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Chapter 1955

Levi had been guarding against another person secretly shot.

He is the Dark Arrow from the Lab of the Gods!

The king who penetrates everything with one arrow!

It is said that there is no object in the world that he can’t penetrate with a single arrow!

Even the materials of the aerospace industry level can’t stop him!

In this regard, the Lab of the Gods has done many experiments!

He was excavated by the Lab from a primitive tribe on Western Continent!

He is powerful, comparable to a machine.

One arrow shot, the speed is as fast as lightning, easily breaking through the speed of sound!

His arrow never goes sideways!

More accurate than a sniper!

The person he is staring at will never escape!

Even if it is strong like Levi!

After being locked by his arrows, he couldn’t escape at all.

What’s more, the Lab of the Gods uses genetic technology and super serum plus modern technology to transform and strengthen the comprehensive skills of Dark Arrow!

Such as the strongest hiding technique, assassination technique, and so on!

What’s more frightening is that Dark Arrow’s weaponry is specially made by the Gods Lab!

The materials, functions, etc. are all top-notch!

Especially arrows are the most terrifying!

This is a special arrow created by the Lab of the Gods with a huge amount of money and a huge amount of manpower and material resources!

Not only the top material, but also the hardest alloy, it can penetrate the power of the aerospace industry!

More importantly, there is a design inside the arrow!

The small arrow contains energy compressed to the extreme. When the arrow penetrates the human body, it will act twice in the human body. The compressed energy will explode and destroy everything in the human body!

This is the most terrifying place with one stone!

It is also the most expensive place!

Dark Arrow’s crossbows and arrows are all made with huge sums of money!

An arrow may cost tens of millions!

Every arrow must be used on the blade!

Not only that, the Dark Arrow is from a primitive tribe, and he also has special magic blessings on arrows and crossbows.

Makes the accuracy better, faster, and more powerful!

There is also to strengthen the body of the Dark Arrow, so that his strength, and the sensitivity of the facial features are greatly enhanced!

Especially the speed he can reach seven times the speed of sound!

Dark Arrow’s arrows, accuracy, penetration, and power are all top in the top class!

So it is the best choice for him to shoot the top powerhouse!

Originally, Richard didn’t want to expose this card too early, but wanted to use it later.

But in order to k!ll Levi, he had to use it!

Dark Arrow has been hiding in the dark without making any moves.

He is waiting for the best time to shoot!

The best time for him to shoot was not that Levi was besieged by everyone, suffered a lot of injuries, and was in the most dangerous state.

Although Levi is in a dangerous state on the surface!

But the Dark Arrow understood that Levi’s vigilance was the highest at this time!

Always guard against him!

Even deliberately revealing flaws, deliberately showing that he is about to die!

In order to attract him to shoot!

On the contrary, it is not the best time for him!

What is the best time!

For Dark Arrow, it was the moment when Levi k!lled the ghost warrior!

At this time, even if Levi’s vigilance is high, he will relax for a while!

After all, k!lling the ghost samurai is a sense of accomplishment.

But Levi is absolutely relaxed…

For this top Assassin Squad, psychology is even more important!

So at the very moment, Dark Arrow shot!

He shot five arrows in a row!

It’s not arrows, but money!

But what he attacked was not Levi, but Nichole!

This move made Levi even more passive!

At the critical moment, Levi immediately went to rescue Nichole!

Despite the five arrows at seven times the speed of sound, the Dark Arrowman was still worried, and he shot another arrow!

The first five arrows are a guise!

This arrow directly penetrated Levi’s body, splashing blood!

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