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Chapter 1151

“Then you give it to me now!” Alecia was moved.

“Here.” Harrison walked over, trying to hug her, and was pushed away by her, “Stay away from me, and give me the divorce agreement tomorrow.”

After speaking, he turned and left, Harrison came up and grabbed her, “Alecia…”

“Hey, your noodles are ready, and you have to pay if you order them.” At this time, the owner of the noodle shop came out, the noodles were ready, and found that there was no one in the place. He walked out and saw them at the door.

Harrison said to the boss, “I will pay.”

Alecia tried to shake him off, Harrison clenched tightly, “I’m hungry, come in with me.”

“If you are hungry, go eat.” Alecia was still angry.

Harrison meaningfully, “I want you to be with me.”

“Harrison, why are you so annoying?”

“I am sorry.”

Alecia was very angry at first, but the sudden apology made her chill for a few seconds. She watched him for a while, and the breath that was blocked in her heart dissipated silently. Harrison pulled her back into the restaurant.

The boss was afraid that they would leave, so he took the QR code and asked him to pay.

Harrison took out his phone and paid for it, then put the phone on the table and picked up the spoon. He held the bowl and held a piece of beef to Alecia’s mouth, “You have a bite first.”

Alecia frowned, “I have eaten, I am not hungry.”

“Just take this bite.” He forwarded a little more, reluctantly.

Alecia stared at him, “Are you crazy.”

“You treat me as crazy.” Harrison smiled.

Alecia didn’t want to be looked at with a different look, and opened her mouth to eat the piece of meat he handed over.

Harrison smiled and asked, “Do you want to eat noodles?”

Alecia glared at him, “No matter how foolish you are, I will be angry!”

Harrison was just enough to stop, lowered his head and raised his face, and stuffed his mouth, seemingly inadvertently asked, “You go to City R, Herman will take care of you.”

Alecia didn’t know that this was a temptation, and said, “Well, he is an elder, he is very good to me.”

Originally Herman was kind to her, and there was no need to lie.

Harrison still lowered his head, “What about you?”

“He is good to me, and I will naturally treat him well.” Alecia quickly realized that something was wrong, “Why mention him?”

Harrison looked up and smiled at her, “It’s nothing, just asking casually.”

Alecia glanced away, “You hurry up to eat, don’t say anything insignificant.”

Harrison felt the tastelessness and said, “Alecia…”

He wanted to tell her that even if she got divorced, she would find another partner, but he didn’t want that person to be Herman. There was too much age difference. She was still upright, Herman was already old and there was not much good time. At least find someone of the same age.

Ding Dong, a message popped up on his mobile phone screen. Alecia glanced at the note that Ms. Cowan was Harrison’s client. She glanced at it and didn’t care.

Continuing to want to continue with Alecia on the topic he didn’t say, Alecia asked, “Someone sent you a message, don’t you read it?”

Harrison glanced at her and said, “Don’t worry, Alecia, if you…”

He didn’t say what he said again, and was interrupted by the phone. This time it was not a message, but a phone call.

Harrison frowned and didn’t like this untimely call. Alecia said, “Just pick it up, maybe you have something urgent.”

Harrison put down his spoon, and reluctantly picked up the phone. There was no voice when the call was connected, the only noise was heard, followed by a scream, vaguely like the voice of his client, he raised his eyes and looked towards Alecia, “My client may have something wrong.”

Chapter 1152

Alecia raised her eyebrows, “So what?”

Harrison put down his spoon and said, “I don’t have time to elaborate, but I think her husband must be up to something.”

Alecia followed him, “I’m with you.”

Harrison didn’t want her to go, for fear of danger.

“Isn’t your client a woman?” He doesn’t worry about the hidden meaning in Alecia’s words.

Harrison looked at her and suddenly smiled, “Then you look at her with me.”

Alecia insisted, “Who wants to look at you?”

Harrison smiled without saying a word. There were many taxis at the entrance of the hospital. Soon they got in the taxi. Harrison clicked on the location just now, and soon the destination of the location information was a community. He raised his eyebrows. The female subject did not say that she lives now in a hotel?

This seems to be her residence, the real estate registration she provided before is this community.

It didn’t take long to arrive at the community, Harrison did not rush in alone, but instead asked the property manager in the community to go upstairs together.

The manager took Harrison and Alecia upstairs and asked, “How did you know that something happened in this house?”

Harrison said, “I am a lawyer, this family is divorcing, and the wife wants to let her husband go out. This has caused a conflict.”

The property manager knew it, and soon arrived at the door of the room. The property staff raised his hand and knocked on the door. There was no response. The property knocked several times. After a while, there was a voice, “Who is that?”

“Property Manager, downstairs said that your house is leaking, so I have to go to your bathroom to check the situation.”

“There is no boiling water in my house, why is it leaking?” The man refused.

“If there is a leak, we will check it. It is a guilty conscience if you don’t let the inspection be like this. The people downstairs will come to you in person for a while.”

“Then it will be bad if you kick your door and make you unhappy. Everyone is a neighbor. It’s convenient to cooperate.”

After being quiet for a while, the door opened, and when he saw two other non-property owners at the door, his eyes immediately became wary, “Who are you?”

Harrison said, “I am a lawyer, and I received a call from my client. Now I want to see her.”

“She’s not at home!” The man blocked the door and refused to let in.

“If you are at home, let’s go in and take a look.” The Property Manager said.

“Without my consent, you would enter my house without permission.” The man tried to close the door, but Harrison resisted, “We can see if she is at home.”

“Get out of here!” The man tried hard to close the door. The property manager saw that the man clearly showed a guilty conscience. He and Harrison pushed the door open together. The man stepped back two steps when hit by the door panel and scolded angrily. Said, “Are you looking for death?”

“Where is your wife?” asked the property manager.

Harrison looked at the half-open bedroom door and wanted to walk over. The man grabbed him and said, “Don’t run wild at my house, get out!”

Harrison winked at Alecia, he restrained the man and asked her to go to the bedroom to see if there was anyone in it.

The property owner was also very cooperative, blocking the man’s way.

Alecia walked into the bedroom and saw a lot of blood. There was a woman lying beside the bed, she was in a coma at the moment.

She said, “She is in the room.”

Harrison and the property manager looked at the man, “What else do you have to say?”

During the dispute between the man and his wife, his eyes were already red. At this moment, he was spied on the fact that he was beating his wife, and became angry. He rushed away to the kitchen and took a knife. “None of you guys want to go out today!”

Alecia took out her mobile phone to call the police. The man saw her intentions. He took the knife in his hand and swung away Harrison and the property manager, rushing towards Alecia to take the mobile phone from her.

“Be careful!” Harrison’s eyes widened, and Alecia looked up and saw the knife in the man’s hand swinging towards her.

She was stunned for a moment. Just at the moment of her death, she saw a dark figure flashing past and rushing forward, kicking the man away, and the man reacted quickly.

After hitting the bed, he turned his back and used the knife towards Alecia’s head After hacking over, Harrison pulled Alecia into his arms.

The man’s knife was too fast. Harrison didn’t have time to run Alecia and himself away from the path of the knife. At this time, the property manager called the other two colleagues on duty. They rushed in together, kicked the man to the ground, and snatched the knife from his hand.

“Your housework is about your A55, let me go!” The man’s face was pressed to the ground, and he kept yelling.

“We have called the police.” The man at the property said.

Alecia was shocked, and her face paled by the shock she had just seen, and only when she saw blood oozing out of the white shirt on Harrison, she said, “Are you injured?”

Harrison glanced at his arm, frowned slightly, and said, “It’s okay, a small injury.”

I don’t know if the wound is deep, but the shirt under my arm got half wet after the blood flow for a while.

“Let’s go to the hospital.” Alecia was worried and distressed, and took his other hand.

At this time, the police came in. It should be a report to the police that someone was injured and medical staff followed.

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