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Chapter 795

Sara has to admit that he is a picky eater, and he is a picky eater, but there is no such thing as her little boy. At least, when she is coaxing the little guy, he will still dislike it obediently eat what he eats.

“Come on, I’ve picked out all the ginger, and you can drink it in one bite! There is no strange taste!”

There is no weird taste, it is delicious.

“Really?” Brook John was dubious, and sat down at the table, while Sara also sat down beside him.

“Why are you looking at me?” Brook John tilted his head and looked at her dissatisfied.

“Supervisor!” watching him obediently finish drinking.

Sara answered him for granted.

Helpless, Brook John bowed his head, approached the ginger soup, sniffed, frowned, “The smell is still very heavy!”

Sara curled her lips and explained to him patiently, “Ginger soup, there should always be some ginger taste!”

Brook John sat at the table and stopped talking, his expression a little strange.

This kind of thing shouldn’t be his style at all.

Really, not!!!

Think about it, what should the former Brook John do? Shouldn’t he bother to take a look directly? Let alone sit down and listen to her persuasion, it is a bit strange.

However, he has always been a fickle type, so Sara didn’t bother to think about it.

In the next second, he will be back to normal, so let’s drink this bowl of ginger soup when he is not normal.

Sara had just prepared to persuade him again, but unexpectedly, he had already obediently picked up the small bowl in front of him, then closed it, raised his head, “grumbling”, like drinking Chinese medicine, painful. The ginger soup was drunk into his stomach all night.

Sara was completely stunned. Startled…

Is this man Brook John today??

“It’s finished!!! Here!” Brook John finished drinking, handed her the bowl in his hand, got up, walked upstairs, “I forgot to brush my teeth…”

“…” Sara took the empty bowl in his hand, feeling dumbfounded.

Holding the bowl in a daze, she went into the kitchen.

When she came out again, Brook John had already returned to the hall, but his hair was still lazy, his nightgown was still not changed, and he didn’t even mean to tidy up.

“Don’t go to work today?” Sara sat down on the sofa beside him, a little surprised, and asked him.

“Don’t…” Brook John shook his head without raising his eyes to look at her.

However, Sara caught a faint loss in his eyes and a guilty conscience.

After a while, he beckoned to her, “Come here…”

Sara froze for a moment and gave him a defensive look.

Brook John frowned and glared at her, “Evan Sara, I will eat you if you can’t?”

Sara stood up in silence, approached him, and sat down on the sofa beside him.

The little hand took the remote control and just wanted to turn on the TV. Brook John cut it off with one hand. “You are not allowed to watch TV today!” His tone returned to his usual domineering tone.

Sara looked at him blankly, puzzled.

Brook John seemed to be aware of something, and the hardened voice instantly softened. He threw the remote control to the furthest sofa, pulled her aside, and rubbed her into his arms, “Be with me today. Don’t watch TV, don’t watch it all day!!!”

He was getting weirder and weirder… strange, something made Sara panicked.

Finally, buried in his arms, couldn’t help but ask aloud, “What’s wrong with you?”

“En?” Brook John pretended to be a fool, and asked knowingly, “What’s wrong?”

Sara got out of his arms, her pupil was fixed, looking at him puzzledly, “But, you shouldn’t be like this…”

Isn’t it? He was not so gentle at all, not so warm, and even more so did not treat her with such kindness, let alone want her… to accompany him well!!!

All these things are what the real Brook John cannot do!!!

Therefore, he is not Brook John, at least, not the real Brook John he is.

Seeing her serious look, Brook John chuckled lightly and took her little hand, feeling a little cold, “Then tell me, what kind of performance is me!”

He asked her while gently rubbing her little hand, trying to pass his warmth to her.

Man is a very strange animal. From knowing that he was about to get married, he no longer treated her as mean as before.

Even if he knows, this woman is his enemy! Some emotions need to be indulged!!! Just indulge, for a day or two!!!

After today, he and she will never get along like this…

“Forget it…” Sara seemed to realize something as if she had guessed something as if she was too lazy to think about something, and as if she liked this feeling, so she didn’t want to go into it.

No matter which man is him, there is no doubt that she prefers him like this!!!

At least, it will make her…have a warm heart!!!

As it is now, he helped her warm these cold little hands.

Sara nestled in Brook John’s arms and asked nothing. Quietly enjoying the peace that belongs to them.

And he hugged her tightly and said nothing. Even though, his heart is already messed up.

For a long time…On the sofa, the two embracing people slowly fell asleep.

“Boom…Boom…Boom…” It just so happened that the quartz clock on the wall rang noon…

With one sound, it was like a heavy hammer, stunned into Brook John’s heart, stinging intolerably.

There are only two hours away from the time to announce the marriage news!!!

He wanted her, accompanied by the piercing bell, time and time again, pushing himself deeply towards her.

“Dangling…dangling, dangling…” The bell sounded before it could stop. In the lobby, the landline rang frantically, as if it knew what the owner of the phone was doing, ringing persistently, the slightest there is no meaning to give up.

Stop and ring, ring and stop.

But Sara was kissed fiercely by the man beside her…

…Not describe…

The call, without a doubt, was made by Carter Sophia.

Brook John turned over and jumped up from Sara’s body.

The phone was still ringing crazily. Brook John approached the landline and picked it up. Before the person at the other end could speak, he spoke first, “I will be there on time at two o’clock, don’t call me anymore!!!”

As soon as the words were over, the person over there was not given any chance to speak, and the phone was hung up with a “bang”.

Sara is silent, this man is always so domineering and rude!!!

“Ah…” Before she could finish her defamation, in the next instant, Sara on the sofa was hooked by Brook John, hugged her easily, and walked upstairs.

…Not describe…

“Brook John, I’m hungry…” She begged for mercy.

She is almost hungry!!!

“Be with me again…”

“Brook John, are you not hungry?” She decided to shift the front.

“Hungry…” Brook John answered honestly, “but you are filling my stomach, although I am a little thinner, my appetite is not too heavy, I can adapt to…”


She asked Dong, he shrugged.

It wasn’t until the two o’clock bell rang in the hall that Sara felt that she was about to be liberated.

The stomach screamed constantly.

“Brook John, it’s two o’clock, you are late!! Hurry, don’t you have something important?” Sara

Remind him ‘kindly’.

However, he remained motionless.

With a torch-like gaze, he looked down at her deeply, with a particularly heavy expression.

After a long time, he spoke lightly.

Asked her, there was a bit of astringent in his throat, “Evan Sara, if, I mean, if, if I am getting married, will you…unhappy? Would you want me…not to marry other women?”

When Brook John asked this, it was really obvious in his heart that he was looking forward to her answer.

In a word…

Completely make Sara stunned.

She just had a look of joy, and it faded in an instant, her expression was a bit trance.

It’s a long time…

She finally found her voice and her consciousness, “What…what do you mean?”

Why did he suddenly ask her like this?

Brook John took a deep breath…

Then, bowed his head and kissed her.

“I’m getting married!!”

He gave her one without any doubts!!!

The two o’clock bell finally stopped.

Two o’clock… After that, the press conference has begun!!!


Three words, but almost took all her breath…

Tears, accumulated in the eye sockets, but how can she not let them fall!!!

Her heart, no matter how painful or uncomfortable, will not cry…

At least, don’t cry in front of him!!!

Finally, he is getting married!!!

Didn’t she know that there would be such a day? Besides congratulations, what else can she say? Nothing to say!!!

It seemed that in an instant, she completely understood, from his return last night to now…

What happened to his change!!!

Does she still have to thank him, thank him for leaving her with the most perfect him at the end!!!

However, this way, it made her remember him more and more, for a lifetime…

Her simple and simple three words made Brook John completely startled, his body froze, and his heart was severely pulled, and the pain struck him straight, like a needle.


He seemed to have returned to the unsmiling, cold-spoken him before.

He walked to the bed and stared at her deeply, and soon, leaving his eyes aside, stopped looking at her.

Pulling open the bedside cabinet, he took out a box of medicine and threw it on the bedside, “Remember to take the medicine!”

His voice returned to its former coldness once again.

With an indifferent expression, he continued to add, “Sleep, stop cooking, I will help you order takeaway!”

After speaking, he turned around and left the bedroom.

In the room…

Suddenly, it was cold.

It was as quiet as dead ashes.

She can only hear his steady steps, step by step downstairs…

The sound, gradually, until it disappears, she can’t hear…

Then, with a “bang…” the door closed heavily.

He’s gone!!!

The tears hurriedly fell down the eyelids, like a broken pearl, which could not be stopped or received.

Looking at the ceiling blankly…

Her face was pale, and she was lying on the bed as if she were a living dead.

Without a soul, without spirit…

Yes, it’s just tears that shed!!!

He is getting married…

Getting married!!!

Chapter 796

The warmth at that moment, it turned out, was just a dream…

She didn’t know how long she stayed in bed until an urgent doorbell rang downstairs, Sara slowly gained a bit of sanity.

It’s the takeaway!

After getting out of the bed, looking at the eye-catching pill at the head of the bed, her whole body trembled for a second, and the next moment, she picked it up and took a pill. When there was no water, she swallowed it.

It was very bitter and astringent, and it was extremely uncomfortable when it was dyed in the throat.

That kind of bitterness…

Spread into the deepest part of her heart…

Tears are falling!

The doorbell still kept ringing.

Sara did not go downstairs but ignored…

Sitting blankly on the sofa in the lobby, with empty eyes, staring blankly at the TV screen directly in front of her.

Outside the door, the waiter who delivered the lunch kept ringing the doorbell, persevering.

It’s just that she can’t hear…

All, inaudible!!!

Sitting on the sofa chair, in a daze.

Today, she did not turn on the TV to watch a bubble show to pass the time as usual.

Because today she dares not turn on the TV at all!!!

She is afraid of…

When the screen flashed, it was his happy handsome face.

Time, one minute and one second passed…

Until the sky gradually darkened…

Then, fell into dead silence and darkness.

That kind of darkness, like the kind of demon that would swallow up life, couldn’t help making Sara panic from the bottom of her heart.

He came back late at night.

“Not asleep yet?” After entering the door for a long time, Brook John asked her faintly.

Sara was shocked for a second…

Tilted her head and looked at him, her eyes were a little dull, her eyes were red and swollen.

Inexplicably, there is an urge to cry…

But, soon, Sara suppressed it. Shaking her head, “Not tired yet…”

It’s not that she is not tired, but she can’t sleep at all.

Brook John didn’t have many expressions, “I’m a little tired, so I went upstairs first…”

After speaking, Brook John stepped upstairs.

Suddenly-“Brook John!” Sara called him.

She thought, maybe, he would have something to say to her.

As a result, she realized…between them, there was nothing to talk about!!!

Originally, there was no need for any explanation or explanation between them.

Between them, it’s just a simple transaction!!!

Brook John paused without looking back at her.

“Mr. Brook, can I leave in the future? Your one million, I will find a way to return it to you!”

Sara took a deep breath and finally threw out the problems she had been thinking about all day.

He is getting married, she should have left, right?

“That’s how you want to leave me?” He didn’t turn his head and asked her coldly, with clear low anger in his tone.

“Could I…”

“Evan Sara, don’t dream anymore!!!”

Sara just wanted to speak out, however, Brook John gave a cold plan to her before she could finish her words.

“Leave me, don’t even think about it!!!” He continued to add.

Even if he has money, he will not let her go!!! He will still use all means…to force her back!!!

After Brook John finished speaking, he walked upstairs directly, leaving only Sara, who was stunned and motionless.

In her heart, she was frustrated.


The wound was still stained with strong bitterness, a kind of unknown bitterness…

Helpless, in life, there is always too much helplessness.

She wants to escape, but she can’t escape…her body, and her heart!!!

She will find a way to leave…Perhaps, she can really take her mother and take William away and fly away.

When she walked far away, he had no intention of looking for her, and she was also free!!!

Brook John became busier and busier, while Sara became duller and duller.

She always used to lock herself in the room all day, spending most of the time in a daze, occasionally checking the information she wanted on the Internet, and then in a daze.

She didn’t speak anymore, always avoided that man as much as possible, even if she ran into him, she would only be a passerby, even if, under the same roof.

And he seemed to avoid her deliberately.

He went out early and returned late and never had a meal at home.

Even if he saw Sara, it was just a faint look, nothing else.

There was no dialogue between them.

Overnight, he was as if they were already a pair of strangers!!!

Today is Sara’s birthday. There are five days before his wedding!

On this day, Sara did not nest herself in the house again.

She is going out…

On this day, she wants the two people who love her the most in the world to spend with her.

Her mother, and her baby!!!

First, go to the kindergarten to pick up baby cotton, and then go to the hospital with him to pick up her mother.

Think about it, she feels very good.

Out of the garden, take a deep breath, so comfortable!!!

Even if it’s a little bit cold and the temperature is a little bit low, it can’t affect her high mood today.

Today, she is happy!!!

Even though, there is an untouchable scar in her heart…

Wrapped in a thick big windbreaker, she stopped a scooter and went down the mountain. When she was about to cross the road to take the bus, a dark black convertible rushed to a stop in front of her.

A picture of familiar figure was printed into her eyes, and Sara was stunned.

“Ethan?” How could he be here??

Dixon Ethan just smiled perfunctorily, “Get in the car!” Then, there was no extra expression on his face.

“Get in the car?” Sara stunned for a while, really puzzled.

“Aren’t you going to pick up the kid?” Dixon Ethan also raised his eyebrows and asked her, the feeling in his tone as if he had already seen through Sara’s mind.

Sara was even more surprised, “How would you know?”

As she asked, she got into the car and went, “Also, why are you here? Are you here to pick me up? That’s not right, how can you know that I am here?”

One hundred thousand why!!! Sara’s mind is full of question marks.

Dixon Ethan didn’t answer her question directly either, just smiled faintly, somewhat mysteriously, “You don’t need to come here anymore!”

With that said, Dixon Ethan had already started the bodywork.

“Huh?” Sara was stunned, no need to come over? “What… what do you mean?”

Dixon Ethan also tilted his head and stared at her, his eyes were inquiring, and the evil pupil narrowed, “You don’t want to leave here?”

leave here??

“Yes!!!” Sara nodded very surely.

Now, she is thinking about this problem all the time.

“That’s good!” Dixon Ethan also turned his eyes back and continued to drive attentively. His big hands peeked in the small cabinet of the car and then took out a calling card, “Replace the calling card. Don’t use the previous one.”

His tone was not a discussion, but an order. Just like that man, except that there is the temperature in his words, not like the coldness of that man…

Seeing Sara in a daze, Dixon Ethan frowned and reminded her, “Change the card first!”

“Ah, oh oh!!” Sara returned to her senses.

She knew why this man had to change the card for her, probably because he didn’t want to be disturbed by someone anymore!

That’s fine, if he doesn’t take it, she will change it herself.

But… “You just said I can leave here, what do you mean?” Sara didn’t understand.

Dixon Ethan also saw that she had changed the card obediently, and then answered her casually, “I have sent someone to send money to that man. As for the news that I took you away, he will also know!”

“Remitted the money?” Sara didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Don’t take it too seriously, as I said, you are the first to find me if you have something! No matter what it is, I will help you! What’s more, this is just a mere one million! Compared to life, the difference is too far!” Dixon Ethan also seemed to see Sara’s burden and comforted her aloud.

“No…” Sara shook her head, “Thank you! I will pay you this million! By the way, I still have half a million in my account. I will transfer it to you when I wait!”

That half a million is the money left over from saving her mother last time, and she hasn’t moved a cent.

“No hurry…” Dixon Ethan also responded lightly.

Sara couldn’t help raising her lips and chuckling.

At the bottom of her heart, she doesn’t know what it feels like, she just feels… as if for a moment, the breathing is smooth, and the whole heart relaxes…

It seems that there is a faint fragrance in the air… what a joyous feeling!!!

“Thank you! Be too late!! Thank you very much!!” Sara kept thanking him, her heart full of touch.

“No!” Dixon Ethan raised his eyebrows, “just as your birthday present!”

“Birthday present…” Sara murmured in surprise, “Dixon Ethan, why do you know everything?”

It’s incredible!!!

Dixon Ethan also gave a deep smile, tilted his head, glanced at her, and replied lightly, as if he was just unintentional, “I almost know everything about you!!”

It seems that except for the child’s father!!! Nowhere to find…

“Dangling Dangling…”

When Brook John was working, the phone on the desk suddenly rang.

Brook John froze for a moment, took the phone, and glanced at the caller ID, the unfamiliar number.


“Old William, it’s me, the cutest little William in your family…”

“…” Doesn’t this kid think the prefix for himself is a bit?

“What are you doing?” He scowled, and deliberately put his tone a little closer.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you, my family has a birthday today, so I want to ask if you want to spend your birthday with us!” The little guy asked him milkily.

Birthday, birthday?

Brook John seemed to remember something, “What’s the date today?”

“Twenty!” The kid answered quickly.


“Boy, I’m sorry, I can’t accompany you on your birthday today…”

“Why?” The kid was a little depressed.

“Little devil, your uncle is a bit busy today, can I change it to next time?” Brook John realized that he was guilty, and softened his tone a little more.

“Next time…” Isn’t it a year from now?

“Okay then! Old William, go ahead! William won’t bother you! Bye-bye…” William said and hung up.

It was obvious that the little ghost was a little unhappy, and Brook John felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, “Little ghost!!”

Suddenly, Brook John stopped him, “Well?” The little guy was excited again.

“I promise you that if I have time, I will go there! However, I may bring one more person…”

“Okay…” Nodding continuously, “Then I’ll wait for you!”

“En!” Brook John nodded, finished speaking, and was about to hang up.

Suddenly… “Boy!!” Brook John stopped him again.

“En?” He won’t change his mind again, right?

“What are you doing now?”

“I’m in the kindergarten waiting for our family to come and pick me up, and accompany her to celebrate her birthday tonight!”

“Then… I’ll pick you up, you will be with me this morning, okay?”

“With you?” The little guy was puzzled, “Old William, are you lonely again?”

“Yes, yes!!” The little devil was windy, “You quickly arrange your things and prepare to leave, I’ll pick you up right away!”

“Then I will tell Daddy and Mommy first, let them pick up grandma first!”


After the two people hung up, the little guy hurriedly dialed Sara.

The phone number is new. Daddy called him earlier today.

“Lil, Old William said to let William be with him for a while in the morning. That guy is lonely again. You and Daddy will pick up your grandma first, and you will come to pick up William in the afternoon, okay?”

“Okay…” Sara reluctantly agreed and told him for a while before hanging up the phone.

“Then let’s go to the hospital first! The little guy has to accompany his friends to play for a long time!” Sara also confessed to Dixon Ethan.


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