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Chapter 1095

“How can I go home? I want to file a lawsuit against my son-in-law. I went to several law firms and heard that I was going to sue the Geiger family, so she didn’t dare to receive me.” The woman said tears came down.

Harrison still did not slow down, picked up the water glass, and handed it to her, “Drink, drink slowly.”

Alecia was not so familiar with City B, and whispered in Harrison’s ear, “Is the Geiger family very good?”

Otherwise, no one would dare to take her case.

Harrison replied to her in a low voice, “They are powerful people.”

There are so many rich people in City B.

There are many powerful ones.

There are many rich and powerful.

The woman’s face and eyes were swollen and red. Don’t know how long she had been crying, but she saw that she encountered a bump.

She tremblingly took the water from Harrison’s hand and poured it down, crying for a long time and her throat became dry.

Harrison asked the receptionist to pour another glass of water, and the woman said hurriedly, “No need, no need.”

The receptionist still took an empty glass and picked up a glass of water.

The woman relieved her emotions a little now and said, “My daughter is wronged for death…”

Harrison rubbed his eyebrows and was obviously excited again.

Sure enough, she cried again.

After a while.

The woman can speak. Although it is intermittent, she will probably tell the story of the matter. That is, her daughter married into a wealthy family and gave birth to a son, but the son-in-law had an affair, and the child that her daughter gave birth was called the woman who had an affair his mom.

Her daughter accepted and did not agree to the divorce, but she was divorced by the Geiger family. She originally gave her daughter a house with more than two million. But, her daughter is just making trouble and wanting a son.

That is the blood of the Geiger family, how can they give it to her.

Her daughter was unwilling to accept her son calling another woman mother. In a state of extreme excitement, she hugged her son and jumped from the house her ex-husband gave her.

Jumping down from the twenty-storey building, she fell to death completely beyond recognition.

The Geiger family is also annoyed, you will die if you die, how can you be so frantic even your children…

No, the woman felt that her daughter’s wish to die was wronged and was forced to death by the Geiger family, so she had to sue her former son-in-law.

Alecia was frightened and in a bad mood.

Harrison asked her to go to the office, but she didn’t.

“When others heard that it is the Geiger family, they didn’t dare to take it, you…”

Harrison said, “Do you have evidence to prove that your son-in-law cheated on marriage?”

The woman said excitedly, “My daughter had seen it with her own eyes…”

Harrison interrupted her, “I’m talking about the substantive evidence. Your daughter is dead and can’t make any evidence. Moreover, your daughter jumped off the building by herself.”

“If you don’t have strong evidence, no one would dare. In taking your case, on the one hand, the other party is rich and powerful, and on the other hand, we have no evidence.

What kind of lawsuit is we going to fight? Think about whether your daughter seized any substantive evidence during her lifetime.

The woman was very excited, “She was going to marry another third party. Isn’t it a proof?”

Harrison said, “You say that they are a third party and you need evidence, otherwise they can sue you for slander.”

The woman was speechless for a moment.

Alecia pressed Harrison with her elbow to make him gentler and don’t scare others.

“Then what should I do?” The woman said she was crying again.

Harrison said, “You go back first, and think about whether your daughter left anything behind and what she said before she died. After you think it through, you will come to me.”

The woman couldn’t believe it, “You, do you mean to take my case?” The woman was so excited, she took out a card from her bag, “I only need to give my daughter a fair deal. There are three million in it. I can give it to you.”

Her daughter divorced and got more than two million, and some were given to her and her husband by her daughter. Now she wants nothing but seeks justice for her daughter, so she can’t just die unclearly.

Harrison pushed it back to her and said, “You should go back and think about whether you want to sue or go to this lawsuit.”

“Do you mean not to answer?” The woman’s face collapsed immediately.

Harrison did not speak, but stood up and let the reception off.

Alecia was puzzled and asked him, “Are you afraid of getting into trouble?”

Harrison said, “Others don’t take it because it’s not a good case and it’s easy to catch fire.”

Alecia was sympathetic to that woman.

Said, “Now that the Internet is developed, this can be regarded as the news of City B, and I haven’t seen it.

Harrison explained, “It must be suppressed.”

Alecia sighed, “This is to keep the poor from living.”

Harrison looked at her, “How come she is poor, so she can give out three million in one go.”

“That’s not the property of the divorce,” Alecia said.

Harrison came over and reached out and hugged her, “You said this man has no conscience, and it’s not like letting her go out of the house. He gave the house and still had money. It’s too cruel and extreme. Letting an innocent little life die with her is selfish.”

Alecia also felt that it was too much to die with the child. Although she could not have a child, she was pregnant before and knew how important a child is to a mother.

She must be forced to make her child die cruelly.

“You better understand, even if you don’t take this case, I would like to hear what is going on.”

Harrison pinched her nose, “Do you still like gossip?”

Alecia thought for a while, “This is not gossip.”

Harrison said to listen to him, first understand before deciding whether to answer.

“You have to do more good things and accumulate good morals, maybe we will succeed next time,” Alecia said softly.

Harrison’s pores were immediately horrified. If the old lady said this, he would not make a fuss. Alecia said that he could not accept it, “Are you also superstitious?”

There was an old lady, and he was already terrified.

He was very nervous, “We didn’t succeed. It wasn’t because we didn’t accumulate virtues. We didn’t do anything harmful to the world. It was destined. We shouldn’t have what we have at this time. We can’t force it anyway.”

Chapter 1096

He paused and said, “If we are not dead, we will gladly accept it and not force it.”

Alecia didn’t mention the old lady who was so desperate.

Lawyer Cowan knocked on the door, the lawyer who had just received the woman.

Ask Harrison whether the woman’s case has been accepted.

Harrison said, “Neither refused nor agreed.”

It depends on the situation.

Lawyer Cowan said, “I heard that this case is good or bad. It is a double-edged sword, with pros and cons. If we win, our law firm will definitely become more famous and fail, it’s miserable, after all, the place is not an ordinary home.”

Harrison asked him, “What do you mean?”

In the past, he cared more about fame and wealth, but now he doesn’t care about fame. If the deceased is really forced to die, then he will take it.

No matter who the other party is, you can’t flout the law, right?

“I think it’s better not to take it, at least we can keep what we have now, in case we fail…”

“Cowan Geiger, I know what you are going to say, I will think.” Harrison interrupted him, and said, “You also know me. Although I haven’t taken the case personally for a long time, I also follow my principles.”

Cowan Geiger reminded, “You take it, you will offend someone.”

Harrison said, “I know.”

Cowan Geiger sighed, “You can decide for yourself.”

After speaking, he turned and walked out.

After he left, Alecia came over and asked him, “What do you think?”

Harrison didn’t answer her, but took Alecia out and asked the receptionist, “Did the woman leave her contact information just now?”

“When she came, she made a registration and had an address.” The receptionist showed him the record. After reading it, he put it on the table, pulled Alecia, and walked out.

Alecia didn’t understand what he was going to do, and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to take this case.”

Alecia asked, “Why? Didn’t that Geiger just want to persuade you, afraid you would pick it up?”

“No, I just think that a woman who can die with a child must be forced to the point where she can’t help it. I want to understand the truth of the matter, and I want to avenge the deceased.”

Harrison said as he walked.

Alecia didn’t speak at the moment, anyway, she supported him in her heart.

A lawyer with a righteous heart is a good lawyer.

They drove towards the woman’s house.

Their family lives outside the Fifth Ring, a three-story building, and a small yard. There is a shed at the door. They have not been sent to the ground. In front of the coffin, there are two urns covered with red cloth.

The woman who went to the law firm was sitting in front of the coffin and crying at the moment, and there were a few more, who should all be close relatives in their family.

They stopped the car, and when they were about to pass, several cars came one after another, and they drove until the gate to stop, and they were heading towards the spiritual shed.

Soon a dozen people came down one after another inside.

Seeing these people, the woman was very excited, “What are you doing here?”

The leader was a man in a suit, who looked very much like a successful man. He was very versatile in his gestures. He almost said unkindly, “My son, of course, I want to take him away.”

This man is the woman’s ex-son-in-law, the deceased’s ex-husband.

The woman wailed loudly, “Your son?! Your heart has been taken away by the little fairy, and you still care about your son. Your son is dead…”

Before she could finish her words, the man choked her neck, “If not for your daughter, would my son die?!”

“You have no conscience.” At this moment, the brother of the deceased rushed up.

The men brought by the man were all experienced bodyguards with very good skills. The deceased’s brother was kicked to the ground before he even touched the man, fell in front of the coffin, and overturned the brazier.

Standing next to the man, a tall, beautiful woman, taking advantage of the chaos, walked forward, picked up the small urn, looked at the urn next to it, and deliberately knocked it down, banged, the urn When it fell to the ground, the box was broken, and the relatives of the deceased were angered, and they besieged.

The front of the shed was completely messed up, and the woman, under the protection of her bodyguard, walked to the man with the ashes, “I was not careful.”

The man was not angry because his ex-wife’s urn fell, but took his son’s urn and said, “Let’s go.”

They were escorted into the car by bodyguards.

Soon they left, leaving behind a mess. Many relatives were injured. Those bodyguards were very powerful. They were not opponents at all.

One by one was knocked down to the ground, crying loudly.

Alecia and Harrison stood not far away and watched. Harrison also took the scene just now with his mobile phone.

“Is that woman a third party?” Alecia could see clearly that it was the urn she deliberately touched, and his mind was too vicious.

Harrison said, “It should be.”

It must be a high means to k!ll people.

“Harrison, you must help this family, they are too bullying.”

The woman over there is crying while holding the urn.

Harrison sighed, “I want to help them, and I have to cooperate with them.”

Look at that woman who can’t do anything besides crying. How can he help?

“Then shall we go back?” Alecia asked.

Harrison said, “Let’s wait a while. We will go again when they calm down. We can’t understand what’s going on now.”

Alecia said, “I listen to you.”

Today is the weekend Peter took advantage of the rest and came back to see Sandy from the field.

Sandy didn’t know that Peter would be back, and he didn’t call her. Peter was not there when she was resting at home, so she participated in an outdoor activity at the school.

After receiving a call from Peter, Sandy knew that he was back.

“Why didn’t you inform me?” At this moment, Sandy was on a mountain, and she and her classmates had set up a tent, sitting on the rock by the stream, and said bitterly.

His colleague noticed that he suddenly went back to give Sandy a surprise, and then he thought the little girl would like it. Who knows, Sandy didn’t know that he came back and ran out.

Peter asked, “Where are you?”

Sandy said, “Narven, I heard that the sunrise here is beautiful. My classmates and I came to see the sunrise…”

“I’m going to find you.” Peter hung up the phone and got in the car, ready to go to Narven to find Sandy.

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