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Chapter 1957

Then the terrible power of the arrow spread to other parts of the body, and then it will be dangerous.

And immediately the energy compressed to the extreme in the arrow will explode.

At that time, Levi had to aggravate his injuries without dying.

“Chi Chi Chi Chi!”

Dark Arrow shoots three arrows in a row!

Levi was inevitable, and his left hand grabbed three arrows abruptly!


His left hand was bloody and blood stained on his arm.

The terrible power made him sore.

Under the action of the four arrows, Levi accelerated backward.

He can’t stop at all!

The scary thing is that the energy in the arrow burst immediately!

There are still four arrows!

Once the arrow energy of the four arrows exploded, it is fatal to Levi!


When the Death Swordsman saw such a good opportunity, he would not let it go.

He immediately slayed with two beam swords in his hands.

This is a good opportunity to k!ll with one blow!

Mecha fighters and undead fighters also rushed up.

This is a great opportunity for them!

Never let it go.

Soon, the three death swordsmen appeared in front of Levi.

“Levi is going to die!!!”

All three of the Death Swordsmen took out their utmost knowledge and wanted to k!ll Levi.

But at this moment, the Dark Arrow realized something was wrong.

“not good!!!”

But his reminder was too late.

The corner of Levi’s mouth on the battlefield raised, revealing an intriguing smile.


He stopped suddenly.

One turned around.

At the same time the four arrows in his hand were released.



The four powerful arrows continue to shoot!

But after Levi turned around, the angle changed.

An arrow shot at the dead swordsman who was close at hand!

Two arrows were shot at the mecha warrior on the right, and the last arrow was shot at the undead warrior.

The three of them are too close to Levi.

Being caught off guard, there is no way to avoid it.

be cheated!

They were fooled by Levi again!

He deliberately took the arrow with his hand in order to attract the three of them to approach him.

Then k!ll them with the arrows of Dark Arrow!

How to k!ll someone with a knife in one hand!

At the last moment, everyone reacted.

But it’s too late!


The Death Swordsman was the closest, and an arrow pierced his throat directly.

The energy in the arrow was compressed to the extreme and exploded, and his head was gone.

Blue smoke came out of his body, and it made a miserable strange cry.

As if not human.

No matter what creature is under the clothes, he is dead anyway.



Special armor for mecha fighters, proud works of the Lab of the Gods, and special materials for the aerospace industry.

Before, Levi didn’t break with knives and punches.

Can’t stop the two arrows of Dark Arrow!

Sure enough, the aerospace industry-grade materials can’t stop the arrow’s penetration!


The huge body of the mecha warrior fell to the ground.

The special armor has been torn apart.

The undead soldier was also pierced in an instant, and the arrow exploded, causing terrible trauma in his body.

Although he removed the pain nerves, he recovered his self-healing ability superbly.

But with this degree of injury, he couldn’t recover for a while, and he couldn’t get up even if he was lying on the ground!

“Boom boom…”

Levi hit him with several punches again, smashing him to blood.

He quickly tied Nichole to him again.

“You’re the only one left!!!”

Levi wants to pull out the Dark Arrow!

Now there are no people who can interfere with him.

The advantage of Dark Arrow has been lost.

“This, this… is he still human?”

Don’t know how many times have said this.

But this is a very high evaluation of Levi.

Both Richard and the East Island forces looked dumbfounded.

Levi is too strong, right?

It’s not dead yet?

He even k!lled everyone in Luminous way!


The Dark Arrow in the dark was also terrified.

Never encountered this before.

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