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Chapter 1091

Then he went to the bathroom to wash his hands, rubbed it with soap, took off his coat, and walked over again, and then Nelson said, “Is your company so idle? Came back so early?”

Ryan, “…”

“You rest.”

After that, Ryan could only sit there and watch.

Lucia put the folded clothes on the sofa and said, “Came back so early to see his son, right?”

Ryan said, “After knowing that Iris and Alan were my children, my heart was indescribably excited, but I am still excited now.”

The little one is his son.

After the birth, the doctor said he was sent to the neonatology department. He changed his clothes and went to see the doctor. He was lying in an incubator, small, like a big mouse, covered in bruises, and under medical surveillance. The equipment monitors all his vital signs. It is a miracle that he could survive and recover so quickly.

He lamented the magic of life.

He does not believe in gods and spirits, in God and Jesus, and in any person who appears because of the need for sustenance in his heart.

When it came to the child, he thanked God for allowing his child to come into this world.

If the child was really gone, he would blame himself for suffering for a lifetime.

He signed the word that broke his life.

“What about words?”

He never saw her when he came back.

“I’m going to see Alecia.” Lucia sighed, feeling that Alecia was too uncomfortable, and panicked pitifully.

“Look at him smiling.” Nelson said.

The little baby still closed his eyes, apparently asleep, but grinned just now.

Samantha ran over to look.

At this time, the little baby’s smile disappeared from the corners of his lips. Samantha just wanted to say something and smiled, and then she saw the little mouth grinning, really smiling.

“Oh, this little doll is so cute. This is a good thing in dream. You smile so happily. Did you dream of going to a wife?”

Lucia picked up the folded clothes, prepared to send them upstairs, and said, “How big is he.”

“In another 20 years, he will be a handsome guy. He must have a girlfriend.” Samantha said.

Lucia laughed, feeling that she was thinking too far.

At this time, Samantha sighed again, “At that time, I don’t know if I can see him.”

Lucia said, “You can live a hundred years.”

Samantha laughed.

In the evening, Alan and Iris left school, and then the little brother was occupied by Iris again. She lay on the bedside, either poking his little cheek with her little hand or touching his head.

With emotion, “This is my brother.”

Alan calmly got used to it, and sat beside Ryan with his hands around his chest, “Dad, how does it feel to be a father?”

Ryan calmly said, “It’s not the first time to be a father, I’ve long been used to it.”

“How does it feel to be a brother?” Ryan added at the end.

Alan said calmly, “It’s not the first time I’m a brother, I’ve long been used to it.”

Ryan, “…”

In the evening Carla did not come back for dinner, and the two children did homework, Nelson watched them.

Samantha wanted to hug the baby, so Lucia did the finished work.

The baby was drinking powdered milk, his mouth was tightly wrapped around the pacifier, and he sucked very hard. It was 20ml and drank it in a short time.

Samantha put the milk bottle on the table and wiped his mouth. He was awake but fell asleep after drinking the milk powder.

“Oh, why are you like a pig, you sleep when you are full.”

Lucia came over and picked up the milk bottle, ready to wash it and put it in the disinfection cabinet. She heard Samantha say, “Little milk boy, just eat and sleep, eat and sleep for a long time.”

Samantha smiled, “Who does this child look like?”

“Like Ryan.” Lucia said.

Samantha said, “He looks like the lady, and everyone says that a son is blessed to be like a mother.”

“Everyone is blessed. Look at our family. They are all around him. Besides, I think Ryan looks good.” Lucia smiled and looked at the child in her arms.

It is said that the mother-in-law sees her son-in-law, and the more she sees him, the happier she is.

“Oh, oh, are you a real mother? What’s so bad about the lady?” Samantha looked at her, and demeaning her daughter.

Lucia didn’t belittle her daughter, but she thought that a boy who looked like Carla couldn’t speak of a woman, so she still thought it was better to look like Ryan, good-looking and masculine.

“No matter who you look like, you won’t be ugly.” Samantha said looking at the sleeping baby.

Lucia gave a smile, and walked away with the bottle.

Carla brought the child at night. Samantha wanted to help her with it. She said she would take it for a while first.

When it was time to go to bed, Samantha sent the child upstairs.

There was Ryan alone in the room. He took a bath, dressed in pajamas, sitting in front of the window, and waiting to read the documents.

His legs overlapped gracefully, half of his face stayed in the dark and half under the light, three-dimensional and distinct.

Samantha put the sleeping baby in the crib and asked in a low voice, “Madam, haven’t come back yet.”

“She will be back later.” Carla called back and told him that there was no one around Alecia, so she should accompany her more.

Samantha went out and closed the door.

After a while, the little baby who was lying on the bed suddenly started to cry.

Chapter 1092

Ryan picked him up in a jerky and blunt posture.

He did not have a chance to hold the child several times when he came back, so he was not sk!lled.

He patted and shook, as if his son didn’t give him face, crying harder and harder.

“Wow, wow…”

Ryan wondered if he was hungry? Put him down to make milk powder. At this moment, Samantha came up and saw the child cry hard and said, “What’s the matter?”

Ryan said, “Maybe he’s hungry…”

“He just ate and fell asleep, so he won’t be hungry.” Samantha hugged the crying baby.

Ryan soaked the milk powder and brought it over, but he didn’t eat it.

“I said he is not hungry.” Samantha put the baby on the bed, took off his one-piece baby suit, opened the diaper, and she really…

Ryan stood by and watched.

Don’t know what he can do.

Samantha then said, after wiping the baby with a wet wipe, wash his with warm water.

Putting on a clean diaper, the little boy stopped crying immediately. It was rare not to fall asleep. He opened his black grape-like eyes and looked at the people looking at him.

If you don’t use diapers, you don’t want to breathe. The changed diapers must be washed by Samantha, even with water.

Ryan sat by the bed, and the little boy’s eyes followed. A one-month-old baby couldn’t see far things, could see close ones, and could still stare.

Ryan shook his hand in front of him, and his eyes followed, as if he was curious about what it was.

There was the sound of footsteps up the stairs, and then Carla opened the door and came in.

She put down her bag, glanced at her son, and said, “Harrison’s family has found a young nanny.”

When she went to see Alecia, only Harrison was there. When the meal was delivered in the evening, the nanny delivered the meal. The old lady looked like she liked her, Silla, Silla she always called her.

Ryan is not interested in such things, his eyes are on his son.

Carla patted him with her hand, “I am talking to you?”

Ryan said, “What does it matter to me if they find a young nanny?”

Carla, “…”

She sat down on his lap, hooked his neck, and said, “Should we also find a young and beautiful one in our family?”

Ryan curled his lips, “Men’s and women’s?”

Carla said, “Do you want to find a man or a woman?”

“Then find a girl?…”

Before he finished speaking, he was twisted by the flesh on his waist.

Ryan whispered, “You want to murder your husband.”

Carla let go of his hand, straightened her expression, and said, “What would Harrison think if I told you to be serious? It’s better to find someone who has been married and is a little older. Such a person works steadily and is too young… “

“Harrison, he may have flaws in his character, but he won’t do anything out of the ordinary. You worry too much.”

Carla sighed, she was not worried about how Harrison was, she was worried that the nanny had bad thoughts.

“Isn’t there a nanny arson case in the first two years? That is the mirror of greed? It wasn’t me who discriminated, but I knew too well that young girls couldn’t stand material temptations…”

“Okay.” Ryan interrupted her, “you worry about other people’s affairs.”

“They are not others, Alecia is my relative, Harrison is your friend…”

“I’m sleepy.” Ryan walked to the baby and hugged his son, obviously refusing her to discuss other people’s matters.

Carla, “…”

She is not good to continue, so she can only get up to take a bath and sleep.

A week later, Alecia was told that the embryo breeding had failed, let alone the transfer.

Now that the technology is advanced, it is rare that the development stops during cultivation.

What the doctor meant was that it might be an egg relationship. If you want to continue, then you must continue to inject, continue to promote ovulation, and then nurture.

The old lady said immediately, “Surely we still have to do it, can’t we let the Josh family be cut off?”

This is how absurd it is in this era. How many people are afraid of marriage and childbearing now.

Some are afraid of the difficulty of raising them, some do not want to have children at all, but only think about the world of two people.

Also, want to give birth, but can’t give birth.

Obviously the latter is painful.

Harrison did not speak, picked up Alecia, did not go home, and rented a house outside.

He knew that if he continued to deal with Alecia’s body like this, she would be overwhelmed, and the damage would be great, so he couldn’t toss and ruin an adult for the sake of a child.

The old lady went up to the mountain to pray, and asked for a sign, but she didn’t care.

The old lady told her family’s situation and the fortune-teller, and the person said she had to go to the house to check it out.

The old lady invited the big fairy home.

Then the fortune-teller said that there is something dirty in there house, but he has a way to cure it, nothing more than spending money.

If money can solve the problem, is it still a problem?

It is not a problem for the old lady to say nothing about money, as long as you can ask my family to ask for anything, the old lady asks the fortune-telling to do a ritual at home.

After spending a lot of money, no matter whether it is useful or not, the old lady feels at ease and feels that she will succeed next time.

This time it didn’t succeed because there were dirty things in the house.

Harrison arranged for Alecia to come back, ready to pack some clothes for herself and her to change.

Then she saw that clock that was originally hung in the living room was gone, replaced by two coffee swords, and a mirror in the middle of the sword.

Harrison frowned, “What is this?”

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