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Chapter 1921

The strongest Gemini caught up.

“Huh? Are you okay?”

Levi asked.

“Teacher Garrison, we probably know a little bit about the situation of Madam! You must be very troubled by this, right?”

Levi nodded.

“Lord, we know a little information and may help you!”


“As far as we know, Golden Harbor Island has always been a gathering place for magic Lords! McHale, the strongest magic Lord on the sky list, is on Golden Harbor Island!

There are many masters of magic arts who not only can look at Prophesy to change your Luck! Some evil things can also manipulate people’s minds, k!ll people from thousands of miles away, etc…”

“We happen to know a Master of magic arts, his methods are amazing, maybe it can help Lord’s illness!”

Hearing this, Levi was shocked.

Now as long as there is a little hope, he will not let it go.

“But this magic Lord has a weird temper, it’s hard for anyone to ask for it.

This is the address and information of the magic Lord. Our parents have a little friendship with him. When the teacher takes out this letter, he might help! Of course not necessarily! He has a weird temper! Teacher, give it a try!”

Gemini handed Levi the letter and information.

“Okay, thank you, two boys! I’m going to take a trip to Golden Harbor Island!”

Levi hurried to Golden Harbor Island.

Even if there is only a glimmer of hope, Levi has to give it a try.

He left, but his eyes still looked at his back.

Especially Nier and Jia.

Jia sighed and said, “Hey, I envy them. They can become his students, spend so long with him, and be guided by him!”

Jia’s tone was full of envy.

Nier shook her head and said, “You can’t say that! Even though they are his students, we are not! But think about it from another angle. If it is his student, then don’t think about other things!”

When Nier mentioned this other matter, Jia’s face immediately blushed.

If the teacher-student status is established, they will have no other possibility.

On the contrary, it is okay now, at least save a glimmer of hope.

“Still you said is it possible for us…”

When it comes to the back, Jia dares not say anything.

“Where do I know, I want to too!”

Levi had already boarded the ferry to Golden Harbor Island at this moment. What he didn’t know was that he had left an indelible mark on the hearts of the two girls.

In the cabin, Levi was looking at the Master of magic’s information.

In order to grow branches out of knots, Levi has changed his appearance into another appearance.

Suddenly there were loud noises.

A staff member knocked on the door and apologized: “Sir, I’m so sorry! Our ship was contracted just now. So we need you to disembark and use another mode of transportation! Don’t worry, the ticket will be refunded!”

“Huh? Was it wrapped up?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, sir, please cooperate!”

Waiter said.

“Why did you go early? We’ve all boarded! Tell me about this?”

Levi asked.

“Mr. We can’t help it. The boss says what it means! Besides, the people who charter the ship are not offended by ordinary people! Do you know who it is? That’s the gambling king of Golden Harbor Island and the son of the former richest men and women!”

“This time they are going to charter off the ship, what can we do?”

The waiter sighed.

This is the last boat to go to Golden Harbor Island today. Levi is eager to save people, how could he give up.

“Okay, how much do they pay? I’ll double cover this place!”

Levi approached.

“Ah? How can that work, sir, I advise you to hurry off the boat! Don’t cause trouble!”

Waiter said.

Levi sneered: “Since I’m on board, don’t want me to get off!”

“Okay, let me see who is not disembarking?”

There was a groaning sound.

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