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Chapter 1971

Originally, he wanted to go alone!

But it’s okay to take him.

First, the Common Killer god is very strong.

Second, he has faded out of public view.

“By the way, the last time I played against you, I found that Senior, your technique was a bit wrong…”

Levi inherited it from the Lord, and it’s almost all-encompassing.

It can even be said to be the root of the world martial arts.

In the final analysis, all kinds of exercises and combat techniques are analogous.

So Levi could see the flaws and disadvantages of Common k!lling God.

Facing Levi’s “guidance”, Common k!ller didn’t dare to give a big deal, and listened carefully to the summary.

“Ah? That’s why! No wonder, I understand!”

“How could this happen?”

“My God! This is fine too?”

“I’m going crazy…”

That night, the exclamation of the common k!lling god echoed in the courtyard.

After Levi’s guidance, many bottlenecks in his martial arts of him were solved!

His strength is advancing by leaps and bounds, and he is a level stronger than that of him holding an Excalibur Blade in the sky.

Don’t say anything else, if it’s one-to-one.

None of the masters who attacked Levi the other day can beat him!

Of course, except the destroyer!

Levi doesn’t know how strong he is!

Before, Levi felt that Commoner was still not strong enough, but now he finally reached the standard of an assistant.

The next day, the two of them were in good spirits.

Common Killer god is because of the breakthrough in strength, to a higher level.

After one night of treatment, Levi recovered better from his injuries.

It’s already well six or seventy.

It won’t be long before Levi’s body will fully recover.

“Mr. Garrison, don’t wait for you to recover completely before going to the East Island?”

Common Killer god asked.

He was mainly worried about Levi’s injury.

“No, you have to go now! The sooner the better, k!ll them off guard!”

Levi looked firm.

The Common k!ller nodded: “Okay, I’ll make arrangements!”

Soon Common Killer made arrangements.

“I still need to dissolve, you can do whatever you want!”

Levi showed the ancient disguise technique in the face of the Common Killer god.

He soon became another person.

The Common k!ller didn’t recognize it.

“Mr. Garrison, let me change my face too, so I can do things easily!”

The Common K!ller god said with a smile.

Just as Levi was about to disguise Common K!ller god, a voice came from outside: “Lord!”

“Oh, it’s Elon!”

Commoner Killer god’s face changed drastically, and he heard Elon’s voice.

Elon was suspicious by nature, otherwise, he couldn’t hide his identity and hide beside Common Killer god.

The most important thing is that this kid turned out to be a native of Yangard.

Common Killer god was worried that something would happen after he saw Levi, in case he noticed any clues.

Then only k!ll him.

But he can’t be k!lled yet.

It’s still useful to keep him alive.

Elon has obviously completed the task and went crazy for the commoner k!ller, but why is he still hanging around in the summer?

One is that he himself didn’t know it had been exposed.

Second, he estimated that he had a new task.

Elon and a few people have already walked in with the kung fu thinking of Common Killer god.

Seeing Common Killer god about to go out, Elon immediately asked, “Lord, where are you going?”

Common Killer god has regained his emotions.

“I am going to the East Island!”

The Common k!ller said unhurriedly, his brain spinning quickly, thinking about how to deal with it next.

“East Island?”

Elon was shocked.

“Lord, why are you going to the East Island?”

Elon asked.

“I’m going to visit an old friend!”

The Common k!ller has not had time to explain.

Elon’s eyes fell on Levi.

“Lord, who is this?”

Elon asked.

Several apprentices in commoner clothes behind him also looked at Levi.

At this moment, Common Killer god was extremely nervous.

Afraid Elon has noticed it.

It was just that Levi’s response made Common k!ller stunned.

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