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Chapter 1137

Seeing Herman standing in front of the store, Harrison dared not get out of the car for fear of being discovered, so he sat in the car and waited.

After a while, he saw Alecia coming out from a distance, wearing a pure white knee-length dress, wrapping her slender figure softly like moonlight, her black curly hair was rolled up randomly, and a strand fell inadvertently. Blocked in the forehead is more charming.

In order to make her complexion look better, she painted makeup to cover her bloodless face.

Herman saw her eyes light up and said with a smile, “It’s a pity to hide in the office every day, so beautiful, so should go out to harm people.”

Alecia pretended to be angry, “Second uncle makes me happy again, and I can’t afford it.”

“Don’t, don’t, it’s so beautiful, I have face when you walk by my side.” Herman said with a smile.

Alecia also laughed, “I’m busy with you when I attend the event?”

Herman opened the car door, “Forget it.”

“Then you have to pay my favor.” Alecia bent and sat in the car.

Herman didn’t go to drive right away, but stood at the door of the car looking at Alecia and asked with a smile, “Am I not good to you? What kind of favor do you need to attend an event with me? Why are you so stingy to me?”

“I don’t care, you can’t afford it if you don’t give it to me.” Alecia said that she wanted to get off the car deliberately. In fact, she was playing with Herman, not really wanting to get off the car.

Herman grabbed her, “Okay, okay, I owe you personal affection.”

He smacked his mouth, “I originally wanted you to relax, how come I owe you a favor? The old saying goes well. Only a villain and a woman are difficult to raise, you are a woman.”

Alecia raised her eyes, she painted her eye makeup, which made her eyess more profound and bright, “I am a woman, second uncle, are you a villain?”

Herman snorted, “I won’t tell you.”

This girl’s mouth is too powerful.

Herman got into the driver’s seat and drove out quickly. The car slowly disappeared from the field of vision. Harrison’s sight did not take back. He stared blankly, and his soul had been out of the body for a long time without regaining his senses.

How long has Alecia left him? It looks like she has recovered. Is it because of Herman?

She also liked to chat with him before.

He slowly lowered his eyes, she and Herman…

His heart was so stuffy, it seemed that a piece of his heart had been dug out, and the blood kept dripping down.

Harrison hadn’t rested almost overnight. He drove to City R and didn’t rest for a while.

He came here to wait for her, but he didn’t expect to see her dressed up and go out with Herman, and his eyes with red blood became even more red.

Suddenly, he smiled to himself, full of bitterness.

If she is happy, he should bless her. It has already been agreed, but only one certificate is left. She has her freedom.

But distressed and hard to breathe.

A maple leaf fell from the tree and fell on the front windshield. It was lonely and quickly blown away, just like him, lonely like a poor worm abandoned by everyone.

After staying in place for a long time, he started the car and left.

From City B to City R, he never rested and returned. He was very tired, and his body was not tired enough to crush him. What crushed him was seeing Alecia smile for another person.

Tell himself to give generous blessings, and still can’t calm himself down.

He walked into the room and threw his jacket on the sofa. The old lady didn’t speak, that is, she watched TV.

“Harrison.” Seeing that his face was bad, the old lady wanted to care about him.

Harrison did not respond, and walked toward the room to close the door. He kept himself in the room during this time at home, and showed up at the dining table during most meals, and had almost zero communication with the old lady.

At first, the enthusiasm of the old lady slowly cooled down, and she was in no mood for Harrison’s appearance.

Rolling the wheelchair to the balcony. The balcony of the living room and the balcony of Harrison’s bedroom were partitioned. There was only a glass wall between them. She saw him sitting on the ground with a wrinkled shirt and a little messy hair. The whole person looked very decadent.

The old lady felt uncomfortable seeing Harrison like this.

She wondered, is she wrong?

“Alecia.” Harrison’s shoulders trembled slightly.

The old lady looked at Harrison in so much pain, her eyes were red, she didn’t dare to stay on the balcony, turned her wheelchair back to the room, and locked herself in the room. Her original intention was not like this. She just wanted a grandson, not put him through pain.

The current situation was not what she wanted, Alecia was gone, and Harrison looked like a cold walking dead.

The door knocked.

The old lady turned her head and said, “Come in.”

Aunt Jia opened the door, “The sugar cake you want to eat is ready.”

“When was I going to eat sugar cake?” the old lady said in a deep voice.

Aunt Jia frowned slightly, “Just now.”

“I didn’t want any sugar cake.” The old lady couldn’t remember at all that she let Aunt Jia make sugar cake.

Aunt Jia didn’t make a fuss. The old lady had happened several times in the past few days. Yesterday she put the TV remote control on the table in the room, but she couldn’t find it. It’s no surprising to aunt.

Turning to go to the kitchen, the old lady called to stop her.

Aunt Jia turned around, “What’s your order?”

“Huh, what am I trying to say?” The old lady just had something to say to Aunt Jia, but she forgot it in a blink of an eye.

“Then tell me when you remember.” Aunt Jia walked away.

The old lady looked at a loss, what did she just want to say?

Chapter 1138

The old lady thought for a long time and didn’t remember what she wanted to say. Harrison seemed to have cleaned up her emotions, washed and changed clean clothes and went out.

He hadn’t rested before, and his face was tired, even though he was very tired. Feeling still hard to calm down, unable to sleep peacefully, went to the law firm.

“Someone is looking for you in the reception room,” the receptionist said.

Harrison nodded and said, “I see.”

He walked into the reception room, and waiting for him was the lady who asked him to file a lawsuit and later dropped the lawsuit.

There was no expression on Harrison’s face, and he asked calmly, “Is there anything to do with me?”

The woman looked good and stood up and said, “Last time I got help from Lawyer Josh, I still remember that it was a little bit of heart.”

She put the gifts she had brought on the table.

Harrison pushed the gift back, “No merit is not rewarded, and I didn’t help you, you are welcome.”

The woman still pushed the gift over, “It’s not a very valuable item, just good old mountain ginseng. Attorney Josh accepts it.”

Harrison put the box under the table and accepted it. He sat down and asked, “Is there anything I can do for you this time?”

The woman shook her head, “No. In the beginning, you were the only one who dared to take the lawsuit. Others shunned it.

Although in the end, because of all sorts of giving up the lawsuit, I can get justice for my daughter, but now I can also get a sigh of relief. , My daughter can rest in peace in the Spirit of Heaven.”

Harrison asked, “How do you say this?”

The woman laughed, “You must have not watched the news, have you?”

Harrison didn’t look at it. The woman said, “That dog couple who k!lled my daughter died in a car accident, just what happened yesterday.”

“Really?” Harrison was surprised.

The woman said, “Yes, it is true that good and evil will pay off. I heard that this third person has not been able to become pregnant after that, and she cannot keep it when he is pregnant. My grandson’s death was caused by the Geiger family. Now they are counted as retribution.” The woman’s voice became a little hoarse as she said.

When talking about the child, Harrison lowered his eyes and deliberately changed the subject, “How did the car accident happen?”

“The Geiger family is a big family, rich and powerful, and definitely can’t accept the severance of children and grandchildren, so they said that they want to find a generation of luck.”

“he third party in the upper ranks is unwilling to make a lot of trouble. It may end up just like my daughter. , Not reconciled, so went to the divorce and died with the guilty man.” The woman felt retribution in her heart, and her heart was a lot more cheerful.

The man who k!lled her daughter did not end well.

“How miserable my daughter was, so young, and the child was so small…” the woman said, her eyes reddened, and she was surprised that she had said too much, and stood up, “Excuse me.”

Harrison said, “It’s okay.”

“Then you are busy, so I won’t bother you. Good people are rewarded. You must have good luck again and again.” The woman said with a smile.

Harrison asked to receive and see off the guests. He returned to the office and sorted out a document. This was a case received a few days ago.

He didn’t take such cases before, because he wanted to keep himself busy, so he took it.

Today, an appointment has been made to meet with the person involved.

His client is a woman. She suffered her husband cheating during her pregnancy. Now she wants to let her husband go out of the house.

She is a very strong woman. The moment she knew her husband was cheating, she was not crying or making trouble, but the first time she thought of holding the family’s property in her hands.

“Although you know that your husband has derailed, there is still substantive evidence. You are currently in pregnancy, as long as you get conclusive evidence of your husband’s derailment, it is not difficult to get him to get out of the house.”

“I heard that Lawyer Josh rarely takes such cases. I am very grateful that you can help me this time.”

“I am a lawyer. Since I have taken your money, I naturally want to fight for your best interests.” Harrison said indifferently. “Now your husband does not know that you already know about his cheating. You must get it in the shortest possible time. Evidence of his cheating.”

“I will. Later, I will trouble Lawyer Josh to do his best for me.” The woman stood up with her belly.

Harrison said for sure.

He sent the client out and stayed in the office to sort out all the family property information provided by the client.

They own a house, which was the wedding house when they got married. The man paid for it, and the woman renovated. The man works as a manager in a company with an annual income of 800,000. The family has a car of 300,000 and more than 1 million deposits. It is also a well-off family, but it is broken because of the man’s cheating.

These are all the property of the family, and now the wife wants to let her husband go out of the house.

It’s rare to be so calm when encountering such things.


The phone on the table vibrated.

Harrison picked it up and pressed the answer button. Aunt Jia’s eager voice came over there, “Lawyer Josh it is not good, the old lady is lost.”

Harrison frowned and asked in a deep voice, “What’s the matter?”

“She said that she wanted to get some air, so I took her to the park for a walk. In the middle, she saw someone selling cakes. She said she wanted to eat them. She asked me to buy them. She disappeared within a few minutes after I went to buy the cakes.”

“Have you looked for her in the park?” Harrison stood up and walked out.

“I did, but I didn’t find her, so I called you if I didn’t dare to delay.”

“I see. Keep looking, and I’ll come over immediately.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone, opened the door, and got into the car.

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