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Chapter 1103

The hawker took the bunch of flowers out of the cart and handed them to Sandy.

Sandy smiled and took it, “Thank you boss, then.”

She didn’t say, if you are losing money, why are you still selling? It is not easy to do business, but she also lives. Peter’s money is not brought by the wind, and it is not easy for everyone, so she does not spend wronged money, nor will she slanderously ridicule the hawkers.

She returned the wallet to Peter, Peter took a look at her, took the wallet and took the money out of it and handed it to the hawker. After the recovered change was put back in the wallet, Peter packed the money back.

Sandy held the flower in one hand, and continued to walk along the roadside with Peter’s arm in the other. After a while, she was far from the flower seller, and Sandy said, “You can’t spend money lavishly in the future. You can also make money. It’s easy, you can’t waste.”

Peter’s salary is limited, and Harrison is much richer than him.

He is the poorest of the three of them.

Peter said, “I didn’t spend money randomly.”

“Obviously 15 can be bought, why are you giving 25?” Sandy looked at him, and instead of she brought the wallet, he gave the money.

There was no fluctuation on Peter’s face, and he said seriously, “I think you like it, I want to buy it for you.”

Sandy raised her head, and her heart was beautiful in an instant.

He didn’t care about the money, but because she liked it, he wanted to buy it.

“My sister-in-law’s baby is very cute. Let’s go to see their baby tomorrow.” After speaking, Sandy realized that Peter still had a job and had to leave tomorrow, as if there was no time.

“When will you go back tomorrow?” she asked.

“The afternoon.” Peter replied.

There is obviously no time.

Sandy said, “When you are free, we will go together.”

Peter said lightly, “You can go to play more if you have nothing to do. Don’t go to work anymore. Tell me if you have no money.”

Sandy said, “I will figure it out.”

If it is a suitable job, she still wants to do it, and doesn’t want to live on him.

After taking a walk home, Sandy found a vase as soon as she walked in. The vase at home was bought by her. It was not expensive but it was good to look at. The angular glass bottles were shiny like crystals. She picked up the water and filled the sky with stars.

Placed next to the TV cabinet, the room added a touch of sweetness.

She stretched out her hand and touched it lightly, and the corners of her lips raised a smile.

Peter came over, stood behind her, looked at the flowers she placed, and said, “Do you like it so much?”

Sandy said, “I don’t like it, or I like to watch. Maybe I am a visual animal and I like beautiful things, not only flowers, but also many beautiful things, such as…”

She stared at Peter and stopped deliberately.

Peter didn’t see Sandy’s thoughts, and asked, “For example, what?”

Sandy hooked his neck on tiptoe and said, “For example, you.”

Peter’s eyes gradually darkened, and said in a low voice, “Sandy, I like you too.”

Sandy said, “I know, you don’t like me and you can’t marry me, ah…”

She just finished speaking, and suddenly she was caught off guard by Peter and screamed in surprise.

Soon she recovered her calm, softly after the false alarm, “What are you doing, it scared me.”

Chapter 1104

Peter bowed his head and k!ssed her forehead, his eyes darkened, and he whispered, “I like you.”

Sandy blinked and said, “I know.”

Don’t like her, and can’t marry her.

His eyes darkened a little more, and his voice repeated lighter.

This time, Sandy seemed to understand what he meant, because she felt some changes in his physical characteristics.

She couldn’t help but frown, her small face frowned, and she asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you tired?”

It’s been a day.

She didn’t dare to think about it anymore. Now that she thinks about it, she still has a lingering fear. Who can eat without stopping.

“That…” Sandy was thinking, how could she tactfully say that she wants to take a break?

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow.” Peter seemed to see her hesitation, and knew that it would be too frequent to continue, but he himself especially thought that he could hold it back when he didn’t turn on the meat, and after turning it on, he seemed to control himself. Ability naturally becomes low.

He’s leaving tomorrow. It’s not easy to come home once, how easy is it?

Is Sandy still embarrassed to refuse?

She nestled on his chest, softly, with a little shyness, her cheeks hot, “You, you lighten it, my back hurts.”

Peter looked at her flushed cheeks, wrapped her slender body with hot palms, and gently k!ssed her l!ps, “I see.”

Then I forgot what I said.

It’s not that he has forgotten, he can’t control himself when he’s emotional.

It is said that the new office has three fires, this man can have three fires for the first time as a man, and the handles are exuberant!

Sandy didn’t sleep for a long time. She thought that a self-holding person like Peter would not be too much, and then she was wrong.

The more self-sustaining people, the more terrifying.

It was already afternoon when she woke up, her body aching, and then it was equal to… one day.

She turned back, there was no one around, and even the temperature was gone. He should have gotten up very early. She turned over and saw the note on the table, and reached out and took it.

The handwriting is strong and powerful, and is good-looking, [I have work temporarily, I will leave first, I am too tired to cook, this is the order number 135, they will bring it up. 】

At the end of the note is the obliterated handwriting.

Sandy frowned, and couldn’t see the words that were crossed out.

When Peter wrote this paragraph, Sandy was still asleep, watching her sound asleep, he was very reluctant to leave, and wanted to spend more time with her, but had to work, and finally write, I will miss you, it seemed inappropriate, It didn’t seem too serious to use this way of leaving notes, so he wrote it and crossed it out.

Looking at this string of words, Sandy was a little disappointed. At this time, she hoped that he would be by her side.

After all, in the process from girl to woman, she also needs care and comfort.

She squeezed the note and thought to herself, can he write a typo? Leave a note and traces of graffiti, which is too unsatisfactory.

She threw the note that she wanted to throw away, did not throw it, looked and looked again, finally sighed, put it back on the table, then lay down, and got up after a long time.

After the weekend, she went to class, as usual, for several days after that, Sandy didn’t call Peter, thinking about letting him contact him, and then Peter didn’t call.

On Thursday night, Sandy was lying in bed tossing about and couldn’t sleep anymore. She missed him very much, but she was unwilling to do so. Did he miss her too?

Can’t he even send her a message?

No matter how busy you are, there is always time to send a message, right?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She sat up and looked deserted everywhere.

Ding Dong——

Suddenly a text message sounded on the phone. She picked it up in a panic and looked at the screen showing Peter’s number. She was almost crazy with joy. Did this man finally think of her?

She clicked on the text message with excitement and expectation, and the screen displayed, “Are you asleep? 】

Sandy, “…”

He’s forgotten her for so long without a greeting. He hasn’t contacted her for 800 years, and finally took the initiative to send a message. Just these few words?

Doesn’t he miss her at all?

She was so annoyed that she didn’t want to reply, she threw the phone aside, wrapped it in the quilt, thinking in her heart that he doesn’t want her anymore, he doesn’t even want her.

But why does she feel unwilling?

After a while she lifted the quilt, picked up the phone, and quickly replied, “I haven’t slept yet.”

Simple, she will too!

At this moment, Sandy became stingy inexplicably.

At this moment, Peter has been busy day and night for several days. Only then did he have time to rest. He wanted to contact Sandy several times, but it was too late to disturb her, so he didn’t call. He still hesitated to send messages today, afraid she’s already asleep.

Seeing her reply, he was very happy, with a tired face, a lot lighter, and quickly typed out a series of words, [I am very busy recently, I missed you very much. 】

He really missed her.

Want to hug her.

Then Sandy, who saw this message, was stunned for a long time, and then jumped up happily. This man had her in his heart, but he was too busy.

He said, he missed her!

Sandy was overjoyed holding the phone.

She has to reply to him, let him know that she misses him too.

When she was holding her mobile phone and was about to send I miss you too, she found that she couldn’t express her thoughts and affection for him.

She remembered an ancient poem she had learned, and then quickly typed on the keyboard, one by one quickly appeared on the screen.

She looked at the screen, a little shy, and finally pressed send.

Ding Dong, soon Peter’s cell phone rang, and he clicked on the text message.

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