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Chapter 869


“En…” Sara likes to be whispered to her name like this, and that voice seems to be a sentence deep in her heart.

Every sound made her heart stop for a second.

In the suffocation, there is a terrible sweetness…

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m afraid…” Sara answered honestly, leaning her small body into Brook John’s arms even more, “But I’m afraid of death! I don’t want to die… Also, I know there are two others besides me. A man will always guard me, so I won’t be afraid…”

Sara’s eyes were stained with a little mist.

“Good…” Brook John gently stamped a beloved kiss on her forehead.

Probably the two men next to her are most afraid of?!


“En? You say…” His voice was a little hoarse.

“Will you accompany me on the street again before cutting my hair?” She asked him in a low voice, with a request in her eyes.

Brook John smiled, “Okay…”

Now, he could not find any reason to reject her.

“What do you want to buy?” the hoarse voice asked her curiously.

Sara laughed, “I’m thinking about it myself…”


On the street…

The lazy sun is shining, as in the past, the crowd is surging, and it is a lively scene everywhere.

no surprise…

This world will not stop turning because of anyone, nor will the whole world become dim because of no one.

His hand pulled her small hand tightly and put it into his warm pocket.

She leaned on his shoulder, “husband…”

“En!” Tilt his head to look at her.

Love her calling himself that way.

“You said, because there is no one in this world, the earth will stop moving?” Sara tilted her head and asked him.


Brook John licked his lips and smiled, rubbing her little head with a big hand, “What are you thinking about, of course not!”

He answered her without thinking.

Sara laughed.

That’s the best. If she is gone, she hopes that the two men next to her, live better than anyone else, and the earth turns faster than anyone else.

“But Sara, don’t you know?” Brook John lowered his head, his dark eyes locked on Sara who was still thinking about it.

“En?” Sara returned to her senses, raising her head to meet his hot eyes.

There was a moment of trance…

He said, “In the world of Brook John, if Evan Sara suddenly disappears, then the earth that belongs to him will completely stop rotating. From then on, there will only be night in his world…”

He said so seriously, every look in his eyes told her that he was serious.

Seriously, he wants to tell her where she is in his heart…

Yes! In his heart, she was like a ray of sunlight, a ray of sunlight used to illuminate his entire night.

Once, so persistent pursuit, once, so persistent resistance, to the end, still so persistent in love with him…

He didn’t dare to imagine such golden sunlight. If that day is gone, what should he do? Or, what should his world do?

“So…” He lowered his head and looked at her, “Sara, you are leaving, and your favorite man will live in the dark forever!”

Very long time…

Sara’s heart is still in a trance.

The dim pupils were already clouded by water mist.

Finally, she couldn’t help but laughed, with moving tears in her eyes, “You threatened me…”

She identified him.

But he still looked innocent and smiled lowly.

In the phoenix eyes, there was a smile that couldn’t change.

he knows…

The girl would not be willing to let him endure such pain!!!

The two of them walked all the way, going into a shop from time to time to buy something, and they didn’t seem to want to buy anything.

“I want to eat a cone…”

Suddenly, Sara shouted excitedly when she saw the children walking past her with the cones in their hands.

Brook John narrowed his pupil and smiled, “Do you think you are still a child?”

Making fun of her, but still obediently lining up to buy the cone she wanted for her.

In the end, he accompanied her, taking one bite, and ate in the street so brazenly.

Both of them seem to enjoy this way of sunbathing happiness.


Later, Sara stopped in front of a ceramic shop.

Brook John probed the probe curiously, “Would you like to buy something?”

Sara ignored his question, took her hand, and went straight into the store.

“Does the little girl and boy need anything?” The shopkeeper was a gray-haired grandfather in a wheelchair. When he asked them something, his eyes were narrowed, but the close one was hidden under a deep frown. The color of kindness.

The two nodded and smiled as greetings.

Sara led Brook John in the shop, carefully watching every pattern on every ceramic ware.

Here, she had heard Amelia said early on.

Amelia said that the things in this shop are always unique.

She said that the owner of the shop is an old couple. The husband is a crippled grandfather. It is said that he used to serve as a communications officer during the Korean War to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea. Later, he was bombed by a bomb. Come in a wheelchair to pass the day.

And his wife is a very gentle grandmother. Amelia said that once grandpa told her that grandma would be very beautiful when she was young, and the boys who chased her were in long lines.

He married his grandmother before joining the army, and only returned ten years later. At that time, before leaving, his grandmother was two months pregnant. The grandfather said that he is still fortunate until now. Fortunately, there will be children. Otherwise, maybe by now, they are only a couple left, because the grandfather who joined the army his fertility are gone after being bombed by the bomb.

For decades, grandma has been with her grandfather, never forsaking, loving each other.

Later, when the children got married and started a business, the couple came out together to open this shop.

A shop symbolizes love and a lifetime!

Later, Sara mentioned this story to Brook John, but Brook John smiled triumphantly, “If I am disabled, you will stay by my side like this!”

“That’s…” Sara nodded.

“But…” Brook John hugged her with a hippy smile, “I still don’t want it!”

Then, he said another sentence that made Sara spit blood, “You are missing the thing about rolling the sheets, how boring your life should be…”


What he meant by saying this is to prove how obsessed he is in bed-sports, and even still enjoy it? Or, does he want to say how much her body needs him?

cut! It is probably the answer later!

Of course, these are all things to do.

“Grandpa, help me hold this pair of small porcelain cups, okay?”

Sara pointed to the pair of cute little cups in front of her, one man and one woman, male and female, the pattern is very simple, there are no so-called couple patterns between couples, and some are just a bend of beautiful river water.

Very thorough, like pure love!

Brook John was surprised, “Do you need a cup?”

Sara blinked at him, smiled mysteriously, took the pair of cups handed over by the grandfather, and asked him, “Do you know what the cup means?”

“En?” Brook John was puzzled.

“Grandpa’s cup here is the only one, and he never makes a second cup that is the same, and the meaning of the cup is for a lifetime! Understand?” Sara explained to him patiently.


“The cup was for me?”

“One is for you, and one is mine…” Sara smiled, very happy.

“I… I don’t want…” Brook John was a bit twitchy.

“Sara, we don’t want to buy this kind of cup, I will take you to other places to buy, buy those plastic…”

Looking at him, Sara felt disappointed.

His reaction surprised her.

She pouted, feeling aggrieved, “I don’t want plastic, plastic is poisonous!”

“Ah…forgot!” Brook John sighed and went to grab the small porcelain cup in Sara’s hand. “Then let’s buy steel, and some kind of heat preservation, okay?”

A very soft tone persuaded her.

“I don’t want it!!” Sara took the cup in her hand, stared at him aggrievedly, and took a step back.

“Brook John, are you really afraid to live with me forever?”

Standing in the store, Sara stared at him aggrievedly and accused him. As a result, tears came out after watching.

On the side, the shopkeeper’s grandfather just smiled, patted Brook John’s big hand hanging on his shoulders, and exclaimed, “Young man, love is like a small porcelain cup. As long as you protect it, it is not what you imagined. So easily broken…”

Sara’s heart trembled slightly when she heard the old grandpa say this.

Looking at him, puzzled.

Brook John sighed and hurriedly pulled her across, “Fool, what are you crying for! You are such a big person, and you are not afraid of being watched as a joke!”

Although he said so, Sara could hear the distress and petting in his words.

Big hands, gently wiped the tears from her cheeks, “Don’t cry, I don’t want this cup because I am afraid you will cry…”

Every time he sees her tears, his heart hurts.

Sara wiped her tears fiercely, staring at him incomprehensibly, with a little sorrow in her eyes.

Her heart has long since calmed down.

“I’m afraid that someday I accidentally broke the cup you gave me, so…” Brook John slumped and said no more.

Suddenly it occurred to the old grandfather’s very meaningful words just now, “Alright, alright! I promise you, I will keep it safe!”

Sara burst into laughter suddenly, “Okay…”

So, two people, holding hands, holding a small porcelain cup in each hand, happily left the store.

“Grandpa, thank you…”

“No! Child, take the happiness in your hands…”



The two people spoke in unison.

As the setting sun fell, their faces were illuminated by the warm afterglow, dyed with a thin layer of golden light, revealing a breath of happiness.

It’s so thick that it can’t be dissolved…

Chapter 870

Sara said, “Husband, this cup is the only one in the world, you must not break it!”

He replied, somewhat helpless, “Do you women like such hypocritical things? Knowing that it is fragile, knowing that there is only one in the world, is this not intentional to toss people?”

Yes, women are emotional actions, while men always use rationality to think about everything.

Therefore, Sara is constantly struggling with romantic things, and Brook John, holding his head, is entangled in where he should store this baby is the safest.

In the bedside table? In the closet? under the bed? Or, uh… Simply, put it in the safe!

How safe!

When he went home, Brook John locked the cup in the safe, making Sara ashamed.






“I bought it for you to drink water!”

“no need!”


“…” After thinking about it, he answered her, “Too ostentatious, I’m afraid the kid will be jealous…”

“…” This time, Sara was silent in exchange.

This reason…

Isn’t it too extraordinary?

Sara transferred a few passwords in front of the safe, took the water cup inside, and carefully washed it, then poured a cup of hot tea and handed it to him, “The cup is not renminbi, the renminbi is for a deposit, but the cup is for business!”

It is said that the more tea dirt deposits, the more fragrant the tea taste…

Later, Sara took Brook John to cut her hair.

Brook John refused, “I will cut it for you…”

Her hair is very long, almost reaching the waist.

He couldn’t bear to watch her hair fall from other people’s hands.

“No, you must be ugly to cut!” Sara protested.

He pulled her over, “The big deal will let you cut mine too!”

“Really?” Sure enough, the sly of a fox appeared in the beautiful eyes, “Well then, let’s make a difficult deal!”

In this way, a deal about cutting hair officially began.

First, he helped her cut.

Sitting in front of the vanity mirror, holding sharp scissors in his hands, he hasn’t started for a long time.

She tilted her head and asked him, “John, does anyone who does chemotherapy need to have their hair cut out?”

He knew she couldn’t bear it!

“No…” Brook John shook his head, “But, everyone who does chemotherapy will lose hair…”

And it’s very serious, especially, as her…

“It turned out to be like this…” Sara sighed, her little face wrinkled, and thought for a while, “Well, I’ll cut it, if I drop a little bit, I am worried that I will become the second Qiu Qianren!”

Brook John smiled, “How can it be so exaggerated…”

Then, he wiped her hair lightly and put it in the palm of his hand, with a sharp knife, “Kacha…” The sound was very small, but it was particularly harsh when it heard the ears of Sara.

She asked, “Has it been cut?”

She seemed afraid to look at herself in the mirror.

“Well, cut it short!”

“Uh… the head is lighter…”

“Of course, your hair is long and thick! It doesn’t matter, it will grow out soon, really, within two years…” He comforted her.

Sara smiled, “Really? Two years will be enough?”

“Of course, I promise!”

Two years…

For ordinary people, it may only be fleeting, but for her, two years is a hopeless luxury.

Can her hair grow back?

Her hope, yes!!!

Within half an hour, her hair had fallen all over the floor, and Sara in front of the mirror was already short to the extreme.

Very cute, not at all like a mother-level character, but rather like a little girl in school.

Sara smiled and shook her head, cool, she seemed to be satisfied with his craftsmanship, “husband, don’t see, you have a double omnipotent, tusk…it would be a waste not to be a hairdresser!”

“…” Well, she jumped from the chef’s profession to the hairdresser in an instant.

She appointed him, so it’s glorious!

Next, she helped him cut.

“My wife, be careful! Don’t cut your fingers…”

“I’m not that stupid, you have to be careful not to be cut by your ears!”

“My wife, you won’t bother to work on the ears. I’ll just go to the shop and trim them by myself…” To be honest, he was really worried that his ears would die on her clumsy little hands.

“Crack, click”


It sounds like a neat knife.




At first, it was a low whisper, and finally, it gradually became an infinite resentment.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he was already a strange boy.

Hair, one less here, a little more there, or long here and short over there.

One thing she is very obedient, that is, she didn’t move his ears, and she was probably afraid that her clumsy hands would cut his ears.

“It’s you, who kept calling me like that, and it made me feel uneasy, and then cut it into this ghost!” Finally, the bane was pushed all at once on him.

well! Very kind.

He hugged her and asked her to sit on his lap, “Are you upset or confused? I can’t use idioms…”

“……” Sara said stiffly, “restless!”

Brook John smiled and didn’t get annoyed, “Also, to describe your handsome husband like me, you can’t use ‘this ghost look’, understand?”

Sara laughed, her little hand grabbed his tall nose, “Brook John, it turns out that you have such a narcissistic time!”

Brook John’s face was full of black lines, and in the next moment, he bowed his head and kissed Sara’s slightly opened lips.

Suddenly, silence.

His lips and teeth were floating on Sara’s lips, biting gently, whispering, and his teeth were blurred, “You are not allowed to call my full name…”

Just because of a simple kiss and a low voice, Sara couldn’t help feeling soft.

No bones!

The soft body nestled in his arms, her hands wrapped around his head, fingers penetrated the hair cut short by her, and couldn’t help groaning.

His kiss, gentle into the water, but domineering like a lion, it seems that he just wants more and more…

The big hand that hugged her waist tightened further, causing Sara to kiss his whole body, confused and confused.

In the end, tightening the little hand that clung to him, the ambiguous voice couldn’t help but overflow between her lips.

Her response, without a doubt, was a great stimulus for Brook John.

The whole body couldn’t help being stiff, it was a sign that he was about to lose control.

As for her, she seemed to come without any awareness of danger.

Still kissing him affectionately, even a pair of little hands started to tease him.

For example, the little hand keeps moving on his cheeks, and then, across his sexual-sensory Adam’s apple, she can feel that his throat-throat is very stiff but extremely sensitive to movement, and then, provocative across his chest…

Wandering past his strong chest, finally…

Bold, fell on his pride.

Brook John shook his whole body suddenly and let out a low growl. In the next moment, he pushed her away in front of him, “Sara…have played…”

He panted with big mouthfuls, sweating on his forehead, and continuously sliding down his sharp outline from the corner of his forehead, showing his enthusiasm at the moment to the fullest.

Sara looked at him, her eyes were a little hurt, but her small body was still sticking to his sweaty body, “But, you also enjoy it…”

This is true.

“I can satisfy you, John…” Her voice sounded muffled in her chest, with a little bit of shyness.

But let him in her arms feel distressed.

Brook John sighed, slender fingers crossed her chin, holding up her injured face, “Fool, don’t you…”?

“You are in pain…”

“Why!” He did not admit it.

“Don’t lie, your body’s reaction will betray you!” Sara narrowed her mouth.

Brook John smiled, “We don’t care about it, it is not obedient, and it will be blown up by the Korean War to Resist U.S. Aid!”

“Punch…” Sara couldn’t hold back a burst of laughter for a while.

Unexpectedly, people like Brook John would even know how to tell jokes.

Afterward, Sara discussed with him again.

“How about I use my hands?”

“…” it’s better to come by herself, don’t tire her.

“Then… I have a mouth?”

“Puff…” Brook John sprayed directly, staring at her, looking at her appearance, “I can’t see it, it turns out that you have such a color in your bones-love?”

cut! The dog bites Lu Dongbin and doesn’t know good people!

“It’s not that the dog is in a hurry to jump the wall…”

“Haha!” Brook John finally couldn’t help laughing out loud, patted Sara on the shoulder, and said deeply, “Wait for you, it will not be too late for us to do it all from hand to mouth…”

“…” Sara wept, “I regret it!”

He laughed, with a gust of wind, “It’s too late to regret!”


Later, Brook John went to the company several times, but every time he went, he came and went in a hurry.

It’s just that every time he goes, he always attracts the attention of beautiful and handsome guys.

In the end, even Lindy couldn’t help it anymore, “I said, Boss, when did you get this way? You went to the salon to have such a trendy hairstyle. Isn’t your style?”

Brook John didn’t have much time to chat with her, and while organizing the documents, he said, “Good foresight, it was made by my wife…”

“…” Lindy didn’t smile, “It turns out that Sara has not seen her for so long because she changed her job as a hairdresser!”

“Why don’t you go and join in?” Brook John smiled darkly.

Lindy narrowed her mouth, “Forget it, my good young man, the image is important…”

Brook John didn’t bother to talk to her anymore, so he hurried away.

Speaking of his hairstyle, Brook John was going to go to the store to have it repaired. Later, he didn’t know how it happened. After taking the photo in front of the mirror at home, it turned out to be as evil. The hairstyle suits him well.

Fashion, personality, and youth.

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