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Chapter 755

He didn’t speak but was shocked by Sara.

Sara subconsciously probed her hand, trembling a little, and peeked into his snort.

She breathed a sigh of relief and quickly withdrew her hand. Fortunately, he still had a breath.

Hastily opened the quilt and got out of the bed, closed the glass window in a panic, then leaned on the table and took a deep breath, and walked to the side of the bed step by step.

Sara only felt that with every step she took, her breathing would become heavier, and the heart in her atrium seemed to be about to pop out.

“First… sir… Are you still awake?”

Sara timidly pushed his body with a small hand.

However, after a long while, but still motionless.

Did he pass out? Sara was a little anxious.

Who is this man, and why did he suddenly break into her room?

Suppressing the panic in her heart, she squatted down and visited him closer…

Under the dim light, his sharp face did not have a trace of blood, thick sword eyebrows frowned, and his eyebrows trembled slightly. His eyes were tightly closed, and his eyelashes were long and dark and dense, without the rigid and soft feeling of the Chinese. He is tall and straight, with thin and exquisite lips, and has a taste of Westerners.

He is not like a Chinese!

But who is he?

The suspicion in Sara’s heart deepened.

“First… Sir…” Sara tried to call him again.

Finally, there was a response.

The man’s stiff body moved slightly, his eyebrows furrowed deeper and deeper, but his closed eyes were still closed and not opened.

Sara bit her lip, a little flustered in her heart.

He seems to be seriously injured, and the blood is flowing a little bit exaggeratedly, shouldn’t she stop the bleeding first?

However, he must not be a good person! If he is a good person, how can he use other people’s lives as a threat?

Forget it!!!

Sara took a deep breath and stretched out her small hand to grab the phone on the table.

Call the police first, and then help him stop the bleeding!

That’s it!!!

Sara, who made a decisive decision, just took the phone and suddenly felt that something was touching her temple, and she felt a cold and oozing feeling.

Her heart trembled for no reason, and the little hand holding the phone trembled.

She doesn’t need to look at it to know that it is not something else that reaches her forehead, but…a pistol!!!

Just one move is enough to kill her, pistol!!!

“Put down the phone!!” The man bit his lip and uttered coldly.

The breath is very weak, but the shock is still so cold and terrifying, just like the cold gun on her forehead!

Sara’s whole mind was blank, and the panic in her heart had reached its limit.

She never thought that the plot she saw in the movie would break into her life.

Gun, she saw it for the first time!

The little hand trembled slightly, following the man’s words, she obediently put the phone in her hand.

“Cooperate with me obediently, I won’t kill you!!”

The man seemed to feel her panic, to add.

However, to his slight surprise, this woman didn’t even scream out in fright, which saved him a few work procedures.

Sara stared at him with eyes wide open, staring at him blankly.

The eye sockets are a little wet…

Seeing that she didn’t speak or answer, the man began to give orders neatly with his remaining strength.

“Help me stop the bleeding!”

He has shed enough blood, and sooner or later he will bleed too much and die!

Now he definitely can’t go to the hospital, and there is no time to find the hospital!


Sara nodded, and finally, the feeling of suffocation eased back again.

Sara glanced at the opposite man again, slightly concealed the panic from the bottom of her heart, took a deep breath, and raised her eyes to look at him, “Sir, can you please take the snatch first? You put it on my head like this, it’s easy to escape!”

The man seemed to be taken aback for a second, then smiled coldly, “My gun is not that bad!”

Even though he said so, he still took the gun in his hand.

After all, a woman who has no power to bind a chicken can never threaten his life!

Sara didn’t say anything, got up quickly, and started looking for the medicine cabinet in the drawer of the table.

Soon, she took the medicine box and carefully supported him on the ground with her arm, “Lie down on the bed first!”

When the man didn’t speak, Sara took it as acquiescence.


Good weight!!!

Should this man lose weight?!

“Huh…” Sara used all her strength and sweat and finally got the man on the ground into the bed.

Even though she seemed calm, her hands were still shaking.

She was scared, scared, scared…

But what’s the use of being afraid?

She told herself time and time again, don’t be afraid, it will be fine afterward! She is a woman who is not involved in any way, this man will not do anything to her!

Telling herself this way, the panic in her heart got better.

Shaking her hands, began to help him with medicine.

When Sara used scissors to cut his black jersey apart, she realized that his injury was much more serious than she thought.

Moreover, not only is the injury serious, but the situation is very serious.

Because this is not an ordinary injury, but a gunshot wound!!!

Sara’s hand holding the scissors trembled and looked at the hole that was bleeding straight out, and her panicked heartfelt evil.

“Go get alcohol and fire!”

Just as Sara was stunned, suddenly, the man on the bed began to give orders neatly.

Sara was stunned for a second, raised her eyes, glanced at him, her eyes were a little lost, she nodded vaguely, obediently listened to him, and went to find alcohol and fire.

Although, she doesn’t know what this man wants these things to do.

Soon, alcohol and fire are coming!

“Disinfect the scissors first!”

The man continued to order her calmly.

Sara had no consciousness in her headlong ago, but just followed his instructions blankly and began to disinfect.

Before long, “It’s okay!” The man glanced at the red-hot scissors and asked Sara to wipe them several times with alcohol.

When the scissors cooled down, the man took a deep breath, lifted his eyes slightly, and glanced at Sara, who was pale in front of him.

At this time, Sara just noticed that his eyes…

It’s green!!!

He is not Chinese? Or in other words, not pure Chinese!!!

“Cut the meat next to the wound and help me get the bullet out!!”

Just as Sara was startled, the man screamed again and ordered her.

The voice was still so steady that there were no ups and downs as if he was talking about what an ordinary thing.

Ethan was also fortunate, but fortunately, the bullet didn’t hit deep, and the position was so ridiculous that he could let such a clumsy woman take the bullet for himself.

“What…what?” Sara tremblingly held the scissors, her eyes widened, and she stared at the man in front of her in disbelief.

He… what was he just talking about? Did she hear it wrong?

“Cut the meat next to the wound and help me get the bullet out!!”

The man seemed to feel her doubts, patiently and repeated.

Cut the meat, take out the bullet?

“I…I won’t do it!! I can’t do it…” Sara was frightened and threw the scissors on her hand, her face pale with fright, and her whole body trembled.

Is this man crazy? Let her help him get the bullet!!!

The man on the bed did not seem to be surprised by her reaction. The deep green pupil stared at her frightened by the bed for a long time without saying a word.

He didn’t struggle, letting the blood flow on his waist.

“If you…or else, hit 120! Then… if you continue like this, you will… die!”

Finally, Sara couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Is there a difference between 120 and 110?” The man’s voice still didn’t fluctuate, and he glanced at her by the bed.

“But…but…” Sara didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Don’t be like this!” The man frowned, poked his hand, picked up the scissors on the quilt, and handed it to her, “Hold it! Get it out for me!”

“But… But, I… I don’t, and I… There is no anesthetic here, it will… It will hurt…”

“Don’t worry about these!” The man glanced at his wound, then looked up at her, “It won’t hurt very much, I can bear it! Let’s start!”

After all, this is not the first time!

There are more painful and more severe than this, let alone such a shallow gunshot wound!

Can bear…

Listening to him so calm and comfortable, Sara’s little hand holding the scissors trembles more and more.

How strong is this man’s willpower, even such a serious gunshot wound, he can tolerate it!

“Woman, if you hesitate any longer, I will die in your house! Remind you in advance that I am going to die in your house, and I can guarantee that you will never live in peace!”

The man said calmly, his lips still chuckling indifferently.

This is not like a threat, but like, he is telling her a very real fact!

“You…you don’t have to scare me…”

Sara looked at him, her eyes full of panic.

The man just pursed his lips and smiled faintly, “You can try if you don’t believe me!”

“You…” Sara was scared.

She can’t live her life…

She is not afraid that she will not be able to live, but that her relatives will not be able to live with her!!!

Her mother, her baby…

“Okay… I’ll help you!!”

She is really scared!!!

She took a deep breath, her eyes were a little bit turbulent, and her small hands were shaking, slowly and slowly approaching his wound.

The heart seemed to stop beating for an instant, and even the breathing was suffocated.

The man on the bed also obviously began to tighten, but soon he relaxed again.

“Woman, don’t be afraid, you’ll be well soon!!”

He is still trying to comfort her.

Long time…


The moment the scissors touched the wound, Ethan also gritted his teeth and exhaled in pain.

Sara trembled all over, and subconsciously withdrew her hand, but soon, she was gripped tightly by a big cold palm.

“Carry on!!”

Can’t back down, back down, it’s another tug of war.

His wounds can’t wait!

Looking at the open wound, Sara felt an urge to vomit, and her eyes became moisturized unconsciously.

However, she still completed the next work!!!

She knows, his body can’t afford to wait. If he can choose, who would choose to let a layman who doesn’t know anything do the operation on him? Unless he is a fool!


A muffled cry of pain sounded in the silent bedroom.

With the sound of “ding-“, the sound of the bullet hitting Sara’s eardrums deeply.



Chapter 756

Sara threw the bloody scissors in her hand and ran into the bathroom, vomiting wildly.

She didn’t know how long she vomited, but Sara only felt that she was about to vomit all of her internal organs before she stopped.

Tears flowed down the pale, ashen face, and she sat down on the ground, shaking for a long time.

The feeling of shaking God is like a person who has lost her soul.

Very long time…

She doesn’t know how long it is, one hour, or two hours, or even longer…

Finally, Sara went out of the bathroom.

Man, still lying on the bed.

His wound has been completely bandaged, somewhat unexpectedly, the bandaging technique is very skillful, completely at the level of a professional doctor.

It seems that the blood has stopped, but there is still a piece of blood on the white bandage.

The man did not sleep.

His gaze came out of Sara, until now, he didn’t leave every minute.


He raised his eyebrows and asked her.

Sara moved her eyes slightly and met his deep green pupils without speaking.


Normal people should be scared! Isn’t it?

“I am sorry!”

The man apologized, a little awkward.

After a pause, he added, “Thank you!”

Without her, he might have died at the hands of those killers tonight!

Sara still didn’t speak, but she sat down on the sofa blankly.

The man seemed to realize something, probed his hand, opened the quilt, ready to get up, “I think I should leave!”

Sara tilted her head to look at him, without any expressions, “Do you think you can go?”

The wound on the waist, the wound should be easily pulled, right? If it gets pulled and starts to bleed again, what should he do? Looking for someone’s home again, lowering his head with a gun to help him stop the bleeding?

Sara lay down on the sofa, turned over, did not look at him again, “You should stay here first! I don’t want to spend so much effort on my own, but it turns out to be in vain!”

She didn’t want to throw up for so long today!

Until now, the stomach is still throbbing.

The man paused, took a deep look at her, said nothing, and continued to lie down on the bed.

As a mercenary S-class mercenary, he still knows what kind of form is beneficial to him!

If he goes out in this way, the wound will get worse.

Father and son area:

Big bed, small head against big head, big head squeezing the small head.

“Smelly boy, go to sleep on the ground!!”

“No!” The little ghost pouted and protested, “Old William is really bad!!” Hum…

While talking, he put a sticker on his tall and strong body.

“Smelly boy! Stay away from me!!”

Someone waved his arm gently, pretending to be disgusted, and the result was still, “Grumbling…” The little meatball rolled back and forth on the big bed several times.

Then, when he was in a daze, “Ceng Ceng Ceng…” there was another sound of cloth crunching in the bedding.

Turning his head to look over, that softball of meat rolled over to him with a dead skinny face, and complained about a small mouth while rolling, “I hate it! William is tired…”

“…” Brook John was dumbfounded by his cute appearance.

The stinky kid is thick-skinned!

However, he doesn’t know why, there is a warm feeling after being stuck by the little devil-like this, and even the cold heart seems to warm up.

It’s wired…

“Old William, aren’t you afraid to live alone?” The little devil who was sticking to him spoke suddenly.

“The coward is afraid!!” He closed his eyes and snorted disdainfully.

“Then you are not lonely alone?” William continued to study in the spirit of asking if he didn’t understand.

“…” The certain man refused to answer.

Is he alone? It seems that there was one more person in the family recently, but she happened to be absent today.

“Old William, don’t you have a mommy?” Why is Old William alone? No relatives? William and Lil and grandma too!


The two words suffocated Brook John’s whole heart for a second.

For a while, “No…”

He responded, his voice was low and astringent.

Finally, the little head staring at the ceiling turned away, looking at him, a bit of distress flashed in his watery eyes, and then, the little hand gently stroked his head, “It’s okay. Lil won’t be lonely…”

William comforted him with a serious appearance.

Old William must be lonely alone, right?

“No!!” Brook John grabbed his little hand and threw it away, “I don’t want to fall into your pet family!”

Does the smelly kid have to be so hypocritical? It made him feel moved like an idiot in his heart.

“Old William, don’t pretend, you are so fake like this…” A certain little devil was completely unmoved by his desertedness, and a small head went straight into his sturdy arms.

“Hey! Dead boy, stay away from me!!!”


“Little devil, roll my quilt again and I will kick you down!”

“Prickly thorn…” The round body rolled, and another layer of the quilt was rolled up.

“…” A certain man was itchy with hatred, but he didn’t dare to lift his feet and kick. The kid was so small, how could he dare to kick him, and he could only endure the brutality of the kid silently.

Until the morning, he was alive and awake.

The kid blinked a pair of big watery eyes, staring at him innocently and innocently, “Old William, isn’t it cold at night without a quilt?”

“…” At that moment, Brook John had an urge to kill this stinky kid alive!!!

At the table-

A certain enchanting kid seemed to be in a particularly good mood.

There is a big white napkin around his chest, his little hand is excitedly resting on the dining table, a knife in one hand and a fork in the other, dragging two small feet of the extra-large ‘ship’, swaying constantly on the chair, that one almost all the round watermelon Taro’s head was about to go into the kitchen.

“Old William, are you ready? William is going to be hungry!!”

The saliva is running on the napkin.

“Okay! Don’t hurry… stinky kid!!”

He woke up early in the morning and clamored for breakfast, but he couldn’t make it. He said that he was giving instant noodles to the child, but he was still alive and well. He said that it was easy to eat in the face of bad health, so he had to eat it in the morning. The nutritious thing must be clamoring to make him the damn egg breakfast.

As a result, he couldn’t help but walked into the kitchen in an apron and picked up the pots and pans that had never been moved.

Carrying the egg breakfast, put it in front of Mr. William, with a “bang…”

Gritting his teeth, staring at him bitterly, “Little devil, I must owe you in my previous life!!”

Otherwise, his great young master would have entered that damn kitchen for a stinky kid.

Think about it, when he was angry with that woman, he was half hungry, and he hasn’t gone to the kitchen to eat. Is this kid going to be lucky for ten years?


His Young Master Brook has completely fallen into their pet family??


Brook John thought angrily and kept poking the eggs in the bowl as a watermelon Taro’s head.

Then, the egg whites were also shaved cleanly.

He doesn’t like to eat egg whites, it feels slippery, it is very weird, it has no taste, it is not delicious!

But William, with a small head buried on the side, eats with relish.

However, his knife and fork have not let go of those pesky proteins in the bowl.

He doesn’t know why, since he was born, he didn’t like this thing. Although Lil said it didn’t smell strange, he just hated it.

“Old William, egg yolk is delicious!!”

Although it is a little battered, because the egg yolk itself is delicious, no matter how bad it is fried, it is still delicious when eaten in William’s mouth!


Brook John’s eyes flashed from the eyes that had been resentful, and some were flattered.

Although, he found it quite unpalatable when he ate it, especially when compared with what a woman made, it was one in the sky and one on the ground!

“Really!!” The little guy waved his knife and fork excitedly, nodding like garlic.

Looking at the happy appearance of the little devil, Brook John felt a sense of contentment in his heart, and the corners of his lips chuckled unconsciously.

He seems that the feeling of having a kid eating with him is quite good!

Just about to say something to the kid, suddenly, paused, staring at him, “Boy, you said it’s delicious, what’s on the table?”

Smelly kid, lie to him!!!

This is detesting him!!!


William confessed honestly, with a guilty conscience, his head dropped.

Bad! Will Old William force him to eat this nasty egg white like Lil?

“Why throw it away?” Brook John ringed his chest, sternly, and seriously tortured William, who was about to drop into his bowl.

The opposite is quiet…


Very little patience, quietly waiting for the kid to answer.

After he finished speaking, he didn’t forget the grimly added sentence, “Lying and be careful of your mouth breaking!!”

Humph!!! Good or bad old cotton!

“William doesn’t like to eat protein!!” William confessed honestly.

Suddenly, and afraid that he would not believe the other person, he raised his watery eyes and looked at him with a sincere expression, “William didn’t lie! William didn’t want to be a bad mouth!!”

“You… don’t like to eat egg whites?” Brook John was surprised, staring at the kid on the opposite side in disbelief.

The smelly kid looks more like himself!!!

“En!” The kid nodded determinedly.

Brook John rolled his eyes, rubbed his painful eyebrows, bit his lip, and stared at the opposite ‘childhood self’. He felt a little funny but also a little weird, “Smelly kid, who kind of are you??”

He is really curious, what kind of person is combined with what kind of person, and the little ghost born will be so similar to him?!!!

William gnawed on the egg yolk in the bowl while shaking his head triumphantly, “Of course it’s a big William! So stupid…”

How else could there be little William?

Old William is so stupid!!!

Big William, Little William…

The thin morning light sprinkled warmly into the quiet room, bringing some warmth to the slightly cold room.

Sara rolled over subconsciously and woke up slightly.

She habitually held up a lazy waist, her haggard eyes were still closed, and her mouth murmured indiscriminately, “Baby, what do you want to eat today?”


The answer to her was short and neat.


Sara suddenly returned to her senses, her small body trembled, and she instantly got up from the bed, staring at the answering man beside her in disbelief.

He seems to have woke up early, and his spirit is exceptionally good.

Compared with the coldness of last night, his face was slightly softer.

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