hummed his mouth.

Finally, the little body was naked, half embracing his chubby little body shyly, and he shrank under his feet barely, while the porcelain-white little body was still rubbing against his legs, “Old William, hurry up, Hurry up, shy and shy…”

William’s short elbows are even pinker like two fat little white lotus roots. They are moisturized and cute, making people almost have the urge to step forward and take a bite or two…

“Smelly boy, you are a man, so shy of a P!!”

Brook John is funny and angry, does this kid have to be so awkward?

“Come, a stand-in!”

“Oh…” The kid nodded obediently.

Immediately afterward, he stepped out a short leg that resembled a lotus root and probed into the high bathtub wall.

However, the ‘pool’ is so high!!!

Certain William couldn’t help but sigh.

No solution anymore!

Pulling his short legs back with difficulty, with a blushing little face, he pressed his whole naked body to the edge of the bathtub.

Hmm, William is a little man. If he can’t step over, he will climb over!!!




“Ouch…” The little body fell heavily into the deep bathtub, making him hurt!

The little hand kept rubbing his little head, staring at the man outside the bathtub with an aggrieved expression.

“Does it hurt?” Brook John bent down, his eyes inadvertently peeking out on the light slippery body.

Sitting in the big bathtub, William shook her head, “William doesn’t hurt very much…”

That’s good!

Brook John breathed a sigh of relief, and casually pulled a bath towel to him, “Here, towel, wash it!”


William looked at him crying.

“How?” He raised his eyebrows, his heart frowned, with a premonition that something bad would happen.

William pressed his little head, a little shy, “That…that, Lil said, William rubbed the bath and the bath was not clean…”

The kid is quite honest!!!

However, the eyebrows trembled slightly, and some headaches, “You mean you want me to rub it for you?”

“Old William, if you don’t dislike William if you don’t wash it, that’s okay!” A certain kid looked at him innocently with a very innocent smiling face, and as soon as he finished speaking, his small body was about to crawl out of the bathtub come out.

“Stop!!!” Brook John raised his hand and stopped his crawling body, “Scruffy ghost!!”

He glanced at him contemptuously, and then, extremely awkward and extremely uncomfortable, began to help a certain kid wipe his body.

Look at the kid in the bathtub…

“Washing, bathing, bathing, bathing, bathing, babies are indispensable!!”

Lying comfortably in the ‘pool’, with a small head protruding from the water, the little hand is playing with the soft white foam on the water, and the little mouth has not forgotten to hum a TV commercial song with his milky voice.

It was the first time that Brook John served a person in this way. Unexpectedly, the first person to be served by him turned out to be a kid!!!


Shit!!! What kind of monster did he meet?

Two words

Sara was boring at home alone.

When William isn’t there, she doesn’t feel like doing anything, eating alone, watching TV, and sleeping.

It was late at night, and it was a little cool outside the window.

She still can’t sleep on the bed.


Suddenly, she only heard a muffled sound outside the window, like the sound of something falling to the ground.

Sara was startled for a second, her body trembled, and her heart stopped moving for a second.

After returning to her senses, her face changed slightly.


Could it be a thief?

A little fright flashed in her heart, she hesitated, opened the quilt, and just about to get out of bed, suddenly, she heard a groping sound on the balcony outside the window.

Turning her head to look over, she saw a black figure jumping in from the open window.


Just as Sara was about to scream, her small open mouth was tightly covered by a big palm.

Suddenly, the screaming sound was stopped, and even her breathing was almost suffocated.

In the dark, Sara couldn’t see everything, but she could feel that he was a man!

The heavy body, pressing on her delicate body, almost crushed her.

Good weight!!!

Sara couldn’t see his facial features, but in the darkness, his deep pupils were particularly shining, like obsidian, shining.

“Don’t make a sound!! Cooperate, I won’t hurt you!”

Suddenly, the man on her body made a deep voice.

The voice is thick and muffled.

Sara stared at the man on her body in horror, her small mouth was tightly held by him, and she couldn’t make a sound.

The man’s aura is very strong, so strong that she almost dares not to violate it, but no matter how strong he is, his aura seems a little unstable.

Sara was so overwhelmed by him that she subconsciously pushed his heavy body.


Suddenly, the man on her body let out a painful grunt.

Sara trembled all over, only to feel that her little hand was wet.

She couldn’t help but become more frightened…

This… who is this man?

What is the sticky thing on her hand? Is it water, or is it blood???

“Mmm…” Sara struggled away in a panic.

She feels that this man is not an ordinary person!

How could a normal person sneak into her room late at night? How can a normal person’s body be wet?

However, despite Sara’s struggle, the man on her body remained motionless, and the big hand on her small mouth didn’t mean to let go.

The strength of this man was so great that she was almost unimaginable.

“Woman! Be quiet! Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that you can still see tomorrow’s sun!!!”

The man’s breath is already much weaker…

He gritted his teeth and whispered between her ears, but the tone was as cold as usual.

Sara stiffened, her face pale as gray as death.

Hearing this, if she is not afraid, it is false.

What kind of man did she meet? The big devil that kills people like hemp? Why did he threaten her with life in the beginning?

Sara no longer struggles…

Even the breathing almost stopped.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps outside the window…

She can feel that the man on her body tensed all over, his breath stopped, and the big hand covering her mouth became harder.

Fear is soaring in Sara’s heart…

The sound of footsteps is getting farther and farther away from them…

Until disappear, no longer hear…


Before she had to wait for her to gasp, the man on her body slipped weakly from her and fell heavily under the bed.

“Ah -” Sara covered her small mouth, whispered for a while, her face was purple.

The small body curled up into a ball, clutching the bedding, panting anxiously, and tremblingly turned on the light with her small hands.

With the sound of “pop”, the room was suddenly brightly lit.

“You…who are you?”

With a small body curled up in the quilt, a small head leaned under the bed, panic was still written in her big watery eyes.

Her whole body was still shaking uncontrollably, and her voice was trembling slightly.

When she saw the man lying under the bed, she was stunned for a second and was somewhat shocked.

She saw the man under the bed, dressed in a black suit, and a large area around his waist was wet, and it seemed that there were still water-like liquid things constantly popping out.

Sara trembled, and subconsciously looked at her hands that had touched him, “Ah…”

Can’t help but whisper.

Her tender white hands are already red!!!

It was full of a strong pungent bloody smell, which filled her stomach, and she was a little bit sick and vomiting unconsciously!

She glanced at her quilt, and it was all a terrifying red!!!

All blood…

The bloodshed on this man!!!

Sara gasped, “You…who are you?”

No voice answered her.

In the backlight, she couldn’t see the man’s facial features clearly, and she could vaguely feel that his facial features were very deep when she looked at him, and the outline lines were like carvings.

Fierce and deserted.

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