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Chapter 1093

The old lady was sleeping in the house. Silla followed Harrison to take care of her when she was away. When Harrison asked, she told him how the old lady asked the fortune-teller to do things.

“The gentleman also said that he must let my sister sleep in the bedroom.”

Harrison knew that the old lady wanted the great-grandson’s eagerness, but never thought that she could do such a superstitious thing.

He walked to his and Alecia’s bedroom, opened the door, and saw an incense table leaning against the window, on which was enshrined Avalokitesvara, the incense in the incense burner was still burning, and there was a smell of its burning in the room.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. If Alecia saw it, it wouldn’t drive people crazy?

He is going crazy!

Fortunately, he didn’t take Alecia back. He was thankful that he walked in and opened the door of the cabinet to find the suitcase and began to pack the clothes of the two.

He packed everything, and the old lady got up when he was about to go out. She saw him pulling the suitcase and asked, “What are you going to do? Where is Alecia? Shouldn’t it be time to come back today?”

“I sent her to City R, there is something over there…”

“What is the important thing to have a child or other? It’s not her fault that it was unsuccessful this time. There is something dirty in the house. We have already asked the great immortal to do it. The next time it will be successful, you should quickly pick her up.”

“Grandma, she is a human being, you can’t use her as a fertility tool…”

“What are you talking about?! She is also the daughter-in-law of the family. Isn’t it right for the daughter-in-law to give birth for us?” The old lady was anxious, “Hurry up and get her back.”

“I can’t pick her up, she’s gone.”

The old lady beat him several times angrily, “Hurry up and get it back for me!”

“Can’t.” Harrison’s attitude was particularly firm.

The old lady is anxious, she is going to p!ss her off, “You want me to die, well, I will die for you today.”

The old lady turned her wheelchair and was about to hit the wall.

Harrison stood still, and said, “Grandma, you haven’t embraced your great-grandson. You are dead, how can you explain to the people below? You can’t die now.”

After speaking, he pulled the suitcase and left.

The old lady was angry, holding the teacup on the table and threw it at Harrison.


Silla hurriedly reminded that Harrison looked back and saw the old lady. The cup that was thrown obliquely from his body fell on the wall and smashed into the air.

Harrison faintly instructed Silla, “Take good care of grandma and make her happy. I will give you a raise.”


“Grandma, I will also go to City R for a while, and when Alecia’s health is better, we will come back.” After speaking, Harrison walked out of the house without looking back.

The old lady patted the armrest of the wheelchair angrily, “Harrison, you want me to die.”

No matter how the old lady cried, Harrison did not look back.

He knew that the old lady was still reluctant to die and wanted a great-grandson.

Harrison rented a small house, one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom. The two lived together. They had everything inside, and they could move in with a bag.

This community is also close to his office.

When Harrison came back, Alecia was resting on the bed, because the bedroom and the living room are very spacious with one bedroom and one living room. There is no excessive decoration in the bedroom.

The walls are painted with dirty pink, white bed, simple lighting, and warm colors. Curtains, hanging chairs on the balcony, white furry cushions, pink square pillows, a four-story flower shelf opposite the hanging chairs, with many green plants, fresh and succulent, and an oval glass cylinder inside.

There are algae, colorful stones, and a few fish that are not unusual. The little fish swim happily and look very energetic.

All this lining the house is very pyrotechnic and makes people feel happy.

When Alecia saw Harrison putting clothes in the cabinet, she was a little worried, “If we come out like this, grandma will not be angry.”

Harrison didn’t look back and said, “Isn’t she upset all the time? It’s because she can’t get through with herself when she is angry.”

He hung his clothes, put the suitcase in the cabinet above, and put it aside, walked over and sat down by the bed, “I know the depression you have experienced at home, and the same is true for me. I don’t want to see your pain…”

Alecia pursed her lips.

Harrison stretched out his hand to pin her hair and whispered, “Alecia…”

Alecia gave a hum.

Harrison said, “What do you want to eat, I will cook it for you.”

In fact, Harrison wants to say, don’t think about anything, take care of yourself.

He was afraid that she would think more about what he said, so she didn’t say it.

“can you cook?”

Alecia didn’t even know that he still had this skill.

Harrison smiled and put the quilt on her body, “We can be happy for one day.”

Alecia looked at him and said yes.

“You rest for a while, and I’ll call you when it is done.”

Alecia said yes.

Harrison got up and walked out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Alecia lay on her side, looking at the strange environment, but her heart was relaxed a lot.

At this time, she was very afraid of facing the old lady. She could say anything if she succeeded, but she failed.

The old lady didn’t know what to say.

It’s not nice words.

She shook her head to get rid of those messy things. Fortunately, she is not at home now, even if there is something unpleasant, she can’t hear it. The so-called not seeing the heart is not annoying.

She couldn’t sleep, got up and put on her clothes, and sat in the hanging chair on the balcony, reaching into the fish tank to tease the fish in the water.

Chapter 1094

Harrison came in with cooked food, opened the door, and saw Alecia teasing the fish, with a long-lost smile on her face.

How long hasn’t seen her smile?

It seems a long time.

He didn’t want to disturb this rare cleanness, leaning against the door and watching her quietly.

After a while, Alecia found him, and he walked over.

Alecia said, “How can you find such a place?”

Harrison said, “Now there are a lot of apps to find a house, as long as you are willing to spend money, there is something you like.”

Alecia knew that there was no big house here, but it was much quieter than at home, and she was at ease. She spoke carefully at home for fear that the old lady would be unhappy.

If she continues to live at home, I am afraid she will be depressed.

She got out of the hanging chair. After sitting for a long time, her right leg was a little numb, and she almost fell over without supporting herself. Harrison reacted quickly and hugged her.

Alecia raised her head, Harrison was looking at her, and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

She shook her head and said, “It’s okay, but my legs are numb after sitting for a long time.”

Harrison stopped her and hugged her, Alecia struggled, and Harrison hugged her tighter, “Don’t move, let me give you a hug. It’s been a long time.”

He lowered his eyes and said, “A lot lighter.”

Alecia raised the corners of her lips gently, “Am I thin?”


Harrison put her on the chair in front of the table. On the table were three very light dishes, fried chrysanthemum vegetables, braised egg tofu with shrimps, and one was seaweed soup.

Alecia looked at the dishes on the table and couldn’t believe it, “Is this really what you did?”

Harrison said, “I will cook for you every day, and I can’t lie to you.”

He took a spoon of tofu and put it in Alecia’s bowl and said, “I used to make it by myself, but then I didn’t do it.”

He and Peter also have Ryan, so he can cook for himself.

Alecia scooped it into her mouth with a spoon and tasted it. It can’t be said that it is delicious, it must be inferior to the chef in the restaurant.

But for her, these are the bland ones that she can eat now, and her mouth has been full of bitter taste this month.

Harrison said, “Eat a good meal, and you can go out with me.”

Alecia asked, “Where to go?”

“My office.” Harrison said, “This is either a home or a hospital. If you haven’t been out to see people for a long time, you should relax.”

Alecia thought for a while, even if she didn’t go out, she would still sleep at home. It would be better to breathe fresh air, and then agreed, “Okay.”

After the meal, Harrison cleaned up the table and spoon and found her clothes.

Alecia said, “My clothes are pretty good.”

She looked down at herself and felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

Harrison took out a new set of clothes from the cabinet and asked her to change it.

Said it made her have a good mood.

Alecia brought the clothes over and said, “Do you feel good when you change into a new dress?”

Harrison said, “At least we have to change.”

Alecia put on new clothes and went out with him. The two of them held hands and walked out of this somewhat unfamiliar community, perhaps because of the unfamiliar place. When they passed by, they would involuntarily look at the surrounding environment.

The community is quite large, the buildings are far apart, the green area is reasonable, and the entrance and exit gates are guarded by security guards.

Harrison stretched out his arm to let her hold him.

Alecia stretched out her hand and said, “I’m not in a relationship anymore. What’s so boring.”

“Why can’t we be in love?” Harrison asked her, and wrapped her hand in his arms.

He said, “This is close to the office, and we walked across it in a scattered way.”

Alecia said yes.

It’s not hot today. They walked slowly like this. The white birch trees on the side of the road were still lush, and occasionally there was a gust of wind blowing over the leaves.

After a while, the two of them walked into the office and heard a cry. Harrison’s nerves tightened for an instant, and he stopped hurriedly.

Alecia didn’t understand what was wrong with him.

Harrison listened intently.

Alecia pushed him with her hand and asked, “What are you doing?”

Harrison was afraid that the old lady could not find him, so she ran here to cry.

The house was made like that by her, and he could completely imagine that the old lady came here to make a fuss without image, saying that he was not.

He was almost getting nerves from the old lady, for fear that it was her who was crying.

When listened carefully, it didn’t seem to be, it was younger than the old lady’s voice.

He patted Alecia’s hand and said, “It’s okay, let’s go in.”

Alecia looked at him as if he was nervous, right?

They walked in and saw a heart-piercing middle-aged woman sitting in the reception room crying.

Next to her was a lawyer from the law firm. He looked at the woman helplessly. She couldn’t talk at all. She cried here without telling the situation. What can he do?

Harrison asked the receptionist, “What is going on?”

“Mr. Josh, this woman has been here for a while, and she said she was going to find a lawyer to file a lawsuit against her daughter. Cowan Geiger came to receive her, she cried again and didn’t say anything, so Cowan Geiger became I specially handed her paper to wipe her tears.”

After speaking, he sighed with emotion, what happened to make you cry so heartbreaking.

Harrison walked over, let Cowan Geiger go to work, he came.

He didn’t rush to ask what’s the situation of this woman. At first glance, she was too emotional and she was still not calm. How could she clearly explain the purpose of her seeking a lawyer?

Harrison calmly asked Alecia, “Are you thirsty?”

Alecia was sympathetic to the women and said, “Don’t you ask what is the situation?”

Harrison did not answer her, but went and poured two glasses of water over, one for Alecia, and the other for the woman.

And said to Alecia, “Do you want to go to my office?”

Alecia shook her head. She still wanted to hear about this woman crying so hard because of something.

When the woman saw that Lawyer Cowan was gone, and the two she did not know, she asked, “Who are you?”

Harrison helped Alecia sit on the sofa and said, “The lawyer here, why are you here, you can tell me, if you don’t think about it clearly, you can go home and continue thinking. If you think about it, you can decide whether to come.”

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