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Chapter 1907

These people dared to come to Velador to run wild, and they also asked him for trouble.

Isn’t this looking for death?

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

The evil god of poison is a bit more worried!

At first, he didn’t think there was any problem. After all, Levi’s strength was obvious to all, and he ranked first in the summer list.

But these five spirits were revealed, and the poisonous god panicked.

These people are too strong.

Victory is not necessarily true!

What’s more, these people are not the core powerhouses of the Holy Tribe organization!

They seem to be in trouble!

“Levi, you aske for it!”

Shane shouted angrily, and the wind was raging between his hands and feet, and he wanted to uproot the whole place.

The evil spirits also shot, and the violent fighting spirit broke through the sky.

The other three also took action, they are superpowers who control ice, fire and electricity!

It’s just super strong!

When the five people make a move, they are earth-shattering, and they directly control the power of heaven and earth!

Strong wind, ice storm, flame, thunder and lightning, and the invincible combat power of the evil god!

Levi quickly fought with a few people, and the evil spirit poison wanted to intervene, but couldn’t get in.

The area where the six people are fighting is surrounded by terrifying wind blades and wind walls!

Even if he rushes up rashly, he will be strangled to death!

His poison is also difficult to use the first time.

Powerful and terrible!

The five dark angels joined forces, and it was truly terrifying!

The world is discolored!

These are the five dark angels specially tailored by the Holy Tribe organization for the first in the summer list!

The five dark angels are not only powerful and extremely powerful, they also cooperate with each other in tacit understanding.

Five people can definitely beat the top ranking list (the number one evaluated by the Holy Tribe organization)!

It’s a pity that the assessment they made was the first strength in the previous summer.

But this time the person is Levi!!!

After fighting for a while, Levi had already figured out the strength of the five!

Is very strong!

But compared to him after the transformation, it is nothing!

“It’s me!”

Levi yelled: “The king is over the world!”

This is a trick he created after reversing the practice.

To converge and compress all the forces into a single burst will destroy the world.

That was the trick that shook the Excalibur!

Bring all the power together and burst out!

Later, Levi felt again, not only to converge in one spot, but also to compress to the extreme!

This burst out to be stronger!

He named this trick after himself!


Suddenly, the heavens and the earth were all silent, and in an instant, the energy in the heavens and the earth gathered towards Levi!

The power in his body also condenses towards the right fist!

Convergence is complete, and extreme compression begins.

The compression process was about to tear and explode Levi’s body.

Especially the right fist is extremely deformed!


Compressed to the extreme, Levi hit the ground with a fist.

Suddenly, the terrifying energy was released in an instant.


The whole earth was trembling, as if the most terrible earthquake was coming.

Tear everything, and the earth will fall apart.

The terrible power burst out.


Wind Cthulrun is seriously injured and flying!


The evil god is seriously wounded and flies away!

The five dark angels were bombarded by terrible energy bursts one after another!

Their ice, fire, wind, thunder and other powers of heaven and earth were instantly blasted away…

The five people’s physiques specially tempered by the Dark God cracked one after another, and it seemed that they were about to explode.

All five were seriously injured and dying.

The eyes are full of horror!

Is that human being?

It’s not that the first strength of the previous big summer rankings is just that, the five of them can completely win it together.

What’s wrong with Levi?

Is he invincible?

The evil god of poison was also scared silly.

He had just issued a special distress signal, and the other six evil gods were on their way.

But it was solved so soon?

“The legendary celestial doctor is still an invincible Lord!”

Several people passing by just saw the battle.

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