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Chapter 1153

“Hurry up and see him.” Alecia stopped a medical worker.

The medical staff glanced at her, nodded, and pulled away Harrison’s torn sleeve, and said lightly, “Need stitches, go to the hospital first.”

Someone shouted that there were still wounded in the room, and the doctor walked toward the room. It seemed that the injuries in the room were more serious.

The man was also tortured by police officers and taken away.

When she arrived at the hospital, the woman was sent to the Operation Theater. Harrison went to the surgical department to clean up the wound. He had a cut on his arm.

The doctor said it would be more than a dozen stitches. Alecia didn’t look at it when the doctor cleaned it up.

After about half an hour, Harrison’s wound was treated, and Alecia helped him and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Harrison said, “It doesn’t hurt, it’s anesthetized.”

The stitched piece was locally anesthetized, otherwise, the stitching pain would be so unbearable.

“The police on your client’s side has already notified her family, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Alecia said.

Harrison looked at her, “I don’t worry about her, she is just my client, and even if there is something, it is not my responsibility. It is you that makes me worry. You don’t know how to hide when someone takes a knife to hurt you?”

She was frightened at the time, and she was so nervous that she forgot to react.

“In this way, how can I rest assured about you in the future,” Harrison said sadly.

Alecia pursed her lips and said nothing.

A doctor came to see Harrison and said, “Your grandma is awake.”

This hospital was the same as where his grandma was hospitalized. This doctor was also the doctor who treated his grandma. The old lady woke up and there was no one around her. He was about to contact Harrison.

“I will go to the ward now.” Harrison said.

“Wait a minute, I have a few words to tell you.” The doctor’s expression was a bit solemn, and Harrison frowned, “Didn’t it say that there is nothing serious?”

“There is no danger to life, but…” The doctor paused, “You must be mentally prepared.”

“What’s the matter?” Harrison was a little anxious.

“Don’t get excited!” The doctor said a little harder. “That’s right, because the patient fell and injured her brain. When she just woke up, I went to see her. She may have intermittent memory loss.”

“What?” Harrison felt that he had auditory hallucinations, “Amnesia?”

He thought this was an incredible thing, something that only appeared on TV, how could it appear in reality?

“I’m still sure about this, because she has Alzheimer’s disease, it may also be the symptom, but it does not rule out that she has amnesia. Make sure to have a check-up tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Harrison grasped Alecia’s hand, “I…”

“Let’s take a look first.” Alecia understood that he was at a loss at this time.

Alecia went to the old lady’s ward with him and opened the door. The old lady was still half leaning against the bed, with gauze wrapped around her head. Hearing the sound, her eyes became brighter.

“You go in, I’m outside.” Alecia let go of Harrison’s hand. When she turned around, the old lady called her, “Who are you?”

Alecia didn’t look back and continued to walk.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me talking to you?” The old lady said sternly, “I can tell you, my Harrison is married, you are not allowed to pester him.”

Harrison walked in, “Grandma, you…”

“What’s your grandma?!” The old lady interrupted him in a deep voice, “Because you have no children with Alecia, and I don’t know what to do now. How can you fool around with other women? Are you worthy of her?”

Chapter 1154

Alecia stood at the door and was stunned for a moment. Did she really lose her memory? Forgot who she is?

“Grandma.” Harrison walked to the bed and looked at the old lady. “Because Alecia and I have no children, you want us to divorce. Did you forget?”

The old lady looked at Harrison, her muddy eyes became confused, and she suddenly said in a deep voice, “Nonsense, how could I let you divorce?!”

Harrison looked back at Alecia, the two of them looked at each other, with the same thought in their hearts. Is the old lady really like the doctor said, intermittent memory loss?

The old lady suddenly took Harrison’s hand and said her heart-to-heart, “Harrison, we can’t be conscientious, Alecia cannot have children, because she got injured, you have to be responsible, you have to atone and don’t entangle with others.”

Harrison said, “I won’t disappoint Alecia.”

“Then you will chase this woman away now, and Alecia will be unhappy when she comes back.” The old lady said solemnly.

Harrison said yes, he walked towards Alecia and dragged her to the corridor.

“The old lady doesn’t know you?” Harrison couldn’t tell how he felt, thinking it might not be a bad thing.

Alecia said, “Didn’t the doctor say that it might be signaled?”

Harrison said yes, you will know after a check. The old lady did the check the next day. The film that was discharged was the amnesia caused by congestion in the brain, blood pressure, and nerves.

It is possible that the memory will be restored, or she may only remember the previous ones. Can’t remember what happened recently.

Walking out of the clinic, Harrison said to Alecia, “In fact, this is not a bad thing.”

Alecia knew what he meant, but after all, she had scruples, “What if she remembers it?”

Harrison was at a loss for words.

Alecia sat on the bench in the corridor, “Sister Lane gave me the store in City R. From now on, that will be my business, and I can’t stay here.”

Harrison blurted out, “I can come to City R with you.”

Alecia looked up, “Where is your career?”

Harrison walked to her and squatted down and took her hand, “If you want, I can do nothing and take the old lady and you to live in City R.”

Harrison’s proposal was too sudden, she hadn’t thought about it yet.

“To tell you, after you left City B, I secretly came to see you. That day you dressed up very beautifully. You talked and laughed with Herman. After seeing it, I was very uncomfortable.”

“I always convinced myself that as long as you are happy That’s fine, but…I can’t let go of you after all.” His eyes were deep, “You can’t let me go, right?”

“First think about how to tell the old lady about this. I will give you two days. If you can solve it…I will agree. I will put this in your hands…”

Harrison covered her mouth, “Don’t say unlucky words, I am responsible for what happened to you, and I should make up for you.”

After two days, Harrison did ideological work for the old lady, telling her that it was Alecia who appeared at the door of the ward holding his hand, and the old lady didn’t believe it.

Harrison told her about Alecia’s experience.

The memory of the old lady stayed in the days when Alecia was injured and left. Harrison’s statement was reasonable and well-founded. Although she still had a little doubt in her heart, she still believed it.

The case he took was transferred to other lawyers in the firm. Now it is just a procedure. The other party cheats and beats the person, causing the client to miscarry. The marriage is divorced, and the man has to bear legal responsibility when he leaves the house.

Harrison left the old lady at home and let her maid take care of her. He and Alecia went to City R to buy a house.

Alecia was afraid that he would be hot for a while, leaving everything in City B aside and rushing to City R, “Did you really figure it out?”

She didn’t want him to have any regrets.

Harrison said affirmatively, “As long as I can be with you, life is the same everywhere.”

Before coming, he went to meet Ryan. He said that he has decided to come to City R, not to ask for opinions, but to talk to him.

Ryan agrees. He is selfish. Although Herman has a lively temper, when he is old, the group he manages is Carla’s. Herman can’t keep the charge forever. Someone will take care of her temporarily.

There is no one in his hands now. If Harrison goes to the weaving factory, Kurtis will not be able to go there for the time being, and he is also old. After that, someone will be needed to take over the management of the factory.

If Harrison lives there, then these can all be solved.

He still has another idea, but he can only decide after discussing it with Carla.

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