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Chapter 1133

Peter lowered his eyes and didn’t move for a while.

Sandy sighed, “Forget it if you don’t want to.”

She stretched out her hand to take the pill off, but Peter suddenly attached her b0dy, staring at her, Sandy swallowed, “I am teasing you, don’t you—”

She just opened her m0uth and pressed Peter’s l!ps, the pill stuck to her l!ps, and Peter pressed the tip of his t0ngue into her m0uth.

Such a posture for taking medicine is not easy to swallow, and it melted away in Sandy’s mouth for a while. Due to bitterness, her small face was all wrinkled together, and she pushed Peter hard, “Give me water quickly.”

Peter handed her the water, and she took two big mouthfuls and washed down the melted pills in her mouth.

Seeing her frowning, Peter felt very cute and stretched out his hand to scrape the tip of her nose, “You won’t be naughty anymore?”

Sandy pouted and glared at him, “I hate it!”

After talking about putting on the quilt to sleep, Peter pulled the quilt and said, “It’s so boring.”

“You want to take care of me.” Sandy still didn’t lift the quilt, making a dull voice.

Peter didn’t force her to get up and went to take a bath. When he came out, she seemed to be asleep. He could hear the light and shallow breathing. He slowed down and walked to the bed and bent over to pull the quilt over her head.


When Sandy fell asleep, she seemed to hear the movement and turned over unpleasantly, facing Peter. She took the anti-fever medicine and covered under the quilt, sweating on her body.

The black hair stuck to her face, Peter stretched out his hand and brushed the hair away from her cheek, touching her forehead could feel the temperature receding.

He took a towel soaked in warm water and wrung off the water, and wiped her face, his eyes touched the skin on her neck, and sweat was oozing from it. Peter took the towel and wiped her, didn’t know it was her. The skin is pink because of sweat.

The looming under the collarbone can vaguely spy on the scenery that can be covered with a quilt.

Peter’s Adam’s apple slid up and down, and he quickly retracted his sight. He went to put down the towel, and rinsed his face with cold water by the way. He walked out after being awake. He took a thin blanket and lay down beside her without lifting the elm of quilt over her.

She doesn’t have any cl0thes on her b0dy, isn’t it unpleasant to find himself in a bed with her?

Sandy fell asleep and was still sick at the moment, and he couldn’t ignore what her body did.

He knew it in his heart, but he would still be restless, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, looking at her face, he can always think of her appearance in front of him in the rain, the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously, and came to print on her forehead with a k!ss, softly said, “I’m very surprised and happy that you can come.”

At least it proved that this woman liked him. She came to see him alone, lost her wallet and got caught in the rain. She is sick now, but it was all just to see him.

Peter’s heart is very soft because of this woman.

She put Sandy in her arms across the quilt, thinking that he must take good care of the girl.

Sandy woke up with thirst at dawn, “Water…”

Peter had gotten up and was about to go outside to buy breakfast. He heard Sandy’s murmur coming over and asked, “What did you say?”

Sandy was confused, and only felt uncomfortable with a dry mouth, “water.”

Peter went to pour some water and helped her up. Sandy took a cup of water and drank it by herself. After drinking a cup of water, she felt comfortable.

She opened her eyes, and a soft light came through the curtains, “It’s dawn?”

“It’s only six o’clock. I’ll buy you something to eat for you while you sleep.” Peter put the water glass on the table and said.

Sandy touched her forehead, and Peter said, “The fever dropped last night.”

Peter touched her forehead as soon as she woke up, and there was no fever all night.

Sandy also became more energetic and said, “I didn’t bring a change of clothes. My clothes were wet yesterday. What am I wearing today?”

Peter said, “I’ll buy it for you later.”

Sandy smiled, “Well, I want to buy the ins!ders too.”

Peter immediately understood the meaning of her words, his expression was a little unnatural, he felt embarrassed when he buys clothes from women.

“You don’t want to buy it for me?” Sandy asked.

Peter shook his head hurriedly, “No.”

Sandy smiled, “That’s hard for you, I’m hungry, you go buy me food.”

Peter pulled the quilt on her, “Well, you can sleep for a while.”

Sandy nodded, and Peter took the car key to go out. The weather was clear and there was no water on the road, but the road was still wet.

Sandy couldn’t sleep and got up. She found Peter’s shirt to wear temporarily. She went to wash the wet clothes she took off last night, and washed Peter’s clothes along the way.

When he came back, Sandy just washed his clothes and took them to a small balcony in the bedroom to dry.

Peter put down what he was holding and walked over, “I’ll dry it.”

Sandy said, “It’s fine…”

Peter could not help but removed the clothes in her hand, pulled her into the room, and pulled the thin blanket he covered last night to wrap it around her body. Sandy looked dumbfounded, “I’m fine, you wrapped me so tightly, I can feel the heat.”

She struggled to pull the blanket away, but Peter didn’t allow it.

Sandy looked up at him, “Why?”

Chapter 1134

Peter rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t go out from the room. I bought breakfast, it’s on the table and you go over to eat, and I will dry the clothes.”

Sandy pulled his clothes and asked, “Why don’t you look at me? Are you angry?”

But why are you angry? Why is this person so strange?

Peter said, “Hurry up and eat, I’m not angry.”

Sandy pouted, “Then why do you wrap me a blanket?”

“You don’t wear anything… It’s not good to stand on the balcony.” Peter gave a light cough, concealing his embarrassment that was just too straightforward.

“Who said I didn’t wear it, didn’t I wear your clothes? Besides, the window sill is so high, even if someone looks at the window sill, I can only see my upper body…”

“That won’t work either.” Peter said solemnly, “Go to dinner and don’t get cold.”

After speaking, walked to the balcony to cool clothes.

Sandy looked at him, “Are you afraid of me being seen?”

Peter did not speak and picked up the hanger to dry the clothes.

Sandy stood up wrapped in a blanket, walked to the window sill, and leaned against the wall to look at Peter with a smile, “What am I asking you? Why don’t you answer me? Are you afraid that my body will be seen by others?”

Peter turned around, “You are my wife.”

As the name suggests, only he can see.

How can she cover it with just a shirt? Besides, they are all nak3d inside.

Sandy said, “I know.”

She came over and clung to his neck, smiling like a flower, “I like the way you look small.”

Peter, “…”

He, he is not careful, but…


“Why don’t you speak? It’s clear that you are careful, right?” Sandy’s smile became brighter, the corners of his eyes were shining with light, and they looked like stars.

Her legs leaped vigorously, and with the strength of her arms, her legs were wrapped around his waist. Peter was afraid that she would fall and dragged her waist. Sandy bent her lips, “But I like it, just like you care about me, look cautious.”

Peter, “…”

Well, he is careful.

“Are you busy today? I came to see you, do you have time to accompany me?” Sandy wrapped his neck tightly, their postures were extremely ambiguous.

Peter raised his chin and k!ssed her l!ps, “Very busy.”

The subtext is that there is no time, otherwise he wouldn’t get off work like that last night. He came here to help the police station here with an important case. Now it is the critical moment. There is no accident. He still has a lot of things to deal with today.

Sandy understood, feeling a little lost, but she also understood.

“I know, I won’t disturb you, then I’ll wait for you at home.” Sandy said thoughtfully.

Peter felt guilty. She came to see him. He didn’t have time to accompany her to stroll around in this strange city, and she didn’t have time to accompany her, “Sandy, I’m sorry.”

“This is your job, I understand.” Sandy fell in his ear, “Do you know? I admire your profession so much.”

Peter hugged her into the room and asked, “Just like my profession, don’t you like me?”

Sandy shook her head, “I don’t adore you.”

Peter put her on the bed and said, “Be honest, I’m going to dry the clothes.”

She grabbed his collar and leaned forward, “I don’t adore you, I only like you.”

After speaking, she let go and walked towards the table, and opened the breakfast that Peter bought.

He felt happy, and his eyes were full of warmth and said, “After the things here are over, I can take a few days off. I’ll accompany you well then.”

Sandy sat at the table and took the porridge, and said, “Let’s talk about it.” It’s normal for him to be busy with his work. When his work is over, she will also have an internship. Don’t know if she would have time.

It’s too early to say.

Before Peter finished drying his clothes, he hurried away after receiving a call. Although Sandy felt a little disappointed, she didn’t increase the pressure or trouble. She was at home alone.

At noon, Peter came back to buy her clothes and food, and left without saying a few words.

Sandy understood that he could go out with clothes, but found that she had no money and couldn’t buy anything.

After a round outside, she went home, cleaned up the den where Peter lived, and stayed in the house to watch TV by herself.

B City.

After Alecia left, Harrison didn’t take the initiative to contact her, tried to contact him many times, and finally endured it.

At home, he found a nanny who was about 50 years old, and the nanny was taciturn and not talkative, but she was very hardworking, and Harrison was very satisfied.

Since Alecia left, Harrison has spent all his time at work and has been busy every day before coming back late.

He forgot a document at home and came back in the afternoon to pick it up. The old lady pulled him, “Harrison, you talk to me.”

Harrison said, “I still have to work.”

“You go out early and returned late these days, and you have suffered a bad body.” The old lady is concerned about Harrison.

Harrison was silent.

“You have come back by yourself, and have been back for a few days, where is Alecia?” the old lady asked cautiously.

Harrison’s expression is very cold, “As you wished, we are going to divorce, are you happy now?”

“I just want you to have a child. I didn’t want your divorce. I know you like Alecia. I…”

“Things are already like this, don’t say anything, I’m very busy, let me go first, if you have anything to do, call Aunt Jia.”

After speaking, he walked out with the file.

“Harrison…” The old lady turned her wheelchair and looked at the closed door. Her heart was empty. In such a big house, there was no one to talk to, and she could not go out because of her poor legs.

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