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Chapter 1928

Nichole would never have thought that Levi would be seen at the door of his house.

The man on the ship who was ignored by her at a glance!

This time, she was not disinterested but intrigued.

Even if it is ordinary, people who dare to come to gambling’s door alone are not ordinary people.


Unexpectedly, this person came for the gambling king’s family!

This man seems unusual?

Nichole was curious about Levi for the first time.

If Yefil knew it, his jaw would fall in shock.

“Huh? Miss, do you know each other?”

The guard saw the doubt and couldn’t help asking.

“Well, there was a fate!”

Nichole’s eyes fell on Levi, and she asked, “What are you doing here?”

Levi did not answer her question, but asked: “Who are you the king of gambling?”

“It’s your grandpa!”

“That’s easy, call your grandpa out, I have something to ask him!”

Levi’s tone made everyone present feel extremely uncomfortable.

Including Nichole!

what are you?

Dare to tell the gambling king to come out to see you?

“Miss, this kid is so arrogant! k!ll him directly!”

The guards couldn’t help it anymore.

“Wait! I have something to ask him!”

Nichole looked at Levi: “Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you looking for my grandpa?”

“Call your grandpa out, you don’t need to know!”

Levi said coldly.

“is it?”

“That has nothing to do with me!”

After speaking, Nichole turned and left and walked straight to the manor.

As the guard of the gambling king family, not only the strength is terrible, but also the first-rate in terms of skills and sophistication.

They heard Nichole’s implication-she didn’t care about this matter and let them handle it!

The guards showed grim smiles one after another.

They just waited for Nichole’s words.

I’m so upset with Levi!


More than a dozen guards gathered together, ready to do it.

Nichole walked towards the manor with a cold face.

Levi’s behavior today made her take a high look, but it was just another look.

Life and death have nothing to do with her!




But she had just walked to the gate, and there was a whistling sound in her ears, and a heavy object flew over and banged on the gate.

Before her eyes, the gate of Longten Villa was smashed into pieces!

That is clearly a person!

Kicked and flew over and smashed the door!

Nichole’s footsteps stopped suddenly, and the cold expression on her face disappeared, incredible.

At this moment, her brain was blank.

She can’t realize anything!

But this is only the beginning!




Then the guards blasted one by one.

Nothing but a list smashed on the broken door!

After more than a dozen sounds, the gate was completely blasted down.

The guards lying on the ground curled up like cooked lobsters, wailing constantly.

Only then did Nichole gradually reacted.

She slowly turned around and saw Levi standing not far away.

Is he so good?

These guards of the King Gambling Family are all terrifying powerhouses!

Can’t catch Levi?

He has something!

Nichole’s legs trembled, and then he came out of shock.

At this moment, the huge movement has attracted the attention of the entire family of gambling kings.

Especially the door was broken.

The problem is serious!

In and around the villa, people kept running out.

Even the top of the gambling king family were alarmed.

Travis and others also came one after another.

“What happened? What happened?”

Everyone shouted.

“The big event is not good. Someone rushed into Longten Villa! A dozen of us were injured! Alarm! Alarm!”

The door guard sounded the alarm.

This time the problem is more serious.

Sharp sirens sounded throughout Longten Villa, everywhere.

This time I am afraid that even the gambler will be alarmed.

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