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Chapter 759

Sure enough, Sara believed it.

She didn’t believe it but just changed the topic a little bit.

“Who is Old William?” Sara was a little surprised. When did their William family join a new member, and she didn’t even know? Please! She is the supreme leader!

“Report Lil! Old William is the old man on the phone yesterday!” William stood up instantly, resting his pink hand on his forehead, doing a respectful and solemn answer to Sara’s question.

Sara was stunned for a moment and came back to her senses. It seems that the little devil seems to have an uncle’s affinity!

Yesterday, he only accepted a new member into their family, and today he recognized a man as a father. Isn’t this kid’s relationship a good man?

“Lil, Old William is so pitiful…” As he said, the little guy buried his body again, his little head drooping.

“En? What’s the matter?” Sara tilted her head slightly, looking at him puzzled.

“He! There is only one person at home, no daddy, no mommy, not even a person to accompany him to dinner!”

Seeing the little guy’s distressed look, Sara didn’t feel a little bit awkward, but hurriedly comforted him, “It’s okay after the grandma gets better, Mommy will go see him when she is free, okay? Go and make good food for him, and you can eat with him, right?”

“Really?” William, who had just looked lost, was immediately excited, “Lil, can we go to dinner with Old William in the future?”

“Of course!!” Sara promised, “William ‘s friend is Lil’s friend!”

“Hmm…” A watermelon Taro’s head pointed straight, “Great, Old William must be very happy!!”

Hey, just thinking about it makes him happy!

However, the awkward Old William must detract from his nosy whispering sound! He doesn’t know how happy he is, he always likes to be reserved!

Monday morning…

Ethan’s injury has healed a lot, and Sara almost suspects that he is a superman, and the speed of recovery from the wound is completely beyond ordinary.

With William’s insistence, the two sent him to school together.

That day, she could feel that the little guy was very excited, holding Mommy on the left with two little hands, and Daddy on the right. He was in a very good mood, and his little head was raised very high.

It wasn’t until the jumping figure of the little guy disappeared from Sara’s sight that she slowly recovered.

Tilt her head, looking at the tall man on the side, a little embarrassed, “I’m embarrassed for these two days, William…”

“He needs a father!”

Ethan didn’t wait for Sara to finish speaking, and he took her words.

Sara was stunned for a second, then was silent for a while, and said in a deep voice, “Thank you…”

Ethan also glanced at her faintly, did not speak, and squeezed for a while, looking at her, the green pupils were a little deep, “I think I should leave!”

“Leaving?” Sara was stunned for a moment, “Yes, your wounds healed quickly…”

“En! So thank you! Evan Sara, just treat me as if I owe you a favor!”

“No need…” Sara hurriedly waved her hand, “I just raised a hand, not to mention, you stayed with me all day, making him happy all the time, I have to thank you in turn!”

“That’s between me and the little ghost, don’t do your business! I am the little ghost’s daddy, it is only natural for me to be with him!

“Huh?” Sara was stunned, a little embarrassed, “You… are you serious?”

Ethan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Do you think I am joking?”

“…” Sara was silent, silent.

What a strange feeling!

Does he want to be William’s daddy? It’s really hard to imagine, it doesn’t seem to be the style of this man!

“I’m leaving…”

Above her head, the man’s mellow voice sounded deep.

Sara raised her eyes, and she stared at him in a daze.

“Remember my name, my name is Ethan!”

After speaking, he turned and left.

No contact information left…

Yes, he told her, his name!

His name is Ethan!!!

Sara stayed in place, staring blankly at the back of him leaving, her heart swaying a little.

This man, will he appear in the future?

The answer, she doesn’t know…

Shouldn’t he appear again?

The passers-by in life should be so…

After leaving the kindergarten, Sara returned to the empty villa.

On the small road, the maple leaf forest became thicker and heavier, and even the wind became colder.

It seems that winter is coming!

There was no one in the room.

There is no figure of that man, but his breath is still there.

Even, everywhere, a little bit, are invading her breath…

Went around the room, then turned out the door.

Probably if this continues, she will be smothered in it!

Maybe she can try to find some volunteers in the hospital so that she can take care of her mother without being too busy.

In the hospital-

“You want to be a volunteer?”

Ball James looked at Sara from the top down.

“En!” Sara nodded affirmatively, “Can’t I?”

“That’s not!” Ball James shook his head, just…

Does John know?

“Hey! Evan John, volunteering is very hard! I think you should not do it!” Ball James tried to persuade her.

“No!” Sara insisted.

Tilt her head and look at him, “Hey! Doctor Ball, didn’t you say that you are the super manager here? Don’t tell me that you can’t help me with such little things?”

Sara has been thinking if she knew Ball James earlier, could she ask him to plead with him and slow down the 500,000 operation fee, then would she still have nothing to do with that man??

Perhaps her life is a different story now!

“Okay, okay! I’ll help you! You don’t have to sorrow me anymore!” Ball James had no choice but to respond.

“James, thank you!!”

In the future, she doesn’t need to nest in that golden birdcage every day, and she can also come to the hospital to take care of her mother and volunteer by the way. Why not do it?

She feels happy just thinking about it!

“En! How do you thank me?”

“Invite you to eat?”

“Okay! It’s a deal! I’ll make an appointment when I have time! My brother and sister are very busy!”


When Sara returned to the golden birdcage again, it was already 6 p.m.

The man has not yet returned.

Some luck!

Soon, she went upstairs and changed her home clothes, then walked directly into the kitchen and began to prepare ingredients.

It is still his favorite dish, a subconscious choice.

After preparing all the ingredients, she glanced at the quartz clock on the wall, and it was only a quarter to seven.

Outside the window, it was already black.

The winter season is approaching, and it gets extremely dark.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, only the street lights with scattered stars flashed, and there were no other colors, so quiet and lonely.

Sara took off her apron, came out of the kitchen, and watched the bubble show bored in the living room, waiting for him to come back.

Sister-in-law said that if Brook John didn’t go home for dinner, he would usually call back!

As time passed, he didn’t come back, and the landline in the hall still didn’t think of it.

She’s a little hungry.

Randomly went to the kitchen to take some snacks to fill her hunger, and then went back to the sofa.

A casual glance at the quartz clock on the wall, the clock is already pointing to nine o’clock.

Her eyebrows frowned slightly, and her lips curled.

Is he not coming back? Or does she need to call him and ask him? Or eat it herself?

Sara looked a little frustrated.

After hesitating for a long time, finally, she decided to send him a text message to ask him.

In this way, she shouldn’t disturb his work, right?

She took the phone and compiled a message for a long time, but it was just a simple sentence, but it took her a lot of effort, and she was constantly hesitating whether to send it.

Finally, she made up her mind and touched the send button with her finger and pressed it gently.

Because she is going to be hungry!

The phone displays, “Sent”.

Inexplicably, her heart tightened a bit involuntarily.

“Ding Ding…”

In Carter Sophia’s bedroom, on the table, Brook John’s cell phone suddenly rang.

After the shower, Carter Sophia leaning on the bedside playing computer games in a good mood, by the way, waiting for the man in the bathroom, casually took the phone on the table and looked at it.

The mobile phone displays the word ‘woman’.

Her eyebrows were slightly twisted, and her mouth was pouted, a little unhappy.

She doesn’t like this title!

A few doubts arose unconsciously from the bottom of her heart, slightly probed, and glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the sound of running water continued.

He just entered, he shouldn’t come out so quickly, right?

Thinking about that, Carter Sophia’s slender fingers gently pressed the view button.

She knew that Brook John didn’t like others to explore his privacy, and even more didn’t like others to answer his phone privately, read his text messages, etc., but it didn’t matter, she was not someone else, she was the man’s fiancée!

It is normal for the fiancée to check the privacy of her fiancé!

Open the message and read it. It says a short sentence, “Will you come back for dinner?”

Come back for dinner?

Carter Sophia frowned, could she be that sister-in-law? When did she learn to send text messages? Don’t she keep calling?

Besides, why the stored number is such an ambiguous title of “woman”?

Perceiving something wrong, Carter Sophia hesitated for half a second, and then, quickly, the Five Commanders moved and quickly sent a text message.

“Hello, I am John’s fiancée. He is taking a bath now. We have eaten and are ready to rest! He won’t go back tonight!”

Carter Sophia politely replied a text message, already very formal fiancée.

“Dangling Dangling…”

On the sofa, the phone rang suddenly and a message popped in.

Sara froze for a moment, then probed her hand and hurriedly picked up the phone on the sofa.

The message from Brook John is shown on the display screen.

She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

Disappointed!!! Sara yelled at herself for nothing in her heart.

When she opened it, she was slightly startled.

Chapter 760

“Hello, I am John’s fiancée. He is taking a bath now. We have eaten and are ready to rest! He will not go back tonight!”

A few simple types of words pricked her eyes a little.


Her heart stabbed.

No wonder he didn’t come back so late, and he didn’t call back. That’s how it is!

She felt that her fingers were a little weak, and she didn’t reply to the text message. She put her phone aside at random and ignored it.

She is hungry, go cook!!!

If he doesn’t come back, she wants to eat it alone!

Yeah! Don’t wait for him if she knew it! She is such a fool!

What should I do?

Yep! Just make what she likes, scrambled eggs with tomatoes instead of egg soup!

Also, fried eggs, it doesn’t matter if some people don’t eat egg whites!

However, until a dish of dishes came out and she sat in front of them, she realized that her stomach was full.

She seems to be too hungry, she really can’t eat anything!

Even the mood fell a little bit, an unspeakable feeling.

The text message just kept running back in her mind, the three sensitive words ‘fiancée’ popped into her mind time and time again, and the happy scenes of their engagement…

Everything is as if it was a movie, which will be shown in a loop again and again!

In the mouth, it tastes like chewing wax.

The rice grains are in the throat and she can’t swallow it no matter what.

In the end, Sara surrendered!

Even though she doesn’t like herself like this, but…

The heart is never controlled!

She is lost and unhappy…

Want to hide, want to care, but it’s hard, hard!!!

She got up, took away the dishes and chopsticks, instead of staying in the huge hall, she went straight upstairs and went into her bedroom.

Probably, everything will be fine as soon as she sleeps and wake up!

Being in a bad mood is just temporary for her!

What’s more, didn’t she already know that he has a fiancée?

What is the self now? Probably, it is true, completely reduced to his underground mistress, right? Still the kind of underground mistress who can’t see the light in the true sense!

After bathing, Brook John wears a white nightgown at home, with short shredded hair lying lazily between his forehead, flowing down the crystal water drops, revealing a sexual color that is hard for women to resist.

As soon as he got out of the bathroom, he habitually picked up the phone and took a look.

Carter Sophia’s body posture was enchanting, climbing up his tall and straight body from behind, and a pair of enchanted little hands swayed freely on his sturdy chest, caressing them.

The heat in her nose, with a faint fragrance of perfume, splashed onto Brook John’s neck intentionally or unintentionally, trying to confuse his mind.

However, Brook John’s thoughts did not seem to fall on her.

John’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, his emotions seemed a little angry, but he didn’t push the woman away.

“Have you read my message?” asked her in a low voice, his tone a little impatient.

Is that woman waiting for him to eat?

Ah! Funny!!!

“Brook, are you angry with me?” Carter Sophia pouted slightly, looking at him aggrievedly.

“You should know that I don’t like others to inquire about my privacy!” Brook John looked at her coldly.

Carter Sophia’s eye sockets were filled with water mist, and her sexy body was constantly rubbing against his somewhat soaked body, aggrieved and acting like a baby, “Hey, how can you be like this? Your fiancée, how can you say that I am someone else!!!?”

Brook John’s eyebrows trembled, and there was no sound.

He just felt that there was a fire spreading continuously.

He has to admit that this woman is clever in provoking men!

At least, much more skilled than that woman! It is much easier to do it with her!

She is a woman who does not need to be trained by him, and that woman is so clumsy that she needs to be trained by him at almost every step, completely like a virgin who has never experienced anything, but there is no doubt that such a woman can be trained. It seems that the more chewing, the more flavorful! Probably there is a man’s desire to conquer in it.

“Blue, what are you thinking about?”

Feeling his distraction, Carter Sophia was a little unhappy, her little finger hooked his handsome jaw enchantingly, and kissed his thin sexual lips, trying to tease him further.

The distraction of a man under her is undoubtedly a kind of contempt for her!

When she asked, Brook John was stunned for a second, and his deep pupils contracted a few times unconsciously.

What was he thinking just now?

He was thinking about that woman just now!!!

Feeling this woman, but thinking of that woman’s body in his mind!

Pulling his lips, smiling indifferently, it seems that he is addicted to the disobedient little wild cat!

Fortunately, what the woman made him obsessed with was no other things, but her body! That body like a corpse!

Brook John chuckled his lips, lowered his head, and kissed Carter Sophia deeply, “Baby, I think I should go home!”

“Go back home?”

In a word, Carter Sophia was completely stunned.

“It’s already over 10 o’clock now, why are you still going home! No, I want you to stay with me! I want to… not to go, not to go!”

While Carter Sophia acted like a baby, she began to entangle and deceive.

The whole sex body was attached to Brook John’s sturdy body while kissing every inch of his skin anxiously while fading away from her semi-transparent nightgown.

Undoubtedly, this woman’s bed Kung Fu is so much better than that of Evan Sara, and she even understands the conditions that confuse a man has.

For example translucent silk nightgown, black sex lace thong pants…

Each is an important factor that catalyzes the secretion of men’s hormones!

It’s just that…

Those pink lace breasts clothes, cute little strawberry bottoms pants, and tightly wrapped pajamas pop out of his mind for no apparent reason.

He thinks he is considerate! Innocent consideration of that woman.

Even though, her bones are not as innocent as she looks on the surface!!!

Brook John’s eyes flashed with a slight smile, and his big hand covered Carter Sophia’s small arm, and he pulled her slightly to retreat from her body, “Baby, next time you wear cute things, maybe I would like it better!”

Slightly lowered his head and pressed a light kiss on her forehead, and then stopped looking at the dazed Carter Sophia, and began to change clothes.

After a long time, Carter Sophia came back to her senses in a daze.

Her mist’s eyes were full of injuries, and she stared blankly at his calmly changing clothes.

“Does that ‘woman’ belong to the cute department?” Carter Sophia asked him, with ridicule and anger in her tone.

Brook John paused for a second with his bowtie fingers. He tilted his head and looked at her. He made no waves. “I remember that we had an agreement. Before we officially got married, no one had the right to ask about the other party’s private life, isn’t it? It seems that I have kept this agreement very well, and I hope that Miss Carter should also observe the agreement!”

Carter Sophia’s misty eyes became moister, and a sneer at the corner of her lips.

“Compliant well? Yes! You comply well! Because you don’t care if I have anything to do with other men!! You, Brook John, don’t care at all!!!”

In the end, Carter Sophia still couldn’t hold back, sobbing and roaring.

The tears in her eyes finally slipped down…

Brook John still ignored her anger.

Women, all kinds, he sees more!

She, Carter Sophia, is right, how many men she has, he doesn’t care at all!

As far as he is concerned, if he wears a cover, he is safe and clean! At least, he didn’t touch her directly!

“Go to bed early!”

Brook John lowered his head, kissed her forehead lightly, then turned and left.

Only Carter Sophia knows how cold this kiss… really is…

It was as if a piece of ice-covered her forehead. If it weren’t for the soft touch, perhaps she would think it was just a piece of ice!

Coming out of Carter Sophia’s villa, Brook John drove home directly.

After hesitating, he dialed the slightly unfamiliar phone number.

It was eleven o’clock in the night, and Sara fell asleep early, but she suffered from insomnia.

Tossing around on the bed inexplicably, but unable to sleep.

“Dangling Dangling…”

Suddenly, a shrill phone rang sounded, breaking the silence of the room.

Sara was stunned for a moment and put a small hand out of the bedding, picked up the phone on the table, and didn’t bother to open her eyes to look at the phone display, and directly pressed the answer button to answer it.

“Hello, hello…”

“It’s me!”

A deep voice came from the other end, belonging to Brook John.

Sara was stunned, and she suddenly woke up with the feeling of anxiety all over her body.

How… how could it be him?

“You…didn’t you sleep?”

Fell asleep? Who said it? Carter Sophia?

“I’m on the way back!” Brook John stated lightly.

On the way back? Sara is puzzled again, isn’t he not coming back?

“Oh! You…you call me, is there anything?”

“I didn’t bring the door card, please open the door for me later!”

“Oh… well…” Sara nodded.

Then, the phone was cut off by the man on the other end, and only an icy busy tone of “beep-beep-” remained in the phone.

At this time, Sara couldn’t sleep at all!

Isn’t he with his fiancée? Why did he come back suddenly? It’s strange!!!

Sara opened the quilt, got up, and went straight downstairs.

Since she can’t sleep, let’s go downstairs and wait!

Going downstairs and turning on the TV, she watched the boring interview.

Not long after…

“Dee… Dee…”

Outside the window, as the dazzling headlights passed by, a car whistle sounded.

Is he back?

Sara hurriedly got up to open the door.

Opening the entrance door, she saw Brook John’s tall and straight body stepped out of the car calmly, looking over him with the blurred car lights, and the dim light sprinkled softly on his body, unconsciously a little more. Sub-glamorous mystery.

Let Sara’s heart jump wildly!!!

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