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Chapter 1083

But this bite of dog food, he ate it willingly.

Carla said happiness is what he wants to see.

Now Ryan also agrees. He said, “I took the name of the child?”

Carla smiled and said, “You can take it.

After speaking, she raised her head to look at Ryan, and the corners of her lips raised slightly. At this time Ryan was also looking at her. He reached out and gently stroked her forehead and said, “Let’s name the child Mack.”

Originally, Herman was still thinking about what he wanted to call. When he heard Ryan’s words, he got up from his chair and faced him face to face.

“This is your child…”

“It’s also the child of Carla.” Ryan said.

Herman’s eyes flickered at him again, and he felt that Lolla’s arrangement was correct. This was a man worthy of trust.

He is capable and responsible, and more importantly, he knows how to love others.

Herman joked and said, “I don’t have much culture, so don’t blame me.”

“Don’t blame you.” Carla said with a smile, “but it can’t be too bad, I’m afraid my son won’t want to.”

Herman smacked, “As long as I don’t name it Mr. awkward, thank me.”

Carla, “…”

In fact, knowing that Carla gave birth to another son, he thought about the name, and hoped that Carla’s child could be named Mack. After all, Carla had not changed her surname, so he couldn’t let his elder brother die.

Of course, if Carla didn’t mention it first, he would not take the initiative to say that he wanted to give a name.

He deliberately spent money to find someone to get it.

These words are all deliberate.

At this moment, he was still playing mystery, making Carla laugh and saying, “This is the third child, or is it called San Mack?”

Carla, “…”

“Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Herman narrowed his expression and said solemnly, “Call him Jerom Mack.”

It contains the surnames of Ivan and Lolla.

It was he who deliberately provided the last names of Ivan and Lolla, and they were taken by others.

Although it is very meaningful, it has no technical content. If Carla knows that he paid for it, he will definitely say that your money was spent wrongly.

Not seeing Carla and Ryan talking, Herman was a little uncertain. What did they mean and asked nervously, “Don’t you like it?”

Carla said he likes it.

This child, when she accepted Herman’s proposal, his meaning was different from Alan Iris.

He will inherit the inheritance left by Lucia and Lolla in the future, so it seems that the name is also very appropriate.

Commemorate the two of them.

“Thank you, Second Uncle.” Carla said with a smile.

“It’s fine if you like it.” Herman waved his hand and smiled.

“Then I will go to see the children.” Herman patted Carla’s hand, “rest well.”

The child is less than a month old, and because of the long time spent in the belly during childbirth, although the bruising on his body has faded, he still has to spend a month in the incubator before he can come out. If you want to see it, you can only look through the glass window.

When the people in the outer room heard that they were going to see the baby, they hadn’t seen it before, so they followed to see the baby.

The room was empty at once.

Lucia brought a bowl of soup to replenish blood. This time, it was a blessing for adults and children to be safe.

Carla’s body was also left with problems, and later he was unable to give birth to severe uterine injuries.

“I don’t want to drink it now.” These days Lucia would give her this kind of soup every day, three or four times a day, so couldn’t drink it at the moment.

Ryan said, “Let’s put it here first.”

Lucia put the bowl on the table and said, “Know that you are tired, but it’s good for your body, forbearance.”

Carla said, “I know.”

Lucia asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Carla nodded. After giving birth, the mother’s body would automatically produce milk, and the child could not eat in the incubator. room to swell and the pain of being filled with milk.

“If it hurts badly, use a br3ast pump…”

“No.” Carla said.

The doctor did not advise her to breastfeed. One is that her body is too weak, and the other is that there are residues in the medication during the operation, which will be mixed with milk and cannot be given to the baby.

She can only endure the pain, and the milk will slowly go back after a certain degree, and it will become absent.

Lucia sighed, “You can rest for a while, and they will have to come in to see you when they come back after watching the child.”

Carla nodded.

Lucia went out and closed the door.

Ryan sat down by the bed, picked up the soup to feed her, “Wait for it to get cold.”

Women in confinement cannot catch colds. There is no air conditioner in the room, so it is a little hot. Drinking such hot soup will make one sweat.

Lucia didn’t allow her to take a bath these days, and she was very uncomfortable. She didn’t want to sweat.

“Wait a moment.” Carla lay still.

Ryan put the bowl down and asked her, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Carla looked at him, “What do you think?”

“That has to be endured.” Ryan coaxed her, “After drinking the soup, I will get you hot water to wipe your body, and you will feel comfortable by changing into clean clothes.”

Carla was tempted and couldn’t take a bath. She sat up if she could wipe it.

Ryan fed her, and Carla stretched out her hand and brought it up, “I’ll drink it myself.” The spoonful is too slow, so she just opened the bowl to drink.

After drinking a bowl of warm soup, the blood in the body seemed to warm up, and the sweat trickled down her forehead. She handed the bowl to Ryan and drew a paper towel to wipe the sweat.

Ryan took the bowl out, came in again, closed the curtains, went to wash his hands, and brought out a pot of hot water, he put the pot on the chair, soaked the towel, and said, “Take off the cl0thes on your body.”

Chapter 1084

Carla unbuttoned h3r clothes and said, “Take my clothes here.”

Ryan looked up at her. She didn’t wear any clothes on the outside of the hospital gown. After he unbuttoned it, he exposed large patches of white skin like fat.

Realizing that he was looking at her, Carla closed her ch3st, “What are you looking at?”

Ryan was very calm, “Look at you.”

Carla lowered her eyes and whispered annoyingly, Ryan didn’t hear clearly, and asked her, “What did you say something?”

“I didn’t say anything.” Carla urged him, “Hurry up and get your clothes.”

Ryan went to get the clothes.

Carla asked him to put his clothes on the bed, “You go out and I will wipe it myself.”

Ryan didn’t care about her. He wrung the towel half dry and said, “If you don’t take it off, I will help you take it off.”

The buttons on Carla’s body have actually been untied, but she didn’t take it 0ff in front of Ryan. Not embarrassed, she doesn’t want him to look at herself now.

“Don’t you think it smells bad on me?” Carla raised her head, her black hair was a bit messy, Ryan stretched out his hand and brushed the strands of broken hair she was blocking her forehead, “In my eyes, you have always been fragrant.”

Carla said, “A lie.”

Because of her bloating, the milk will stay out, and her clothes will smell like milk. How could it be fragrant?

Ryan came over, “No matter how you inked, people will come back.” As he reached out and took off the cl0thes, Carla turned her head and ignored him.

Ryan fell into her ear and said in a low voice, “You are all smelling of milk, which smells very good.”

Carla, “…”

She pushed him, “I hate it.”

Ryan chuckled, picking up a towel that was not very dry and still had a lot of moisture to wipe her body.

Because of her br3ast growth, her br3asts were much larger and stood upright, like two hills. Ryan was very careful. She even hissed when he accidentally touched her. Her br3asts could not be touched at all, it is painful.

Ryan put his hand away and dared not move her.

Carla grabbed the towel in his hand, “I’ll do it myself.”

Ryan said, “I’ll be lighter, you won’t be able to reach on your back, I’ll help you.”

Carla looked at him, “Give it to me, you go out to get some air.”

They haven’t been together for a long time. His appearance is obviously agitated. This is a normal physiological reaction, but her body does not allow it.

The doctor confessed that it is not allowed to have a married life for three months.

Ryan stood still and looked at her.

Carla pulled the quilt to block her nak3d body, Ryan pulled the quilt to prevent her from covering it up.

“What do you want to do?” Carla told him to stop making trouble.

Ryan said, “You know what I want to do.”

“But I…”

Before she finished her words, Ryan took her hand and placed it on an important part of her. Carla’s brain bounced and became blank, and her face immediately began to get hot.


Ryan k!ssed her lips and said softly, “I know, but I miss you so much. Use your hand to help me.”

Carla, “…”

This is too ridiculous, still in the hospital.

“This is the hospital, or during the day, Mom is still outside…”

Ryan took her hand and put it !n.

She was so nervous, she thought it was crazy!

Ryan squeezed her hand and k!ssed her nose and mouth, “Mom won’t come in.”

Carla bit her lip and urged, “Hurry up!”

Ryan didn’t say a word, but he could hear his uneven panting and the face of his lovely wife.

She secretly hid, didn’t dare to look directly, and felt irritated inexplicably, was completely taken into a new realm without her control, she couldn’t let go, and whispered, “You… hurry up.”

Ryan chuckled, b!ting her earlobe, “You blush.”

Carla glared at him, “You are shameless.”

He smiled lightly again.

At this time, Lucia knocked on the door and asked, “Carla, have you changed your clothes? Give me the dirty clothes, and I will wash them?”

Carla pushed him, and Ryan clenched her hands tighter, and she was so anxious that she was sweating on her head.

Lucia knocked on the door again, “Yes…”

Carla bit his scalp, “It’s…not good yet…”

Lucia should have heard it, and didn’t knock on the door again.

She almost couldn’t bear it, both cheeks seemed to be burned by fire, and she was annoyed and angry in her heart, and shouted at him in a low voice, “Ryan!”

“Scream softly.” He laughed.

Carla bit her lip, her heart sighed, and cooperated with him, only wishing him to end soon, her actions disrupted his rhythm…

She only heard a low growl in her ear, and then she felt her hands filled with warm liquid, for a while, for a full ten seconds.

After Ryan was satisfied, he k!ssed her l!ps.

Carla pushed him and reached for the tissue, Ryan grabbed her hand and said, “I’ll wipe it for you.”

He got up and cleaned himself up, sat on the bedside, and wiped her hands with a towel.

Her fingers were slender, with distinct joints, white and tender and soft. He was very gentle. After wiping clean, he put a k!ss on the back of her hand, “Thank you.”

Carla withdrew her hand, Ryan smiled, changed a basin of clean water again, wiped off the sweat from her body, and put on clean clothes. He poured out the water and opened the curtains to breathe.

The room suddenly became bright.

He went to open the door. Lucia was clearing the outside room. She saw the door and asked with a smile, “Carla changed your clothes?”

Ryan said, “Change the sheets, too.”

Lucia said, “Okay, take her out.”

When Ryan returned to the room to hug her, she refused, “You can help me.”

Lucia took a clean sheet and said, “Is the wound completely healed yet?”

“The doctor said to walk more.” Carla dropped her feet on the ground, and Ryan bent over and handed the slippers to her feet, “I will help you.”

Carla was angry and kicked him. He quickly grabbed her ankle, “When I get better, he will beat me again. Now I am obedient.”

Lucia didn’t know what happened, and she stood aside and said, “Carla, Ryan is good enough for you, don’t be willful.”

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