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Chapter 1101

Sandy braced herself to stand up, and suddenly realized that she was nak3d. She instinctively pulled the quilt to protect her che5t. It was not that she couldn’t let go, but she was not used to being naturally and honestly with him.

She bit her lip and lowered her eyes and said softly, “You, you go out, I am w3aring clothes.”

Peter sat on the side of the bed and didn’t move, watching her without talking.

Sandy was very uncomfortable when she saw him, frowning, “You, what are you doing looking at me like this?”

Peter stretched out his arms to embrace her in his arms, lowered his head and k!ssed her forehead, and was silent for a while, “I have a lot to say to you, but I don’t know what to say.”

He is a person who is not good at expressing, and Sandy knows this very well.

Sandy rubbed his arms and said, “I know.”

She likes him like this, calm, self-sustaining, and steady.

I don’t know if it’s the reason why she hasn’t been loved by her father since she was a child. Peter has not only love, but also the kind of looking up and feeling towards the elders.

She doesn’t need Peter to have love and praise on his lips, nor can he say those words, his character is like this, Sandy likes him like this.

Regarding those love-loving words, let her do it.

“Sandy.” Peter said suddenly.

Sandy raised her head, her nose touched his chin, she pouted, pretending to be angry, “You should shave.”

Peter stretched out his hand and touched it. He didn’t shave for two days, and he nodded a little. It was a bit of a prick. He said I’ll hang up later, and then called Sandy again.

Sandy blinked and said, “I’m listening.”

Peter lowered his eyes, his black pupils became deep, and he said in a low voice, “Thank you Sandy.”

Sandy smiled, “Thank me for what?”

Peter pursed his lips and said, “Thank you for marrying me.”

“Then I have to thank you too.” Sandy deliberately pressed to his lips, and deliberately touched his lips when speaking, “Thank you for marrying me.”

Peter lowered his eyes, suddenly grabbed her head and k!ssed h3r lips.

Sandy quickly responded, clinging to his neck with both hands, forgetting that he didn’t have a piece of clothing on his body now, and forgot that he should have eaten, everything was swallowed by the enthusiasm of this moment.

Leaving no room.

“Well, I’m hungry…” Sandy said vaguely.

Peter’s motion to be suppressed, Sandy blinked, her eyes filled with smiles filled with water, and her slender fingers pointed at his nose, “Why don’t you understand the taste so much?”

Peter gasped heavily, “Sandy…”

Sandy smiled, “It’s you that I want to eat.”

Then the food was cold, and Sandy didn’t want to eat it anymore. She couldn’t get up at all, so she lay down on the bed until it was dark.

A man who has been abstinent for too long is terrible. Sandy knows this best. She didn’t get out of b3d on the first day of the bridal chamber.

She only got up to take a bath when it was dark. The wet and st!cky feeling was very heavy, it had not been cleaned, and there was a faint smell of sweat, not only h3rs, but also Peter’s dripping on her b0dy.

She cleaned and put on her nightdress. She wiped her hair and walked out. She saw Peter answering the phone. She didn’t make a sound. She walked gently to the sofa and sat there, continuing to wash her moist hair.

Peter was talking to his colleagues about work. After a few minutes, he hung up the phone and turned around to see Sandy there. He walked over and took the towel in her hand, “I’ll wipe it for you.”

Sandy enjoyed it very much. She lay down, resting her head on his thigh, and asked him to wipe her hair.

Peter lowered his head and looked serious.

“I’m hungry.” Sandy said.

Peter looked at her.

Sandy sat up with a sharp spirit, moving too fast, and there was some discomfort under her b0dy, and some swelling and pain, the first time, it took too long, and his time was too long, except for the pain the first time he ent3red, the back is comfortable, only now she feel how intemperate they were at the time.

She was really hungry and didn’t want to eat him.

Peter smiled, “I won’t move you.”

Sandy breathed a sigh of relief, just about to say that she wants to eat pizza, and then heard Peter say, “First let you eat.”

“What do you mean?” Sandy still didn’t react.

Peter has always been very serious, so he can’t talk about love.

Is it possible…

Sandy blinked, “You…”

“I’ll get you clothes.” Peter stood up and walked towards the room.

Sandy looked at his back and smiled, sitting on the sofa and waiting.

Then she couldn’t wait for anyone to come out.

Sandy was very strange. She hung her clothes in the same closet with his. He should be able to see it when she opened the closet door.

Why can’t get it for a long time?

Is it for her to choose?

She didn’t have many clothes, and she didn’t have many styles.

She got up from the sofa, walked towards the room with the towel, her eyes touched into the room, and she saw Peter standing there without moving.

She looked at him, as if he hadn’t noticed her coming, and still stood still.

She felt strange, looked around in the room, and didn’t see anything wrong, and called him, “What are you doing?”

Chapter 1102

Peter turned his head and saw Sandy coming, his frowning eyebrows didn’t stretch at all, instead they wrinkled tighter.

There was a faint worry in his eyes.

“Sandy, I seem to have forgotten.”

Sandy was inexplicable, “What have you forgotten?”

Peter was a little twisted, and after a while he said, “What should you do if you are pr3gnant?”

Now Sandy seemed to understand what he meant.

She glanced around the room immediately, but didn’t see the c0ndom.

Peter bought it last time, but this time they were useless. No, it was so many times a day, and it was useless once.

Sandy felt pregnant, so she became pregnant, nothing.

“I will give you a baby, don’t you like children?” Sandy comforted him.

Peter shook his head. It’s not that he doesn’t like children, but Sandy hasn’t graduated yet, how can she give birth?

“First of all, we are legal. I am an adult. I am married, pregnant and can have children. My husband can afford it. What’s wrong?”

Sandy walked in and looked for her own clothes. For convenience, she chose her only dress.

It’s not to look good, it’s for convenience, and it’s for comfort.

Peter came over and said, “I’m waiting for you outside.”

Sandy nodded.

After she changed her clothes, the two went out together.

Peter was not romantic, and asked her what she wanted to eat, so he took her there.

Don’t think about it, today is a special day to take her to a romantic place.

Sandy didn’t care about picking things up, knowing that Peter’s personality was like this.

After eating, they went for a walk.

At this time, the weather is not so hot anymore and it is getting cooler.

Sandy took his arm and stepped on the shadows on the ground in a childlike manner. There are many people on this street, some hanging out, some shopping, and there are shops selling things on the side of the road.

There are flower sellers on the road. They are tied up and wrapped in paper in bunches. They are not the kind in flower shops.

They are wrapped in colored paper. The simple solid-colored paper looks more like a bouquet for home decoration.

The flower vendor, holding a tricycle, filled with various flowers, beautifully decorated the humble tricycle.

Sandy pulled Peter over, pointed to a bunch of pink gypsophila, and asked, “Boss, how much do you sell this for?”

The hawker smiled and said, “Twenty-five.”

Sandy counter-offered, “Fifteen.”

The hawker glanced up and down at Peter next to Sandy, and said with a smile, “Miss, I see that the man next to you is not like a person who lacks money. I have lost 15, so don’t bargain.”

Sandy said, “It’s fine if you don’t sell it, I’ll go to another one and check again.”

“Hey, sir, buy it if your girlfriend likes it. It doesn’t differ from the ten dollars. I don’t think you are like a poor person.” The hawker glanced at Peter. Women are stingy when buying things, and most men are good. Face, don’t like bargaining when buying things.

“Then I will buy it.” Peter is not doing this because of the hawker, but because Sandy likes it. She never asks him what she wants or asks for gifts. It’s just a bunch of flowers and it’s not expensive.

When Peter paid for the money, Sandy snatched his wallet and said to the hawker, “I am the master of his money, 15, and you still make money. If you can sell it, I will buy it, but not sell it. I won’t buy it, and it’s not making you lose money.”

The hawker smiled happily, and said, “Little girl, you don’t look too big, why would you bargain like that? Okay, okay, I’ll sell it to you at a loss.”

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