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Chapter 783

After that, Ball James sent Sara home and happened to receive an emergency call from the hospital on the way. Before he had time to enter her house, he drove directly to the hospital.

At night, the soft little body was rubbed in Sara’s arms, warm, like a ball of pink tender meat, very comfortable.

“Lil, Old William seems to like cooking, but the food you cooked for Old William was overturned by an aunt… What a pity!”

The little guy nestled in her arms with a look of regret.

Seeing the frustration of the little thing in her arms, Sara said to comfort him, “It’s okay, baby, we will do it next time!”

“Okay…” William responded with a milky voice, the little guy moved his little head and curled his mouth, “Lil, I think Old William seems very unhappy! Next time you go with William. See him okay?”

“Can Lil go?” Would it be bad?

“Of course you can go, Old William will be happy!!” The little guy immediately jumped for joy.

“Really?” Sara smiled, “Well, next time I have time, Lil will go with William, okay?”

“Great!” The little fellow applauded, not forgetting to stamp a kiss on Sara’s forehead, and his dark eyes fixedly looked at her, “Lil, actually William wants you and Old William for those in love, Old William is very pitiful alone, and, ah, he doesn’t like his future wife, Lil, don’t you think he is very pitiful?”

Sara couldn’t laugh or cry when she heard him.

“Baby, you are still young, you don’t know much about things in the adult world, you will understand when you grow up, you know?”

“Well then…” The little guy curled his lips. “Your adults’ world is so complicated!!”

“Well, so William don’t think about it anymore, be good, sleep well…”

It was a few days after Sara returned to that home.

As soon as she walked into the room, she had a pungent smell, which was very weak, but she was allergic to perfume.

The smell made her uncomfortable.

What surprised her was that her bed, and even the clothes in the closet, had a strong perfume smell, which was the smell that Brook John had on his body last time.

Under the pillow, a sexy sense black lace bra.

It’s not hers!

It was his woman who missed it here!

Seeing all this in the room, Sara was stunned for a second, and she couldn’t recover for quite a while…

“Evan Sara, come out, I have something to ask you!!”

Brook John stood at the door with a cold face, calling her.

In the room, the woman smelled too strong, and he didn’t want to go in.

On weekends, his sister-in-law was absent and didn’t even have time to clean the room.

Sara tilted her head and looked at him uneasily. A coldness flashed through her eyes, but soon she turned her head and stopped paying attention to him, but started to pack things away.

No more sheets!

Quilt, no more!

That woman wore pajamas, no more!!!

Also, her bra threw it away!!!

“Evan Sara, did you hear me after all!!” Brook John seemed to have lost his patience, his brows were burning with anger.

Sara raised her eyes and looked at him coldly, “Have she slept here?”

He was stunned by her sudden question for a second, and then sneered, “Yes…”

“Did you deliberately?” Sara became increasingly cold.

“Yes!” Brook John nodded without hesitation, his contempt for her was almost revealed on his face.

He sneered and approached her. The next moment, with a “bang…”, before Sara could return to her senses, her entire delicate body was carried on the bed with his great strength.

Suddenly a pungent smell poured straight at her.

“Evan Sara, I asked her on this bed…Are you uncomfortable in your heart?”

Brook John was confident in her response.

He seemed to be particularly sure of her reaction! She will be unhappy, sad, sad…

Sara smiled faintly, her eyes locked on him with a little coldness, “Why should I feel uncomfortable?”

“Do you think I like you?” Sara asked again. There was ridicule and contempt in her tone.

A word, but slammed Brook John’s heart fiercely.

He hated her contempt for him under her eyes!!!

He, Brook John, has always been arrogant, high above!!!

“Evan Sara, your ability to seduce people is getting better and better! Not only did Ball James willing to spend two million to buy you from me, but also willing to pay a high price for a woman like you to buy a tunic! You are getting better and better, right?”

Brook John’s sarcasm made Sara completely stunned.

Two million bought her from him? What… what does he mean?

“You mean… James was looking for you because of me?”

Does he want to help her? Then he knows everything about her and this man? Why?

“Haha!” Brook John sneered, “How is he? Are you very moved?”

Brook John’s smile became colder and more profound. He lowered his head, and a light kiss landed on Sara’s red lips. The thin lips opened slightly, and the voice came out from between the lips, “Evan Sara, leave me, you won’t be better, trust me! Unless…you have no weaknesses!!”

Brook John finished speaking, got up, and left Sara’s room.

Only left, Sara was lying on the cold bed, trembling all over.

His words are like ice needles…

Ruthlessly, pin by pin was inserted into Sara’s heart.

‘Leave me, you won’t be better off, believe me! Unless…you have no weakness!!! ‘

This man…

He’s always been said and done!!!

Moreover, her weaknesses are too many…

At night, Sara slept in the hall downstairs, and she did not go back to that room.

The smell of that woman was so strong that she was almost unable to breathe.

And his words were ringing in her ears all the time!

“Evan Sara, I want her on this bed…”

With a bitter smile, her heart was astringent, and her eyes were red.

She knew that this man deliberately wanted to humiliate her!

She wants to leave…

Want it so much!!!

However, Brook John’s words of intimidation kept her from being courageous.

She is cowardly, and she is really weak and weak.

She has no money, no power, and is not alone.

And he, powerful, powerful and rich, how could she possibly beat him!!!

Sara could not sleep on the sofa for a long time before finally fell asleep.

It wasn’t until the man’s footsteps sounded in the hall that Sara woke up again.

In the night… She couldn’t see his features. She can only feel that he is leaning on the bar, his scorching eyes are locking her here for an instant. In the darkness, his eyes were as dark as obsidian, shining brightly, but it was still a little bit Sara who couldn’t understand the affection.

Sara was stunned for a second…soon, she sat up.

“Let’s talk, okay?”

Maybe they should talk about it!

She doesn’t want to go on like this anymore!!!

Brook John sipped the cold water in his glass without speaking.

Sara took a deep breath and finally made up her mind… “You let me go, okay?”

The tone of the question was pleading and helpless.

Brook John in front of the bar seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world. The corners of his lips smiled, and it was a long time before he closed the smile at the corner of his mouth, looked at her indifferently, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “what?”

Sara got a little flustered, got up, and approached him, “I don’t know why you want to keep me by your side. If you just like the food I cook, you can, I can cook for you, but… But, I’m not your doll, and I don’t want to be your doll! You let me go, okay? I will pay you half a million, I swear!!!”

Sara hurriedly swore to the sky for fear that he would not believe in the general.

The small hand had just been raised but was taken down by Brook John’s big cold hand.

The corners of his lips were still smiling, and his big hand clasped Sara’s small hand, gently pulling, and effortlessly pulling the opposite her into his arms, pressing her against the bar. Obsidian-like star pupils scorchingly locked her under him, and for a moment, bowed his head and kissed her deeply.

No overbearing, no wildness, only an unspeakable attachment…

He laughed, his lips pressed against her red lips, and whispered, “Sara, I won’t let you go…”

Because he hasn’t played enough!!!

His lips and teeth moved down her red lips little by little, biting…

“I want to look at you and feel sad day by day…”

Sad day by day??

His words were like thorns, piercing deeply into Sara’s fragile heart.

The eye sockets are a little painful… sore and uncomfortable.


Why does he have to treat her like this? Are 500,000 debts that important to him? Not!!!

Brook John chuckled, bitterness and faint pain in his eyes…

“The more unhappy you are, the better I am…” He answered her truthfully.

The big palm holds Sara round and still has a trembling front chest, tossing, in an ambiguous tone, “Sara, do you like Ball James?”

The tone of Brook John’s questioning was all ridicule.

Feeling his pain, Sara was shocked for a second.

His pain… she was puzzled.

Frowning, subconsciously probed her hand, and grabbed his restless big hand.

However, the more she exerted force, the more rude and domineering the movements on his hands became.

Chapter 784

His body pressed Sara heavily against the bar, making her almost breathless.

“Brook John, you let me go…” Sara struggled to get rid of his imprisonment.

“You answer me!!!” Brook John’s eyes were burning with anger.

The body pressing on her also became heavier and heavier.

Sara felt weak, it seemed that he thought about everything too well!

She naively thought that this man might still make sense…

The glass on the bar touched her back, burning like fire.

“Yes! I like him, is that enough? You let me go!! Brook John, you are crazy!!”

Sara yelled at him with red eyes, while struggling hard to escape his confinement.

Brook John grabbed Sara’s black pupil and couldn’t help but tightened a few times, and a retaliatory sneer appeared on the corner of his lips, “Evan Sara, it is not me who is crazy, but you!! If there was no Ball James’s help at that time, how can you be tied tightly by me today!! Do you like him? Very good!! I said, I, Brook John, will never make you feel better!!!”

He deliberately told this woman about Ball James!

Even if this method is sinister and unrighteous!!! But looking at this woman in pain, that’s enough!!!

“You…what do you mean?”

What does it mean to have no Ball James’s help? What did he help this man?

Sara’s mind buzzed for a second.

Holding her eyes in astonishment, staring at him, waiting for… the answer!!!

Seeing her paler and paler, Brook John felt a delightful feeling. He chuckled gently, buckled Sara’s slender jaw with his fingers, and his thin lips touched her bloated red lips, “Sara, do you think who would be so capable, saying that if they don’t operate on your baby’s mother, she won’t do it? Who would force you so hard to pay all the operating costs?”

Brook John smiled, with vengeful yin prey in his eyes. Seeing her widened eyes become redder and moist, the joy in his heart has increased a bit.

A drop of clear tears slipped into the eye sockets…The feather eyelashes were sluggish incitement, and the voice choked with disbelief, “Brook John, you lie to me, you lie to me!!!”

She doesn’t believe it, she doesn’t believe it!!! She believed that Ball James was not such a person!!!

However, the seriousness in Brook John’s eyes made her panic… Also, if it was not Ball John, how would he know her relationship with this man!!!

“Woo…” Sara hissed bitterly. An unspeakable feeling in her heart!!!

It turned out that not only was she being played with by a man… secretly, but she was also being played with by another man as a fool!!!

She thought that they were really good friends, and she thought that he was good to her!!!

So that’s it… One million, but it hurt her so much!!!

Sara cried and roared, “Brook John, you are all bird beasts, bird beasts!!!”

Treating playing with a woman as a pleasure in life is not even as good as a bird beast!!!

Dixon Ethan was also lying on the sofa, looking blankly at the information about a certain woman in his hand.

The information is written in great detail, from small to large. From home to abroad, to home. And, her baby, and her current man! Marriage column: unmarried. The baby’s profile shows that the father is unknown.

Father unknown? Staring at these three words, the dark green eyes seemed thoughtful.

It was a long time before he continued to move her sight down.

In the end, it settled on the one million transactions.

He has to admit that the detective ability in the mercenaries is really strong!

After reading the information, he slid to the side at random, took out a cigarette, lit it, and inhaled it.

After that night, Sara seemed to be a different person.

Every day seems to be living a life of the walking dead, but every day seems to be extremely indifferent.

For example, not going to work in that man’s company anymore, staying at home every day, doing nothing, not going anywhere, all the time except watching bubble drama or bubble drama.

For another example, even if the phone rang to burst, she would not listen.

Whether it was from Brook John, Ball James, or someone else… She answered only two calls, one from the kindergarten, and one from the mother’s ward.

But very often, it was Ball James who came over, and Sara’s first reaction was to hang up, call again and shut down.

As for Brook John’s calls, Sara didn’t answer any of them. Every time it rang the third time, Sara didn’t hesitate to turn off the phone.

When the phone was turned off, Brook John dialed the landline, and Sara ignored it, unplugged the phone line, and assumed that she had never heard it.

Some time ago, Brook John came back and asked her why she didn’t listen to his phone calls. Later, he didn’t bother to ask her again. Later, he didn’t even bother to make any more calls. His sister-in-law would occasionally make a few calls when she was there. When he got back on the phone, he told his sister-in-law about some simple things and then hung up, and never asked her about Sara.

Since that night, Sara has also changed rooms and moved out of the room in the corner of the downstairs alone.

The sister-in-law said that there was originally a room for sundries, so there was no air conditioning or heating installed. It would be very difficult to pass the winter.

The more so, the more Sara likes it.

The most important thing is that there is only one key to the sundries, which is in the hands of Sister-in-law.

Sara asked for the keys, spent a whole day cleaning the house, and then simply moved things in and moved in.

There is no heating inside, the house seems to be a bit damp, the light is not so good, and the entire utility room only has a small window for ventilation.

She thought, in a room like this, does that man disdain to take a step forward?

So maybe it suits her!!! Every day, Sara had dinner early, and before the man went home, she went into her room alone, closed the door, put a small bolt, and locked it tightly.

Since then, Brook John hasn’t stepped into her room again.

One evening, it was strange that the sister-in-law was not here today, leaving her alone at home.

Sara didn’t expect that Brook John would come back early.

Moreover, not alone, he returned with another woman.

That woman is not someone else, but Carter Sophia! At that moment, Sara came to understand, guessing that the sister-in-law was deliberately distracted by this man.

The moment Carter Sophia saw Sara, she was stunned. “Brook, she… isn’t she Ball James’s girlfriend?”

It turned out that the woman who lived with him was this shabby girl, and that night Brook John fought with Ball James because of this woman?

Thinking of this, Carter Sophia’s cold and charming eyes couldn’t help but look a little bit dark, and she fixedly looked at her in front of her, with a sullen look in her eyes.

She has to admit that this woman has her uniqueness.

At least, she looks good! She gives people a sense of refinement, or that… the smell of light and breezy without eating fireworks!

However, the last time she saw her, she didn’t seem to be so impressed.

Regarding Carter Sophia’s gaze, Sara didn’t care, she just gave her a cool look, did not speak, got up, and tried to enter her room.

When she was just there, she was amputated by Brook John’s long arm, “Give me a box to avoid pregnancy set it back! Uncle Jack is waiting outside, let him take you down the mountain!”

“Brook…” Carter Sophia couldn’t help but blushed, her whole charming body rubbed against him, raised her head, and looked at the expressionless Sara with triumph.

“Brook, who is she? Why is she in your house?” Carter Sophia asked knowingly.

Brook John did not answer, his eyes were facing the indifferent water pupil of Sara.

For a moment, he hoped that he could catch the waves of seconds in her eyes…

However… “Money!!” There was no emotional change, she just faintly spread her hands and motioned for him to give money.

Her attitude made Brook John startled for a long time before he suddenly recovered.

He drew a few red banknotes from his pocket and threw them at her, feeling a little flustered in his heart, feeling unhappy, but there was nowhere to vent.

There is still a condom in the drawer, but he just wants this woman to buy it for him, and he feels sulky again.

Sara doesn’t understand. Since Uncle Jack is outside, why not just let Uncle Jack buy it? Have to let her take a trip? Probably thinking that the 500,000 Yuan can’t be so cheap, right? Some feel naive!

After taking the money, Sara went out without saying a word and didn’t even glance at them behind him.

Sure enough, Uncle Jack was already waiting outside the door. “Miss, where are you going?” Uncle Jack asked her when she got on the car.

“Go down to the mountain…” Sara replied, inexplicably embarrassed.

Uncle Jack drove down the mountain, but Sara in the car always seemed to be fidgeting.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally decided to ask, “Uncle Jack, that…that…”

“Miss, just ask what you have!” Feeling Sara’s nervousness, Uncle Jack hurriedly said.

Sara’s small face was already flushed, her mouth stuttered, and her voice was several decibels quieter, “Where…Where do you want to go to…where you buy that kind of stuff?”

Forgive her for not buying it before, so she knows nothing.

“Huh?” Uncle Jack was confused.

“That kind of thing?” What is that?

“Just…that’s…” Sara’s face was as red as a tomato. At this moment, she wanted to find a hole to go in. God knows, this kind of thing is better to ask her peers, but now she is asking someone a generation older than herself, which feels embarrassing.

“Ah… I see I understand, I understand…” Looking at Sara’s shy appearance, Uncle Jack finally got the hang of it and understood.

“It’s what the young master wants!”

Uh… “Yes…” Sara nodded shyly, blushing, not daring to look at Uncle Jack in front of her.

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