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Chapter 761

It had only been two days since they had not seen each other, but it made Sara feels that they hadn’t seen each other for a long, long time.

And his charm is increasing!

Sara looked so silly that she didn’t notice him until he approached.

“Evan Sara, saliva will flow out after looking at me!”

Brook John smiled coldly, his eyes were stained with ridicule and complacency.

He lowered his head slightly and stamped a cold kiss on the corner of her lips to ‘remind’ her that the saliva was about to flow out.

“Um.” Sara suddenly returned to her senses when she was shocked by his sudden kiss.

Seeing that smirking charm, a small face suddenly became red.

She was so obsessed just now…

Moreover, he kissed her!!!

The little cheeks burned so badly that her heart was rippling unconsciously.

The look in her eyes was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable, “I…I went upstairs first…”

Sara had to admit that this man could easily provoke the ripples in her heart with every move, so, facing him, it would be better for her to escape far!

Sara turned around, and suddenly, her small arm was pulled by a powerful long arm, and her small body fell into a cold and strong chest without warning.

“Ah…” Sara couldn’t help but whisper.

Her face was flushed, and her big eyes blinked, looking at him inexplicably.

“What are you running?”

Brook John seemed to be a little angry, frowned, and let out a low growl at her.

The inexplicable good mood at that moment was instantly disrupted by her.

“I didn’t!” Sara denied, but a little guilty.

Brook John glanced at her in his arms deeply, raised his hand, and closed the entrance door behind him.

Then, letting go of her in his arms, he walked directly into the hall.

“Evan Sara, if you want to avoid me, let’s next life!!”

Brook John said coldly, walked to the bar, poured a glass of warm water, and took a few sips.

Then, leaning against the bar, standing still, firmly locked her still at the door in a daze.


Beckoned and motioned for her to lean over.

Sara frowned slightly and looked at him puzzled. Her pupils confronted his deep smoke pupils, but the steps under her feet remained motionless.

She seems extra stubborn!

Brook John looked a little impatient, and a little anger flashed under his eyes, “Evan Sara, annoyed me, are you very happy?”

Sara at the door was slightly startled for a few seconds, then, stepped up and approached him.

Annoyed him, not because she was happy, but because she suffered!!!

As soon as she approached, Sara’s petite body fell into a strong chest. She doesn’t need to look at him, just feel it, and she knows it’s him!

Just frowning slightly…

In his arms, what a heavy perfume smell!

Even the kind of perfume that smells very advanced, but still, it enters her nose and is very sensitive!

Because she is allergic to perfume!!!

With his head leaning on her delicate shoulders, a wicked chuckle at the corner of his lips, he murmured under her ear, “I haven’t seen you for three days, miss me?”

His voice is very light and light, like a mellow light wine…

With an evil charm, Sara almost felt intoxicated.

His question…

Some make Sara scared, but in fact, more is that she can’t figure it out!

Why does he ask her like this? He seems to be teasing her deliberately!

She doesn’t like this feeling…

Because she could not understand!!!

Sara’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and the little hand subconsciously pushed him in front of her, “Mr. Brook, don’t be like this, I…”

“No way?”

Brook John smiled contemptuously and interrupted her directly. However, the body pressing on her hardened a little more, “Miss Evan, please figure out your identity! You are my… mistress!!! Hugs and kisses are just the lowest services, right?”


The two words sum up the true meaning of mistress.

“Mr. Brook, it’s late, let’s rest early!”

Sara’s attitude became colder, and her eyebrows frowned.

The smell of perfume filled her nose, and it hurt.

“Sara, you haven’t answered my question yet! I ask you, do you want me…”

Brook John turned a blind eye to her resistance.

The more she struggled, the closer he got.

Still use the kind of trick that she can’t resist!

Women can confuse men, and men can confuse women!!!

The game he most wants to play is to play this woman in his own hands!

What kind of torture is the most painful? Heart…

Brook John’s sexual lips touched a wicked smile, whispered, asking her in a bewitching manner, lowered his head slightly, and a soft kiss settled on Sara’s trembling lips.

“Answer me…”

For this answer, he seems to look forward to the result!

Because, when he was in love with Carter Sophia today, he was thinking about this woman! Perhaps, he wants to find a sense of balance in his mind!!!

Facing such a gentle and charming offensive, Sara felt as if she was about to suffocate.

Taking a deep breath, the faint fragrance of perfume seeped into the nose, and an uncomfortable feeling penetrated the whole body.

Suddenly, with force, she pushed the man in front of her hard.

“Mr. Brook, please stay away from me!!!” Sara couldn’t help but raised a few decibels, a flash of disgust in her eyes.

Brook John, who was pushed away suddenly, was startled, his smile froze on his face and gradually became cold.

The deep eyes unconsciously tightened for several laps, and then his icy eyes gripped her with a painful look.

In the bottom of his eyes, anger was rising a little bit, and he looked like a lion ready to go.

This woman seems to be confused about her identity!!!

Feeling the anger of Brook John on the opposite side, Sara couldn’t help but tremble for a second.

The scene of that night in the pool came into her mind for no apparent reason and stunned fiercely, and hurriedly added, “You… the perfume smell on your body is too strong, I am a little allergic!”

She lowered her head, afraid to look at him.

That night he was just like him now!

Inexplicably, the panic in her heart increased a little.

She knew that if she continued to fight again, this evening might be another day of suffering!

Brook John was stunned for a second, and the cold eyes shrank in a circle, and a faint chuckle swept across the corners of his cold lips, staring at her playfully for a moment.

Perfume allergy?

Humph! This excuse is too bad, right?!

“Go to your bathroom and help me with water!”

Suddenly, Brook John changed the subject and ordered her casually.

“Huh?” Sara was stunned, a little too slow, “My bathroom?”

“I want to take a bath, is there a problem?” He wanted to see how allergic this woman could be to perfume!!!

Sara glanced at him inexplicably, said nothing, went upstairs, and went back to her bedroom.

After entering the room, she went directly to the bathroom, opened the showerhead, and helped him discharge water.

She didn’t understand what this man wanted to do!

After putting the water in, Sara didn’t do anything else and pulled the quilt onto the bed.

Soon, the bedroom door was opened, and Brook John stepped in. Without taking a second look at her on the bed, he went into the bathroom.

Before long, the sound of the water flowing in the bathroom rang out, making Sara, who had been unable to sleep, even more confused.

Buried in the quilt, tossing and turning.

Until the sound of the water in the bathroom stopped abruptly, the glass door was suddenly pulled open with a sound of “wow”, and a tall body came out from inside.

The mist filled the whole bedroom, and the faint fragrance of bathing was accompanied by the light pure masculine scent of the man towards her on the bed.

The pungent perfume smell gradually disappeared, and the sniffles were a little more comfortable.

Sara opened her eyes subconsciously to look at him.

Slightly startled, the next second, her face was slightly hot, dyed with a charming blush.

He who just came out of the bath is undoubtedly hard to beat.

He is just wearing a very short bath towel neatly, his upper body is naked, his sturdy figure has a perfect golden ratio, and his neat and strong muscles reveal a seductive bronze color, which is dyed in the drenched water drops. The lower body became more and more charming, and the lower body, even if it was wrapped in a white bath towel, couldn’t conceal the majestic male’s prestige, it was as tall as a hill about to erupt.

Sara couldn’t help but shrank, and after coming down several times, she gradually began to understand the meaning of that thing.


There is a need!!!

Looking at the timid appearance of the woman on the bed, Brook John was in a good mood for no reason.

There is no doubt that the towering heat under him is getting hotter and swelling.

Seeing too many women who cater to him seems to be a little tired.

Suddenly facing this timid, poor beast-like beast, he would feel fresh for a while. He thought, when this wild beast was tamed by him, she would lay down under him and scream. When he comes out, maybe it will be a supreme pleasure, a pleasure of conquering!

People are accustomed to the new and dislike the old, and the body of a man is the same!!!

So, in the face of this new pleasure, he is probably really addictive!

Of course, sooner or later he will get tired of her!!!

Brook John lowered his head, and the deep smoke pupil stared at her, like an emperor, spying on the bed, Sara a little panicked.

At the corner of his lips, a cold and arrogant chuckle.

It reached the bottom of the eyes, but he was blindly cold, but there was a little more excitement under the cold.

After three days of absence, he had to admit that he missed her!!!

Or, to be precise, his body misses her!!!

His gaze was too hot and too deep, which made Sara so ashamed that she hurriedly put aside her eyes, did not dare to look at him again, and her cheeks were a little uncomfortable.

Chapter 762

Brook John couldn’t help but chuckle and pulled his big hand over the quilt held tightly by Sara, bent over, and put himself into the warm quilt.

The weather was cold and cold, and when he got into this kind of warm quilt, he felt like his heart was warming up in an instant.

Probing his hand, hugging the almost rigid body on the side, the action is probably just subconscious!

Her body is very warm, there is also a soft feeling, rubbing into his arms, the touch is particularly good.

He laughed and was in a good mood.

It seems that he has found a new feature of this woman, which is probably a good heating tool in winter! At least, it will be more comfortable than heating!

He held her in his arms, making Sara almost unable to breathe.

Her hot cheeks pressed tightly against his still wet chest, and it made her squirm indiscriminately.

The smell of the pungent perfume has long disappeared from his body. The only thing left is the fragrant bath fragrance and the pure masculine scent that belongs to him, which diffuses into Sara’s nose and provokes her entire cheek. She was as red as a ripe tomato, and even the ear roots and white neck were flushed.

The blood began to boil uncontrollably…

It is a feeling of uncontrollable!

She has to admit that this man’s figure is really good!

Also, the touch of the skin is so good that she feels that she is about to lose control.

Sara couldn’t help feeling agitated all over her body, her heart couldn’t stop trembling, and her limbs were stretched straight.

It seemed that in an instant, a torrent of water swept across the limbs and hundreds of skeletons, causing layers of ripples in her quiet body…

He smiled and pressed her lightly between her ears, and he could feel that the woman in his arms didn’t even have the strength to struggle.

“Evan Sara, are you preparing so well tonight to make me happy?”

In his tone, he still carried the ridicule that could not be concealed, but he could also be heard clearly, and his mood was particularly good.

However, she seems to be extremely good today!!!

He likes!!!

Sara was stunned for a second, and her blurred eyes blinked, a little panicked.

Today she seems to be a bit…


She can feel her body…

Some scared her, but there is no doubt that she is not controlled at all, and even can only follow his every movement…

But, she was not trying to make him happy!!!

But, unexpectedly, he is back!


His kisses, densely packed, settled on her lips, making her a little dizzy and contemplative.

“You… Didn’t you say that you won’t come back tonight?”

“Did she tell you?”

Brook John was buried in her arms and asked her in a low voice.

The kiss stopped, but the motion on the hand remained the same.

Sara couldn’t help trembling. Several times, she tried to catch his restless palm with her hands, but every time she was suppressed by him.

“What did she tell you?”

Seeing that Sara didn’t answer, Brook John asked again.

Sara frowned and moved her neck slightly, “She didn’t say anything…just told me you are going to sleep!”

“Haha!” Brook John chuckled, raised his hot eyes, and looked at her.

The fanatical sight is fixed on Sara’s attractive red lips, for a moment.

“She asked me to stay with her, but I refused, wondering why?”

He laughed, his eyes were a bit of scorching heat, and they were stained with desires that were so strong that they almost suffocated Sara.

That feeling, as if to swallow her alive!

Sara blinked a pair of pure and clear eyes, staring at him in confusion, a look of panic flashed across her eyes, but her heart seemed to be holding an extremely restless bunny, jumping wildly like derailment.

“Because I miss you!”

He made no secret of it and directly said what he thought in his heart.

The smile is unfathomable!

Yes! His body misses this woman!

At the moment when he saw her, the calm body had some of the most primitive reactions of men, and that feeling could not deceive people!!!

In the face of Carter Sophia, he needs to be teased, and he needs to be bewitched. However, when facing her, he only needs to look at her indifferently, and his body will have the strongest reaction as if he was directly caught dip into his body!

The feeling is that he needs her, urgently!!!

Sara couldn’t help trembling, pulling her ten fingers on the quilt and squeezing fiercely, frowning, supporting a pair of misty eyes and staring at the man on her body.

Today, they don’t have any so-called hygiene measures!!!

Also, that sentence…

I miss you…

These four words kept rushing into her mind, which was almost crashing.

She still couldn’t help her heart…there was a trace of tranquility passing…

The eyes looked at him blankly…

The sight, a little bit, a little bit, become blurred, blurred…

He hugged her tightly, panting heavily, and let himself feel her existence deeply.

Surprisingly, they fit together very well today!!!

There is no past pain, no past struggle, some, just…

Mutual satisfaction and catering!!!

Even though, she is still so tender, still so tight…

However, he could feel that she did not resist and even seemed to have some hearts that wanted to cater to.

A long time…

Finally, he stopped.

He stepped back from her body and lay on her shoulders, panting heavily.

On the forehead, sweat is dripping, and there is a strong taste of passion permeating the whole charming bedroom.


The one bell has rung…

Sara was taken aback for a moment, then glanced at the man who was a little tired, “Go back to the room and go to sleep!”

She persuaded him that her breathing was still somewhat disordered.

Both cheeks are still red as ripe apples.

It was very late, and he would go to work early tomorrow morning, and she would also go to the hospital to volunteer.

Brook John took a deep look at her, moved his body, and rolled off his body.

Sara breathed a sigh of relief, and her chest felt better.

He probed his hand and hugged her.

The deep black pupil grabbed her for an instant, “Evan Sara, are you dumb? Or do you feel nothing? Huh?”

He asked her, there seemed to be some serious taste.

But, in a serious face, there is a look of annoyance.

This woman is despising his arrogance as a man!

With a ‘brush’, for an instant, Sara’s entire face was dyed red.

Sara turned sideways, pretending to be asleep, and decided not to ignore him.

Of course, she is not dumb!

Just let her call out? Impossible!

First, she is shy.

Second, she knew that this man wanted to conquer her and humiliate her, and she would not let him succeed!

The more so, the more stubborn she is!!!

“Evan Sara, you are almost like a dead body!!!”

Suddenly, Brook John’s chagrin scolding sounded behind her again.

Sara remained silent, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

Originally, she wanted to block him. Since she was like a dead body, why didn’t he go to find a dead body to be his mistress so that he could let her go? But after thinking about it, she felt that this sentence seemed a little meaning of anger, think about it, forgets it.

Tired, she didn’t bother to rush with him again!

Not long after, Sara fell asleep groggy.

Dazed, she heard his voice still resounding in her ears…

“Evan Sara, you are such a fairy!!”

This sentence seems to be not the first time she has heard him say…

She doesn’t know how long it took before Sara woke up again, awakened by the man on her body.

She doesn’t know when he wanted her again!

At that moment, Sara was a little angry, and pushed him, “Brook John, aren’t you tired?”

The answer to her was to push deeply in again and again, and the blurred color under his eyes was obviously out of control.

For a long time, until Brook John was tired, he lay on her body, fell asleep faintly, and seemed to be whispering something in his mouth, “Evan Sara, you are a dead body…”

Sara smiled helplessly.

There was an urge to kick her feet angrily, but the action on her hands was to wipe his sweat.

For him, it seems that she will never give up!

When Sara woke up the next day, she opened her eyes and threw a box of pills on her body.

“Eat it!”

“En?” Sara was stunned for a moment, then looked over suspiciously.

In the next moment, come over clearly.

On the pillbox, the words “avoid pregnancy medicine” were written impressively!

That’s it!!!

Evan Sara didn’t go to see him and took the medicine from the bed on her own.

“If you don’t say I will eat it too!”

The voice is cold and not warm, just like her heart.

She lifted the quilt, got up, passed him, went straight into the bathroom, and started washing.

With a “bang-“, the bedroom door was closed and Brook John went out.

Sara’s heart trembled for a second following the sound of closing the door.

There was a slight tingling in her heart.

She took out the box of pills from her pocket and glanced at the garish words.

Take a deep breath…

Put it in her pocket again.

Probably, he is really afraid that she will be pregnant with his child, right?

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine. If he knew that there was a child between them, what would he think of her? How would he treat their William…?

Sneer, irony, contempt, dislike, or, love? Then, grab his custody right??

She didn’t want to see everything!!!

She closed her eyes and stopped looking at the slightly panicked self in the mirror. Soon, she finished washing.

After leaving the bathroom, she went straight to a glass of water and swallowed the contraceptive medicine in her pocket without hesitation!

Even if she knows, this medicine may affect her body.

Coming downstairs, she was surprised that Sister-in-law had already prepared breakfast.

Sara sat down at the dining table, and Brook John sat opposite her and looked at today’s financial newspaper seriously.

Seeing her come down, he lifted his head slightly from the newspaper, stared at her deeply, raised an eyebrow, and asked, “Have you taken the medicine?”

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