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Chapter 793

At last…

“Hey! Brook, are you serious?” Ford David was the first to react.

Brook John sneered, “Do you think I am joking?”


He’s not like that!!!

“Young Master Brook, did you have a funny brain, or was your mind caught by the crack in the door? You are just a few years old now, so you will get married? Didn’t you say that you will get married in three or five years? How long is it now? Ah?!! It doesn’t take you to die so quickly, right?” Baker Daniel was still speechless.

Ford David pushed him, winked at him, and persuaded him to speak less wicked words.

“Young Master Brook, didn’t you decide to marry Carter Sophia a long time ago? What are you doing now? Why do you come here for a boring drink for no reason? Are you scared, or worried that there will be no chance to play in the future?” Ford David asked him seriously.

Brook John didn’t speak, just glanced at him faintly, and then drank sullen wine glass after glass.

Ford David glanced at him deeply, and then asked him, with a tentative and cautious tone, “Hey! Are you still liking Ava, right?”

Brook John paused while holding the wine glass…

Then, he drank all the remaining drinks in his hand, “I don’t know!!”

For that woman…

He doesn’t know how he feels now!!!

“I don’t see…” Baker Daniel shook his head, completely disagreeing with Ford David’s opinion.

“Is it because of that woman?”

Suddenly, Ford David said again.

“Hey! Ford David, why are you robbing me!!” Baker Daniel scolded him childishly.

Brook John’s big hand on the wine glass tightened suddenly, and the deep black pupils tightened a few times, and even the heartstrings were aching.

Quite a while…

He raised his eyes lazily and looked at them, with a mocking chuckle, “Which woman?”

He knowingly asked.

Ford David raised his eyebrows, curled his lips, and smiled wickedly, “The woman you were fighting with Ball James!!”

“Young Master Ford, please make it clear that I am not fighting with him, but he is fighting with me!!!”

Speaking of them, Brook John looked like a hedgehog, with obvious anger in his eyes.

Opposite, Ford David and Baker Daniel glanced at each other.

“Brook, you are not saved, you are in love with that wine seller surnamed Evan!!” Baker Daniel always hit the nail on the head.

Brook John’s evil eyes met him, frowned, looked at him, dissatisfied, and reminded him coldly, “Pay attention to your wording!! Also, don’t just play such boring jokes on me!! I don’t like it very much!!!”

“Cut…” Baker Daniel didn’t bother to deal with this self-deception man anymore.

“In short, marriage is the tomb of love. As a brother, I still hope that you think carefully. Brother, I will not accompany you. I will continue to be smart and you will continue to you. Let’s march into his grave!! Remember to notify brother in time if you get married!!!”

Baker Daniel patted Brook John on the shoulder and left with a word of ridicule secretly and his brother’s concern.

Baker Daniel always doesn’t understand, why should we be together if we don’t love? Since you are in love, why bother yourself not to be together?

Love does not know, or is it true, dare not admit it?!!!

He doesn’t understand these complicated people!

A small gathering, and broke up.

Today is Tuesday, and since Brook John changed clothes and went out last Wednesday, Sara has never seen him again.

After returning home on the weekend, William did not go out, but he told her good news, which was not bad news. He said that his old friend was getting married, but William didn’t seem very happy because he didn’t like his fiancée.

Sara did not make any remarks, as it was, marriage is to live, not to fall in love!

“Miss, why did you get up so early?”

Sara, who was lying in a daze on the sofa, was suddenly interrupted by Sister-in-law who suddenly opened the door and came in.

Sara was stunned for a second, turned her head to look at her, and smiled faintly, “Morning, then!”

“It’s only a little over six now, why did you get up so early?” The sister-in-law asked concerned.

Sara nestled herself on the sofa, shook her head, “Can’t sleep!”

Her face is not too rosy, the eye zone is very deep, and there are obvious dark circles on it.

The sister-in-law seemed to see something and asked cautiously, “Mr. Brook hasn’t come back yet?”

Sara smiled faintly and shook her head, “He has been back this weekend!”

There are traces of him in the room.

Although he is not there, she knows!

Why did he not come back when she was there, and he came back when she was away? Is it because he doesn’t want to see her, and want to avoid her?

Sara doesn’t understand him. If he doesn’t want to see her, can’t he let her leave with a word?

Or, shouldn’t he take the initiative to leave?

“Miss, or else, let me call him and ask Mr. Brook!”

Sister-in-law said she was going to call, but fortunately, she was stopped by Sara in time.

“No, Sister-in-law, just let him, he may be busy!” Sara casually found a reason that she didn’t even believe.

She didn’t want to track his figure, and even more, didn’t want to let him know how much she cared about him.

Between them, it should have been this way of getting along.


It’s getting deeper.

Sara was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

She had been insomnia for several nights, as long as she lay down, the figure of the man would always pop out of her mind for no reason, always entwining her all the time, so that she repeatedly made herself insomnia.

She didn’t know what happened to Brook John that day, and then he was gone forever.

Did something happen to him? She does not know.

Forget it! Don’t think about him.

She closed her eyes heavily, forcing her entire mind to be blank, and finally just about to fall asleep, suddenly, only the sound of collision downstairs was heard.

Sara was taken aback, opened her eyes, and instantly disappeared from sleep.

Is… is it a thief? Or is he back?

Sara was stunned for a moment, then opened the quilt and got out of bed.

The sound of crashing downstairs stopped, leaving only a burst of footsteps.

His steps didn’t seem to be too steady, he staggered as if he was drunk.

Is he him? Sara hurriedly opened the door and went straight downstairs.

In the hall, it was still dark, only the faint luminous light reflected through the thin beige floor-to-ceiling curtains and spilled on a tall and tall figure in the hall.

It is him!!!

The aroma of the wine is a bit strong, and Sara can’t help but frown. He drank, moreover, a lot.

He leaned on the bar, didn’t take a step forward, just raised his eyes, and the deep and hot gaze tightly locked her on the stairs.

His smoke pupils were stained with a color that was too obvious, and even with an obsession that Sara couldn’t understand…

His eyes were hot, and the heat seemed to be burning everything.

The two-faced each other silently. No one spoke. But, looking at each other quietly…

There is an indescribable taste that permeates between them, fermenting…

Looking at her dazed water pupils in his pure crystal, Brook John could feel his heart.

Even if he wants to escape, if he wants to pretend he can’t feel it, there is nothing he can do.

Perhaps, he is drunk!!!

Drunk, does he have the truest reaction…

Isn’t it? When he wakes up, he forgets it!!!

If so, so be it, let his heart go and dance with her…

Anyway, when he wakes up, he forgot!!!

He looked at her, his gaze falling on her was like a flame, “Aren’t you going to help me?”

He spoke, his voice low, but warm…

Inexplicably, Sara had an urge to cry.

Can’t tell the reason, just think…

She like this warm feeling!!!

She took a step forward, approached him, heart, and followed every step under her feet.

“Why drink so much wine…” Sara helped him and murmured casually, with the only worry in her tone, without the meaning of blame.

Brook John did not answer, letting her support him.

His body is close to her soft body, deeply, seriously, and feeling her breath, her smell…

It seems that he hasn’t seen her for a long time!!!

After a few days, she seems to have lost a lot of weight! The big hand wrapped around her waist tightened a little bit.

Sara helped him upstairs and went straight into his room.

Turning on the light, suddenly, the darkroom was bright.

It seems that he is drunk!

If he is not drunk, he shouldn’t stare at her with such drunken eyes.

Sara was a little uncomfortable being stared at, and she was a little confused.

After a long time, “You…you are drunk, let’s sleep first, I’ll cook some ginger soup for you to a hangover!”

Sara went out as she spoke, but unexpectedly, when she stepped on her feet, her little hand was grabbed by a pair of hot palms and pulled back.

With piercing eyes, he stared at her with some seriousness, “Aren’t you going to take a shower for me first?”

“Bath?” Sara’s eyes suddenly stared like copper bells, “Drink…after drinking ginger soup, you can sober up, and after sobering up, you can wash it yourself!”

Sara had a little doubt whether this man was drunk.

Where can a drunk person be so sober!

“I’m uncomfortable!!” Brook John announced domineeringly.

The big hand pulled her little hand, “Hurry up…”

He was about to stand up.

“Hey!!” Sara couldn’t laugh or cry as she watched him play a rogue.

Does this guy still consider himself a three-year-old boy? Why is he doing this!!!

Where did Brook John take care of her, he got up, took her, staggered, and walked to the bathroom.

Sara was helpless, “Be careful…”

Seeing his unsteady steps, Sara had a little bit of believing that perhaps this man was drunk.

Chapter 794

Sara helped him and sat down on the lounge chair in the bathroom. Fortunately, he had all the facilities in his room, including a lounge chair!

After arranging him, Sara started to put water in the bathtub.

Sara started to test the water temperature very carefully and adjusted the temperature of the water for him intently.

It should not be too hot, and of course, it should not be too cold.

Finally, get it done.

Just as she was about to get up to help him, she suddenly felt a frenzy surrounding her whole body from her back.

Her heart was in a daze…

In the next instant, she fell gently into a hot bosom.

That feeling…

So good to make her confused…

She almost thought that these were just dreams!!!

He wrapped her petite body tightly.

For a long time, there was no sound.

In this way, holding her silently, deeply feeling her existence.

A kind of…

Unspeakable comfort!!!

Compared to his leisurely life, Sara didn’t seem so relaxed.

Being held tightly by him from behind, Sara was so nervous that her heart was beating wildly, her whole body became stiff, and she even dared not breathe too hard.

She was afraid that if she was not careful, she would break this feeling between them…

“Why are you so nervous?”

“Wh…Where is it?” Sara moved slightly by his tightly embraced body, hurriedly trying to hide, “It’s just… it’s just that you are suddenly like this, I… I’m not used to…”

What Sara said is true.

Behind her, he still just smiled gently, not answering her words.

With him like this, Sara’s whole person became a little dazed…

She is simply unable to resist!

“First… let’s take a shower…” Sara reached behind his hand and pulled him. The next moment, her face flushed with shame.

This man…


When did he…? She didn’t even know.

Is he drunk? Sara is suspicious!!!

“Haha…” Brook John gave out a deep, deep laugh, but it seemed extraordinarily hearty.

She had never seen him like this!!!

“Sara, if your heart jumps like this again, be careful of sudden death!!”

He laughed and teased her.

The big hot hand reached her chest, deliberately nodded…

At this moment, Sara was so embarrassed that she just wanted to find a hole to go in, her small face flushed like a ripe tomato.

“You, you seem to wake up from wine, I… I’m going out first…”

Sara said she was leaving, but the man behind her would give her a chance to leave.

Holding her, still motionless.

“Help me take a bath!”

It should be the tone of Brook John’s command, but it turned out to be the childish coquettish style in Sara’s ear, even with a little pleading.

Sure enough, the man was drunk, and he was still unclear.

“No, you…wash it yourself, I’ll cook ginger soup for you…”

“You know I don’t like to drink that thing!”

“But that thing must be drunk…”

This feeling of dialogue…

There is a taste of a couple!!!

“You’re really good!” Brook John complained dissatisfiedly

“Oh!” Sara exclaimed in shock. Before she could return to her senses, her petite body was beaten and hugged by the drunk man behind her.

In the next second, Brook John took a step, hugged her, stepped into the bathtub, and then sat down.

“Let go of me.” Sara struggled in his arms with shame.

This guy is not drunk, all pretending!!!

As a result, the more she struggled, the tighter his big hand was, and the brighter his smile.

Finally, there was no energy.

Sara completely gave up the struggle, panting heavily in his arms.

His strength is too great, and she really can’t hold him back.

He laughed, with sly eyes in his eyes, and his face approached her, “You didn’t want to help me wash, then… let’s go together!”

There was a… a deep reluctance!!!

That feeling is his, never tasted before!!!

Evan Sara, you are a fairy!!!

The bewitching millennium fox demon!!!

Sara has struggled, but…

Her heart is always out of her control!!!

She fell!!! Easily fell into him.

Lost all reservations…

It turns out that she still loves him, even if she tells herself time and time again that this man shouldn’t love and can’t love him, but in the face of his tenderness and warmth, she still…

Choose to fall!!!


His eyes were blurred, staring at her, he was completely obsessed.

This kind of look… easily makes Sara confused and confused.

Sara shook her head, panting again and again.

She didn’t remember, and never deliberately remembered these things.

Because, in the past, what he wanted was just physical plunder for her.

Therefore, nothing is a reward for her, so she will not deliberately remember those hurtful things.

As if seeing through her mind, Brook John lowered his head, “I am so bad that you don’t want to remember those things with me so much?”

“…” Sara’s eyebrows trembled slightly, a faint pain struck her chest, staring at him innocently, noncommittal.

It’s not that he is bad, it’s just… he’s crazy and makes her feel bad.

Seeing her innocent look of grievance, Brook John seemed to be self-conscious.

…Not describe…

So, he will try to give her a night of enjoyment…

The next day…

The thin morning sun shines through the translucent beige curtains, warmly projected into the charming bedroom, reflected on his semi-naked body, lazily, turned over, trying to hug her tightly. The little man inexplicably rushed out.

His heart suddenly chilled, and in the next moment, there was no sleepiness, turned over and sat up.

By the bed, the figure of that woman was long gone.

There was some pain in his head, probably because he drank too much wine last night.

On the table, the phone was ringing frantically, like a reminder.

Brook John flicked the mobile phone on the table without looking at it. The next moment, he directly broke off the battery of the mobile phone and flung it to the other end of the bed.

Take a look at the time, it’s half-past eight.

One turned over and got out of bed, took a pajama from the casual closet and put it on, then went out and went downstairs.

Sure enough, in the kitchen, a familiar “ping pong” sound rang.

She began to prepare breakfast.

The sister-in-law had already cleaned up the other rooms, and seeing that Sara had gotten up to cook, and there was nothing else, she greeted her and left.

Brook John leaned lazily against the kitchen door, his hot eyes moving around with her busy figure.

When Sara turned around, she saw him at the door.

Somewhat shocked…

He doesn’t seem to wake up yet.

The broken hair was a little messy, scattered lazily between his forehead, less domineering in the past, but inexplicably more at home, he faded a little bit coldly, and a bit more warmth.

The nightgown was just wrapped casually, not even the belt around his waist was fastened, just wrapped casually with his hands, lazy, but still handsome.

His gaze has been fixed on her, and he is also lazy, but there is a burning heat that is hard to hide in the lazy taste.

Cannot help but make Sara a little embarrassed.

Inexplicably, her mind was hot, and she thought of last night!

Suddenly, the whole petite face flushed.

“Why… why did you get up so early?” If she remembered correctly last night, he slept late, right?

Brook John was still leaning on the door frame, his eyes didn’t seem to take back, “How about you? Aren’t you tired last night? Why did you get up so early?”

“Huh?” When he was mentioned last night, Sara felt a lot of embarrassment again, her little hand uncomfortably put up the hair scattered on her little face, pulled it to the back of her head, lowered her eyes, and did not dare to look at him, “also… not bad!”

“Ah… yes!!”

Suddenly, Sara seemed to think of something, and hurriedly turned around to go to the counter, and also transferred this embarrassing topic by the way.

Brook John raised his eyebrows and looked a little surprised at Sara who was suddenly busy again.

What is she doing?

Seeing her coming over with a bowl of soup, he came over, frowning, it turned out to be ginger soup.

Of course, Sara knew that he didn’t like to drink. She catted with a small body, carried ginger soup, walked around him, and walked into the restaurant. She still greeted him behind her, “Come here…”

Reluctantly, Brook John obediently followed behind her and followed her into the restaurant.

Sara put the ginger soup in her hand, looked at him, a flash of worry flashed in her eyes, “Does the head still hurt?”

“A little bit…” Compared to just waking up, he is much better now, but Brook John especially likes her childishly looking at him worrying appearance.

“Come on, drink this bowl of ginger soup, it won’t hurt anymore!” Sara motioned for him to sit down.

“No!!” Brook John frowned, looked at the bowl of ginger soup, and refused to drink it.

He hates this kind of stuff the most. The smell of ginger makes him uncomfortable.

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