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Chapter 775

At the moment when she saw him, Sara’s tight heart was loosened.

Fortunately, he is here!

“Find me?”

Brook John raised his eyebrows and asked her, his tone was light, but the expression in his eyes was a bit deep.

Sara panicked for a second, then shook her head, “No…Nothing!”

Brook John glanced at her and traversed her bare feet. The pupils were stunned for a second, and the sword eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, but soon he covered his emotions and said coldly, “Pack things. Go home!”

After speaking, he stopped looking at her and stood up to sort out the files.

And Sara was stunned by the door.

The heart, unconsciously, passed a strange warm current…

Is he waiting for her to wake up? Why not wake her up? Or, why not go back alone?

It seems that waiting for her to wake up is not his style!!!

Sara found that she really couldn’t understand the man in front of her more and more!

But, without a doubt, her mood improved instantly because of a guess in her heart.

Soon, after packing up things casually, the two people walked out of the company’s door one after another.

It was already completely dark, and Sara just remembered that she was going to check the time. She took out her mobile phone and took a look. There were a few missed calls.

It was Ball James who opened it, somewhat unexpectedly.

Tilting her head, she glanced at the man beside her, Sara didn’t call back.

When the two went home, Sara entered the house and walked directly upstairs.

Although she was busy for most of the day today, fortunately, she had a good rest later, so that she is not very tired now. However, after a day of tiredness, her body must be dirty and she has to wash it first. Comfortable hot bath.

“Evan Sara!” Brook John whispered in a low voice behind her.

Sara was stunned for a second, then looked back at him.

“Come down and cook for me after the shower!!”

Brook John’s indifferent tone was domineering and natural.

“Huh?” Sara was startled slightly, and asked him puzzledly, “You haven’t eaten yet?”

During the questioning, she subconsciously glanced at the quartz clock in the hall, the clock was already pointing to nine o’clock at night.

This late!!!

“En!” Brook John answered her casually. Without looking at her, he slumped down on the sofa beside him.

He seems hungry!

It’s just that he doesn’t want to just eat lunch outside. It seems that he is gradually getting used to a certain woman’s food!

Sara frowned slightly, pursed her lips, didn’t say anything, glanced at him deeply on the sofa, “Wait for me first!”

After speaking, she quickly disappeared into the corridor and went straight upstairs into her room.

Within ten minutes, Sara ran down again from the upper floor, and without a word, went straight into the kitchen.

Even though her figure only flicked past his eyes, Brook John still saw her.

She changed a set of clothes, and there was still a wet patch on her shoulders. It seemed that she couldn’t even dry the water. The curled-up hair was already scattered. She just used a small headband to grab it lazily and make a ball and tie it casually. After a moment, everything seemed to be done in a hurry.

Undoubtedly, Brook John could feel his heart warm for a second.

It was a long-lost feeling…

So that he was lost for a second…

Unconsciously, a bit of a fool!

It wasn’t until that handsome face suddenly appeared at the door with a somewhat anxious face, that Brook John suddenly drew back.

“Brook John…”

Sara called him very softly and seemed to have a guilty conscience.

“En?” Brook John tilted his head and looked at her.

Sara scratched her head and looked at him, feeling a little frustrated, “Home…there is no salt at home!”

Brook John’s eyebrows trembled slightly as if stunned, he leaped over his handsome face.

It seems that Sara is not the only one who is frustrated!

Sara came out of the kitchen, and she ran her hands to the back of her head to sort out her messy long hair, “I’ll buy it!”

Although the house is located on the hillside and the transportation is underdeveloped, fortunately, there are still small supermarkets for buying daily necessities.

“Wait for a while, you are really hungry, eat a fruit mat first!”

Although there is a supermarket, this man’s community is too big. It would take half an hour to walk from here to the supermarket!

Regarding his stomach, Sara was really worried.

Listening to her uneasy warning, inexplicably, Brook John was in a trance for a moment.

As if for an instant, he was back to the year of eighteen years old…

As if for a moment…

He saw the shadow of that woman!

His complexion changed slightly, and there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

“I’ll go with you!”

With no expression on his face, he stood up on the sofa, and without waiting for Sara’s answer, went to the entrance of the hall by himself.

Sara was a little dazed, staying still, motionless.

Looking at him puzzledly, looking at his back…

Until, at the door, he called her impatiently.

“Evan Sara, are you going to buy salt after dawn?”

He asked her blankly.

“Huh?” Sara came back to her senses and ran to the door awkwardly, still answering him in her mouth, “Come here!”

Along the way, black lights went blind.

It’s really weird, aren’t they all rich people here? Why are there no lights at night?


She couldn’t see her fingers, and the surroundings were almost weirdly quiet. Almost only heard the footsteps under them and the harsh wind.

The late autumn season is getting colder and colder.

Sara shuddered unconsciously, she just left the house too fast and forgot to wrap her coat!

She hugged herself a little bit, couldn’t help but tilt her head and glance at the man on the side.

Under the night, she couldn’t see his facial features clearly, and could only vaguely capture his figure.

The steady pace has been following her, inexplicably, making Sara feel at ease.

The two people have been silent.

No one spoke.

A bitter wind blew by, and Sara couldn’t help but shiver.

In the next moment, there was a sound of “Wow…”, and a sound flicked past her ears. All of a sudden, she felt that her eyes were pitch black and there was no light, and her little head seemed to be trapped by something.

“Ah…” Sara couldn’t help but whisper, hurriedly tossing at the ‘suit’ that popped up on her head.

It’s wired…

It smells like him! Very familiar feeling…

“Put it on…”

It was the commanding sound that couldn’t hold his beak again.

The voice was cold and indifferent.

Sara was stunned for a second, then took off the ‘suit’ on her head, only to realize that it was his coat, a heavy windbreaker.

Very warm feeling!


Sara handed him the coat in her hand, “You wear it, I’m not cold!”

She was really cold, but what would he do if he took it off to her?

She also wore a thick casual outfit, but he only had a thin shirt under his coat!

It’s not cold!!!

“Put it on!” Brook John frowned and ordered her.

The obsidian-like star pupils appeared shining brightly in the night, and they also showed a touch of coldness.

No need to look, Sara also knows that now he must have thick eyebrows and deep frowning eyes with cold eyes.

“I don’t want you to find any excuses for being sick in the future!” Brook John quickly added.

Sara curled her lips, put her hand away, glanced at him secretly, helplessly, and wrapped her petite body into his big windbreaker.

“I haven’t made any excuses!!”

However, she still did not forget to argue for herself.

Brook John didn’t pay attention to her anymore and walked forward.

Well, he just doesn’t want this woman to be sick. Not only will he have no food, but he might also have to infect him!


Seeing him walking away, Sara was a little panicked and hurried to catch up with him.

“Brook John, wait for me…”

It is still a bit scary to walk alone at night.

He in front of her, unconsciously, slowed down his stride slightly.

But still did not stop to wait for her.

Finally, Sara caught up with him, turned her head to look at him, and thanked him, “Thank you…”

Although he didn’t do it for her, she was still very warm in her heart if he was willing to take off his clothes and dress for her.

Brook John just glanced at her faintly, without speaking.

Sara’s microprobe, “That…are you cold?”

Still silent, still didn’t mean to watch her.

Sara pouted her lips, consciously boring, so she stopped talking, just lowered her head, followed behind him, and walked to the supermarket.

As a result, when she went to the supermarket, Sara found out that they were not just buying salt.

“I want to eat this!”

Brook John put his hands around his chest and leisurely pointed at the ingredients on the container.

“And this!”


Sara followed what he was pointing to and took down the ingredients one by one.

It seems that this guy is really hungry and fainted, that he wants to eat everything when he sees it!

“And this!”


“This??” Sara looked at him in disbelief.

Brook John nodded particularly affirmatively, “Yes!”

Sara took down the konjac from the shelf half-believingly, and murmured, “Aren’t you not eating this?”

It’s strange!!!

Could this man turn his sex again? What an elusive animal.

Sara’s unintentional mutter made Brook John stunned, his eyes fixed on Sara’s body, staring at her, and asking her with a look of inquiry, “How do you know I don’t eat this thing?”

“Huh?” Sara, who was contemplating this weird incident, was startled by Brook John’s sudden question. A panicked expression flashed across her eyes, then she spoke and lied casually, “I… I know, of course, the sister-in-law will especially tell me!”

Seeing Brook John’s suspicion on his face, Sara hurriedly shifted the topic to him, “Since you don’t like eating, why buy them? You don’t like eating this food, so let’s just don’t!”

With that said, Sara put the konjac in the cart back into the shelf.

Chapter 776

However, a long arm neatly took the konjac from the high shelf again.

“I say eat and eat!” The overbearing tone cannot be refused at all.

“Oh…” Sara bit the long sleeve of the windbreaker, helpless, and had to obey. Forget it! Anyway, it’s not for her to eat! Just follow him!

Later, Brook John took a lot of things from the shelves, such as vegetables, lean meat, fish, and even cheese.

Sara raised her head, pushed the trolley, followed behind him, and lightly counted the things he bought.

Didn’t they just come here to buy salt? As a result… She walked a few big circles in the supermarket before she got everything done.

Brook John came out of the supermarket leisurely, and behind followed a little woman panting, who was still walking.

Her hands are full of shopping bags, so heavy that she can barely straighten her body. Seeing Brook John’s empty hands, Sara gritted her teeth with hatred.

Unexpectedly, the man walked outside just after the payment, and he didn’t mean to help her carry a bag. There is no such thing as a gentleman!!! Excessive!!!

“Hey! Brook John…” Sara struggled to call him in front of her.

Brook John turned his head and stood still, looking at her calmly.

Under the street lamp, she was struggling with the heavy objects in her hands to make her small face flushed, and she walked, breathing with pant.

Brook John frowned. Is her body that bad?

Brook John strode forward, bent over, and took all the heavy objects in her hand.

He lowered his eyes, glanced at her, did not speak, turned around, and walked forward.

At the moment when she met his sight, Sara was startled for a moment, and soon recovered and caught up with him.

“Brook John, why do you buy so many things you don’t eat?”

Regarding her question, Brook John was even more curious, tilted his head, and looked at her inquisitively, “Evan Sara, do you know my preferences too well?”


In a word, Sara was completely silent.

A little head was low and low, almost buried in his big windbreaker. Her beautiful cheeks had long been tinged with a red glow, but fortunately, there was no light by the side of the week, so that he could not see her.

“The sister-in-law told me…”

Sara still has the answer. That sister-in-law told her, so she got it!

Brook John smiled indifferently and didn’t reveal her lie.

Instinctively knew that this woman was lying!

“Brook John, since you don’t like to eat, why buy so much?” Sara asked him curiously.

Brook John glanced at her deeply, and for a long time, he indifferently spits out three words to her, “You control me!”


Sara was completely silent.

However, she didn’t know. Just when she fainted in the company, when the doctor came to see her, he especially told him: “This lady is low in blood sugar. In the future, she should try to maintain a balanced diet and eat more vegetables, brown rice, Things like avocado and konjac are good for her body.”

Brook John told himself that he just didn’t want this woman to faint in his company again so that the mothers-in-law would say that he was ruthless and squeezed and abused employees.

The two were silent all the way and went back home one after another.

Sara took off his coat and went straight into the kitchen. After a while, a meal was fresh out of the oven.

Brook John seemed to be eating extraordinarily happily, probably because he was really hungry and panicked. Sara just watched from the side but felt a burst of indescribable warmth in her heart.

Once upon a time, this scene was just an extravagant desire for her, but now, she has been realized time and time again. This kind of joy is beyond words.

After he finished eating, Sara cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks. He was no longer seen when she came out of the kitchen. Sara did not stay any longer, turned off the light downstairs, and went back to her room.

She was really tired today, and she hurriedly took another comfortable bath and fell asleep.

Friday is probably the happiest day for Sara, and it can almost be called the day of her liberation from Evan Sara.

What delighted her most was that, finally, she could see her baby again.

After work, she came out of his company and didn’t say hello to him, so she rushed to the school in a hurry.

She wanted little things so much that she wanted to see him right away.

She was hit, and soon, within dozens of minutes, Sara had already appeared at the door of the kindergarten.

William has not finished the class yet, but Sara is waiting quietly at the school gate.

Suddenly, a black Bentley drove toward her, and then stopped in front of her. The window slid down, revealing a resolute face.

Sara was stunned, stunned, looking at the man in the car in confusion, “Dixon Ethan?”

In the car, Dixon Ethan simply pursed his lips, and then, his tall body gracefully collapsed from the car.

Today, he wore a simple black long windbreaker, a pair of equally simple boots and pants, and a pair of handsome boots. Standing in front of her, he looked extraordinarily handsome, arrogant, and cool.

“Why did you come here?” Sara was depressed when he suddenly appeared. Since he left, there was no contact between them, so that Sara still felt that they might never have any more opportunity to meet, but unexpectedly, they met again today.

“I agreed with the little devil that I will pick him up from school this week!” Ethan also simply answered her.

“It turned out to be like this…” Sara was a little grateful, but also a little embarrassed, “Mr. Dixon, will it trouble you too much?”

Dixon Ethan also tilted his head, his dark green pupils narrowed, and he looked at her inquisitively for a long time before he said lightly, “Call me too late!”

Not a discussion, but an order!

Haha… Sara laughed twice, embarrassed on her little cheek, and then stopped talking. This name is awkward! The two of them don’t seem to be familiar enough yet!

Immediately afterward, both of them stopped talking.

Dixon Ethan’s tall body leaned lazily on the car body, with a cigarette between his slender fingers, and he smoked without a mouthful.

It was not until the door of the kindergarten was opened that Dixon Ethan quickly squeezed out the cigarette butt in his hand and threw it into the trash can.

Before long, all the babies in the kindergarten began to swarm out.

Finally, Sara found the shadow of her baby in the pile of villains. She saw the little guy not far away, pitifully squeezed in the middle of the crowd, as everyone swayed and swayed, a little pink face had already been squeezed flush with tender little features. He is almost crumpled into a ball.

Finally… out of the crowd, the little guy half-supported his small body, breathing hard.

“Huhu…” Going home is like a war!

“William…” Sara, who was guarding the door, stepped forward and hugged the panting little guy in distress.

“Let Mummy see if they squeezing our William!” Sara said and began to check William up and down.

“Lil…” William, who had just been aggrieved, was immediately replaced by excitement after seeing Sara. While Sara was still checking his body, the little guy bowed his head and couldn’t help but say something. Several light kisses were printed on Sara’s pink lips.

The limp body kept drilling into her arms, “Lil, have you thought about William these days?”

After being kissed by the little guy, Sara laughed from ear to ear, rubbing her forehead on the little guy’s forehead, “Of course I want William! I can’t even think about it!”

Dixon Ethan on the side also watched this warm scene, and the corners of his tight lips rose unconsciously.

But what makes him a little weird is that these two little guys are like mother and son, do they feel more similar to lovers?

He strode forward, bent forward, picked up the little things on the ground with ease, and walked to the car without saying anything.

“Daddy? You are here…” The little guy was dancing with excitement in his arms.

Dixon Ethan also snorted, pretending to be unhappy, “I don’t want to be a tortoise!”

The little guy was buried in his arms with a smirk, a little figure ran past them, William hurriedly called him, “Little Lucas, little Lucas…”

The porcelain-white kid in front stopped and looked back at him, “What do you do?”

“This is a daddy, isn’t he handsome?” the little guy introduced triumphantly.

The kid called Lucas raised his little head and started to look carefully, and then nodded solemnly, “Well! Much more handsome than you! But he’s a bit worse than Lucas, so… you are not allowed to grab Aria with me, she likes Lucas! You are nothing!”

After finishing speaking, the little guy cocked his ass and left, leaving only the dumb Dixon Ethan and Sara, who were stunned. Britney? Who is she??

Just as Sara was curious to ask a question, she suddenly heard the little guy in Dixon Ethan’s arms muttering to himself, “Stingy, people don’t like Aria, people like Layla! Stupid!!!”

“…” Sara felt speechless.

In the car, he just listened to Sara seriously educating her precocious baby.

“Honey, who is Lyla?”

“Lyla is at the same table…”

“Then…what’s the relationship between you…?”

“Teacher Logan said that William and Layla seem to have that kind of improper relationship, so…” The little guy pouted and felt aggrieved when he said that, “So Mr. Logan said that Layla is not allowed to do the same with William next week. The table is over, William gave the sweetness of Lucas…”

No…Improper relationship??? Give William the sweetness of Little Lucas?

Sara’s small face turned pale suddenly, and only the corners of her lips trembled.

And Dixon Ethan in the driver’s seat really couldn’t hold back his emotions and laughed out loud.

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