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Chapter 867

What should they do if she cries, she still has a lot of water?

Therefore, she must be strong, she must live strong!!!

These are just the beginning of the pain. In the future, all the pain will only be a little bit, a little bit worse…

Therefore, she must be strong to survive!!!

Brook John could feel Sara’s pain and the tears she was holding back.

At this moment, his heart was numb with pain.

Like a sharp cone, needle by needle, pierced fiercely on his heart, blood was flowing, but the pain was so painful that he could not speak a word.

The big hand holding the pill couldn’t help shaking.

Not panic, not afraid…

He was telling himself time and time again that she was all right and everything would survive.

However, the palm of his hand still couldn’t stop shaking, and it was still a little trembling until the medicine was given to Sara.

Sara’s eye sockets are a little moist, and his dark pupils have been dyed red. Looking at her on the bed-pale as paper, he feels distressed.

At that moment, how he hopes the person lying on the bed is not her, but himself!!!

It’s really cruel to let such a weak woman bear such pain…

“It doesn’t matter…” Sara shook his hand, the palm of her hand was so cold, she touched Brook John’s hand, causing his palm to follow her tightly.

“Don’t worry about me, I… can…” She comforted him aloud.

The sound is so soft, so far away…

That kind of feeling, like the feeling of floating from far, far away, like a feather goose, but more like a dandelion…

How can she not find a place to stay…?

It seems to be drifting away from him at any time.

“Sara…” Brook John finally couldn’t hold it back, his throat choked with astringent as if an invisible blade was cutting his throat with one knife.

Sara’s tears couldn’t help falling to the corners of her eyes…

Breathing, still very short and short…

The voice continued, “John… John, don’t be like this… don’t be sad…”

She probed her hand, trying to wipe off the tears that had accidentally leaked for him.

Brook John just held her hand tightly, buried his already soaked face in her and her little hands, hot tears stained the back of Sara’s hand, so hot and so painful…

Deeply, it hurts into her heart.

Soon, Professor Thomas arrived and went straight upstairs.

Since agreeing to Brook John that day, he has been arranged to live in this community, and it only takes a few minutes to walk over.

After entering the room, Professor Thomas began to diagnose Sara.

Sara’s consciousness was still very clear, and after a wink at the professor, the professor came over.

“Mr. Brook, I’m sorry, could you please avoid me a bit…”

“I…” Brook John felt uneasy.

“Mr. Brook, please believe me! And, please don’t waste my time! Please cooperate!” The professor’s tone was serious.

Brook John didn’t say anything anymore and took a deep look at the bed-the pale and haggard Sara, went out of the medical room, and smoothly closed the door of the room gently.

Medical treatment is painful…

But more is, ugly!

With that distorted expression, Sara didn’t want to be seen by him!

Even if she is a patient, she still wants to leave her husband with a beautiful appearance…

Also, she didn’t want to be watched by him in her pain, she knew that his pain, his heartache…

Those, she is not willing!!!

Brook John closed the door, his fingers were already pale with no trace of blood, and there were faint blue veins on the back of his hand, still trembling, and he could see the tension in his heart.

The heart hung in the voice.

Brook John leaned on the door frame, a little bit depressed, and didn’t dare to take a step further, for fear that she might need something, but he was not around.

Subconsciously touched his pocket, wanting to take out a cigarette to take a few puffs.

This is already his habit, a bad habit, he always wants to take a few mouthfuls when he is in pain, trying to let the taste of nicotine numb his nerves.

He always thought that the pain would be lessened…

But, take it out, just point it, and stop.

Suddenly remembered that he promised that he would not smoke anymore!

Moreover, the fragile Sara cannot be poisoned by the smell of tobacco. Even if she is not around, after smoking, the poison of tobacco will still be soaked in his clothes, so he stops smoking.

He put the cigarette in his pocket, raised his head, his hand stiffened in his pocket, unable to move for a moment…

In front of him, a small figure stopped there, looking at him quietly, his eyes were so thorough, so direct…

The bottom of his eyes is stained with that insoluble mist…

The lovely pajamas were laid on his small body lazily, under his feet, he didn’t even have time to put on his shoes.

He walked barely on the wooden floor, but he didn’t seem to feel the slightest coolness…

Brook John only felt his throat astringent, and his back stiffened, motionless.

It took a long time before he found his voice and called him in a low voice, trying to make the atmosphere less lively, “Boy! It’s so late, why don’t you sleep?”

He got up, approached him, bent over, wanted to hug him, but unexpectedly, he dodged and avoided.

Standing by his side, his black pupil still stared at the tightly closed door, his eyes fixed, his pupils were already filled with mist.

“William…” He tried to call him again.

However, the kid still stood there motionless, his eyes impartial.

long time…

Then he asked him aloud, but his gaze had never been to the closed door to pull away, “Lil…will she hurt?”

The sound is very soft, very low…

After he asked, tears were like broken pearls, and “Papa Papa” flowed from his eyes.

However, the little guy did not cry, he still kept on tears.

He is a brave man, so when Lil is in pain, he should stand beside Lil and protect her, not cry, let alone make a big noise.

Brook John looked at his son, feeling distressed, but didn’t know what to do for a while.

Over the years, Sara has been with him. Now Sara is like this. Probably, the most uncomfortable person is a kid, right?

After all, he is that small…

Brook John approached him. This time, he didn’t break away anymore, bent slightly, and hugged the little guy into his arms, “Lil knows that we are here and will survive…”

Most definitely!!!

Two people, one big and one small.

Embrace each other, comfort each other, and pray for each other.

Inside, the person who is fighting the disease is their favorite woman at the moment!!!

In the room and on the hospital bed, Sara was so painful that she wanted to scream.

Her brain was swollen as if she was about to burst open, with blue veins on her forehead protruding, cold sweat, distorted face, and even a somewhat shocked expression.

The ugliness… fully manifested.

A pair of thin little hands firmly pinched the edge of the bed, biting the lips that were about to crack dry, very hard, not letting herself make any noise, even if the lips have been bitten by herself and leaked out bloodshot.

So painful…so uncomfortable!!!

But, she still insisted, don’t let herself call out, don’t cry out by herself!!!

She knew that her husband, at this moment, must be guarding the door, and he never took a step away…

She didn’t want him to know that her pain…

Until later, Sara really couldn’t bear the pain of a cracked brain and pressure on her chest and fell asleep.

A long time…

The two men, still embracing each other, quietly guarded the door.

In his arms, the little guy’s gaze had never been removed from the door for a moment. It seemed that he wanted the door to open, but it was quiet, not noisy or noisy.

A child who is only four years old, but already so sensible…

His father doesn’t feel good at all! Probably, what he owes them to the mother and son, even in this life, it may not be over!

At last, …

The door was pulled open.

The professor walked out from the inside. By the door, both of them were taken aback. For a moment, no one dared to step forward…

Or no one dares to ask anything!

At that moment, the heart was tight as if to suffocate.

Brook John could feel that the whole figure of the little man in his arms had become stiff like ordinary wood.

“Mr. Brook…” The professor took the initiative to call the opposite Brook John.

Brook John was startled slightly, then, hugging William, hurriedly greeted him, “Professor Thomas, Sara…”

“Don’t worry, Madam has temporarily stabilized. I just gave her some sedatives, and she may be asleep now! It’s just…”

Professor Thomas seemed to have something to say. He glanced at the innocent little guy in his arms with profound eyes, and said softly, “Mr. Brook, can you take a step to speak?”

Brook John got it.

His heart trembled slightly…

In his arms, the little guy seemed to understand, his face paled a little, but he pecked on Brook John’s face very obediently, “Old William, you go, I’ll go see Lil… “

In the words, Brook John could hear clearly, that deep cry.

The little guy didn’t cry or shed tears, but he knew better than anyone else, at this moment, he was already crying like a tearful man.

Brook John let the little guy down, and said softly, “Be careful, don’t disturb Mommy…”

“En!” The little guy nodded, “William will be very careful…”

After the little guy finished speaking, he gently moved his steps into the room, taking extra care with every step.

The movements were very light and light as if he was afraid that he would wake up to the bed- a sleeping Lil.

The door was gently closed again.

“It’s a blessing, Mr. Brook has a very sensible child!” The professor couldn’t help sighing.

Brook John smiled, with some sadness in his eyes, “I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing…”

Children who are too sensible can only prove that they have experienced too many things and too complicated…

“Professor Thomas, please…” Brook John gestured, motioning for the professor to go to his study.

Entered the study and closed the door.

Brook John greeted the professor to take a seat and sat down on the sofa opposite.

“Professor Thomas, you…”

Brook John’s questioning tone was a bit low.

He can guess most of it without asking.

At the bottom of his heart, he is astringent, very unpleasant.

“Mr. Brook, I want to explain to you Madam’s condition!”

“En…you say it!” Brook John said, and politely smoked a cigarette and handed it to the opposite professor.

The heart, but because of his words, has already hung in his voice.

Chapter 868

“Thank you…” Professor Thomas thanked him politely and rejected the cigarette he handed over.

“Mr. Brook, I think, regarding Madam’s condition, perhaps you should make a decision!” The professor’s tone was heavy.

Brook John raised his eyes, his deep pupils grabbed the opposite professor, “From the professor, how should we choose?”

The heart sinks like a rock in the sea.

He didn’t want either choice!

Which one is painful to her!!!

“Mr. Brook, if we don’t do anything, Madam may still have more than two months…” Professor Thomas’s words were a little heavy.

More than two months…

That is, less than three months!!!

It feels…

Brook John’s big hand holding the cigarette case tightened slightly, and the cigarette case wrinkled a bit.

After a long time, he raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot, “Is there any other treatment?”

“Of course…” The professor nodded, “The most commonly used method in China is resection, but it is clear that resection is undoubtedly a failure. So far, there is no successful case. After the operation, the most surviving is seven days.”

His heart throbbed hard.

His chest was so tight that it was covered with a thin film, and he couldn’t get through the breath at all.

In seven days…

He can’t even think about it!

“What about foreign countries? Haven’t there been any successful examples?”

Professor Thomas shook his head, “No…”

Abroad, no! It’s just that the survival time is a little longer!

Just a little bit…

Two months, or, three months…

“Is there any other way?” Brook John asked again.

“Yes…” Professor Thomas nodded, “Can chemotherapy!”

“Chemotherapy?” Brook John frowned.

“Well, this may be the only way!” Professor Thomas nodded affirmatively.

“But…” Brook John seemed reluctant, “I heard that chemotherapy will be painful…”

“En!” Professor Thomas nodded, “Mr. Brook, we have to figure out this. If she chooses chemotherapy, then she must be able to withstand the pain. This operation is not just chemotherapy, nor is it twice, or several times, but dozens of times…”

Professor Thomas said the last three words very heavily…

Just like the heart of Brook John!

He took a deep breath, as if there was an invisible hand on his chest, squeezing his heart vigorously, with pain and breath.

Chemotherapy, and still, dozens of times…

He did not believe that this kind of pain could be tolerated by normal people. What’s more, she was just a weak woman!

Professor Thomas’s voice sounded again, seeming to be a little lamented, “Mr. Brook, I think you also know that the more the chemotherapy, the more painful it will be, and it will be harder and harder, again and again, every time she suffers, to dozens of times. At that time, it was simply not something normal people could tolerate. That kind of feeling, life is better than death! So… a few patients used this method, but in the end, they couldn’t survive the chemotherapy. They couldn’t wake up at all during the chemotherapy…”

Brook John couldn’t sit still.

His words undoubtedly made his own dull heart even more flustered.

He took a cigarette out of his pocket and sandwiched it between his pale fingers, trying to light it repeatedly, but in the end, he trembled and didn’t let the cigarette end burn.

He got up, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, quietly looking out the window, it was pitch black…

Body shape, so lonely, so lonely!!!

For a moment, even he was at a loss!

He couldn’t bear to bear such pain!

What’s more, what if she can’t bear it? Does it indicate that she must leave them…?

In the dark pupils, there are red bloodshot eyes of dissatisfaction.

He doesn’t know if he is tired, or other emotions.

Just know that it’s uncomfortable…

Extremely uncomfortable!!

Turning around, looking at the professor, “Is there no other way?”

Professor Thomas shook his head, “It’s gone…”

Such cases are hard to see in the world!!! The doctors are all at a loss with such cases.

Finally, Brook John believed it.

“Okay, I get it…”

He just feels that he is already too haggard at this time, “We will make a decision as soon as possible!”

“En! OK… Then there is nothing else, I’ll go now…”

“Okay, I’ll give you…”

Brook John sent the professor out.

And the little thing, still guarding Sara’s bed, quietly watching her sleeping peacefully.

Tears accumulated in the eye sockets, biting his lip firmly, and he refused to let himself cry.

The big cotton in front of him is much thinner than before…

Her pale cheeks are already sunken a little bit, even so, pale and thin, but she is still the most beautiful mommy in William’s heart.

The beautiful eyebrows slightly frown, it seems that she is still suffering from a bit of pain…

Just like, the little heart he twisted, followed her pain, existed together…

The small palms, warm, lightly, carefully touched Sara’s frowning eyebrows, and a low voice in his small mouth uttered, “Lil be good, Lil will sleep well, don’t be afraid, William and Old William have been with you…”

The eyebrows were smoothed, and the little guy put his warm little palm into the bedding again, and gently grasped Sara’s slightly thin palm.

Touching his immature little hand, the big hand trembled slightly.

The little guy’s heart also tightened fiercely.

Then, the little hand froze there, not daring to move, lest he was shocked by Lil who was asleep.

For a long time, until William was sure that he hadn’t woken her up, the little guy’s little hand moved slightly, and that movement was more careful than just before.

Gently, wrapped his little palm in the palm of his mother’s hand, trying to give all his warmth and courage to his mother.

He wanted to tell her that even if she was sick…

He and Daddy will always be with her, and will never give up…

The little guy put his head on the edge of the bed and watched quietly on the bed-Sara was asleep on the bed. Gradually, his big eyes became a little tired, and then his eyelids began to fight until finally, he just lay down on the bed- Lightly fell asleep.

When Brook John pushed the door in, he happened to run into this touching scene.

The mother and the son fell asleep so quietly.

This feeling… an indescribable satisfaction.

Also, a touch of happiness…

If it could be as simple as that, how beautiful it would be…

Walking lightly, approaching the room, carefully, hugged the cotton beside the bed, the movement is very light, not to disturb the little ghost in his arms, nor too noisy Sara on the bed.

The little guy seemed to be tired, and even if he fell asleep like this, he fell asleep deeply.

A pair of pink lips pouted slightly, the slightly curled eyelashes concealed big pupils, and the tears were still clearly visible on the porcelain white cheeks.

Very carefully probed his hand, and gently wiped away the tears from the little guy’s face.

Turning his head, he took a deep look at Sara on the bed, then, holding the little guy, turned and went out.

Settling down the little guy, Brook John went into the medical room again.

She was still sleeping quietly, her breathing finally calmed down, just like his heart, it also smoothed a lot.

The big hand, gently put her small hand into his palm and felt her temperature, and his heart seemed to feel more at ease…

It’s great to feel like she is there!

The fingers moved softly across Sara’s palm, the movements were very light, dyed with strong tenderness, “Sara…”

“Anyway, I’ve been there!”

No matter how painful she is, he will always be with her and stick to her.

However, if he could, he really would rather let him bear the pain…

Night, deeper…

Brook John lay on the edge of the bed and fell asleep deeply.

After that day, William still went to school as usual.

Still happy, so lively as if nothing had happened.

After that night, Sara returned to normal.

It’s just that the body is getting thinner and weaker, or, occasionally, she feels short of breath and chest tightness.

That day, Sara sat lazily in the winter sun in front of the French windows in the bedroom.

Brook John pushed in.

Since the sudden illness that day, Brook John has seldom left her to go to the company. The office is only the Internet and telephone, or if it is not possible, Lindy will come to the house and send him some important documents.

Sara had persuaded him.

“How can I be as delicate as you think?” Sara groaned.

He didn’t say a word, but just clasped her little hand and rubbed it softly, every look in his eyes was gentle.

So, Sara smiled contentedly, and obediently nestled into his arms, playing with her little hand, “John, do you know, I am very satisfied and satisfied if you can make you treat me like this… “

Her words gave Brook John a heart and tightened fiercely.

“Sara, don’t say such things!” As if leaving him…

The slender fingers passed through her smooth hair softly rubbed her head deeper into his arms and leaned on his chest.

Hair, through the fingers…



“Hair is growing, I’ll cut a little bit for you, okay?”


Unexpectedly, she did not refuse.

She said, “John, I think winter is going away, and spring is coming. It’s too hot. Can I cut my hair to the shortest length?”

He knew what she meant.

That is…

She chose, chemotherapy!

“Sara…” He whispered her name softly, which was a whisper from his heart, “Sara, Sara…”

So unbearable, so panic…

As if afraid that she would leave in the next second.

Sara smiled, “I am here, Sara is…”

“Well, you have been…will always be…”

These words seem to be self-comforting.

His voice was low and he pushed her head into his chest, very deep.

He lowered his eyes, the dark pupils locked her in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed Sara’s lips.

Limited to just a little bit of water.

The movements are very careful, as if she in his arms, like a fragile doll, he dares not to use too much force…

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