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Chapter 797

Then, the two went directly to the hospital. Not long after, Brook John drove directly to the kindergarten to pick up William.

The little guy seemed extremely excited. As soon as he got in the car, he flung the big schoolbag behind him into the back seat of the car, “Old William, where are we going to play?”

“Birthday, what gift should I give?” Brook John ignored the continuous questions, turned his head, and asked him.

“Birthday…” The little guy thought out, “I and Daddy gave birthday cakes!”

“Birthday cake?” Brook John pondered for a while, and then drove to the bustling city center.

“Old William, do you have a friend who wants a birthday?” The little guy asked him curiously, leaning sideways.

“En…” Brook John continued to focus on driving.

But his calm face seemed thoughtful.

“What a coincidence! A day with Lil!” The little guy looked a little excited.

“Boy, what a coincidence! There are too many people in this world who have the same birthday!!” Brook John answered him funny.

“Really…” The little guy scratched his head frustratedly.

Soon, Brook John stopped in front of a high-end cake specialty store.

After getting out of the car, he led the kid directly into the shop.

Bend down and started to look at all the birthday cakes.

“It’s so beautiful, I want to eat it!” The little guy was about to drool.

Brook John tilted his head to look at him, solemnly, “Little devil, you said…Do you have to make the cake yourself to appear sincere?”

“Of course!!” The little guy nodded sharply, “Lil’s birthday cake is made by me and Daddy!”


As soon as Brook John’s words fell, the next moment, he pulled the little bit beside him and walked to the working room in the cake shop.

“Old William, you are in love…”

While licking the cream on his hand, the little guy smiled evilly, making fun of the big man beside him who was concentrating on whipping cream on the cake.

“Little devil, move your dirty hands away, please!! Just licked it!!” The little devil pushed what he had just licked onto his cake.

Brook John couldn’t wait to throw this grinning little devil out, and would not bring him to play if he knew it.

“Old William, you are shy…”

Humph!!! Change the subject deliberately! Don’t think he doesn’t know when he is young.

“Little devil, give me more talk, be careful and I will throw you out!!” Brook John completely exploded, staring and warning him.

He does what he says!

Sure enough, this trick worked.

The kid fell silent immediately and stopped talking.

The little head was buried in the cream, and he licked and ate it, making the whole little face covered with white cream, which looked exceptionally matte and lovely.

Brook John began to earnestly busy making cakes again, but his mind kept rushing at the words of the little devil…

Old William, you are in love!!!

in love??

As early as the year when he was eighteen, he didn’t know what it was like to be in love!

Besides, did he treat that woman named Evan Sara?




Brook John tilted his head and stopped the kid who was eating with relish.

“En?” The little guy tilted his head, blinking his big confused eyes and staring at him. His dark eyes became more agile and cute under the creamy white cream. “What are you doing?”

Brook John glanced at him weakly and asked him with a guilty conscience, “Why do you say that I am in love for no reason?”



Ah!!! Isn’t it funny? The feeling of a broken child?? Thaksin is a ghost!!!

Brook John didn’t bother to talk to him anymore and began to study the cake in his hands.

Take another look at the kid next to…

Eat, eat, eat!!! Just know to eat!!!

William turned a blind eye to his jealous eyes. He sat down on the floor beside the small butter bucket triumphantly, raised his head, and looked at him, “Old William, it was the beautiful aunt last time birthday?”

As he asked, he scooped a spoonful of cream into his gluttonous little mouth, chewing sweetly.

“No!” Brook John didn’t want to answer.

“No?” The little guy was a little surprised, and it was quite a while before he understood.

The creamy little lotus arm pointed at him, “Oh! Old William, you half-hearted!”

“You are half-hearted!!” Brook John blocked him back without thinking.

“You only told William that you are getting married a few days ago, but now you are making birthday cakes for other aunts, aren’t you half-hearted?” The little guy began to teach him seriously.

“Is there any conflict between making a cake and getting married to me?” Someone still retorted him stiffly, not knowing where he was wrong.

“Cut…” The little guy snorted disdainfully, “Lil said that this is self-deception! She said that Mathew liked the post-it sister, but he was stubborn and refused to admit it. The post-it sister is gone, and he regrets it! [The plot is excerpted from the Taiwanese drama “Destined to Love You”]”

Brook John dazed.

The way their family educates the kid is really special!!!

“Boy, I’ll warn you again, I don’t like that woman!! Besides, I will…”

“Throw you out!! Really? I know, I know…” He doesn’t know how many times to throw him away, big bad guy!!!

Lil said, this is duplicity, this is so anxious and jumps over the wall!!!

“If you know, you can eat your cake obediently!!” Brook John snorted, too lazy to take care of this annoying little guy.

Long time…

Finally, it was almost done, only the blessings above.

“Wow! Old William, you are so talented!!” The little guy bulged the little claws full of cream with excitement.

“Huh! What is this!!” A certain man raised his head proudly.


“Hey! Kid, what do you want to write in the blessing?” Brook John leaned on the table and looked at the kid at the foot of the table.

William blinked his black eyes and asked him with a smile, “Does Old William want to be like us?”

“Tell me!”

“What I wrote with Daddy is…I love you!”

What they wrote was “We love you”!!!

I love you…

The three words, inexplicably, made Brook John’s heart trance…

Stunned for a long time…

After a long time, he said coldly, “Nippy!!”

She got up, took the cream, and quickly wrote four simple words on the cake, “Happy birthday!”

The kid on the side was speechless.

“Old William, you are so nothing new. They are all happy birthdays, so why do you have to make them yourself!! Just buy one outside, and many of them are happy birthdays!! Stupid! People won’t know that you did it yourself!” The little guy taught him seriously.

Brook John snorted twice, “You know a ball!!”

Nothing new, just a mindful!!! It’s better than his “I love you”!!!

The little guy yelled at him, curled his lips aggrievedly, scratched his head, and felt a little frustrated. He didn’t understand what the man was thinking!

Finally, the cake was finished, the two paid the money, carried the cake, and left the cake shop.

In the car…

“So full!!”

The little guy touched his chubby belly and let out a sigh.

“…” This little guy knows how to eat. He ate so much in the cake room that he paid twice the price before leaving the shop.

“Where are you going now?” Brook John tilted his head and asked him.

“Old William, you can transport William to the kindergarten. I will take a nap and digest it. When Lil sees William like this, she is going to nag again!”

Can digest during sleep?? It was the first time he had heard of Brook John.

Also, the little devil’s word ‘lucky’ was used in the right way, which made him dumbfounded.

“Okay then!” so Brook John drove to the kindergarten.

Along the way, a certain kid kept having questions.

“Old William, are you going to get married?”

“En!” replied perfunctorily.

“Then what about this auntie who has a birthday today?”

Brook John frowned, tilted his head to look at him, “What should I do?” Would the little devil worry too much?

“Then what if someone gets sad?”


Brook John’s fingers on the steering wheel suddenly tightened, and his heart pulled inexplicably.

For a long time, he glanced at the troublesome kid aside, “She won’t be sad!!”

She said…


Between them, they shouldn’t be sad, and even less sad, so he is still him and she is still her.

He married, she lived her life! No one has anything to do with anyone, and no one is sad or sad because of anyone.

In the hospital, Sara and Dixon Ethan just walked into their mother’s ward and ran into a strange middle-aged man.

Mother was lying on the hospital bed, her expression agitated, tears streaming down her eyes.

The middle-aged man, on the other hand, had a sad face with a distressed expression in his eyes, his big hand, holding her mother’s hand tightly, shaking.

In his mouth, he kept murmured, “Emma, I am sorry to you and her…”

It can be seen from the dress that the identity of a man is unusual.

And outside the door of the ward, there are still a few bodyguard-like figures, which can prove her conjecture.


Who is this man??

Sara looked at them in the room, very puzzled.

“I’m sorry, you can’t go in for now!” Just about to step into the ward, Sara was stopped by the bodyguard outside.

Wrinkled, looked up at him, “I am the patient’s family!”

The commotion outside the room finally attracted the attention of the couple in the room.

Soon, Emma hurriedly put away her hands with a guilty conscience, a clear frustration flashed across the middle-aged man’s eyes, but he did not force too much.

Turn his head and look at them…

At the moment when he turned around, Sara was stunned when she saw him.

This man, she doesn’t know…

However, he has a face very similar to that man.

The tall nose bridge, and the thin and sexual lips, are too similar…

This man, and Brook John, are almost carved out of the same mold.

Sara almost couldn’t believe it.

“Hurry up and let them in!!” The middle-aged man issued an order.

The bodyguard hurriedly stepped forward, letting Sara and Dixon Ethan also enter the ward.

Sara stared at the middle-aged man in front of her in a daze.

“Saint I, this is my daughter, her name is Sara, Evan Sara…” The mother’s voice was choked up, and she introduced Sara to him.

Seeing that Sara was still in a daze, she couldn’t help but remind her, “Sara, what’s the matter? Quickly, call it Uncle Brook!”

“Ah?” Sara suddenly came back to her senses, “Ah…Brook…Uncle Brook, you, hello!!”

“Sara…Evan Sara…” Brook Jacob smiled, and looked at Sara on the opposite side deeply, and nodded, “Good girl…”

“Thank you, Uncle Brook!!” Sara was a little embarrassed and thanked.

Chapter 798

Dixon Ethan also took a deep look at Sara who was on the side, and then slightly nodded to the middle-aged man on the opposite side, just as hello.

It seems…the relationship between them, he knows all about it.

“Auntie has your body improved recently…” Dixon Ethan walked directly to Sara’s mother without being introduced by Sara at all.

“Auntie is so well taken care of by your children, there is nothing wrong with it!!” Sara’s mother seemed to like him very much when she saw him.

“Mummy, do you know each other?” Sara was really surprised.

If she remembers correctly, this is the first time she has brought this man to the hospital, right?

“Yes!” Mother looked at Sara with a puzzled look, “Isn’t this kid telling you that he often comes here to see me? I thought you knew it! This kid…”

Dixon Ethan just stood on the side in silence and smiled faintly, without talking, letting Sara look at him with that kind of extremely incomprehensible eyes.

“Emma…” the middle-aged man suddenly interjected, “I have something to do, so I will leave first, and I will see you tomorrow…”

There was a touch of lingering in the man’s eyes that no one could ignore, so much so that Sara also found something wrong between them.

“Okay… you go busy with you! Come see me again when you have time, don’t rush over!” The mother’s eyes were faintly unwilling, but it seemed that because of their presence, she always wanted to hide something. what.

“Mommy, I and Ethan also forgot to buy some things. Go out first, and then come back later. Uncle Brook, can you please accompany her again…” Sara found a reason casually. Dixon Ethan also wanted to leave.

“Okay, OK…” Brook Jacob nodded repeatedly.

Afterward, Sara and Dixon Ethan also left with interest.

Brook Jacob sat down on the head of the bed and gently clasped Allen Emma’s small hand with his big hand.

“Holy, don’t do this, it’s not good to be seen by the children…” Allen Emma shyly pulled at his imprisoned hand.

“It’s okay!” Brook Jacob shook his hand, “They seem to know already! That’s why they left deliberately to make room for us!”

Allen Emma listened to his words and turned red.

“Emma, I have a good proposal…”

“En?” Allen Emma looked up at him.

“You said, you won’t marry me in this life, then… let our children be married, okay?” Brook Jacob’s eyes are full of expectation, and there seems to be a future for them. A yearning.

Even though, he really can’t marry anymore…

However, their children are together, and they will be considered a family from now on!

So, they can be together forever, right?

“Let the children be married?” Allen Emma couldn’t believe it.

“This way, is it okay? Jacob I, if… if your child knows that I killed his mother, do you think he agrees to this marriage? Will it be good to our Sara?” Allen Emma looked at him worriedly.

“Emma, I told you that it was not you who killed her, and I forbid you to say yourself like this!! It was her…she couldn’t figure it out…have cocooned herself!! Hey…well, the past is over No, let’s not talk about it anymore. As for the children’s affairs, just listen to me! I believe my son will treat her well! And, I am here, I will never allow him to bully Sara a little bit! “Brook Jacob vowed to promise.

Perhaps his heart is a little bit selfish.

He wants to be a little closer to this woman…

Between them, the separation… is not one year or two years, or three and five years, but ten, twenty years…

That kind of regret is the pain of a lifetime!!!

“But…” Allen Emma was still a little bit troubled.

“What’s wrong, is there any problem?” Brook Jacob asked her patiently, with a look of doting in his eyes.

Allen Emma glanced at Brook Jacob, who was opposite, a little embarrassed, “However, Sara also brought a baby…We don’t know who the baby’s father is, and she wouldn’t say anything if we asked her! Seriously, the baby is really cute, eh, let alone, it seems to be a bit like you!”

Speaking of this, Allen Emma’s troubled face suddenly smiled, and when she mentioned William, she suddenly felt that he was a bit like the man in front of her.

“Ah… don’t say it or don’t think, once you see him, he looks more and more like you!”

“Really?” Brook Jacob was also a little curious, “It seems that you like that baby!”

“Of course, no matter who the child’s father is, but after all, the baby is still our family’s own flesh and blood. How can I not like my grandson! Hey, it’s embarrassing Sara!”

It is not a simple matter for a woman to take her child by herself.

“I like everything that Emma likes! It doesn’t matter, since he’s so cute, my son won’t hate him!”

His words made Allen Emma couldn’t help but smile.

Even if they are over half a hundred years old, they still have the kind of sweet, unspeakable feeling of love for young girls.


He seemed to decide to make them a pair.

Really can? She was a little skeptical.

“Jacob, should we leave it to the children to decide?”

“Of course!” Brook Jacob smiled warmly and clasped her hand tightly. “Relax, we don’t force the children if they don’t like it. We only act as intermediaries and try to match the two of them, okay?”

“Okay…” Allen Emma nodded with a happy smile.

He hasn’t changed at all, he is still the same one he was more than twenty years ago…

Gentle, elegant, polite, and the most important thing is to always treat her extremely caring.

As long as she said, there has never been a word ‘no’!

In the courtyard of the hospital, Sara and Dixon Ethan also walked side by side.

“Ethan, you said, what is the relationship between my mommy and the uncle just now?” Sara tilted her head and asked Dixon Ethan.

Dixon Ethan pursed his lips and looked at her, “What do you think?”

Sara smiled faintly, “You seem to be a supernatural power, knowing everything, so I want to ask you, the answer may be more reliable.”

Dixon Ethan also shook his head, “I don’t know everything, I just know a little bit about your affairs!!”

“A little bit?” Sara sneered. How could this be a little bit, “I think you must have deliberately investigated me!”

Sara just said casually.

Because, she believes that no man is so boring, and has nothing to do to investigate her boring things.

But obviously, some people are just that boring.

Of course, Dixon Ethan would not say either.

He just smiled faintly and didn’t answer her words.

“You said, do they look like the kind of couple who have been separated for many, many, many years?” Sara asked him with her head tilted.

“A little bit!” Dixon Ethan also nodded.

The answer, always so cautious.

“It’s like…” Sara nodded in agreement, “Moreover, that uncle…I think I should know who he is!”

“Who is he?” This time, Dixon Ethan was also sensitive.

“En?” Sara was in a daze, and smiled awkwardly, “No, nothing, I just think Uncle Brook is like a friend’s father!”

“Oh…” Dixon Ethan also nodded lightly and responded casually.

He is Brook John’s father, the father of the man who once paid for her!

He, Dixon Ethan knows all this too!!!

“I don’t know if they will be together…” Sara chuckled with a faint smile, with clear expectations in her eyes.

“Do you want them to be together?” Dixon Ethan was also a little surprised.

“is it not, OK?”

“No!” Dixon Ethan also shook his head, “I thought you would think of your father…”

“My father?” Sara was stunned for a second, her expression a little sad, but soon, she shook her head, “I won’t stop my mommy from pursuing happiness! I can feel the profound relationship between my mommy and that uncle. The look in Mommy’s eyes, that feeling is something I have never seen before! That feeling is different from how Mommy felt when she saw my father…

That feeling…

She can understand!!! Moreover, the understanding is very thorough, so thorough, even the heart is aching.

Dixon Ethan didn’t speak, but listened to her quietly, and walked slowly following her footsteps…

When Sara’s mother was discharged from the hospital, it was already in the afternoon.

Dixon Ethan also went through the discharge procedures for Sara’s mother directly, and Sara didn’t understand.

Dixon Ethan also gave her a strategizing look, “Don’t worry, just leave it to me!”

The look in his eyes and his words made Sara completely relieved.

Don’t think about anything, leave everything to him! Because she believes that this man like a child prodigy has his truth in everything he does.

When Brook John returned home with the cake, it was already six in the afternoon.

Opened the entrance door and went into the hall.

Still, deathly silence.

As if not popular!

Probably, she was in her room again.

He can’t remember how long they haven’t said a word.

Brook John lowered his head, glanced at the cake in his hand, hesitated.

Wouldn’t it be too strange to give her a cake like this? He was thinking that giving a cake would seem too shameful, maybe he needs to add other things, such as roses, necklaces, bracelets and the like, but Lindy said that these kinds of things are for his girlfriend, so, he dismissed those thoughts immediately.

Just a cake, simple, not too much!

He raised his head and glanced upstairs. After a while, he pretended to shout at random, “I am back…”

For a long time, there was no sound and no movement.

He frowned and said, “Evan Sara!!”

There was still no sound and no response.

Finally, lost patience.

Put the cake in hand on the counter in the hall, and then went straight upstairs.

“Evan Sara!!”

“Evan Sara”

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