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Chapter 1085

Carla stared at him with her head down.

Ryan chuckled.

They walked out of the inner room, and a group of people who happened to see the children came back.

“Congratulations, congratulations, happy son.” Peter and Harrison said in unison. After they said, they glanced at each other, and then they turned aside in disgust.

Harrison’s injury is almost healed, the gauze on his head has also been removed, and his original handsome hairstyle is no longer there.

But it does not affect his good-looking.

Sandy and Alecia walked to Carla’s side, and Alecia even took Carla from Ryan, “We will help you support.”

Ryan said, “Be careful.”

Alecia snorted twice, thinking about it, but because they have the capital to have a son, can they be unhappy?

At this moment, he should be careful about the hero who gave birth to his son.

Carla looked at Sandy and then at Alecia. She felt that Alecia’s face was not good, but Sandy was white, as if she was so fatter than before.

She grabbed Alecia’s hand and sat on the sofa, because there was a wound in her abdomen, she couldn’t lean relatively well.

“Why is there something on my mind?” Carla asked her.

Alecia looked down, “It’s nothing.”

In fact, she has been very depressed and unhappy these days.

When Harrison was fine, the old lady began to ask her and Harrison to go to the hospital and also have an examination.

The result of the examination was that the quality of her eggs was not good, and she needed injections and medicine for conditioning. It took six injections a day, and only three days later, there were already more than a dozen needles on her waist and hands.

It may be more painful next, physically and mentally, she is also trying to overcome it.

“What, quarreled with Harrison?” Sandy looked at her.

Before Alecia spoke, Harrison interrupted, “Are you cursing us? You and Peter just quarreled.”

Sandy scolded him, “If you don’t have it, you won’t have any. What are you fried? Did I step on your tail?”

“You and Peter are good, but you haven’t learned, but you have improved a lot in your sk!lls.”

“Peter is with you, so you bully him.”

“Hey you girl…”

“What’s your name?” Peter was close to Harrison and stabbed him with his elbow. Harrison still has no complete injuries, but it doesn’t hurt much.

He deliberately pretended to be very painful, “Peter, you want me to go to the hospital again?”

Peter looked at him, “Don’t you bluff me less, aren’t you all well?”

“Who told you that I am completely cured? I don’t care, you have to make up for me.”

“How to make up?” Peter just turned against him, watching him pretend.

Harrison said without hesitation, “Wrap me a big red envelope.”

“The beauty you want!” Peter hugged him and said in his ear, “When you give birth to a son, I will give you a big red envelope.”

He also gestured with his hands, the size of a sack.

Harrison, “…”

This is poking his heart.

Because of the child, the old lady was pressing hard, and Alecia suffered again.

He was in a dilemma.

Carla said, “I’m tired, Alecia, help me into the house.”

Alecia said yes.

She could tell that Alecia was doing something.

Alecia helped her into the house.

Carla explained, “Close the door.”

Alecia closed the door smoothly and helped her sit on the bed. Carla told her to sit too, “I think you have something on your mind, can’t you talk to me?”

Alecia sighed, “I don’t want to say, it’s hard to tell…”

Carla frowned.

“I am conditioning my body. The medical examination is not of good quality. I have to take medicine and injections for a month, and then have a checkup. I am under a lot of pressure. Before I start, I shy away and want to give up…”

Alecia turned her head and looked out the window, her heart was contradictory and confused.

Since the remarriage with Harrison, that heart has always been uneasy.

Carla grabbed her hand and didn’t know how to comfort her.

“Is it looking for a fortune?” She has no uterus, and she must be unable to have children.

Alecia nodded, “I have already found someone.”

Carla was incredible, “So fast?”

Alecia nodded helplessly, “The old lady is pressing hard.” She raised her head and looked at Carla, “Do you know? She didn’t know where she bought the side house. She said she was raising her body. Now she stews something for me every day. Drink, I can barely accept these, but what is unacceptable is the ingredients for the stew…”

Seeing her pale, Carla reached out to hold her hand, and if she gave up, it hovered on the tip of her tongue. Has she ever said it.

The old lady is not bad, but some old ideas and her interests are involved, so have to say something else.

She persuaded Alecia to give up, then how could she gain a foothold in the Josh family?

Her eyes were moist, “I shouldn’t help Harrison and make you reconcile with him. Harrison is not a bad person. After experiencing the last time, he has matured a lot, but in the face of the grandmother who raised him, he rebelled. No, I can understand it, but it’s too unfair to you. I didn’t think about it well at the time…”

“It has nothing to do with you, don’t blame yourself.” Alecia knows that everything is her own softheartedness. If she can harden her heart, no one can match it.

Carla reached out and touched her yellow cheeks, and said distressedly, “What should I do in the future?”

Alecia said, “I hope it goes well.”

Carla nodded, maybe she passed this hurdle, and she came to the end of all the hardships. After ninety-nine and eighty-one hardships, she passed the last hurdle.

“If you need anything, just say it.” Carla wanted to do something for her, but found that she couldn’t do anything.

“You are also hurt this time, so don’t worry about me and take care of your body.” Alecia pretended to be relaxed.

Carla was still worried about her, and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

She is afraid that in the future, because of the child’s problems, she should be cautious in choosing the surrogate.

Chapter 1086

Alecia said, “I found it through an organization. Harrison and I have seen photos. She looks good and have a high level of education…”

I heard from the introducer that it is really hard to imagine that this woman with a master’s degree could also do such a thing.

This is probably the reason that money can make ghosts.

“Is it reliable?” Carla asked again.

Alecia replied, “There should be nothing wrong. The negotiated price is 1.5 million. Now I only paid 100,000.”

“The balance will not be paid until the delivery is successful, and she has no idea about me and Harrison. Any information from the company, so it should be able to save a lot of trouble in the future.”

They went to a professional organization in this area. After the child is born, they would appraise it and make sure that it was her and Harrison’s child before they would pay the balance. They were not afraid of being dropped or replaced by another child.

Carla nodded, “Anyway, you should be more cautious.”


When the door of the room knocked, Alecia closed the sound, Carla said to come in, Herman opened the door and stood at the door, but did not walk in.

Seeing Alecia in the house, he smiled and said, “What are you two whispering while hiding in the house?”

Carla smiled and said, “It’s just pure chat. Has second uncle seen the baby?”

Herman said, “I have seen it, so I miss you.”

She was so young that she couldn’t see who she was like. She smiled and said, “Second Uncle will make me happy.”

“Yes, I’m going to go back to City R…”

“Are you in such a hurry?” Carla wanted to keep him for a few days, after all, he was here.

“I also want to play a few more days, but the Scott called me to go back.” Herman smiled, “He also wanted to come when I came, but I have been busy recently and can only walk away alone, so we Just rock, paper, scissors, and then I won, I’ll come first, and I have to go back and change him to see the baby.”

Alecia couldn’t help smiling, “How old are you guys, and still rock-paper-scissors, are you naive?”

Herman glanced at her, “What do you know, this is the pleasure of our men. You don’t understand.”

Alecia added, “It’s the pleasure of immature men. Mature men can’t finish games like rock-paper-scissors.”

“Alecia, I think you have lost weight.” Herman’s words suddenly turned, staring at her, and then at Carla. Although Carla has undergone major surgery, she has recovered well and her face is ruddy. She seems to be sick.

Alecia smiled, “I was thin…”

“Will that kid Harrison fail to take care of you?” Herman continued, “In my eyes, you are the same as Carla. If you are bullied, you must tell me that I will vent your anger, you know?”

“I know.” Alecia readily agreed, knowing that he really cares about her.

Carla and Ryan wanted to entertain the young Herman. The hospital’s conditions were limited, so they went out to eat.

Carla didn’t go, but stayed in the hospital to taken care of by Lucia.

They went in a group.

After dinner, they went home, Ryan arranged a hotel for Herman.

Harrison and Alecia returned home. The old lady was sitting in the living room watching TV. Silla washed the fruits and peeled them. She immediately stood up when she saw them coming in, “Brother and sister are back.”

Silla didn’t know how to call them a few days ago. The old lady was, “You call me grandma, then call them brothers and sisters.”

So Silla called them that way.

The old lady likes it, and they have no objection. There is nothing wrong with Silla’s name when she is young.

Alecia responded.

“Sister, have you eaten yet? Do you want me to cook something for you?” Silla asked politely with a smile.

Alecia said, “No, we have eaten outside.”

The old lady beckoned, “Come here and sit down.”

Alecia went over, Harrison walked in front of Alecia and asked, “What’s the matter grandma?”

“It’s okay, you can’t watch TV with me for a while?” The old lady felt a little uncomfortable. She felt that since Harrison reconciled with Alecia this time, only Alecia was in his eyes, and he cared less about her as an old lady.

The old lady is obviously not happy about this. Alecia feels very tired, but she still insists on her smiling face, “Is this grandma upset? Do you think that Harrison and I have spent less time with you?”

The old lady took her hand and said, “You are the most sensible and understand my thoughts best.”

Alecia bowed her head and did not say anything.

“Silla, go and bring the soup for your sister.” The old lady ordered.

Silla got up and went to the kitchen to serve the soup, but Alecia felt a slight tremor in her body while drinking the soup.

She raised her eyes, “Can Grandma not drink it?”

“No.” The old lady was particularly determined.

Silla came out carrying a bowl of soup.

“You put the soup in the room.” Harrison said.

He knew that Alecia was repelled, so she asked Silla to go to the room so that she could throw it away if she didn’t want to drink.

The old lady was upset, staring at Harrison, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything. She just had a good meal. I’m afraid she won’t be able to drink anymore, so she can drink it later.”

“This soup can’t be cold, you should drink it while it’s hot.” The old lady didn’t listen to Harrison and asked Silla to give the soup to Alecia.

Alecia couldn’t help but answer.

She wants to vomit before drinking.

When she first started drinking, she only felt that the smell was strong, until one time she saw the old lady brought back a bag from the outside with something very smelly for Silla to clean up, and she asked what it was.

The old lady said that it was a traditional medicine to nourish the body.

Then she took a picture and checked it online, and it turned out to be…

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