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Chapter 1097

When he got there, the sky was getting darker.

On the mountain, Sandy and her classmates were grilling by the stream. They came with charcoal, various barbecued meat skewers, and their own vegetable skewers.

The male classmate was responsible for grilling, and the female classmate laid a thick meal for picnic on the grass in front of the tent. Cloth with drinks and fruits on it.

Sandy was a little absent-minded, and would check the time from time to time, calculating in her heart when Peter would arrive.

“Sandy, what do you think? Since you answered the phone, you have been half-hearted.” A female classmate laughed, “Isn’t it because you miss your husband?”

What she knows is that she has a better relationship and knows that she is married.

“No.” Sandy said with her eyes downcast, “I really forgot to take the clothes down from the balcony, want to go home…”

“Don’t be so disappointed? It’s dark now, and there will be no rain. It doesn’t matter if you have clothes on the balcony.” The male student on the kebab over there heard her and interjected.

“That’s right, Sandy, it’s rare for you to come out with us, so don’t be disappointed. Besides, it’s dark. Why do you go down the mountain, it’s dangerous, you should just stay obediently.”

Everyone persuaded her, not wanting her to go halfway, it was dark and the mountain roads were difficult to walk.

Sandy couldn’t say anything, so she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Peter, asking him if he had come.

[I’m down the mountain. ] Peter replied.

Sandy looked up at her classmates, “My husband came to pick me up…”

“Wow, your husband is here?” Before Sandy finished speaking, she was surrounded by three female classmates, “Let your husband come up and we will have a look.”

Sandy was embarrassed, “That…”

“Look at you being stingy. We don’t make money with you. We just want to see your husband. Don’t be so stingy.” The students all want to see this, so Sandy likes him, and what a man she maintains so much looks like.

“He is very busy, it is not easy to come back once…”

“Okay, okay, Sandy, don’t distract everyone, take this opportunity to introduce him to us, and I don’t know if there is any chance in the future.”

Sandy was helpless, these were classmates who had a good relationship, and it would not be good to refuse strongly.

She sent a message to Peter, [Can you come up? My classmate wants to see you. 】At the end, she added a sentence, 【If you don’t like it, I will refuse. 】

After a while, Peter said, “I’m coming up. 】

They are all Sandy’s classmates. If he refuses to influence Sandy and her fellows, they will unite well.

Sandy curled her lips and replied, “I’ll pick you up. 】

[No need, the Road is not easy to walk. 】

[I came up once, so I know the way, but you, slow down, just say that, I will pick you up. 】

Sandy put her mobile phone, stood up, and said, “I’ll pick him up, he doesn’t know the way.”

“I’ll be with you.” Another female classmate stood up, so there was some kind of help on the way.

Sandy said, “Okay.”

The female classmate was holding a flashlight, and the two of them came down from the place where they went up the mountain with their arms in arms, and told the remaining classmates, “Come on, we come back, you have to fix it.”

“Be careful, you can’t see the way at night.” A classmate confessed to the two of them.

“We know.” The female classmate said.

It is easy to go up the mountain and it is difficult to go down. It is still not safe to rely on the light of a flashlight at night.

They walked very slowly. After about half an hour, when they saw the light, the female classmate said, “Where is the light in front of you, isn’t it your husband?”

Only the light and slight movements can be seen. Now no one will come up the mountain, it should be him.

Sandy said uncertainly, “Should it be?”

He shook his torch, “Where is Sandy?”

Obviously I can feel the light from there shining over here.

The classmate said excitedly, “It seems to be your husband.”

Peter told them to stop moving, saying that the mountain roads are not easy to walk and don’t slip.

They just stood there and waited. After a while, Peter pressed the phone in his hand and walked over as bright.

Sandy’s classmates were very excited. When they saw him, they stretched out their hands and said, “Hello, I’m Sandy’s classmate Sandra Luke.”

Peter shook hands with her and quickly took it back.

Sandy walked to him and couldn’t see his expression very clearly at night, and said, “Why didn’t you notify me in advance when you come back.”

Inform her that she won’t run out, and will wait for him to come back at home obediently, so that he would be able to rest easily and climb the mountain at night.

Peter said, “I decided to come back temporarily.”

Sandra joked, “Isn’t it because you came back because of our Sandy?”

“Stop it!” Sandy looked at her.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say anything. The classmates are still waiting for us. Let’s go back.” Sandra gave Sandy the flashlight, and she said, “I’ll go ahead and you will follow me.”

Sandy nodded.

She and Peter walked behind holding flashlights.

The female classmate smiled and turned back and said, “Say what you want to say, I can’t hear anything. I’m deaf at the moment.”

Sandy, “…”

“Sandra, why are you so annoying.”


Sandy and Peter held hands without speaking along the way.

When the students heard the movement, they all looked here.

Chapter 1098

“Sandy.” The students walked over.

Sandy clenched Peter’s hand and whispered to him, “My classmates are more enthusiastic, you may not be used to it.”

Peter squeezed her hand as a response, and he could handle a group of college students.

He is the tallest, and he stands out among male and female classmates like Sandy.

Sandy introduced Peter to her classmates, “This…”

“Your husband.” Before she finished her words, she was answered by her classmates.

After she finished speaking, she looked up and down at Peter, and then sighed with emotion, “No wonder Sandy was in a hurry to marry before she graduated. Can’t get it.”

“I was eager to marry her, I was afraid I won’t be able to marry her late.” Peter said.


Several students booed.

Sandy pursed her lips and looked up at him.

It’s not why, listening to his words was inexplicably warm and happy.

“Don’t make trouble.” Sandy smiled and said to Peter, “Pointing to the female classmate who just spoke, “She is my roommate Nari Cowan. “

“Hello.” Peter greeted.

Then Sandy introduced several classmates one by one, and Peter finally said, “Thank you for taking care of Sandy, and I will trouble you to continue to take care of her in the future.”

Everyone said, “We are classmates and friends should be, and we didn’t take care of her.”

A male student named Marven Drake said, “Let’s go over there. There is a barbecue over there. We came out camping today and brought a lot of things.”

After the introduction, everyone came over.

When the students came to the front, Sandy deliberately walked behind to hold Peter, and whispered, “Are you not used to it?”

She knew that Peter was not too noisy, and her classmates were very noisy, joking or something, for fear that he would be uncomfortable here.

She was upset in her heart. Had she known that she would not come out? Now that the two of them are watching TV at home, how much better he can rest.

Peter leaned in her ear and whispered, “Your classmates look very kind, there is nothing unaccustomed to.”

Sandy smiled.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Come here soon? If you want to go home in a whisper, we are all single dogs here, and we will be punished for spreading dog food.”

Sandy and Peter walked over, and everyone gave her a place. There was a lamp with a small battery on the side, and the bulb wattage was very bright.

On the plate is grilled barbecue.

Peter is the eldest and is also out of society. They are all college students, and they are politely calling him Brother Shane. Marven holds a can of Sprite and a can of Coke and asks Peter, “Brother Shane, which one do you drink?”

Peter said, “Either way.”

Marven said, “Then I’ll give you Coke.”

Peter said it is good.

Camping is nothing more than eating, drinking, talking, and laughing. College students talk about things in the university, or what kind of job they will find in the future. Peter can’t talk, listens quietly, is not impatient, and is very focused.

He used to come here at this age, and he was quite moved when listening to them.

Feeling that time flies quickly.

Sandy took good care of his feelings and would touch him from time to time, or touch his hand on purpose.

“We went to talk and forget Brother Shane. Why don’t we all play a game together?”

“What game?”

“How about Truth or Dare?”

“Okay, okay.”

After this proposal was reached, they started to play. Everyone found a spoon, turned the plate in reverse, and turned it twice in turn. The two pointed out rock-paper-scissors. The one who loses and the one who wins must tell the truth.

Everyone wants to ask Peter and Sandy questions, but they haven’t been transferred to them twice.

In the first game, Sandra and a male student, then the rock-paper-scissors male student lost. Sandra asked, “How many girlfriends do you have?”

The male student said openly, “Four.”

“I haven’t talked about it once, have you had four already?” Some students didn’t expect it.

Sandra also joked, “How old are you? You have talked about four. Did you talk about it since the age of sixteen, one a year, and it is exactly four this year.”

The male student laughed.

“Okay, okay, go on.”

Someone was eager to play the next game, Sandra said in her mouth, “I knew it was going to be tough.”

If she still wins this time, she must ask him/her how old was the first time he (she) had a relationship Hahaha…—

Then when she saw Peter and Sandy, her thoughts were instantly rejected. In fact, this game is to ask more private questions. It is the essence of this game to make everyone happy, but Peter is here, she is embarrassed.

Peter is like an elder here. They are all juniors, and they don’t dare to make times, for fear that he will say that he is too crazy and not reserved.

This time a male classmate and Sandy.

Sandy loses.

The male classmate glanced at Peter and said with a smile, “To be honest, who did you k!ss for the first time?”

Then everyone looked at him.

Peter was very calm.

Sandy had made preparations a long time ago, knowing that everyone would have such problems, she smiled at Peter and said, “My husband.”


Everyone sighed with disappointment, and wanted to ask something.

It wasn’t until the fifth game that they turned to Peter. Several students were eager to try, hoping to turn to themselves next time and then ask questions.

This time it was Marven, he smiled, “Brother Shane is merciful.”

Peter said, “I can’t play, or should I admit defeat?”

“Okay, if you admit defeat, answer one of our questions.”

“Accepting defeat and answering the question, it is better to deny it.”

Then Marven played rock-paper-scissors with Peter with a must-win mentality.

Then he really won, and looked at Peter with a smile, “Brother Shane, you want to tell the truth.”

Peter nodded, “Just ask.”

The classmates began to give Marven ideas, you say, I say.

“Ask how Elder he was for the first k!ss.”

“No, ask him who he thinks of before going to bed every night.”

“Ask him if he is drooling while sleeping.”

“Ask, is he picking his feet?”

Marven shook his head and said, “These are not good, keep thinking.”

Peter pressed his eyebrows helplessly, these children are too naughty.

“I, I think of one.” Sandra said suddenly.

Then everyone stretched their heads over, wanting to hear what was wrong with her.

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