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Chapter 1952

This is the deadliest!

The moment the god of war knocked Levi back with a punch, someone secretly shot.




It was a trail of afterimages, passing in front of people’s eyes.

In an instant, five black shadows appeared on the left and right of Levi’s head!

All k!ll him at the fastest speed!

Levi understood that this was not an illusion created by witchcraft, but a real existence!


It was a clone created by someone with a speed or magic fighter!

Ghost Samurai is ready!

The leaders of the East Island forces clenched their fists tightly, and the Ghost Samurai was the most grabbing trump card among their forces.

Mainly, the weird ninjutsu and special strange techniques he cultivated, making him top-notch in speed and body style!

The most terrifying thing is that his body is like a ghost, and he can split into clones.

Like ghosts!

This is where he is best!

He has been hiding in the dark for a long time.

Finally, let him seek the best time!

He shot!

The five clones of Ghost Warriors attacked Levi together!

The five clones held a black samurai sword and stabbed at the same speed!

So that Levi couldn’t tell which one was the real body at all!

If the judgment is wrong, it will be fatal.

Not dying is a serious injury!

Ghost samurai is not easy to make a move, one move is a k!ller skill!

The five clones of Ghost Samurai are also extremely fast!

So that everyone present could not tell the five figures, which one is the real body!

In an instant, the five figures approached Levi at the same time!

The terrible thing is that the five figures are combined into one figure!


The moment they became one, a knife pierced Levi’s throat!

Everyone was stunned!

Ghost samurai is really amazing!

One shot, Levi would be k!lled!


Levi got pierced through his throat like this?

“It succeeded! We succeeded!!!”

The East Island forces shouted in exclamation one after another.

They stood up and celebrated.

But Richard looked serious.

He noticed something unusual.

“No! This trick is horrible! But for Levi at most, it is impossible to get a piercing throat! There is a problem! Attention everyone!

Richard quickly reminded.

Ghost Samurai himself was the first to discover the anomaly!

He felt that he had just stabbed a lonely one!

Obviously, it penetrated people’s throat, but it didn’t seem to hit anything!

No feeling of stabbing anything in kind!

not good!

In the next second, Levi in front of him disappeared!

This is also an afterimage!

It’s not Levi’s real body at all!

This is the afterimage left by the speed reaching the limit, deceiving people’s brains and eyes!

The afterimage he just pierced through was a residual image after all!

Levi was gone long ago!

Others also reacted one after another!

The ghost clone!

This is a stunt that Levi has used several times!

Now that Levi’s strength is getting stronger and stronger, it will naturally become more and more terrifying when used.


The instant the ghost warrior realized it, Levi threw a punch.


The Ghost Samurai was attacked instead.


The Death Swordsman and others rushed forward and immediately towards Levi.

The mech warrior immediately activated the aircraft and turned into a flash of lightning to rescue the ghost warrior!

Everyone was terrified!

Until now, no one dared to despise Levi for half a minute!

He is terrible!

Such a luxurious lineup can be like this!

He is so horrible!

“The Ghost Samurai is exposed, one of the swords inserted into the heart is lost!”

Richard not only sighed.

“No, the real power has not been revealed yet!”

The East Island forces said coldly.


With Richard’s stunned face, Ghost Samurai really started.

“Levi, I’ve long been looking forward to a fight with you!”

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