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Chapter 1099

“Hurry up and speak, don’t chirp.” Some classmates became impatient.

Student Sandra smiled, “Or, ask them where they entered the bridal chamber?”

Peter, “…”

Sandy, “…”

“Hey, hey, you are never finished. My husband came to see me from a long distance. He is very tired and doesn’t have time to play with you.” Sandy took Peter and left.

The classmate who left her stared wide-eyed, “Sandy, why are you so stingy?”

Sandy ignored him and walked towards the stream with Peter.

Today’s moon is very high and very bright. If you are in a city, it is difficult to notice the moon in the sky, and your eyes have already been surrounded by colorful neon.

The rocks by the stream were clean and smoothened by the river. Sandy pulled Peter to sit down, and she leaned on Peter’s shoulders.

“Look, there are stars today.”

There are not many stars when Peter looks up, but a few are very bright.

He turned his head to look at Sandy, reached out his hand to lift a strand of hair that fell on her ch3st, and said, “Are you afraid at home?”

Sandy shook her head, “What’s the fear, I’ve always been alone.”

Already used to it.

How did Peter forget that her childhood was not happy?

“I strive to come back as soon as possible,” Peter said.

Sandy gave a hum and asked, “If you come back today, do you have to hurry back tomorrow?”

Peter said, “Yes, I came back during the weekend.”

Sandy leaned close to his ear and asked in a low voice, “Did you come back to see me?”

Peter lightly lowered his eyes, Sandy held up his face and let him look at herself, “Is it because you missed me, did you come back to see me?”

Sandy raised her head, staring at him with clear eyes.

Peter sat there quietly, under her long eyelashes, her eyes flowed inwardly, seemingly waveless, but there was light hidden in the depths, and said lowly, “Well, I miss you, so I’ll be back.”

Sandy laughed and was very happy. She climbed up her arm to embrace him, pressed his cheek, and said, “I missed you too.”

Peter shunned her hair and said, “Here are your classmates.”

“They are all classmates who have a good relationship with me. Although they like to make jokes, they are not unscrupulous people and will not bother us.”

Peter still feels bad. It’s not that he is reserved, but he just feels that he is older than them, and that Sandy, who is the same age as them, is too close. It’s not good to have no line of sight.

Although the light is very dim.

Sandy laughed, this is Peter’s temperament, and he always thinks well.

“Then let’s go back?” Her classmates are still there, it’s not good for the two of them to be out too long.

Peter said yes.

After returning, the classmates all left, and the tent moved far away from Sandy’s tent.

These classmates are very cute.

Peter said, “When I come back next time, invite your classmates to dinner.”

Sandy smiled happily, “Really?”

Peter nodded.

Sandy hugged him and k!ssed him, looked at him seriously and said, “I really like it.”

She really likes it, she like it…

She can’t imagine, if she can’t be with him one day, will she be crazy, will she not be able to live.

Suddenly thinking about this, she trembled, hugged Peter tightly, and asked him, “You will always like me, right?”

Peter hummed softly.

Sandy’s lips pressed against his ears, “You will never leave me, will you?”

Peter thought she was so strange and always asked such hypothetical questions, “What’s wrong with you Sandy?”

Sandy acted like a baby, squatting against his chest, “Answer me.”

Peter patted her back and said, “I won’t want you, are you just thinking about it?”

Sandy nodded sadly.

Peter smiled and touched her hair, “Fool.”

Sandy smiled with bright eyes, and when it was too late, they lay in the tent.

Sleeping outside, one is outdoors, and the other is the call of birds and bugs, and occasionally the branches are shaking, and the grass makes noises from things running through it, and it is not easy to fall asleep.

Sandy rested on Peter’s arm and asked him if he was tired from working in the field and if he was used to it.

He said there is nothing unaccustomed to.

They just chatted casually, then fell asleep unknowingly, and Sandy woke up first in the morning.

Just in time for the sun to rise, Sandy touched Peter to let him watch the sunrise.

Peter slept a little, and slept too late last night.

Sandy looked at him, and gently pushed again with her hand, “Wake up.”

Peter opened his eyes in a daze, and saw a pair of smiling eyes looking at him, his sleepiness disappeared for a moment.

Sandy curled her lips, “Let’s watch the sunrise.”

Peter got up and went out of the tent with Sandy and found that the surrounding tents were gone. Sandy’s classmates didn’t know when they got up, so they collected all the tents and left.

Sandy heard the movement, but did not get up.

Actually, they haven’t walked a long time.

They were sitting on the rocks by the stream, and the sky was all red, gradually revealing the glow, and then the range of the red clouds became larger and more red.

The sun that has just risen is red and big, looking like a fire, but it’s actually not hot at all, and the surrounding clouds seem to have been burned by the fire, overlapping vertically and horizontally, magnificent and beautiful.

Sandy said, “People say that the sunrise in Narven is the most beautiful. It doesn’t seem to be nonsense, it’s really beautiful.”

Peter glanced at her. The sunrise has always been beautiful, but the pace of life is too fast, no one will stop to appreciate its beauty.

After watching the sunrise, they packed their tents and went down the mountain.

Chapter 1100

Although the sunrise is beautiful, it is really tiring to go up and down the mountain.

Even more tired without breakfast.

Put things in the trunk, and the two got in the car. The surroundings were very quiet early in the morning. At this time, almost no one would pass by here.

When the car drove into the city, Peter asked her if she wanted to eat something first. Sandy said that she wanted to go home first. She didn’t take off her clothes while sleeping in the tent. Now she is not feeling well and she wants to go home and wash it clean.

“Okay.” Peter continued to drive.

The car was parked in the underground parking lot of the community, Peter held the tent, and Sandy held the kettle in her hand.

The two went upstairs one after the other.

Peter placed things, Sandy stood in the living room looking at him, as if thinking of something, smiled shyly, and then turned to go to the bathroom to take a bath.

Peter put things away, but didn’t see Sandy, only heard the rushing water, knowing that she was going to take a bath, he turned and walked out of the room.

He doesn’t know how to cook, but he can buy. Living here has long known where the breakfast is delicious.

Sandy washed clean with the fastest speed, cleaned herself up, and adjusted her condition, then walked to the living room but no one was there.

She turned and went to the bedroom, and then there was no one in the bedroom. The quilt was still the way she had laid it when she left, and it hadn’t moved.

Where did he go?

She went to look for her mobile phone and was about to call him. She heard the door rang, and then someone walked in. She put down the phone and walked out.

She saw Peter coming in with breakfast. He walked towards the dining table and said, “Come here. Have breakfast.”

He put the breakfast he bought on the table.

Sandy came over, instead of sitting down to eat breakfast, she hugged Peter from behind.

Peter looked back at her, “Come for breakfast.”

Sandy shook her head, blinked at him, and said softly, “I’m not hungry.”

Speaking, she unfastened the b3lt of the bathr0be and pressed h3r b0dy to him…


“I am clean and there is nothing.”

Before Peter finished speaking, he was interrupted.

She opened her eyes and looked straight at Peter.

Peter turned and looked at her.

Sandy blushed with shame, her cheeks flushed, she gently bit her lip and never dodged, her eyes were watery.

Peter stretched out her hand to close her bathrobe, and Sandy hooked his neck to tiptoe and k!ssed his l!ps. Her k!ssing sk!lls were not good, but it was enough to make people feel happy.

Peter’s body was tight and did not immediately respond.

Sandy asked in a low voice, “You don’t want me…”

“No.” Soon, Peter denied it, and his voice was low and dumb.

“then you……”

Peter suddenly hugged h3r, held h3r tightly in his arms, lowered his head, and k!ssed her forehead, “Are you ready?”

Sandy was in his arms.

Peter picked her up and walked towards the room.

Sandy clung to his neck, breathing intertwined and lingering.

Soon the door closed, shutting off all the heart-pounding scenes.

The breakfast on the table was already cold, and the people in the room never came out.

Until close to noon.

Peter sat on the side of the bed with his sturdy upper body nak3d, looking at her, Sandy fell asleep too tired.

Long black hair was draped on the pillow, and a few black spots stuck to her face. Peter stretched out his hand and gently brushed her cheek, she felt a little itchy, and moved a little and continued to fall asleep.

Peter retracted his hand and his eyes fell inadvertently on the quilt.

Under the horns, a small piece of dried blood changed from bright red to dark red, but it was still conspicuous.

At that time, Sandy’s small face wrinkled from the pain, but still biting her lips patiently and silently, flashed in front of her eyes.

His eyelashes fluttered, and then his apple turned up and down.

At that moment, he was nervous and out of control, still fresh in my memory.

He glanced at Sandy, got up and stood up.

He wanted to cook something, but found that he couldn’t do it at all.

There is a restaurant downstairs in the community where the food is good and the food delivery is also convenient. He picked up the phone and dialed the number.

He is a regular customer, he doesn’t know how to cook, so he eats out. This restaurant is close to home, he has eaten several times, and gradually he becomes familiar with it. Sometimes he doesn’t want to go down, so he asks them to send the food up.

He ordered a few dishes that he had tasted before.

About half an hour, the food delivery arrived, because it was so close, it was still very hot when delivered.

He paid for the lunch box, put it on the table, and called Sandy.

Sandy was still asleep, and Peter sat by the bed and called her name gently.

Sandy opened her eyes in a daze.


She vaguely saw an unclear figure in front of her, but she seemed to know who it was.

She rubbed her eyes.

Peter said softly, “Get up and eat something.”

Sandy braced herself to sit up.

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