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Chapter 1105

He thought that Sandy would also say what she thought of him, and then a poem, he looked at it seriously.

The content of the text message is: [Hey pure thought, a glass of good old wine, sing again, and then worship the thoughts, one wish for you to be a thousand years old, two wish for the prince to be healthy, and three wishes like stars and moon, see each other every time. 】

Even if he hadn’t read this poem, he probably knew what it meant just by looking at the content. In order to know more clearly, he Google the general idea of the poem.

Looking at the corners of his lips while raising them, he was in a very happy mood.

He replied, “I got it.”

Over there, Sandy wrapped herself in the quilt after sending the message, feeling shy, a little embarrassed, as if she was too enthusiastic.

Then she heard the phone ringing, and she was happy again, and feared that Peter would think she was hypocritical, and always talked about love.

She grabbed the phone anxiously, clicked on the text message, and then the smile and shyness on her face disappeared without a trace.

I got it? ? !

What does he mean?

She quickly replied, “Do you know what I mean?”

Peter thought he didn’t understand the meaning of the poem, and found it funny, and replied, “I know, you miss me and want to be with me for a long time.”

Sandy, “…”

Is this… a normal man?

Shouldn’t he respond enthusiastically to her with a more affectionate line? Even if he doesn’t know the words and sentences about feelings, can he reply with one sentence?

He can’t just reply to what he received and send her away in a few words.

Sandy thought to herself, you know that I miss you and want to be with you for a long time, then do I know that you want to be with me for a long time?

She pursed her lips and replied, “I’m sleeping. 】

【OK, good night. ] Peter replied.

Sandy is going to explode, this nasty man!

When you do that kind of thing, you are passionate, and you don’t recognize people when you put on your pa.nts?

Sandy decided not to contact him first.

Now she needs a little bit of enthusiasm and heart from him. She is just a woman, and hopes that her man can be like her, even if not, let her feel a little bit of his enthusiasm.

He actually…

She decided to hang Peter, if he did not contact her, she was determined not to contact him first.

In the past few days, Alecia was not urged to have a child by the old lady, and had a very relaxed time outside with Harrison.

The two of them never mentioned the issue of having a child, and Harrison took a case. This case was the day they went to work. Encountered the case of the woman who was crying and silent.

The ins and outs of the matter, Harrison found out what was going on by finding the servants of the Geiger family.

The thing is like this, the man cheated, no, to be precise, he wanted to change his wife, he and his mother joined hands to deceive his wife.

Through the description of the servants, they learned that the mother of the cheating man also liked the third party, so she asked the daughter-in-law to go to her to learn to do housework every day, and let the grandson spend a long time with the third party.

Get along, in order that in the future divorce, this child can adapt to this new ‘mother’.

Their plan was implemented for two years. A child who is only two or three years old still can’t distinguish between good and bad. He doesn’t know what a good person is and what a bad person.

He just knows that a woman like his mother treats him well. Under the guidance and diligence of the woman, two years have allowed this small child to distinguish the difference between his mother and this woman.

The father said that this is the mother, and he was led to call the third person mother.

After two years of getting along, plus the woman being kind to him, he called that woman his mother.

The wife knew that her son told her husband to treat the woman as his mother. She broke down. This was a devastating blow to a woman’s body and mind.

She couldn’t bear it.

This is not the most painful thing for her. What makes her unable to live is that after she was divorced, yes, even if she did not want to divorce, but there are rich people in the Geiger family, it is not difficult to divorce, even if she does not want to. This marriage can also be dissolved.


After she was divorced, her son returned to the Geiger family. The Geiger family did not allow her to visit the child. She was weak and unable to fight her husband’s family.

No matter how much she hated and no matter how annoyed, it is the child who can’t give up the most after all, her own flesh and blood, a man makes her heartbroken, but the child belongs to her.

She tried every possible means to stalk her ex-husband and pleaded him to let her see her children.

The man disagreed, so she went to the company to stop him every day, crying, and the man had no choice but to let her see the child, and there was a time limit of three hours.

She carried the child back to her residence, was divorced, and was kicked out of the Geiger family. The changes were too fast. It was almost that her nerves were always tense, and she was suffering from gains and losses. Sometimes she cried.

Then she hugged the child again, feeling too bitter, and the piercing pain made her feel that life was meaningless.

Seeing the child, she feels there is hope, at least she still has this child.

Until a third party came to pick up the child, and the child intimately called the woman his mother, she was completely desperate.

The son she gave birth at the risk of her life called the woman mother who broke her marriage.

How could she accept that, she decided not to give her son to them, let alone let her son call the woman who broke her marriage to be the mother.

In the process of fighting with the woman, the son turned out to be biased towards that woman. She looked too hideous, scared the child to cry.

She lost control, took the child, held him from the house she was divorced, and jumped from the house given by her ex-husband, and died on the spot.

Then there was a case where the woman died and her daughter went to a law firm to find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit.

Sometimes it sounds unbelievable, and sometimes, such unthinkable things happen around us.

After listening to the servant’s words, Alecia only felt cold all over. She understood the despair and helplessness of women at that time, but… it was her own flesh and blood. She conceived and gave birth to him with hard work. How could she be cruel to die with him

Chapter 1106

Alecia felt that being able to have children in this life was a blessing from cultivation in the previous life, how could she be willing to hurt?

Harrison took the case, and the lawyers in the office came to him together.

“Mr. Josh, this case cannot be accepted, we have no chance of winning.”

“That is, the woman committed suicide, and she only lost some money if she was k!lled. At most, it was her son who died. This case is heartwarming, but we can’t idealize it. We have to face reality.”

“What is reality?” Harrison asked.

Geiger said, “The reality is that we have to face the reality in reality. There are many things that we can’t get used to, and there are many unfairnesses. However, there are many lack of laws regarding marriage. It is not a crime to get divorced and marry again.

Obviously, it doesn’t count. This restricts our authority to defend the parties. What is the point of winning or losing in this lawsuit? People are dead, and when they die, there is nothing left. At most, it is to fight for a little money for the family of the deceased. This little money is compared with human lives. What is the deal?

And we, to win this lawsuit, is to win a little money for the client. We can’t put the derailed person in jail, we can hardly do anything to him, and we will offend him. What do you mean by such a lawsuit?”

Geiger’s meaning is that this case cannot be accepted, it is troublesome, and it is impossible to get a good result.

“Don’t you take it?” Alecia understood what Geiger meant. It was this case that it didn’t make much sense to win or not to win.

Because the man cheated, he was at fault, but this type of error is limited to the marriage. It is not considered an offense. He is at fault. It is true that the man was not k!lled but committed suicide. This has nothing to do with him.

The lawsuit is nothing more than compensation.

Alecia felt that this was unfair and the price of derailment was too small.

If you don’t like it, why do you want to marry?

It’s hard to really respond to the popular saying on the Internet, no matter how delicious the food at home is, the sh!t outside is still fragrant if you haven’t eaten it?

Although this is rough, it is not rough.

“Yes, I can’t take it.” Geiger said, and the other lawyers also agreed, but they felt that they would offend people since they didn’t benefit much.

“What if I insist on picking it up?” Don’t understand these too well, understand but he saw with his own eyes the other person went to the mourning hall to grab the ashes and knocked the ashes of the deceased to the ground. !

Even if only the derailed man can only make money, it is a punishment for him, and it is also to tell everyone that he is wrong!

“Why is this?” a lawyer said.

Geiger also answered, “Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. Why should you do it if it doesn’t make sense? You told us before that our profession is both good and evil, and justice does not allow us to survive in this profession. Now it is you who is self-willed, and forget what you said.”

Harrison whispered, “It used to be before.”

The mood in the past was different from now. At that time, he only wanted fame and fortune, and he had done a lot of things that went against his own wishes and morals.

Sometimes he knows that his client is at fault, and he has to use various methods to defend him. This is the helplessness of being a lawyer.

In the past, he didn’t need to look at the case itself, as long as it could bring him big benefits or reputation, he was willing to take it and do it.

He also said the same to the lawyer in his office, and now, he suddenly changed his previous thoughts.

Condemned conscience.

He felt that he was so unhappy, or because he had done a lot of unnatural things before, that made his life so unsuccessful.

“It’s not easy for our law firm gets to where we are today. I don’t understand why you insist on it.” Geiger didn’t understand. He was not such a person before, so how could he suddenly change?

Harrison looked down, “If you do too many bad things, you will get retribution.”

He wants to accumulate virtue, for the people around him, and for himself.

Everyone couldn’t make sense of him, and they didn’t want to say anything, and left his office one by one.

Alecia stood by the window looking at him, “What do you think?”

Harrison stood up, walked out of the desk, and stood in front of her staring at her in a trance. He stretched out his hand to bring her into his arms and said, “We lost our child because of me.”

Alecia didn’t want to talk about the previous things. She said to Harrison very seriously, “We don’t mention the previous things. The original right and wrong has become history. I chose to forgive you. I just let go of the past and the wound has healed. It left a scar. When you mention it, you are revealing my scar. It will hurt.”

Harrison’s gaze was stagnant for a moment, following his eyes, there were some water stains on the corners of his eyes, and his eyes were not as good as before.

Soon he looked down and said in a low voice, “I won’t mention it in the future, and I won’t mention it again.”

This is Alecia’s lifelong pain, and it is also his lifelong pain.

“Let’s go back early today.” Harrison put his arms around her, and Alecia said yes.

When they walked out of the office, the phone in Harrison’s pocket rang, and he took it out and saw that it was the home number. He knew that it was not the old lady who called, or nanny the old lady asked to call, and he knew what to do with the call.

Alecia’s mood only slightly relaxed these few days, he just hung up without wanting to be outdone.

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