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Chapter 777

Sara resisted her convulsions, still facing the little guy’s innocent little face with a beautiful smiling face, “William, the teacher is right to do this, and you, don’t bully Aria…”

She wanted to say that he shouldn’t snatch the little sweetie of the kid called Lucas!

It seems that these young children are not so precocious!

“Lil, Teacher Logan did it deliberately. He said that Lucas likes to kiss Aria, so they are not allowed to come together!” The little guy even dared to look at Sara, who was turning pale.

“…” Sara was completely silent, only feeling a pain in her eyebrows.

She doubted that their baby went to kindergarten to go to school or to fall in love! MG!!!

At night- Dixon Ethan also walked out of Sara and William’s room.

“Is he asleep?”

“En!” Dixon Ethan also nodded, “He fell asleep after telling me two fairy tales…”


The little William in their family is a freak. He doesn’t like listening to other people’s stories before going to bed, but likes to pull others to sit on his bed, listen to him telling stories, and then fall asleep naturally when he tells them!

“Little ghost is troublesome…” Sara said embarrassingly.

“En!” Dixon Ethan also agreed with her completely and nodded.

“Mr. Dixon, trouble you!” Sara still thanked him politely.

Dixon Ethan also tilted his head, staring at her tightly, frowning.

“Call me late!” added indifferently, but his attitude was exceptionally firm.

Sara was embarrassed but did not know how to refuse, so she had to bite the bullet and answer him, “Okay…”

Dixon Ethan also pursed his lips, and withdrew his gaze that settled on her, “I should go now!”

“Just leave? Would you like to have another cup of tea?” Sara said politely.

Dixon Ethan also tilted his head and stared at her exploratively, with interest under his eyes, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised, “You want to keep me?” Huh?

“I… I didn’t mean that…” When he asked, Sara’s face flushed with shame.

Dixon Ethan also raised his eyebrows and reached out his big hand to her, “Give me the phone!”

“En?” Sara was puzzled, took out the phone suspiciously, and handed it to him.

Dixon Ethan also took her mobile phone, and quickly entered several numbers, saved it, and handed it to her, “You can find me anytime if you have anything! Anything!!!”

Dixon Ethan also bites the last three words very firmly. Anything!!! Go through fire and water! Because his life was picked up by this woman!

“Okay…” Sara nodded.

Soon, Dixon Ethan also left.

After a long time, Sara remembered the number that had just been saved in her mobile phone, subconsciously opened it, and searched it by input method, but did not see his name. She was a little curious and looked for a piece along with the cardholder.

Save the name: my baby his father. Looking at those funny five words, Sara couldn’t laugh or cry.

Just hesitating whether to change his name, a phone call came in suddenly, interrupting all of Sara’s thoughts. Caller ID: Ball James.

As soon as she pressed the answer button, the man on the other end spoke, “I owe me a meal, do you want to make it up?”

“Of course!” Sara laughed, “You are stingy enough, you have been thinking about it!” Sara couldn’t help teasing him and sat down on the sofa casually.

Sara’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, “You are so noisy over there…”

“En! I play in the club, many friends! And… Brook John is also here!”

“Yes…Is he?” Sara responded awkwardly, “You seem to be very familiar…”

“En!” Ball James replied absently, and continued to add, “He brought a woman here!”

Sara’s heart trembled for a second but soon calmed down.

“Hey!” Sara rolled her eyes, “Do you want me to invite you to dinner, or do you want to talk to me about Brook John?”

Sara was a little frustrated.

“Sara, do you know he has a finance?” Ball James seemed to be extraordinarily serious about Sara’s pretense of being relaxed.

Sara took a deep breath, only to feel her chest tightness.

“I know…” Ball James was silent in exchange for the three words and stopped talking.

“Haha! Brook loses, hurry up, kiss my sister-in-law, the kind of tongue kiss, ten minutes, ten minutes, hurry…Hey! Ball James, what the hell are you doing, what are you calling now? Come and play soon!!”

On the silent phone, there was a call of ruffians.

Don’t ask, Sara has guessed who he is! He’s the man called Baker Daniel!

Tongue Kiss…ten minutes!!!

Inexplicably, a scene of that man kissing his fiancée affectionately popped up in Sara’s mind.

Heart, involuntarily colic.

Very uncomfortable…

“James, go play! I…I’m also a little tired. I’ll call you tomorrow morning…” Sara wanted to hang up as she said, and her voice was several decibels lower than before…

“Well, you go to bed earlier!” Ball James seemed to see Sara’s low mood, so he stopped talking.

Sara hung up the phone, and when she pressed the on-hook button, she caught another harsh word…

“Haha! It turns out that Young Master Brook is so charming when kissing! Oh oh oh! He excites our group of bachelors!” On the phone, everyone’s excitement and languor cheers continued.

They kissed!!! A ten-minute tongue kiss!!!

Sara couldn’t tell what it was like, but felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, and her chest was blocked in panic.

The phone was closed, and she slept on the sofa blankly, staring at the ceiling blankly, without moving or closing her eyes.

Just watching, thinking…

In her mind, her thoughts were chaotic, but she couldn’t do without the words on the phone… “Brook lost, hurry up, kiss my sister-in-law, the kind of tongue kiss, ten minutes, ten minutes…”

Her head is getting heavier and heavier and more uncomfortable in her chest… After lying down for a long, long time, her eyes start to feel astringent, and her eyes start to feel sleepy…Finally, she fell asleep.

She was dreaming, and in the dream, it was all his shadow. He is always a happy face because he is married, but the bride is not her, but his fiancée.

A white wedding dress haunted her dreams…so that her always incontrovertible heart gave birth to a trace of jealousy.

She stood alone in the square in front of the church, staring at them quietly, the smiling faces made her cry…

Tears soaked the eyes, wet her beautiful eyelashes, and wet the sofa all over.

In the club, it is still the original team.

The atmosphere is very noisy. Brook John, who has never brought a woman on stage, brought a woman here for the first time. There is no doubt that all the men are excited, except for Ball James.

Men like to play some boring games together. They go around, but they always go around the women.

The bet is always related to women.

Just like just now, a tongue kiss for ten minutes.

Brook John could feel the intoxication of the woman in his arms, but he couldn’t come quietly. For such a kiss, he just dealt with it casually. After all, the rules of the game are so, he can’t distract the brothers.

When kissing, he noticed Ball James on the side. He was talking to someone on the phone, but he noticed it. It seems that he deliberately approached his side, and even the phone was far away from his ear as if he wanted to let the people on the other end hear their situation.

He can guess who the opponent is without having to guess too carefully!

Is she Evan Sara? Frowning slightly, what does he want that woman to know? Does she know him and other women?

The corner of his lips evokes a ridiculous smile, even if she knows it Evan Sara was never qualified to ask him about Brook John! The club was a lot of noise, and the woman in his arms seemed to have been filled with a lot of alcohol by the man, and her sanity became a little trance, and she would rub against him from time to time.

Some disgusted Brook John.

Leaving her aside, he stood up and left the box.

Brook John didn’t go anywhere, just let out a breath on the promenade.

The eyebrows are tight, and her heart seems to be blocked by something, very unhappy.

He doesn’t know if the noisy atmosphere is always particularly upsetting. In short, his mood now is a mess. Leaning on the wall to the side, took out a cigarette and lit it. After taking a few sips, the white smoke was lingering, with the noise everywhere, it became more and more depressed.

But at the bottom of his heart, he always thinks of the call that Ball James just made.

What did they just talk about? Or, did she know that he brought Carter Sophia out today, or she knew they were kissing just now?

He spits out the smoke fiercely, and his anger was unconsciously infected.

He seems to think too much about that woman, even if she knows what? What is he worried about? Or, what is he upset about?

Thinking of this, his heart seemed a little relieved, and he extinguished his cigarette butts and prepared to go into the box.

Just about to enter the door, he happened to run into Ball James out of the box door.

Seeing him, he was slightly startled for a second.

But he seemed to be particularly calm, “Let’s talk!”

Brook John raised his eyebrows, his pupils had some deep meaning, “Anything we need to talk about?”

“Yes!” Ball James nodded particularly affirmatively, “About the ownership of Evan Sara!”

The attribution of Evan Sara??

Brook John sneered, “No man is qualified to talk to me about this issue, including you, Ball James!!”

After speaking, Brook John walked inside without looking back.

“Brook John, let go!”

Behind him, Ball James’s domineering command sound sounded.

Brook John’s steps finally stopped, turned around, and looked at Ball James behind him with interest, raising his eyebrows, “Did she let you come to me?”

“You don’t love her!” Ball James cut the line firmly.

“Do you love her?” Brook John rimmed his chest, with a mocking smile on his lips.

Chapter 778

Brook John’s eyes are burning with anger…

It’s just that it’s very light, so light that it’s almost unnoticeable.

“Does she owe you just the one million?” Ball James asked not to answer.

“How?” Brook John raised his sword eyebrows slightly, and a shadow of prey flashed in his obsidian eyes.

“I will pay for her, two million, you let her go, now, right away, right away!!” With that, Ball James began to take out the check-in his pocket, preparing to fill in the numbers.

Looking at the ambiguous scenes between Brook John and Caster Sophia, trying to test the feelings of Sara, he can know that she is not happy!

Moreover, she fell in love with this man!!!

Therefore, he must let her leave quickly! A dangerous man like Brook John cannot be approached easily by Evan Sara.

What’s more, he already has a fiancée, and if she stays like this, Sara will always be injured.

He can’t look at her anymore!

Brook John sneered, “Master Ball, you should know that the last thing I don’t need is money! But you, are you thinking of buying her from me now?”

Ball James was a little annoyed by what he said, “Evan Sara is not your goods!!”

What is buying in the past?? He just wanted to help her! Take it as an atonement for that thing!

Brook John chuckled, “Ball James, are you in love with her? If so, look forward to the day when I get bored with her!”

His words were full of contempt and ridicule, as well as insults to Sara.

With a “bang…” Ball James made a heavy fist and smashed Brook John’s face, still angrily embracing Sara, “Brook John, she, Evan Sara, Why was she ruined by you like this!!!”

As a result, he didn’t have time to say a word in the future, Brook John swung a punch without hesitation, the anger in his eyes almost reached the extreme, “Ball James, I tell you, I won’t approve for one day. When she left, Evan Sara would never want to take a step away from me!!”Money? What Brook John wants is not money, but possession, as well as venting hatred and revenge!!! There are so many ways he has to tie up that woman, so many that she can’t take a step away from me!!!

“Young Master Brook, what are you doing? Are you doing it?”

Baker Daniel, who had drunk too much, was about to go out to the bathroom. Unexpectedly, when he opened the door, he ran into two men beating each other.

The two men were angry, their faces were colored, and it seemed that no one was taking advantage.

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you fight for no reason?” Baker Daniel looked a little surprised. Never thought that a good brother would start his hand.

Brook John snorted and glared at Ball James, who was silent on the opposite side. He wiped the corner of his injured mouth without answering Baker Daniel’s words and went into the box.

Ball James also followed in, Baker Daniel didn’t go to the bathroom anymore, trailing behind them.

When all the people in the box saw this scene, they fell silent instantly.

“What’s happening?”

Everyone looked at them with concerned eyes, and carefully asked Baker Daniel.

“John, what’s the matter with you? Why are you injured?” Caster Sophia, who was a little drunk, immediately became sober after seeing them. She hurriedly walked to Brook John and asked him worriedly. She was especially considerate to help him check the injury.

Aside, Ball James cast aside his eyes angrily.

Seeing their sticky appearance made him a little sick.

Brook John could see Ball James’s thoughts at a glance. The next moment, he pulled Caster Sophia in front of him, and when he bowed his head, he kissed her deeply.

With wild, domineering, and obvious venting.

Is Ball James angry for that woman? Why??

Brook John’s sudden performance made everyone in the box stunned.

What happened to Brook today? He has never been a person who likes to put his feelings outside.

Everyone turned their attention to Baker Daniel, who shrugged and curled his lips, “For a woman, is it worth it, brothers?”

Just before opening the door, he heard the words of Brook John, “Ball James, I tell you, my Brook John refused to approve Evan Sara to leave for one day, so she would never want to take a step away from me!!”

Unexpectedly, these two men who had never taken women seriously even moved their hands for a woman.

“Shut up!!” Baker Daniel said, and the two cold-faced parties on the side roared at him at the same time, with angry flames jumping under his eyes.

Others hurriedly came up and pulled, “Hey! What are you doing, sit down for me, sit down…”

The two people finally calmed down under everyone’s kind words.

On the side, Carter Sophia, after listening to Baker Daniel’s words, her complexion has not been pretty, sitting with a pale face and drinking alone.

Before long, the party broke up unhappy.

To Carter Sophia’s surprise, Brook John took her back to his home.

This is the first time she has gone to his home.


He seems that it is because of drinking too much wine, or that he needs her today.

As soon as he entered the room, Brook John hugged Carter Sophia and kissed her casually, and a pair of hot, big hands walked away from her delicate body wantonly.

In his kiss, he was all domineering and venting anger, and there was a strong smell of wine…


Carter Sophia, who was so dizzy by the kiss, nestled in his arms, calling him shyly, but with both hands restlessly began to help him undress.

Brook John snorted coldly, “Shut up!”

The voice is very soft but very domineering, and the tone cannot be ignored.

Carter Sophia trembled all over, glanced at him, obediently closed her lips, and stopped talking.

At night, they went into the room.

Not his bedroom, but that woman!!!

He didn’t want to be dirty by this woman in his bedroom.

There are too many rooms at home, but he doesn’t know why he brought this woman into this room.

Probably, he did it on purpose.

He is revenge, revenge for everything that woman did to him!!!

Want to escape from him? Brook John would never give her any chance!!!

So, tonight, it’s just a small punishment for that woman!

He, in her room, on her bed, asked for another woman.

“Brook… Brook…”

When the woman under him called his name again and again, inexplicably, Brook John only felt disgusted in his heart, even nausea, but he suppressed it.

The whole naked woman with his arms around her took the mobile phone on the table and dialed a set of familiar phone numbers.

“Jingle Bell…”

The hurried bell sounded like a reminder in the quiet living room. The faint screen light illuminates the small hall and falls on Sara’s sleeping little face, making her look a bit depressed and lonely.

In her sleep, Sara woke up suddenly.

Just now, she had a nightmare and dreamt that he was married!!!

Tears unwillingly wet the corners of her eyes…

She wiped away the tears, went to get the phone, and stayed.

It’s him…

Sara’s eyes stared blankly at the flickering screen, her eyes were empty and her mind was blank.

Inexplicably, her chest was sore, there was a bit of unspeakable colic.

Very long time…

The ringtone finally stopped, and Sara couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. She was just about to put the phone back to its original place, but unexpectedly, once again, the phone ringing sounded like a reminder.

As if knowing that the owner of the phone was playing a tug of war with her, the bell rang and stopped, and it stopped and rang, but there was no sign of giving up.

Such patience does not seem to be Brook John’s style!

Sara hesitated for a moment, and finally got through his phone.

Perhaps, he found something important for her!

As soon as the call was connected, the cold voice rang, “Why are you listening to the call now?”

The tone of the questioning was impatient.

Sara just wanted to answer, suddenly, there was another soft, squeaky voice on the phone, “John, it’s so late, who else are you calling, hurry up, and don’t be distracted…”

The small hand holding the phone suddenly tightened, and her heart trembled a little, “Mr. Brook, it seems that you are very busy. You will talk about it tomorrow if you have something to do. I should go to bed too, goodbye!”

After speaking, Sara hung up the phone without hesitation.

She could only hear Brook John’s gritted teeth on the other end of the phone, “Evan Sara, you have to dare to hang up my phone and try!!”

After that, Brook John only heard an icy busy tone of ” toot…” from the phone.

That woman hung up his phone.

“Brook, what’s the matter?” Carter Sophia in his arms couldn’t help asking him.

Brook John ignored her, cursed in a low voice, and then dialed Sara’s phone again.

As a result, there was a mechanical service tone in the phone, “Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please call again later.”


Unexpectedly, this woman dared to hang up his phone, even if she hung up, she even dared to shut down.

Did she eat the ambition of the leopard?

With a “bang…” Brook John flicked the mobile phone in his hand angrily. Suddenly, the parts of the mobile phone were scattered throughout the room, torn apart, and Carter Sophia, who was frightened to the side, was stiff and pale, so she didn’t dare to say another word…

All night, Brook John did not touch her again.

Instead, he stood up and went back to his room.

He took a clean bath and lay on the bed, but he couldn’t sleep.

He kept thinking about Ball James’s words, but his chest became more and more congested.

Does that woman want to leave him so? Humph! The more she wanted to leave, the more he would tie her tightly.

Wanting to escape from him, it was a dream!!!

All night, Sara did not fall asleep again. Staring at the ceiling blankly, there was a blank in her head. She turned her head to the side, looking at the pink little boy in her arms, pursing her lips and smiling slightly, a little astringent, bowed her head, and kissed his fine forehead gently. Fortunately, there is always such a heart-warming little boy next to her. The padded jacket is here!

The little hand gently stroked the childish nose, “Baby, you and Daddy look like…” As if she would think of that man when she saw him!

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