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Chapter 1135

The old lady felt lonely and looked at the nanny who was cleaning the table and said, “Why do you come to be a nanny? I think you are at the age of being a grandmother too.”

Aunt Jia said, “Two sons, the eldest son was married and gave birth to a child, and I became a grandmother.”

“Where is your younger son?” the old lady asked again.

“The youngest son is not married yet.” Aunt Jia replied.

The old lady asked her and she answered, without saying a few more words, the old lady felt boring even after saying a few words. She sighed slightly and turned her wheelchair back into the room.

The room was also empty. She picked up the photo placed on the table. In the photo, she was young herself and her husband was next to her.

She was sitting on a chair, her husband was standing behind her, and she seemed to see her young self through this photo.

“I’m old in a blink of an eye.” The old lady said in melancholy, “I think Harrison is not happy. He is angry with me, and probably resents me in his heart, but I just want him to have a child and leave a line for the Josh family. , am I wrong?”

The person in the photo was still smiling, and no one answered her.

She held the photo, “Should I come to you?”


The old lady sat alone in the room for a long time. Today Harrison came back early, and Aunt Jia made a meal and he walked in.

Seeing him come back, the old lady was very happy and said, “Hurry up and wash your hands to eat. I specially asked Jia made you your favorite food…”


Before she finished speaking, Harrison entered the room and closed the door.

The old lady was stiff in place.

Aunt Jia put the food on the table and laid it out, and walked over, “It’s time to eat.”

The old lady drooped her eyes and rolled her wheelchair, “You tell him to eat.”

Aunt Jia went to knock on the door, “Mr. Josh’s food is ready.”

“In a while.”

The old lady was sitting at the table, looking at the delicious food on the table with no appetite.

Aunt Jia came over, “He’ll come in a while.”

The old lady waved her hand and said, “I see.”

After a while, Harrison walked out, changed his suit, and simply used home clothes. He became thinner and looked a little looser.

He sits at the front of the table and picks up a bowl, picking up vegetables to eat.

The old lady felt better when she saw him here, and she put a piece of meat on his dinner plate, “You like this one the most.”

Harrison continued to pick up dishes, but did not touch the plate of meat, nor did he eat the piece that the old lady put on his dinner plate. A bowl of rice was eaten quickly, and he got up and left the table.


“Aunt Jia, the clothes I changed are in the bathroom, please help me wash it.” Harrison interrupted the old lady and said to Aunt Jia.

Aunt Jia said, “I’ll get it now.”

Harrison told, “Don’t enter this room when I’m away.”

“I see.” She replied.

Aunt Jia took Harrison’s changed clothes, Harrison went in and closed the door, barely talking to the old lady.

The old lady sat at the dining table, staring at the piece of meat that she had put on his dinner plate. He didn’t eat it, and didn’t even put a piece on the plate.

She lightly glanced down and turned the wheelchair back to the room.

In another city, Peter came back after dealing with the things at hand. The TV on the wall was still playing a series, while Sandy was asleep on the bed, holding the remote control in her hand.

Peter came over, took off the remote control in her hand, and whispered her name, “Sandy?”

Sandy’s eyelids moved, her eyelashes fluttered, and opened her eyes, staring at him, “Are you back?”

“Well, I’m back.” Peter touched her forehead, “You don’t have a fever again today, right?”

Sandy sat up, “You buy me a ticket for tomorrow, I have to go back.”

Peter said, “I will take you to dinner first, and then we will buy a mobile phone…”

“I see, let’s go quickly.” Sandy has been at home for a day, and has long wanted to go out to get some breath.

Peter asked her, “Hungry?”

Sandy shook her head and said, “No, I was bored at home.”

Peter said, “Sorry, I’m too busy…”

Sandy covered his mouth, “Don’t say I’m sorry, besides, my ears are all callused. If you feel sorry for me, you will have some blood. For the sake of me coming all the way to see you, give me more today. Buy something.”

Peter said, “Okay.”

Sandy rolled her eyes, “You are so boring.”

Peter, “…”

What’s wrong with him?

Where is it boring?


“Okay, okay, you are very interesting, let’s go, I’m hungry.” Sandy took him out.

When they got in the car out of the building, Peter said, “A colleague introduced me to a restaurant and said it tasted good. I will take you there.”

“It’s all up to you.”

Sandy said.

Soon the car arrived at that restaurant, just like the restaurant Sandy invited Peter to eat for the first time. Don’t hang around with high-end sentiments. It’s very ordinary, and it can’t be an ordinary restaurant.

Sandy thought he would take her to some romantic place for dinner, after all, she came to see him specially.

Peter seemed to be a little surprised. Colleagues said that delicious places are better than roadside stalls.

“That mulberry…”

Sandy smiled and said, “It’s very good here, let’s get off the car.”

She can’t have any illusions about Peter, he is a straight man of steel, without romantic cells.

Chapter 1136

“Don’t explain anything, you are not a romantic person. I know in my heart that I won’t be angry with you. Just walk in.” Sandy took his arm and walked in.

Sandy can be regarded as a considerate girl. She has no arrogant temperament, and she does not rely on her young age and what he wants from him.

She also understands his job and boringness. Peter thinks that he will never meet such a girl again. She’s okay as a girl.

He is very happy with her.

Sandy watched the customers in the restaurant with relish, and they felt pretty good, so she looked at the menu hanging on the wall and ordered a few dishes.

She just liked the light when she had a fever, and asked Peter, “What kind of flavor do you want?”

Peter said, “I am just like you.”

Sandy smiled and ordered good food and Peter found a place to sit down. The food was served here very quickly. Sandy didn’t have much appetite and didn’t eat much. After dinner, they walked out of the restaurant together.

She stopped suddenly.

“What’s the matter?” Peter turned to look at her.

Sandy remained silent, wondering if she had eaten too fast just now, or if she had eaten uncleanly, she felt a little sick in her stomach and wanted to vomit.

Peter touched her forehead, Sandy blocked it, “No fever.”

“I think you look uncomfortable,” Peter said concerned.

Sandy stood for a while and nausea subsided. She clutched her chest and said, “It’s okay, let’s go.”

The two got in the car and Peter took her to the market to buy a new mobile phone.

It was inconvenient to contact without a mobile phone, and she was going back to City B.

Before arriving home at ten o’clock in the evening, Peter first washed and went to lay down. Sandy took a bath and walked to the bed to lift the quilt and enter Peter’s quilt.

She took the initiative to tear off the towel from his hand.

Peter k!ssed her, “You haven’t recovered from your illness.”

“I’m alright, don’t you want me?” Sandy lay in his arms, her soft b0dy rubbing against h!s hot chest.

If you say that you don’t want it to be false, even if you exercise restraint in your heart, your body will not lie.

Sandy went back the next day, restoring sleep along the way.

After half a month passed, Harrison and the old lady never talked. Even if the old lady took the initiative to talk to him, he was still very cold.

The old lady gradually stopped talking.

Two days after Alecia left, she never contacted her. Harrison wanted to see her, so he secretly went to City R.

The sun was shining and the weather was particularly good that day. The soft sun was neither hot nor cold, and the maple leaves on the roadside gradually turned red, and some fell to the ground.

When Alecia returned to work, she never mentioned her own affairs, and Herman did not ask. Everyone understands the adult world, and everyone has things they don’t want to say.

Herman is still the same, he likes to wear fancy clothes, he is the same today, wearing a fancy shirt and white suit, Alecia has no power to complain about his aesthetics, and he walks into Alecia’s office with the car key in his hand.

“Get off work early today.” Herman sat on her desk and said.

Alecia raised her head, her white cheeks were much thinner and her eyes were clear, “Second Uncle, can you look like an elder?”

“Why am I not like an elder?” Herman didn’t feel that sitting on Alecia’s desk was an unstable behavior.

He has such a lively temper.

“You change your clothes and I will take you to a place.”

Alecia said, “I’m busy, so I won’t go anywhere.”

“Since you came back, you have been working day and night, and if you have broken your body, come, I will take you to relax.” Herman took off the paintbrush in her hand.

Grasp her wrist and pull her off the chair.

Alecia helplessly, “Where are you taking me? I tell you, I won’t go to any video game city this time.”

“I won’t go this time. I will take you to a new place.” Herman took out a dress from the closet that was hung in the store and showed it to Alecia, “put it on.”

Alecia, “…”

She took the clothes, “What occasion is this second uncle? You want a special dress?”

“A serious occasion.” The second uncle smiled, “Go and change it. I’ll wait for you at the door.”

Alecia was not in the mood to go out, just like being alone. This accompanied Herman to attend the occasion and wanted to see many people. She had to wear a gown and put on makeup, which was really troublesome for her.

“Second Uncle…”

Alecia wanted to convince Herman not to let her accompany him.

Herman said, “You did me a favor at that time, and I will wait for you at the door.”

After speaking, he left.

Alecia sighed and could only go to the fitting room to change her clothes.

Herman’s car stopped on the side of the road in front of the store.

Harrison’s car stopped not far from the entrance of the store. During this time, he became a lot silent. He used to say that his personality is the most outgoing of the three, but now it has also changed.

He came here without saying a word, just because he missed Alecia and wanted to take a look at her.

For many nights, he couldn’t sleep with his cell phone, and wanted to call her or send a message, but he still didn’t have the courage.

Carla said that day that he and Alecia hurriedly got married because of the urging of the old lady.

Actually, he is an adult. If he doesn’t feel like liking Alecia, he won’t just marry like this. If he is perfunctory because of the old lady, he would marry casually, and he would wait until after meeting Alecia for this reason?

Now he understands his heart very well, no, it is a long time ago that he understands his heart very well, he loves Alecia, likes her.

Now all the heartache is because of love.

Don’t dare to see it now, and wants to take a look secretly.

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