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Chapter 781

The doubts in Carter Sophia’s heart were even worse. A cloud of gloom and success flashed across the misty eyes, but she quickly concealed it and replaced her with a weak and aggrieved appearance.

“I…I didn’t mean it, baby, if there is any injury, let auntie see it!” Carter Sophia bent over and started to check his small body.

“Don’t touch him!!”

Brook John let out a low growl, and his anger flashed in his eyes.

In the next moment, he picked up the little guy and walked upstairs, not even caring that the oil on his body would stain his clothes.

“I’m okay, William hasn’t been burnt…” Seeing Carter Sophia’s grievance, the little guy couldn’t help but say something nice for her.

The little hand rubbed Brook John’s chest again, “Old William, you put me down, it will stain your clothes…”

“Don’t move!!” Brook John grumbled with a cold face.

Seeing the little devil’s little red hand, his eyebrows couldn’t help but become a ball.

In the bathroom of the room, in the bathtub, the light smooth body lay in it, obediently letting the two big hands keep moving back and forth on his body.

“Boy, it doesn’t hurt?”

Looking at the reddish little hand, Brook John grabbed his heart, but fortunately, there were no blisters.

“It doesn’t hurt!” The kid nodded his head affirmatively.

William tilted his head again, staring at Brook John in confusion, “Old William, who is that beautiful aunt? She is not like the pretty sister in the photo!”

“En! She’s not…” Brook John answered absently, helping him take a bath.

“Then… Old William, are you going to marry her?” the kid asked again.

Brook John raised his eyebrows and looked at him in amazement, “Do you also know this?”

“You said it yourself, you said that the aunt belongs to your fiancée! But, Old William, you seem to dislike people very much!” The kid was a little worried about this question.

“Who told you that I don’t like her?” Brook John felt that this kid was a bit too precocious.

“William guessed it!” The little guy curled his lips, suddenly, his dark eyes flashed, and his little face suddenly jumped for joy, “Old William, Old William, or… I will give you Lil! Okay? OK?”

“…” Brook John was speechless.

Could it be that the gift of their family’s big cotton is not a gift, can she be given as a gift?

“Hey! Kid, didn’t you say that your Lil already has your daddy? How can you give her to me?” What a troublesome kid!

“Yes, I forgot again, then Old William, you are out of play!” The little guy seemed a little regretful.

Looking at his appearance as a little adult, Brook John couldn’t laugh or cry.

“Smelly boy, let me tell you, you don’t want to make me anymore, don’t want to put me in your pet family!”

“I didn’t! Ah… stinky Old William, don’t touch other people’s J/J. Lil said that it is the most important thing in people’s family, you can’t touch it casually! There will be no children in the future…”

“…” Brook John.

Finally know why this stinky kid is so precocious! It turns out that their family has a very strange education method.

“Little devil, your Lil has already made you called William, how can you give birth to a baby? It’s really…”

He has only seen someone who is a mother like this. What a name is not easy to pick, you have to take a “William”, soft!!!

What a bad man!!!

“You didn’t have a baby!!”

Forgive the kid for his immaturity, he didn’t understand the deep meaning of the old William’s words at all, so helpless, he could only curl his lips at him.

“Bad boy, don’t curse me!” Brook John made a muffled sound, lightly tapping on his little head.

After washing for a while, finally came up and down the stairs cleanly.

Suffering from having no clothes to wear, he had to wear a big Brook John shirt, but it was also obvious that the shirt was still too big for his small and thin body. He had no choice but to hold the hem and tie a small knot under him. Just stopped the clothes from falling to the ground.

However, the cuteness index has taken a step further.

Going downstairs and entering the restaurant, Carter Sophia cleaned up all the grease and food that had just been spilled on the table and dumped it into the trash can. Seeing them coming down, she hurriedly greeted people with a smile, “John, sorry, I’m not good, I accidentally overturned your meal, but I have to cook your meal, let’s eat mine…”

Brook John just glanced at her faintly, and silently took the bowls and chopsticks she handed over.

He eats other people’s meals only to fill his stomach.

The kid didn’t seem to eat anything, so he couldn’t make him hungry.

Seeing that Brook John’s mood didn’t seem to be very high, William hurriedly comforted him, “Old William, it’s okay! Next time I will let Lil make it for you. This time you won’t be able to eat it, there will be another one! “

With that said, the little guy picked up the rice in his small bowl and smiled innocently, “Auntie’s food is also delicious!!”

Seeing the little devil praised her, Carter Sophia couldn’t help feeling a little proud, the hatred of the little devil just now seemed to fade a little.

“Baby, eat more if you like…”

“Thank you, Auntie…”

Brook John on the side didn’t speak but just ate the food in his bowl, occasionally helping the little devil on the side pick food.

In the afternoon, after sending the kid home, it was only two o’clock.

He deliberately wanted to keep the kid for a while, but he didn’t know what the kid was awkward, so he had to go back to his own house.

Helpless, Brook John had to send him home again.

William really wanted to play with him more, but he could clearly feel that aunt didn’t like him, and she would always stare at him suddenly, which was scary.

She didn’t say, he also understood.

People who dislike him made their big light bulbs! He is not stupid!

If he squeezed into his house, he would be disgusted by his aunt, so William hurriedly returned to his home.

Seeing the little ghost finally left, Carter Sophia felt much better.

“I’ll walk you home…”

Brook John didn’t have much to say, and he gave a faint explanation, drove the car, and prepared to send Carter Sophia home.

“I don’t want to go back…” Carter Sophia pouted, feeling aggrieved, “Brook, you will stay with me for a long time, okay? Let’s have a meal together tonight…”

Brook John frowned and said nothing.

After a long time, he nodded, “Okay!”

Maybe, he should try to cultivate relationships with this woman.

The kid is right, he doesn’t like her…

If he doesn’t like her, how can he be happy in the future? Maybe he should try to like her!

After all, this woman will be a woman who will live with him for a lifetime!

“Great!!” Carter Sophia couldn’t hide her excitement, “Then let’s go shopping first, and then eat Western food? Or eat Korean food, okay?”

Brook John pulled out a faint smile, “Whatever you want!”

“Thank you… Brook!” Carter Sophia was a little surprised at Brook John at this moment, with a head tilted, and a sweet kiss was printed on Brook John’s sexual lips.

Brook John didn’t say much, he drove his car to the downtown area.

Sara followed Ball James around in the mall.

“James, let’s just forget it! It’s okay, but it’s just a smear of oil, just go home and wash it clean!” Sara dragged Ball James forward, unwilling to go inside again.

This shopping mall is the kind of talent that rich people can come in. Any piece of clothing is either thousands or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, millions.

Such noble things are simply incompatible with her civilian-level characters. What’s more, wearing something too valuable on her body will make her very uncomfortable, she doesn’t want it!

“This is a piece, it’s a big piece! Hey… I said the waiter in the restaurant is stupid!”

“Forget it, let’s go!” Sara was about to drag Ball James out.

“It’s okay, Sara, I said it, just treat it as my birthday present!”

“My birthday hasn’t arrived yet!” Sara didn’t agree, her little hand still grabbed his long arm and refused to let go.

“It’s only a few days anyway!” Ball James said as he stepped to the shop in front of him.

However, Sara dragged him hard and refused to move forward, so the two people stood in a stalemate for a long time, and neither of them would give in.


A pair of noblemen and women stood before them!

A man, handsome, awkward, cold, and arrogant, always so high, his eyes are cold.

Even if buried deep in the crowd, Sara could catch him at a glance-Brook John.

The woman, proud, noble, and petite, was a bit glamorous, but there was a bit more ridicule in the eyes staring at Sara.

“Miss, can you not afford the clothes inside and don’t stand in front of this store, okay?” As soon as the woman exited, she showed her contempt to the extreme.

She was the kind of woman that Carter Sophia looked down on most.

First, women who tease her man.

As soon as she saw Brook John, this woman seemed to have lost her soul, and the whole person was stunned.


Second, if there is no money, they like the vanity and poor women who have rich people.

Wearing clothes that are too shabby, it is still greasy and has a sloppy appearance. She still wants to enter a store that nobles like them can enter. She is simply irresponsible!!!


After being charged by Carter Sophia, Sara suddenly recovered.

The scene when they just walked towards them…

For a second, she felt that they matched well! It’s exactly the kind of so-called, made in heaven.

Even she couldn’t help being a little silly…

Chapter 782

On the opposite side, Brook John’s sight has been fixed on Sara’s little hand.

Her hand has been on Ball James’s arm, it seems that the degree of intimacy between them is higher than he thought.

It looked like a soldering iron in his eyes, which made his eyes hurt.

However, he is still, expressionless, without a trace of emotion.

Sara returned to her senses and hurriedly took away her little hand that had fallen on Ball James’s arm, only to feel that her whole body began to feel uncomfortable.

Ball James tilted his head and looked at the invincible Carter Sophia with a cold expression, “Miss Carter, what do you mean by this?”

“Ball James?” Carter Sophia was a little surprised.

Just now Ball James was carrying them on his back, but she didn’t pay attention to him. She focused on Sara’s beautiful face, and she didn’t come back until he called to herself.

Carter Sophia smiled politely, “Unexpectedly, she was your friend, Ball James, please remind your friend, don’t tease my fiancé with that foolish look when she sees him, I am very upset!”

Sara lowered her head, feeling a little guilty.

She had to admit that she was really surprised at that moment, so she was lost for a moment.

Unexpectedly, she would run into him outside.

Ball James glanced deeply at the opposite Brook John but happened to face the cold black pupil of Brook John.

The corners of John’s lips were filled with a cold smile and settled on Sara, but it was all ironic.

He didn’t say much, but probed his hand, pulled Carter Sophia aside, bypassed them, and went straight into the store.

“Sara, let’s go in too!”

Ball James took her and walked inside.

“I’m not going!” Sara insisted on not going in.

Carter Sophia inside cast a mocking look at them.

It was even more annoying that Ball James refused to fight, “Evan Sara, if you don’t follow me in today, we can’t even be friends!”

“I…” Sara glanced at him embarrassedly, then at the arrogant Carter Sophia in the store, and finally nodded, “Okay…”

After entering the store, Brook John just sat quietly and looked at the magazine in his hand, while Carter Sophia had already taken the clothes into the fitting room.

Seeing them walking in, Brook John’s drooping gaze only slightly lifted, and then he continued to read the magazine in his hand.

As if they were in front of him, he didn’t care at all.

“Sara, does this dress look good?”

As soon as he entered the door, Ball James saw a pure white, pure, noble, and unassuming dress inside.

He took it down and compared it in front of Sara, “Sara, it suits you very well, hurry up and try!”

Sara held it in her hand, feeling a little uncomfortable. She glanced at the trading card on her clothes, her eyes widened as copper bells, and she waved her hand hurriedly, “James, I…I don’t want it, it’s too expensive…”

A tunic costs two hundred thousand!!!

It’s incredible…

“Sara, try it quickly, I think it looks good!” Ball James was willing to allow her to refuse and put the clothes in her hand.

To be honest, this dress is really in line with her temperament, and she can’t help but not buy it.

“Sara, don’t shirk it. As I said before, it’s my birthday present! Hurry up…” Seeing Sara still insisting, Ball James urged her.

Birthday present?

Brook John, who was flipping through the magazine, couldn’t help but lifted his eyes and glanced at the woman opposite.

“Ball James, aren’t you making it clear that you want to spoil the clothes? People don’t want it, but they know that they don’t deserve it and don’t want to spoil it!”

Carter Sophia, who had just come out of the locker room, saw them here in a stalemate.

Looking at the vulgar tunic in Ball James’s hand, she was even more striking. As she said, she swept over the tunic in his hand, “Only a noble princess like me can match this kind of dress. Do you understand??”

Carter Sophia nodded Sara’s chest impulsively, and the finger pricked her chest.

Sara’s eyebrows frowned, and her heart began to resent the woman.

“Miss Carter, I think you value yourself too much!” Ball James smiled faintly, with obvious ridicule, “Noble princess? Huh…”

“Ball James, what do you mean?” Ball James’s words were full of irony, and Carter Sophia’s beautiful face was flushed and white.

Ball James didn’t bother to pay attention to her, so he walked directly to the counter and handed a gold card to the counter attendant, “Miss, please help me wrap it up, I bought it!”

“Miss, I will buy it for twice the price!”

Suddenly, a deep and cold voice rang in Ball James’s ears.

“Brook…” Carter Sophia was filled with emotion in surprise, and her delicate body hurriedly pressed onto Brook John’s body.

Ball James tilted his head and looked at Brook John on the side.

His face was calm as if nothing had happened.

“Three times the price!!!” Ball James shouted again.

“Two gentlemen, this is not the only one in our shop! You want me to get it for you!” The lady at the counter looked a little anxious.

“Miss, I bought everything in your store at five times the price! My fiancée always doesn’t like other people wearing the same clothes as her!” This time, Brook John seemed extra firm.

Does Ball James want to stand up for this woman? Don’t ask him if Brook John is willing or not!

“Miss, how many of these clothes do you have in your store?” A soft question broke into the conversation between the two men.

The two turned their heads to look over at the same time, a little surprised, it was Evan Sara.

“Miss, this dress is a limited edition. There are ten pieces in total. It has just been shipped today. Two pieces have been sold, and eight pieces are left!” The counter lady replied respectfully.

Sara nodded clearly and smiled at her.

But her heart began to keep calculating, and then raised her eyes to look at the lady at the counter, with a calm attitude, “Miss, please help me wrap everything up, I bought it all, six times the price!”

As she said, she smiled playfully at Ball James, “James, ten million is just a drop in the bucket for you, right?”

Ball James shrugged and said, “As long as you like it!”

Sara nodded and smiled deeply, “Thank you…”

Seeing the flirting between them, inexplicably, Brook John only felt a puff of anger accumulating in his heart.

It seems that this woman has simply forgotten who she is!

“Ten times the price!”

Tens of millions are only a day for Brook John!

“Ten…” Ball James was just about to exit but was interrupted by Sara in time, “Since Mr. Brook likes this dress so much, then we gentleman can’t take advantage of others, you pay million!”

As Sara said, she looked at him with a gentle smile, and even kindly helped him calculate the price.

Moreover, she didn’t seem to intend to leave.

She just wanted to see with her own eyes this man scoring 16 million for a skirt of two hundred thousand!

Didn’t he always pretend to be so rich? Money can solve everything, can’t he?

Brook John could see her little tricks but didn’t feel a trace of anger.

It’s less than 20 million. For him, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Didn’t Ball James want to stand up for his Brook John woman? Or is it a so-called birthday gift? He thought that twenty million might be worth it!!!

Seeing that Brook John had swiped the card obediently, paid the money, and paid out 16 million, Sara just took Ball James out of the mall.

Before leaving, she never looked at them behind her again.

She doesn’t know why, she is watching Brook John fight for the dress with her for that woman, and then repeatedly increase the price for that woman until he knows that she’s in the final payment. But he still looked so happy that she couldn’t help but feel a little pain in her heart.

The feeling of astringency, she is not clear what it is like.

Fate arrived at her, but she was not happy at all.

It’s like shooting herself in the foot, but just verifying how important the woman is in his mind!

“Sara, are you still very unhappy?”

Seeing Sara coming out of the mall, keeping her head down, Ball James asked her anxiously.

“Why!” Sara didn’t admit it, “I’m so happy to have him! You don’t know, he usually thinks that he has a lot of money, and he always looks high and looks down on people!! Very annoying kind!!!”

“That’s true!” Ball James nodded, completely agreeing.

“Sara…” Suddenly, he called her again, serious.


“I…” Ball James seemed to have something to say.

“What?” Sara blinked suspiciously.

Ball James looked like he wanted to talk and stopped, and finally, “Forget it, let’s talk about it later!”

Ball James still didn’t dare to tell the story about how he helped Brook John before.

He was really afraid that Sara would never think of him as a friend anymore!

Forget it, take one step and count one step…

“How about eating together tonight?”

Sara shook her head, “No way! I must go back earlier today!”

There is still a kid waiting for her at home, and she doesn’t know if the kid is home!

“All right…” Ball James didn’t force her.

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